Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1240 – Attack the Cities and Seize the Lands (2)

Chapter 1240 – Attack the Cities and Seize the Lands (2)

Attack the Cities and Seize the Lands (2)

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Big Yellow was feeling restless while Jiang Chen was revealing a cruel smile on his composed face. He understood very clearly why these people didn’t put him in their eyes. It was precisely because of the Evil Lord. In their opinion, whatever he was doing now was directly opposing the Evil Lord.

However, this wasn’t what Jiang Chen thought. He was intrigued by this Evil Lord, and even longed to meet this supreme lord, but with his current strength, it was apparently impossible for him to do so. A mighty Immortal King expert would never waste their time paying attention to a Heaven Immortal punk.

Therefore, he wanted to find ways to draw the Evil Lord’s attention. Throwing the entire outer region into chaos was by far the best way to achieve this objective. Jiang Chen was a smart man. He knew what the Evil Lord wanted. He knew that the Evil Lord had longed to eliminate the Evil Clan and conquer this entire Evil Abyss.

Despite being a mighty Immortal King expert that had incredible means, it was virtually impossible for the Evil Lord to completely wipe the Evil Clan out, which was why the Evil Clan was still dominating half of the Evil Abyss even after Evil Lord’s ten years of effort.

In order to fulfil his wish, he needed Jiang Chen’s help. Only Jiang Chen could give him the opportunity to conquer the whole Evil Abyss. As for Jiang Chen, he would certainly be able to obtain humongous benefits by using the Evil Lord’s strength.

Based on the calculation of the Great Divination Art, he and the Evil Lord wouldn’t become enemies in the future, because the both of them needed each other. The Evil Lord would know about this sooner or later, which was why Jiang Chen had no scruples about stirring the whole outer region.

“City Lord, what should we do now?” asked Chen Hui.

“Since we have already sent out the messages, we naturally have to do what we have promised. Since none of them is willing to surrender, we will then behead all of them,” said Jiang Chen plainly. He seemed very calm, like killing people wasn’t a big deal to him.

After listening to this, everyone’s eyes parked up. They knew very well the horrors and ruthlessness of this young city lord. They could already imagine that from today onwards, the outer region would fall into chaos. Those who didn’t put Jiang Chen in their eyes were doomed to face a miserable end. This lesson could clearly be seen from the death of the three city lords previously.

“Big Yellow, bring Lu Sheng with you and go get rid of those stand-alone cities. Remember, others still have a chance to surrender except for the city lord. Bring the city lords’ heads and replace the plaque of the city with Fragrant Sky City’s plaque.”

Jiang Chen’s expression was composed while giving commands. Any command he gave would certainly cause bloodshed. In fact, Big Yellow alone was enough to handle those ordinary cities and Lu Sheng was just going to play a minor role in the invasion.

As for the other city lords in the outer region, Jiang Chen had already given them the death sentence. He had never liked to give people a second chance. The last three days was already the best chance they had. Since none of them knew how to cherish it, they had missed their only chance. Jiang Chen would never feel guilty while killing anyone in Evil Abyss.

“Roger. Leave it to Master Dog. I guarantee that those people’s heads will be flying like crazy.”

Big Yellow gesticulated aimlessly with excitement. Having just advanced to the Divine Immortal realm, he was really fired up with boundless enthusiasm. He couldn’t wait to launch a big ma.s.sacre to show off his pride and strength.

Big Yellow’s st.u.r.dy body vanished in a flash. Lu Sheng quickly followed. Big Yellow didn’t know the location of those cities but Lu Sheng knew as he had already done a thorough research about them.

“The rest of you, follow me. Today, we will hang the plaque of ‘Fragrant Sky City’ in all of the cities and kill those who resist on the spot.”

Jiang Chen’s dark hair fluttered in the breeze. The Qi radiating from his body was like that of a war G.o.d. He rose into the air, led the remaining Divine Immortal experts towards the outside of Fragrant Sky City. Ah Da and Ah Er were following closely from behind. Chen Hui, Li Si and those early Divine Immortal experts were also following from behind. Each and every one of them was filled with surging Qi and killing intent. All of them seemed incomparably excited. It was very satisfying for them that they were able to go into war with Jiang Chen and with this such momentum and scale.

Everyone on the scene had witnessed Jiang Chen’s means and terror previously. They could already imagine the outcome of those city lords once Jiang Chen reached their cities.

Before departing, Lu Sheng had already a.s.signed someone to prepare a lot of plaques of ‘Fragrant Sky City’, hanging them on the front gate of those conquered cities. This was an indication of a revolution.

Jiang Chen and the others were moving in a very quick speed. It only took them a few minutes to fly to a city not far away from theirs. Every one of them could already feel the tense atmosphere in the city ahead. The number of guards in front of the gate was increased by many folds. After scanning the city with his divine sense, Jiang Chen could detect at least five mid Divine Immortal experts.

“What is the name of the city ahead of us?” asked Jiang Chen.

“City Lord, that is the Barren Slope City. However, the forces of the other six cities have gathered here. In other words, they have formed an alliance just to fight us,” replied Chen Hui.

“In that case, there should be six mid Divine Immortal experts inside there.”

Jiang Chen showed a trace of a smile at the corner of his mouth. Mid Divine Immortal experts were never his concern. Even if he didn’t partic.i.p.ate in the fight, his forces was already enough to get rid of them. Ah Da, Ah Er, Chen Hui and Li Si were all mid Divine Immortal experts. In addition, the combination of Ah Da and Ah Er made them unrivalled to same-level opponents even if there were a lot of them.

“Yes, City Lord. However, such formation is not worth mentioning in front of City Lord.” Li Si flattered.

“Ah Da, Ah Er, they are yours.”

Jiang said without even turning his head. As soon as his words faded, Ah Da and Ah Er turned into two whirlwinds. Forget about the tame looks of these two barbaric bulls, when it came to fighting, they were extremely wild and ferocious.

*Roar…* *Roar…*

The two barbaric bulls let out rumbling roars. Two rays of black pillar lights were shot out, destroying several buildings with a bang.

The huge movement had already frightened every expert inside the city. They had been put under a very tensed situation for three days and when someone finally launched a strike on their city so suddenly, even the stupidest man would know it was Jiang Chen.

*Swoosh…* *Swoosh…* *Swoosh…*

Immediately, powerful silhouettes rushed out from the Barren Slope City one after another, into the sky. Every one of them was Divine Immortal experts, altogether, there were at least 30 of them. Six among them were the strongest. Their cultivation had already reached the mid Divine Immortal realm and this went without saying that they were the city lords of the six cities.

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