Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1232 – Time is Running Out

Chapter 1232 – Time is Running Out

Time is Running Out

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At this point, the Five Elemental Tisura Formation wouldn’t be able to hold for too long. Big Yellow, Ah Da, Ah Er, Chen Hui and Li Si had all tried their best to support the grand formation by channelling their energy into it. Even Yan Qingcheng and Huang Ying and many experts in the prefecture had joined them. Although they had limited strength, every one of them wanted to contribute as much as they could. If the grand formation was broken, they would surely end up pretty bad.

Both Yan Qingcheng and Huang Ying knew those three city lords more than any one of them. Some said birds of a feather flock together. Those who befriended the Lascivious Young Master wouldn’t be very different from him. Given their beautiful appearance, the consequences of falling into their hands wouldn’t be very much different from Lascivious Young Master’s grip.

Outside the grand formation, at least a dozen of Divine Immortal experts were constantly launching their attacks under the lead of the three Divine Immortal city lords. Their attack power could never be underestimated.

As a matter of fact, Big Yellow and the others were having difficulties sustaining the grand formation while the three city lords were also feeling depressed. Each and every one of them began to curse as they had been attacking the formation for more than a day and not even a crack was seen on the barrier. Such a situation certainly dealt them a significant blow to their morale.

“Motherf*cker! What kind of formation is this? How could it be this solid? I couldn’t see any capable experts inside the formation except for that dog, which was only a late Heaven Immortal expert. Despite the insuperable gap in power, this dog is actually able to support this formation for so long. It seems like the one who deployed this formation must be some extraordinary being.”

“Why hasn’t Jiang Chen appeared yet? Brother Lascivious died because of him. Could he be too scared to come out?”

“Don’t care that much. He won’t be able to hide for long. Today, we must break this formation. They are losing their ability to sustain it. If words about today’s incident is spread out, it will deal a huge blow to the prestige of the outer region.”

The three city lords gritted their teeth. After making clear of Jiang Chen’s actual situation, they advanced to Fragrant Sky City. Initially, they all thought that seizing control of the city was merely a simple task. None of them had expected to face such a ma.s.sive obstacle. They had already spent a day attacking with all their might, but their enemy’s grand formation was yet to be broken, let alone killing anyone inside.

By this time, both sides were giving out their best, especially those three city lords. They were constantly yelling at their men to increase their force of attack, because to them, it was already a great disgrace not being able to break a formation after such a long period of time.

The incident about Fragrant Sky City had stirred up numerous experts across the outer region. Perhaps, there were some other cities that were paying attention to this matter in the dark. Such a situation made them lose their face. If they didn’t break the grand formation as soon as possible and kill everyone inside, they would later become the object of ridicule, a laughing stock, and even be bullied by the others when they returned.

The Evil Abyss has always been a cruel world. The weak would always be bullied and the strong would have the authority all the time. Every strong expert would have to step on other people’s shoulder or corpse in order stay at the top.

*Hong Long……*

Resplendent attacks drifted over the sky. Every attack would leave cracks on the grand formation, making Big Yellow extremely busy in repairing those damages. However, the frequency of the attacks were starting to exceed his repairing speed, causing more cracks to appear on the formation. It seemed like they wouldn’t be able to hold on for long.

“What should we do now? The grand formation won’t be able to last long. I wonder when Young Master Jiang will be back.” Huang Ying said with concern.

“Don’t worry. Big Brother Jiang will definitely be back.”

Said Yan Qingcheng with an irreplaceable confidence she had for Jiang Chen.

“Big Yellow, how long can we continue to hold?”

Chen Hui asked while gritting his teeth. Holding the Five Elemental Tisura Grand Formation was just too taxing. A large portion of his energy had already been consumed.

“We can still last for another two hours.”

Said Big Yellow. He didn’t want to lie to them. Two hours was the absolute limit for what he could do now. If he was replaced by an expert who had no knowledge in formation, that expert would only be able to hold it for ten minutes, let alone two hours.

“Two hours? Will the City Lord be back before that time? If he can’t all of us will be finished.”

Said Li Si worriedly. The attacks from the other side were too overwhelming, leaving him no sign of hope.

“Shut your mouth, you two b.a.s.t.a.r.ds! Little Chen will be back before that time.”

Big Yellow said impatiently. Obviously, the two of them were the ones who were scared of death. This could be observed when they chose to submit to Jiang Chen. However, Big Yellow wasn’t afraid that these two would betray them. Despite their greed and fear for dying, they were also beings with intelligence. They should have already seen the situation clearly. Those three city lords weren’t going to let any of them live. Even if they choose to surrender now, they would only face one outcome – death.

Moreover, Chen Hui and Li Si were completely frightened by Jiang Chen. Before they could confirm if Jiang Chen was able to return, they wouldn’t dare to do anything that was unfavourable to Jiang Chen, or else they would die very badly.

Having no other choices, the two of them could only continue to instil their energy into the grand formation, a.s.sisting Big Yellow to hold the grand formation.

There was nothing to be said about Ah Da and Ah Er. After being edified by Jiang Chen, the only mission in their lives was to serve Jiang Chen. They would use their lives to complete the task given by Jiang Chen if they had to. This was the difference between them and Chen Hui and Li Si.

One hour pa.s.sed. Innumerable cracks had become visible on the Grand Formation, seemingly about to break at any time, but with Big Yellow’s brilliant skill, the formation could still hold. This scene made the three city lords even more depressed. While they were astonished by Big Yellow’s terrifying skill, they also had the urge to shred him to pieces right away.

“Son of a b*tch! That dog is truly a strong one. Everyone, give out all your best. This formation is already reaching its end.”

One of the city lords was shouting while launching aggressive attacks.

*Hong Long……*

The Heaven and Earth trembled. The winds and clouds changed colour. The entire sky above Fragrant Sky City was encompa.s.sed by a colourful energy and the Qi of death.

On the other side, Jiang Chen had increased his speed to the maximum. By circulating the Great Divination Art, he had already predicted some of the situations in Fragrant Sky City. In the paG.o.da, the demonic chief’s wounds had already been fully healed. As such, what he needed to do now was to get back to Fragrant Sky City as soon as possible.

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