Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1297 – The World behind the Icy Door

Chapter 1297 – The World behind the Icy Door

The World behind the Icy Door

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Now that they were attacking, they had already shown their will to kill Jiang Chen.

Bu Qingfeng’s face was grim. Although he was a powerful Golden Immortal expert and an unsurpa.s.sed genius, his opponent was as good as him. Furthermore, there were two of them. To put it bluntly, with Tuo Hai and Huangfu Zhan together, he wouldn’t stand a chance. As for Yun Canglan, it would be a piece of cake for him to take down Jiang Chen.

“Jiang Chen, I will find ways to stop them all. Escape now,” said Bu Qingfeng.

“Thank you for your good intention, Brother Bu. In fact, Brother Bu doesn’t have to get involved in this incident. They won’t be able to catch me at all if I want to leave.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile. His words were full of confidence. While it was true that his opponents were powerful, it was also true that he wasn’t a weak cultivator.

The three of them moved at extreme speed, seemingly trying to reach Jiang Chen and Bu Qingfeng in milliseconds, but just as this moment, an unusual event happened.

*Hong Long…*

The ruins beneath the land rumbled. Subsequently, a brilliant pillar of light rushed out from below. As it reached the void, it formed a crystal-like illusory door very quickly. Waves of chilling wind rushed out from the doorway. That was the taste of profound ice.

The sudden change attracted everyone’s attention, including those three geniuses who were launching attacks at Jiang Chen and Bu Qingfeng. All of them looked at the illusory door. They were no stranger to this door. This was the door that had appeared with the fiery door before they came into this fiery spatial zone.

“Look, that’s the icy door. It is now opened after the heart of magma was gotten by Jiang Chen. Everybody, let’s go in quick. The real ancient tomb is just right behind that door.”

“That’s right. This is already the deepest part of the ancient tomb. Inside the icy door must be where the tomb pit really exists. Real treasures can be found inside. A treasure as good as the heart of magma was found in this fiery world, I’m positive that something even greater the the heart of magma could be found behind the icy door.”

“It seems like we all have to thank Jiang Chen. Without him, we won’t be able to open this door and enter the interior of the true tomb.”


The sudden appearance of the icy door caused great pandemonium. All of them had lost the mood of watching the battle amongst the five geniuses. Some of them couldn’t wait and had already flown into the gateway.

*Swoosh…* *Swoosh…* *Swoosh…*

For a moment, one could see all the experts flying into the icy door. Anyone should know that this was the last door in the ancient tomb and the true secret of the ancient tomb lied behind this door. No one wanted to fall behind. They would probably have a higher chance of getting greater benefits if they entered the door first.

Seeing what happened, Yun Canglan and the other three knitted their brows, thinking that this wasn’t the right time for the icy door to emerge.

“The icy door has already appeared. Do you three still want to fight?” Bu Qingfeng said with a smile.

The three of them exchanged a glance and saw worry in each other’s eyes. Of course, they wanted to kill Jiang Chen, but they also wanted to obtain the benefits in the ancient tomb, after all, it was their true purpose of coming in this place.

To them, killing Jiang Chen was easy, but the presence of Bu Qingfeng made it difficult. Even if they had the ability to kill Jiang Chen, they were afraid that they would need a certain amount of time. By then, all of the benefits inside the tomb would probably be taken away by the others.

“Humph! Jiang Chen, I will spare you just this time, but you will die sooner or later. When the icy door closes, it will be your turn to die.”

Yun Canglan threatened Jiang Chen, then flew speedily into the icy door.

“Jiang Chen, you won’t be leaving this place alive.”

Tuo Hai threw another malicious words and vanished into the icy door along with Huangfu Zhan.

“Jiang Chen, the peace of the whole ancient tomb has been disrupted by you, but this is also good. I admire people like you the most. I will now go into the gateway. You can choose to leave or enter. If you leave now, they won’t be able to do anything to you.” Bu Qingfeng said.

“Now that I’m here, why would I choose to leave? I’m determined to enter the icy door. As for the three of them, I didn’t put any one of them in my eyes. It won’t be a piece of cake for them to kill me.”

Jiang Chen chuckled, then vanished and appeared before the icy door.

“He’s truly arrogant.”

Bu Qingfeng shook his head helplessly. Despite his pride, he had to admit that Jiang Chen was the most arrogant person he had ever seen.

A fierce battle was supposed to break out if the icy door didn’t open. Perhaps Jiang Chen’s death was only a matter of time in the three geniuses’ eyes, but this didn’t apply to the treasures in the tomb pit. If they weren’t fast enough, the treasures would be gone for good.

To Jiang Chen, this was a good thing as he didn’t want to get entangled with those geniuses. He had already developed a strong interest in everything that that exist in the ancient tomb, so he was also eager to find out what was behind the icy door.

In just about a minute, no one was left in the magmatic ruins. Everybody had rushed into the icy door.

In the icy door!

Similarly, it was another world, but this was a world of ice. This spatial zone was relatively similar to the fiery spatial zone. Its size was fairly the same, but it certainly wasn’t a small spatial zone. Glaciers could be found everywhere. The coldness that drifted in the air was natural. It sent s.h.i.+vers down people’s spine.

Jiang Chen scanned around and saw a boundless glacier world. The scene strongly resembled the Ice Land. When Yan Chenyu became the inheritor of the Ice G.o.d, she had gotten the recognition of the island and became the master of Ice World.

Of course, although these glaciers weren’t as huge as the Ice World, its looks were a lot better. They were n.o.bler, more beautiful and much more mysterious.

“Such a beautiful place. It doesn’t seem anything like a tomb pit.”

“Couldn’t agree more. Look over there, that’s an Ice Mountain that soared through the clouds. How spectacular!”

“Such a beautiful world. But we don’t know what kind of secrets are stored in this place. Since it’s an ancient tomb, there should be some kind of coffin in here, but we haven’t seen anything like that until now.”


Countless of people were astonished by the beauty of this world. Although this place was extremely cold, all of them were powerful Immortals. So they didn’t have a problem resisting such coldness. Furthermore, there wasn’t the slightest bit of death Qi in here or any sign of undead creatures like those Black Corpse Ravens. It was like the workmans.h.i.+p of nature.

The thing that they were concerned the most was what kind of secrets were hidden in this beautiful glacier world.

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