Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1244 – Reign of Terror

Chapter 1244 – Reign of Terror

Reign of Terror

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Mists of blood filled the air. Stench of nose-stinging blood lingered in the air above the city. All the spectators were watching the scene in fear. It didn’t concern them much about who would be the ruler of the city, but it was rare to have such a battle even in Evil Abyss. Arguably, it was their first time witnessing such a scene.

Big Yellow’s savage means left an indelible shadow in everyone’s heart. The Heaven Immortal experts in the prefecture now felt extremely lucky for not having high cultivation, for not being qualified to join in such a battle, otherwise, they would only face one end – death.

Furthermore, they all knew that from now on, their city would be named ‘Fragrant Sky City’. They even felt that after today, majority of the cities in the outer region would become ‘Fragrant Sky City’, the symbol of the new ruler – Jiang Chen.

Lu Sheng replaced the plaque of the city with ‘Fragrant Sky City’ and reorganized the prefecture before heading towards another city. Today, the outer region was bound to fall into an unprecedented turmoil as Jiang Chen’s army continued to invade the other cities.

*Hu…* *Hu…*

Waves of chilling winds began to spread across the entire outer region, adding to the sense of gloominess that was already in the air. Drifting in the air was the scent of blood and spirit. That was the Qi of death. Every place that Jiang Chen went was filled with b.l.o.o.d.y stench and death. It was destined that many would die today, and those who died were prominent figures.

Below was a city crowded with all the experts coming from eight cities. No doubt, the number of experts were overwhelming, but it was no different from the time Jiang Chen attacked the alliance of six cities. Jiang Chen’s army was outnumbered, but it still ended pretty quickly in favor of his army.

This time, Jiang Chen personally went into battle. In just about three minutes, five of the eight mid Divine Immortal experts were killed, leaving three trembling individuals with deathly faces. The power and guts that Jiang Chen had were beyond their imagination.

“Don’t-don’t kill us. We will surrender without a question.”

n.o.body wasn’t afraid of death, especially after seeing the deaths of their comrades. The fear that they felt was unimaginable, it came from the innermost of their soul.

For instance, when two people knew that they were going to die. The last to die would definitely feel more fear than the one who died first, because he had suffered great shock in his heart after watching his peer died.


Jiang Chen wasted no nonsense. He swung the sharp Heavenly Saint Sword, severing the heads of the three targets, killing them on the spot.

This was a world blended with killings, evils and mercilessness. Jiang Chen had once given them a chance, but none of them cherished it which was similar to courting death. Jiang Chen would never give a second chance because he knew that if he wasn’t ruthless enough, he wouldn’t be able to set a strong foothold in Evil Abyss.

In such situation, if he wasn’t capable and strong enough, he would be the one who would suffer defeat and his opponent would never give him a chance to beg for mercy. They would even make him die more tragically.

The successive deaths of the eight city lords stupefied the rest of the early Divine Immortal experts. Who else would dare to have the slightest opposition towards Jiang Chen? They didn’t even dare to exhale now.

The fact that Jiang Chen killed only the city lords and let the others live had earned him a majestic prestige. After taking over so many cities, he would need people to manage them, and these people were suitable for that role.

By now, nineteen cities in the outer region had already been named ‘Fragrant Sky City’, which was more than half of the total number. Such scene had never taken place before not only in the outer region but also in the entire Evil Abyss.

There were only seventeen cities left to be conquered. Excluding the four super cities, there were only thirteen left to be subdued, and Jiang Chen wouldn’t stop despite of what he had achieved now.

“City Lord, only 13 cities were left to be conquered. Big Yellow and Lu Sheng has already gotten rid of one. Based on Lu Sheng’s research, there are a total of three cities that didn’t join forces with the other cities. It was only a matter of time before Big Yellow got rid of the remaining two cities. So we only have eleven cities left to take care of. There is a big city that has combined the forces of seven cities not far away from here. They will be our next target.” Chen Hui said. He had fully investigated the current situation in the entire outer region.

“We’ll eliminate them.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes were flickering coldly. Once he had decided, he would never change his decision. More importantly, every decision he made had a purpose.

Likewise, the next target was as vulnerable as the previous two and it wouldn’t need much time for Jiang Chen’s forces to eliminate all the city lords.

While Jiang Chen and the others were invading the seven cities, Big Yellow and Lu Sheng had already gotten rid of the three rogue cities and had come to reunite with Jiang Chen’s forces. Currently, they had reached the place that was close to the middle region.

“Kaka! This is awesome! Master Dog is feeling so exhilarated from the killings!”

Big Yellow felt incomparably delighted, he couldn’t stop shaking his robust tail.

“Congratulations, master. Under master’s overpowering attacks, we have already conquered 28 cities of the outer region in less than half a day, and all these cities have been renamed ‘Fragrant Sky City’. This is undeniably an unprecedented occasion in the outer region.” Lu Sheng cupped his fists at Jiang Chen.

“Only eight cities left,” said Jiang Chen with ease.

“Yes, City Lord. Taking out the four cities that have late Divine Immortal experts, there are only four cities left and these four have formed an alliance. But due to the bloodshed across the outer region, I’m afraid that they have already known the situation of the other cities. If I’m not mistaken, they must have asked the help of late Divine Immortal experts. What should we do now?” inquired Chen Hui.

“Do what you need to do. Don’t stop what we planned. Continue to attack. We must conquer the entire outer region today,” said Jiang Chen with a face of indifference. He had never intended to let go of any single city and those late Divine Immortal experts were no concern of his.

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