Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1269 – The Mysterious Living Thing

Chapter 1269 – The Mysterious Living Thing

The Mysterious Living Thing

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As a matter of fact, Tian Muyun did feel slight regret for the loss of Jiang Chen. In any case, Jiang Chen was a rare and brilliant talent. If he was still around, he would’ve been a great a.s.set to Skycloud Pavilion.

However, in Tian Muyun’s heart, he didn’t need a genius like Jiang Chen to determine the future of the pavilion. He believed that the fate of the pavilion should only be under his sole control. Besides, every time he saw Jiang Chen, he would feel a twinge discomfort.

At first, his intention was only to frighten Jiang Chen by suggesting the Evil Abyss, and to give himself the sense of superiority. Unexpectedly, Jiang Chen agreed to it without hesitation.

Inside the ancient tomb, a cold and gloomy wind was blowing from numerous directions. It was like a pit. It was filled with damp air and the stench of decay and corpse Qi disgusted everyone.

“Be careful, everyone. The corpse Qi here can corrode us,” someone warned.

To Jiang Chen, such corrosive Qi could not affect him at all as his blood and Qi were too vigorous. His dragon transformation skill was precisely the natural enemy of these hazy air. Even if the corpse Qi entered Jiang Chen’s body, it would immediately be eliminated. This was the advantage that Jiang Chen had.

The dark path led to numerous black pa.s.sageways ahead. Since the tomb hadn’t been opened for a long time, they were afraid that the deeper they went, the stronger the corpse Qi.

Everyone didn’t stop heading deeper into the tomb once they selected their pa.s.sageway. After all, they only had seven days. Either it was the geniuses of the major powers or rogue cultivators, none of them wanted to waste any time.

At this time, a figure approached and reached Jiang Chen’s very quickly. Without a doubt, he was Fu Hui. He had left his group for Jiang Chen. He was an intelligent person, knowing that it was safest to follow Jiang Chen.

“Brother Jiang, there are so many pa.s.sageways here. Which way do you think we have to go?” asked Fu Hui.

“Each of these pa.s.sageways will lead to the centre of the tomb. If I’m not mistaken, each of these pa.s.sageways is full of dangers. So choosing any one of them wouldn’t make a difference,” Jiang Chen said.

He had already examined the tomb with the Great Soul Derivation Technique. All the pa.s.sageways had the same Qi. If there was no accident, one would reach the centre of the tomb eventually through any of these pa.s.sageways.

Furthermore, the dense corpse Qi on the path indicated that there should be plenty of dead beings. When both the death Qi and corpse Qi mingled in the air, it would give birth to some fierce creatures. These creatures could be extremely terrifying and couldn’t be killed due to the environment they lived in. This wasn’t Jiang Chen’s first time facing this kind of situation.

Since every path was the same, they might as well randomly pick one. Jiang Chen and Fu Hui chose a pa.s.sageway where there were lesser people. As he didn’t want to draw any attention to himself now, a quiet path would suit him well.

Groups of three to five people could be observed on the road. These rogue experts had formed small alliances with the others before they came in. As they didn’t have any advantages like those disciples in major powers, sticking together was their best option, allowing them to take care of one another.

In addition to forming alliance, there were also groups that seemed vigilant at all times, reluctant to get any closer with the other groups, maintaining a distance of a dozen meters.

Jiang Chen and Fu Hui swept past like a gale, at a speed faster than any one of them.

“Brother Jiang, the corpse Qi inside is getting thicker. There is also the Qi of death. Both of these Qi are extremely corrosive and unpleasant.”

Fu Hui said with a frown. Anyone who came to such a place would feel its gloominess and horror.

“Be careful. I sense no calmness here. Look over there.” Jiang Chen reminded and s.h.i.+fted his gaze to one side.

Fu Hui looked over and saw a dried corpse by the side of the path. It was hard to tell how long that dried corpse had existed as it had already completely decayed. Holes could be seen on its surface. Its flesh seemed as if it had been dug out by some kind of sharp weapons. The death of this person was tragic.

“This was an act of some kind of being, a being that eats human flesh,” said Jiang Chen.

After hearing this, Fu Hui’s nerve was set on edge. He casted out his divine sense and pushed away all the neglectful thoughts in his head.

They had been walking on the road for a dozen of minutes now, but the path seemed endless. The corpse and death Qi was getting denser. These corpse Qi could not only corrode one’s Immortal Qi and flesh, but also one’s mind. Anyone who stayed in such an environment for a long period of time was likely to have a mental breakdown.


All of a sudden, a blood-curdling scream broke the silence. Within the voice, they could sense fear and agony that set everyone’s nerve on edge.


Not long after that, another agonizing scream was heard from the front, it reverberated continuously in the empty spatial zone.

“d.a.m.n! What’s going on at the front?” Someone couldn’t help but curse.


Just at this moment, a squeal suddenly rang out in the sky. Then, an unknown black bird flew out abruptly from an unknown direction, like it existed in the void and could come out and snap its prey at any time.

It was fast and agile. The moment it appeared, it locked on Jiang Chen and Fu Hui. Its one-foot long beak reminded both of them of the emptied corpse.

The giant black bird flashed its wings and reached Fu Hui in a blink.

Fu Hui was alarmed. He drew out a long sword and slashed the giant bird into half. Fu Hui was after all a late Heaven Immortal expert and a rare genius in the inner sect of Skycloud Pavilion. So generally, he was capable enough to handle a situation like this alone.

However, before Fu Hui could celebrate, the halved bird flew into the air by itself and mended with one another at rapid speed.

“It revived…”

Fu Hui’s eyes went wide as it was his first time seeing such a situation.

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