Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1298 – The Ice Coffin

Chapter 1298 – The Ice Coffin

The Ice Coffin

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“Come over and look, everyone. The peak of the ice mountain seems glowing.”

Someone suddenly screamed and pointed to the summit of an ice mountain not far away. That was the tallest mountain in this glacier world. There was no sunlight in this spatial zone. The light came from the glacier itself, but the brilliance on top of the mountain was somewhat distinct.

“That’s right. There’s certainly some light glowing on top. Could it be that the secrets of this ancient tomb is hidden there? Let’s go over and find out.”

“Don’t act rashly. Places like this are generally dangerous. Have you all forgotten about the magma? We should let the stronger experts go first.”


Every movement in the glacier world aroused the notice of all the experts. When the icy door was opened, the light on top of the ice mountain became so bright that every one of them could notice it from afar.

“Let’s go. The treasures’ over there.”

Yun Canglan’s eyes lit up, then flew over to the top of the ice mountain. Observing what happened, Bu Qingfeng naturally followed closely from behind.

Since there were strong experts taking the lead, the remaining experts did not wait any longer. The crowd began flying towards the summit in a sequence that looked like a dragon.


Just before everyone could reach the top, a blast suddenly rang out from the mountainside, causing a crater on the side of the mountain. Chilling Qi was spewed out from it like a cold wave.


Someone was caught off guard by the chilling wave. With a wail, the person was instantly turned into a human popsicle and froze to death.

“Not good. The cold Qi here is too strong. An ordinary Heaven Immortal won’t be able to withstand it.”

Someone yelled and many hastily back off. Even the powerful Divine Immortal experts were forced to exert their energy to defend against this incredible cold Qi. At least dozens of people were killed by this freezing wave. As a matter of fact, Heaven Immortals were capable of resisting these waves. It was just that no one had ever thought that this kind of situation would happen, much less knowing the scariness of these cold waves, which was why their guards were lowered, allowing the cold Qi to suddenly invade their innermost soul, freezing their soul and causing them to die on the spot.

A great deal of cold Qi continued to spurt out from the large hole, causing the temperature of the entire glacier world to drop drastically. Many of their eyes fell upon that huge opening. By now, even the most foolish person would know that the true treasure was right in that freezing hole.

“The light from the summit came from the treasure inside the crater. So the secret of the ancient tomb is just inside this hole.”

“That’s right, but I wonder what kind of secret is inside.”

“Let’s go in and take a look, however, I suggest those who were below late Heaven Immortal realm to stay outside, or else you will very likely be frozen to death.”


The appearance of the icy hole had attracted everyone’s attention, but many of them groaned and secretly grumbled about their weak cultivation. The cold wave just now already showed that experts of Heaven Immortal realm would find it very difficult to resist the cold Qi. The cold Qi that rushed out from the hole was cold enough to kill them. If they went into the hole, they would probably have higher chances of getting frozen to death.

“Be careful while entering the hole.”

Bu Qingfeng turned towards the group of Skycloud Pavilion disciples and reminded. He was clueless of what dangers were present inside. Putting the danger aside, the cold Qi alone was enough to terrify them.

A while later, under the lead of the four great geniuses, a large number of cultivators began entering the ice cave. Although Heaven Immortal experts were excluded from this expedition, there were still a lot of them who were of Divine Immortal realm and above.

The core disciples of the four major powers were all Divine Immortal experts. In this expedition, more than half of the core disciples had joined. Of course, that number was still lesser than the majority of them – the rogue cultivators, a group of cultivators that couldn’t be overlooked.

The scene inside the ice cave was similarly beautiful. Because of the s.h.i.+ne of the crystal, the long icy hole seemed incomparably bright instead of dark.

The experts stayed alert at all times while walking in the ice cave. Although they hadn’t met any danger so far, the cold Qi was getting scarier the further they walked. Even though they were only half-way through the ice cave, the late Heaven Immortal experts were already s.h.i.+vering and having trouble resisting the coldness. The blade-like freezing Qi was unbearable to them.

“No way. I can’t hold on anymore. It looks like I’m not fated to obtain the treasure.”

Someone sighed, then stopped in his track. He had no choice but to return. He wasn’t the only person who retreated, and most of them were rogue cultivators. The inner sect disciples of the four major powers were still able to withstand the coldness up until now, they had greater defensive strength. Plus, they had the help of many Divine Immortal core disciples, so they wouldn’t have a problem reaching the end of the ice cave.

Jiang Chen was walking in the crowd of Skycloud Pavilion disciples. Plenty of them had changed the way they looked at him. There were fear, admiration and respect.

Although the surrounding temperature was freezing, it didn’t have an impact on him. He didn’t know why the further he moved forward, the more uneasy he felt, like there was something he was concerned of inside the cave, he had never felt such a sensation before.

“What kind of secret is hidden in this ice cave? Why could it affect my mind?”

Jiang Chen frowned. He didn’t like this kind of feeling, but this made him more eager to find out what exactly it was.

Very quickly, they reached the end of the ice cave without encountering any obstacle and danger along the way, which was unexpected to everyone.

The scene ahead astonished everyone, because it was totally different from what they had imagined.

The cold Qi there was thicker and colder, but because they were all powerful experts they withstood the temperature.

In front of them was an ice palace. That was right. It was an ice palace with four walls of solid ice. Due to the s.h.i.+ne, it caused the entire ice palace to look splendid and colorful.

“Look, there’s something over there, on top of an altar. It looks like an ice coffin!” someone exclaimed.

Many of them were already looking at the ice coffin before someone even shouted. There was only a 30 meter tall altar in the ice palace. It was built out of solid ice. Some mysterious runes could be vaguely seen from it. On top of the altar was a large ice coffin that no one knew how long had existed.

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