Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1231 – The Crisis in Fragrant Sky City

Chapter 1231 – The Crisis in Fragrant Sky City

The Crisis in Fragrant Sky City

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The demonic chief felt a pang of fear for the first time from the inexhaustible Qi of destruction coming from the Heavenly Dragon Combat Halberd. It was the Qi of death. He felt that even if he expended all of his energy to block this attack, he could never resist it.


The demonic leader roared frenziedly then turned around, attempting to escape, but his Qi had already been locked by the halberd. It was too late for him flee now. Under such a helpless circ.u.mstance, his only option was to confront it, but after launching the Wheel of Evil, he wouldn’t be able to launch an attack that was as powerful in such a short period of time. Taking his fear into account, his attack would certainly be weak and ineffective.

*Hong Long……*

The destructive force of the Heavenly Dragon Combat Halberd was so strong it instantly crumbled the devil’s counterattack, and then striking heavily on his body.


The demonic chief let out a miserable cry before falling to the ground from above. He spurted out a mouthful of blood that looked striking in the night. As a matter of fact, this happened because Jiang Chen held back in his attack, or else, the devil would be killed on the spot. Even if he wasn’t killed, he would surely be injured severely.

“Edifying Light.”

Jiang Chen spoke gently and struck out the Edifying Light. The Buddha light moved like a soul serpent, penetrating the darkness and entering the devil’s head. Jiang Chen seemed weaker after it was done. Casting the Frenzied Dragon Leaves the Pool had drained too much of his energy. Fortunately, he was able to edify the demonic chief at the right time, otherwise, he would fall into an incomparably dangerous state.


A shrill cry was heard from the devil, while wrestling hard with the edifying light. Despite the huge suppression effect that the edifying light had on his ability, if he was at his peak state, perhaps he would be able to contain the light and force it out of his body. Now that the edifying light had gone into his body, everything had become too late.

In fact, the demonic chief only had himself to blame for this incident. If he allowed the other Divine Immortal experts to come along with him, Jiang Chen wouldn’t have dared to use the Frenzied Dragon Leaves the Pool, because he knew that his other opponents would attack him as soon as he had fallen into a vulnerable state.

The devil’s resistance lasted for a minute before succ.u.mbing to the light. He came to Jiang Chen’s side, trembling, then bowed to Jiang Chen. “Master.”

The wounds on the demonic chief’s body were quite serious and still spewing out blood. If it wasn’t because of his strong physique, he would have already fainted by now.

Jiang Chen led the demonic chief away to another thousand miles, flying out of the territory of the Evil Clan, arriving at the borderline of another territory. He then randomly picked a secluded place and began restoring his energy.

In the course of his recuperation, the demonic chief just stood guard over him, completely disregarding his own injuries. After being subdued by the edifying light, he had become Jiang Chen’s slave. He would have to listen to every one of his master’s command unless Jiang Chen personally helped him remove the edifying light from his body. And there was only one master in his heart – Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen’s pupil glittered and his momentum was vigorous. He darted the chief a glance. The top priority right now was to help this devil recover fast. Later, when they returned to Fragrant Sky City, this devil would become his greatest aid. This devil alone was enough to allow Jiang Chen to move across the 36 cities in the outer region unhindered.

“Chief, I will now help you heal your wounds.” Said Jiang Chen.

“Thank you master.”

The demonic chief didn’t dare show any sign of neglect. He deeply saluted Jiang Chen once more. In his eyes, Jiang Chen was the only one, the sacred and inviolable figure; what Jiang Chen would say was the absolute decree that couldn’t be opposed. Even if Jiang Chen ordered him to kill himself in front of him, he would never have the slightest hesitation.

Jiang Chen casted out a ma.s.sive wood spirit that flowed into the devil’s body like tidal waves. The devil shuddered as he felt a revitalizing sensation. He could feel his wounds being healed rapidly. Such healing effect was even better than those mystical pills. It astounded him and increased his reverence for his master.

“Go into the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da now. We will head back to Fragrant Sky City. I will continue to treat your injuries along the way.”

Said Jiang Chen, then, he opened the huge door of the paG.o.da. On his way back to Fragrant Sky City, he would need to pa.s.s by the areas where other human experts lived. If they detected a demonic devil, it would certainly bring him lots of trouble. Therefore, it would be safer if the devil stayed inside the paG.o.da.

“Yes, master.”

The demonic chief vanished into the paG.o.da in a flash. As Jiang Chen was connected to the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da, even if the demonic devil was inside the paG.o.da, Jiang Chen could still treat the devil’s injuries at any time.

He flew towards the direction where he came from, at rapid speed. More than one day had pa.s.sed since he departed from Fragrant Sky City. Adding this return trip, it took him almost two days for the entire trip. He was still clueless if the three city lords launched an attack to Fragrant Sky City. The worst case scenario was that the three city lords had already started attacking his city, but he believed that Big Yellow would be able to hold the Five Elemental Tisura Grand Formation until he returned.

As soon as he return, it would be the time for a ma.s.sacre. There wouldn’t be peaceful days anymore in the outer region.

The current situation of Fragrant Sky City was just as Jiang Chen expected. It had completely fallen into a chaotic state and was at the brink of crisis. Not long after Jiang Chen left the city, the three city lords launched their attack. There weren’t only three of them, but also many other early Divine Immortal experts.

*Hong Long……*

The Heaven and Earth shook. Those Divine Immortal experts launched their most ferocious attack, bombarding the Five Elemental Tisura Formation and producing cracking sounds, seeming to break at any second. Plenty of buildings outside the prefecture were already destroyed.

The Divine Immortal experts continued to launch their unceasing attacks and the formation wouldn’t seem to be able to hold much longer. Big Yellow was losing his strength as he was the only one who was supporting the formation.

“Dammit! These humans sure are aggressive. It would be nice if the monk is here. With the help of his stone monument, the formation wouldn’t have any problem holding for seven days straight.”

Big Yellow couldn’t help but scolded. This had prompted him to think of Tyrant, particularly, during the time when they were defending Nebula Sect against Nan Bei Chao’s forces. At that time, Tyrant’s stone monument had contributed a lot in stabilizing and sustaining the formation.

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