Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1243 – Cruelty

Chapter 1243 – Cruelty


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“Not good, City Lord, that Jiang Chen really came.”

Someone realized the situation and stood up immediately. For a moment, everyone on the scene lost their calm.

“Dammit! How dare this Jiang Chen attack the cities in the outer region?! He’s totally not putting the Evil Lord’s rules in his eyes! Let’s go out and have a look. I don’t believe that he actually has such audacity to oppose the Evil Lord, unless he is tired of living.”

The city lord gritted his teeth. Despite the situation, he still refused to believe that Jiang Chen had the nerve to do so.

*Swoosh…* *Swoosh…*

Under the city lord’s lead, several early Divine Immortal experts flew out from the building and into the sky. Instead of seeing Jiang Chen’s huge army, they only saw a dog and Lu Sheng.

“Lu Sheng, you worthless wretch! How dare you submit to a brat! How disgraceful! Why didn’t that Jiang Chen come here himself? Do you think you can deal with us by bringing a dog? This must be a joke,” the city lord spoke sarcastically.

“My master wants to conquer the entire outer region. You have already been given a chance to live before this, but you didn’t cherish it. So today is going to be your death!” shouted Lu Sheng.

“Bullsh*t! That Jiang Chen simply doesn’t know what life and death is. Does he really think that the outer region can be conquered by just anyone? What you all are doing now is a direct challenge to the Evil Lord. Do you have any idea what the consequences will be?” said the city lord loudly.

“Stop your f*cking nonsense! You will certainly die today!. As for the others, Master Dog will now give you all a chance to yield. As long as you kowtow before Master Dog and agree to be Master Dog’s pet, perhaps you may all keep your lives.” Big Yellow stood before Lu Sheng and spoke presumptuously.

It stupefied the listeners, but they immediately burst into laughter.

“Huh? Where does this dog came from? How dare he act so arrogantly than us? He wants us to become his pet? That’s a serious joke.”

“Stupid dog! Why don’t you pee and look at yourself? Can’t believe that a dog actually knows how to brag.”

“Catch this boastful dog and stew it!”


Obviously, they didn’t have a clue about Big Yellow’s scariness yet, which was a fatal mistake on their part, especially those early Divine Immortal experts as they had just wasted the only chance of keeping their lives.

Seeing the reaction of these people, Lu Sheng couldn’t help but shake his head and sighed. The others might not understand Big Yellow much, but he understood this dog too well. Provoking this dog was a definite no-no. This dog was capable enough to block all their attacks using a formation while being merely a Heaven Immortal expert.

Even though he didn’t know how powerful this dog had become after advancing to the Divine Immortal realm, the fact that Jiang Chen sent this dog here indicated his great strength.

“Courting death!”

Sure enough, Big Yellow lost it completely. Given his hot temper and very short tolerance, it was conceivable what the fate of these people would become after igniting the fury inside of him. For sure, all of them would end up in a tragic death.


Big Yellow howled furiously and rushed forward, turning into a ray of golden light.

“Humph! Can’t believe a dog can actually be this proud. I will personally eliminate it for good.”

The city lord was full of pride. He waved out a dark cloud that charged forward at Big Yellow.

In the face of such a powerful attack, Big Yellow didn’t even dart a glance at it. Golden light shone from his head as he launched himself at the dark cloud.

The city lord couldn’t help but jeer when he saw what was happening. He knew very well how powerful his attack was. He was sure that an early Divine Immortal demon beast wouldn’t be able to withstand this attack even if it used its full-force. So wasn’t this dog rus.h.i.+ng to its death by using its skull to clash with the attack?

However, before the smile could fade away from his face, it froze as his so-called powerful attack was destroyed by Big Yellow’s head so easily as if it was made of fragile tofu.

Big Yellow’s charge was unabated, he moved even quicker than before, reaching his target in a twinkle.


The city lord exclaimed in disbelief, but Big Yellow’s incredible speed gave him no room for contemplation. It was too late for him to resist the attack even if he used his most powerful attack, so he could only make a random move to stop it.


However, such a move had no effect at all in blocking the incoming attack, because there was a fundamental gap between his combat power and Big Yellow’s. Big Yellow’s indestructible head then struck right on the chest of the city lord.

*Ka Cha!*

The city lord was sent flying away. His chest was badly dented and his mouth was spewing out blood.

At this time, the city lord finally felt the threat of death, knowing how serious the mistake he had made. Before this, he only paid attention to Lu Sheng, totally ignoring Big Yellow. It turned out that this dog was the actual killer.


Big Yellow roared once more, flashed the Sparkling Wings and caught up with the city lord in a blink. He opened his big mouth and swallowed the city lord’s head.


The city lord let out a miserable cry that was filled with fear and despair, and it gave creeps to anyone who heard it.

*Ka Cha!*

The cry of the city lord stopped when a ripping sound was heard. The ferocious big yellow dog had bitten off the city lord’s heard in one bite, causing the mid Divine Immortal expert to die on the spot. It was such an easy way of killing a powerful expert.

The remaining early Divine Immortal experts who were mocking Big Yellow had yet to regain their senses from the shock. The scene just now was registered in their mind vividly, and the stench of blood, violence and cruelty had ruined their guts.

“Not possible! How could this happen? How could this dog be this powerful?”

They were shocked, dazed and frightened. By this time, they finally understood their mistake.

“Did some of you want to stew Master Dog?”

Big Yellow gnashed his teeth and approached them slowly. Sensing the pressure coming from Big Yellow, their faces turned pale and bloodless.

“Master… Master Dog, we are willing to yield. Please don’t kill us.”

Someone pleaded. There was no way that he wouldn’t be afraid after witnessing Big Yellow’s cruelty.

“For G.o.d’s Sake! It’s already too late!”

Big Yellow darted a glare, then lunged forth. His b.l.o.o.d.y mouth ripped off their heads one after another. From the beginning of the battle until now, only two minutes had pa.s.sed. It had completely shocked Lu Sheng who was standing at the back as he didn’t even have the chance to lend a hand. Big Yellow’s ferociousness had left a deep mark in his heart. It made him understand that there would always be abnormal beings following an abnormal being.

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