Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1270 – Black Corpse Raven

Chapter 1270 – Black Corpse Raven

Black Corpse Raven

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The resurrected giant bird surged at Fu Hui once more with the same momentum as before. Fu Hui was horrified. As a late Heaven Immortal expert, despite all the life-and-death battles he had experienced, he had never seen such a scene as scary as this.

Without waiting for Fu Hui to attack, Jiang Chen struck out a big palm, imprisoning the bird inside his hand. The bird went frenzied within Jiang Chen’s hand but couldn’t find a way out.

Jiang Chen was very calm -- this was exactly what he had guessed. Plus, this wasn’t his first time encountering this kind of situation.

“This is the ‘black corpse raven’ which only eats human flesh. This divine being was given birth by the environment here. As long as the death and corpse Qi in this place aren’t completely extinguished, this raven will never die even if you killed it a hundred times. If I’m not mistaken, there should be plenty of black corpse ravens in this place, which is the scariest of all.” Jiang Chen said.

“My Goodness! How could there be such a scary creature? If it is truly invincible, it will be the end of the world for us.”

Fu Hui was in shock, unable to accept this reality. To him, this was way too horrifying, something he had never experienced before. At this time, not just him, even the group of rogue cultivators watching the scene were also horrified.

The black corpse raven was moving restlessly inside Jiang Chen’s hand, making everyone focus their attention on his hand. All of them wanted to see if this young man knew something about the black corpse raven and had ways to deal with this undead creature.

Looking at the raven, Jiang Chen’s mouth revealed a smirk. Although the essence of this raven was different from the demonic devils of the Evil Clan, it was still the same thing to the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da -- a nourishment. Others might not be able to kill it, but Jiang Chen could easily eliminate it -- he wouldn’t give the raven the chance to revive. The moment the black corpse raven was killed, it would immediately be refined by the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da and vanish completely.

A surge of energy was suddenly ejected out of Jiang Chen’s palm. The raven let out a mournful cry before breaking down, disintegrating. Fu Hui’s eyes widened again. This time the black corpse raven was killed, but didn’t come back to life. Everyone was shocked and couldn’t believe what they had just seen.


The rogue cultivators at the back saw everything with their own eyes. There was no way that they wouldn’t be shocked when they witnessed an undead creature that could resurrect was killed by Jiang Chen so easily like he was killing an ant.

“Brother Jiang, your means is truly too terrifying.” Fu Hui gave his thumbs up to Jiang Chen.


As soon as Fu Hui’s voice dropped, another wail was heard. However, this time, it didn’t come from the front, but from the back. Jiang Chen and Fu Hui turned and saw a cultivator being pierced through on the head by another stealthy black corpse raven. The cultivator died instantly.

*Hua La La…*

Subsequently, fluttering sounds were heard. That was the sound of flapping wings and it gave everyone the creeps.

“A flock of black corpse ravens are on their way here.”

Jiang Chen’s mouth showed a slight smile. Everyone was supposed to be afraid and frightened, but Jiang Chen was feeling the opposite instead. The black corpse ravens didn’t seem to concern him at all. Like the demonic devils, every one of these deadly ravens was going to be his nourishment.

*Ga…* *Ga…*

Ma.s.sive amount of black corpse ravens emerged, like a dark and blackened cloud, making everyone’s breathing difficult. At least a dozen miles of the path was now filled with hundreds of undead ravens.

*Argh…* *Argh…* *Argh…*

Screams began to sound from different directions. Apparently, these black corpse ravens had already started to attack and their targets were precisely the cultivators here. The cultivators with stronger combat strength found it manageable. As for those ordinary cultivators, this was a disaster for them.

“F*ck! What’re these things? Why can’t they be killed?”

“Dammit! These things won’t die. They resurrect immediately after they die, like undead creatures. With so many of them, we won’t stand a chance. I now regret ever coming here. My life is already gone for good before I can even obtain any benefits.”

“F*ck you, f*ck you all, ugly birds!”


There were wails and curses all over the area. The sudden attack of the black corpse ravens had dealt a great impact to the cultivators. Fortunately, these ravens weren’t too strong and were still manageable by those powerful experts.

In spite of that, every one of them knew that the current circ.u.mstance wasn’t favourable to them, these black corpse ravens couldn’t stay dead. At this rate, it would only be a matter of time before these cultivators were exhausted and became prey to these ravens.

At this point, many cultivators began to regret. They regretted choosing this path. Some were even regretting coming into this ancient tomb. They had encountered this sort of thing just after they entered the tomb, which only meant that there would be something even scarier waiting for them the deeper they went.

A large number of black corpse ravens rushed towards Jiang Chen and Fu Hui. Such a dense flock of ravens would numb people’s scalp. Fu Hui took a deep breath. Although this was his first time confronting such a situation, he had Jiang Chen on his side, which calmed his nerves quite a lot. In fact, he didn’t have the intention to attack these undead creatures, he knew that he could do nothing even if he used all of his strongest skills. As long as Jiang Chen was here, all these undead beings would surely be slaughtered.

*Hua La……*

With a wave of his palm, True Dragon Flame and True Thunderfire spread out, enveloping all the black corpse ravens and burning all of them to ashes in an instant. Then, all the remaining essences were absorbed by the PaG.o.da, leaving nothing behind.

As those in front fell, those in the back took up their positions. The huge flock of black corpse ravens continued to die in Jiang Chen’s sea of fire, causing a dramatic decrease in their number.


More screams were heard as the number of black corpse ravens was increasing. The rogue cultivators near Jiang Chen instantly felt that Jiang Chen was their saviour.

“Look! That youth is amazing! He’s able to kill these undead creatures. Let’s follow him!” someone shouted.

Then, a lot of rogue cultivators began to break through the ravens’ line of attack, heading towards Jiang Chen. At this time, Jiang Chen was just like a bright and s.h.i.+ning star in the dark sky.

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