Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1241 – Attack the Cities and Seize the Lands (3)

Chapter 1241 – Attack the Cities and Seize the Lands (3)

Attack the Cities and Seize the Lands (3)

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All the experts of the six cities had converged on Barren Slope City. Each and every one of them had soaring killing intent and their faces were filled with fury, but if one looked closely, there was a hint of fear mixed within their angry expression. In truth, there was no way that they wouldn’t be afraid. That was why some said the power of one’s reputation was akin to the shade of a fully-grown tree. Although they had never seen Jiang Chen before, they were incredibly clear about what he did. Fighting someone like him inevitably gave them a certain pressure in their minds, even though all the forces of the six cities had already combined.

They looked at Ah Da and Ah Er. The physique of these two barbaric bulls were extremely st.u.r.dy. The Qi exuded from them was overpowering, but fortunately, these two bulls were merely mid Divine Immoral experts. So they weren’t too worried about them.

Their gazes then were s.h.i.+fted to Jiang Chen who was standing behind Ah Da and Ah Er. It went without saying that this handsome youth was the vicious and devilish Jiang Chen.

“Listen up, every one of you. Our master has said that the six city lords will die for sure, whereas the others are given the chance to surrender.”

Ah Da spoke out Jiang Chen’s decree straightforwardly.

Their faces changed dramatically when they heard this. Despite knowing Jiang Chen’s malicious behavior, his degree of maliciousness still shocked them. Although they were able to understand his ruthlessness and cruelty, what he was doing was a direct challenge to the Evil Lord.

As a matter of fact, they thought that the Evil Lord was their biggest reliance and Jiang Chen would never dare offend the lord. But currently, it seemed that Jiang Chen didn’t have a clue about the rules here. He insisted on going against all the cities of the outer region, perhaps because he was a young man with a very wild ambition and wanted to rule the entire outer region.

“Jiang Chen, don’t go too far. Do you really think that you can conquer the whole outer region? All the experts of the six cities have already gathered here and we do not fear you. What you are doing right now is going against the Evil Lord. There is no one who dared to oppose the Evil Lord across the entire Evil Abyss because that’s just courting death. I suggest you to stop what you are doing right now. You have already dominated four cities, isn’t that enough for you?”

A leading city lord spoke loudly to Jiang Chen with words blended with compromises. To them, it was best if they could avoid fighting Jiang Chen. They would be worry-free if they were able to make Jiang Chen retreat by using the Evil Lord’s name.

However, this was simply impossible. The main purpose why Jiang Chen acted so unscrupulously was to attract the Evil Lord’s attention. If the chaos in the outer region wasn’t big enough to get the Evil Lord’s attention, he would bring chaos to the middle region as well.

“I have already given you all the chance. It was you who didn’t cherish it. I, Jiang Chen, don’t like to give people second chances. As such, the six of you will have to die today. Don’t use the Evil Lord to suppress me. After today, all 36 cities in the outer region will be changed to ‘Fragrant Sky City’,” said Jiang Chen flatly.

All their hopes had been extinguished by this one sentence. It made them understand that it was impossible to make Jiang Chen retreat. This young man was simply insane for not putting even the Evil Lord in his eyes.

“Jiang Chen, you are preposterous! How dare you not put even the Evil Lord in your eyes? You will die sooner or later, no one here had the guts to oppose the Evil Lord. You are going to face only one end eventually.” The other city lord reprimanded.

“Ah Da, Ah Er, get rid of them in the quickest possible time and seize control of the city.” Jiang Chen didn’t bother conversing with them anymore. He straightway gave the order.

“Yes, master.”

Ah Da and Ah Er’s momentum was overflowing. Their devil Qi was soaring up to the sky. The barbaric bulls lunged towards the enemy’s forces like a violent storm.

“City Lord, we will lend Ah Da and Ah Er a hand to ma.s.sacre our enemies.”

Chen Hui and Li Si cupped their fists at Jiang Chen, then rushed forward. The rest of the early Divine Immortal experts also hastily joined in to show their capabilities in front of Jiang Chen. They drew their Immortal Weapons and targeted those early Divine Immortal opponents.

“Kill them!”

The leader of the other side clamored. All Divine Immortals unleashed their Qi to the maximum, ready to fight this battle with Jiang Chen to the death.

The scary scene of a life-and-death battle emerged instantly. In fact, all the battles in the Evil Abyss was as cruel as this. It was either you die or your opponent die.

*Hong Long……*

Waves of Qi rolled, covering the sky above the city with dark clouds. That was the acc.u.mulation of all the energy. Presently, Jiang Chen was standing with his hands behind his back and with a face full of calmness. He now looked like a peerless and lofty emperor that was creating his own empire. There was no need for him to fight in such battle at all.

In fact, both Ah Da and Ah Er were capable enough to handle the enemy’s forces, however, the others couldn’t just watch Ah Da and Ah Er get all the credit. So, they wouldn’t miss this chance to show their skills and abilities as well.

The status in the battlefield was intense and severe. Casualties started to take place. Apparently, the enemy forces had a huge advantage in terms of formation and number, but that didn’t make much difference when it came to a real battle. First of all, the morale on both sides were different. The enemy forces feared Jiang Chen ever since they received the declaration letter, which was why they had been in defense mode this whole time. Jiang Chen’s forces on the other hand was filled with bursting fighting spirit. Ah Da and Ah Er were overwhelmingly ferocious. With their joint efforts, they ripped apart a mid Divine Immortal city lord alive in their first attempt. This grotesque killing scene could shudder anyone’s heart.

*Roar…* *Roar…*

The barbaric bulls roared. Both Ah Da and Ah Er had the mighty Heavenly Devil bloodline, which made them stronger compared to any opponent of the same level. Besides, they were twins and had achieved perfect coordination with one another. Therefore, even if they faced late Divine Immortal opponents, they wouldn’t have problem dealing with it.


Another miserable wail was heard. Another city lord couldn’t resist Ah Da and Ah Er’s aggressiveness and was torn to death on the spot. By now, two city lords had already been killed. Both Chen Hui and Li Si were targeting one city lord each, so there's only two city lords left for the barbaric bulls.

At this moment, the two city lords were dumbfounded and had already lost their senses. They were staring at the two fierce beasts like idiots. To them, these two weren’t bulls, but killing machines. They were just too scary. There was no way that they could continue fighting.

Before this, four of them joined forces to deal with the bulls, but two had already been torn to pieces. What were the odds of them winning this match? It went without saying that their outcome would be the same as the other two, being ripped to parts like a livestock.

Ah Da and Ah Er’s ferocity had frightened the two city lords that Chen Hui and Li Si were facing to death. They had lost their morale completely. They couldn’t even pant when they were being forced back by Chen Hui and Li Si. On the other side of the battlefield, even though those early Divine Immortal experts outnumbered Jiang Chen’s forces, they had all lost their fighting spirit. None of them was a fool. They could naturally see the situation clearly. The difference between the two forces was too great. There was virtually no chance of victory. Besides, the scary Jiang Chen hadn’t even joined the fight yet. He was watching the battle like it was a show.

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