Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1227 – Pounding Violently

Chapter 1227 – Pounding Violently

Pounding Violently

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“Tell me, how many late Divine Immortal demonic devils are in this region?” asked Jiang Chen straightforwardly as he didn’t want to waste any more time with the demonic devil. He believed that this demonic devil would tell him the truth as the devil had already known its own fate well. Therefore, it was only logical for it to want to have the other Divine Immortal demonic devils avenge its murderer.

“There’s a tribe three hundred miles ahead. It’s also where I belong. The leader of the tribe is a powerful late Divine Immortal expert.”

Sure enough, the demonic devil answered Jiang Chen’s question without contemplation.

“There are a total of how many late Divine Immortal experts?” Jiang Chen asked again.

From what the demonic devil had said earlier, it wasn’t hard to guess that the demonic devils of the Evil Clan were divided into separate tribes. In addition, every tribe varied in terms of grade. The tribe that was led by a late Divine Immortal demonic devil must be the weakest tribe in the region. This was similar to the thirty six cities in the outer region of human territory. There were greater and more powerful cities in the middle and inner regions.

What he was most concerned of was that there might be several late Divine Immortal experts living in the tribe. If there was only one, he wouldn’t hesitate to strike and flatten that entire tribe, but if there were more, he needed to be extra careful. Given his current cultivation, he could only deal with one late Divine Immortal demonic devil.

“One,” the devil answered.

“You ignorant and conceited human! You think you can break into the tribe with just your strength? You will certainly be eaten by my race. Don’t you think about leaving this region alive once you enter it.”

The demonic devil seemed composed because it knew it was going to die.

“That is none of your concern.”

He didn’t want to delay any further. He exerted strength in his dragon claw and crushed the demonic devil to death. Subsequently, he circulated the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da to absorb every blood and Qi essence left. The paG.o.da was like an insatiable stomach. Although its maximum level was ninety-nine, Jiang Chen had no idea how much energy it needed, so he would never let go of any resource he could collect.

His next goal was crystal clear – launching a ma.s.sacre at the tribe. This would help him complete the condensation of the sixteenth level. Then, he had to figure out ways to edify the leader of the tribe and bring it back to Fragrant Sky City.

This process might seem easy and simple, but in fact, it was extremely difficult because it involved the matter of time. If he stirred up a big movement in the tribe, it would arouse the notice of the other tribes. This was after all the territory of the Evil Clan. He would be in deep trouble once he was surrounded by stronger demonic devils.

So, given his limited amount of time, it wasn’t realistic for him to absorb all the demonic devils in the clan.

“The main target is the late Divine Immortal demonic devil.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes turned sharp; he flew towards the tribe with quick speed. Three hundred miles away was a black castle about the size of Fragrant Sky City, but its atmosphere was completely different. Dark clouds condensed by devil Qi had blotted out the sky above, giving humans the sense of gloominess.

In addition to the devil Qi, there was also an invisible Qi. It was the Qi of evil, sins and killings. Similarly, it gave anyone who came here the creeps.

Jiang Chen charged at the castle without hesitation. He straightaway turning into his dragon form and held the Heavenly Saint Sword. As he rushed forth, a sharp and domineering Qi radiated from his body.


There were some demonic devils who noticed Jiang Chen immediately. They instantly let out roars that tore the darkness. Every demonic devil in the Evil Clan had a common feature – ferociousness. Subsequently, they rushed forward to meet the intruder.


Jiang Chen lifted his sword and made a swing, creating a ray of light that turned into a blood-red dragon. Equivalently, it broke the night sky and brushed past the demonic devils, slas.h.i.+ng all of them into halves before they could even let out wails.

The Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da was summoned. It wrapped around the corpses and sucked them dry instantly, leaving the remains falling to the ground.

After killing the few demonic devils, he swung his Heavenly Saint Sword, slas.h.i.+ng out a sharp and indestructible sword Qi. A huge blood-red dragon descended from the sky, cutting the large front gate of the castle in half.

He had struck an explosive skill; he wanted to get the attention of the chief and achieve his goal quickly.

*Roar…* *Roar…*

It had shaken the entire tribe. In an instant, the air in the castle was filled with roars. Each and every demonic devil flew skywards. There were a few dozen at first, then it became a hundred and a few hundred. From afar, they looked dense and black. They rushed towards Jiang Chen’s direction like a tide. To the Evil Clan, the only solution they have when they faced an uninvited guest was to get rid of it using the most violent means.

Every one of them raced towards Jiang Chen like a storm, so ma.s.sive that it could scare off any human expert even before the battle started.

“Haha! Come!”

Jiang Chen laughed loudly. This was what he wanted. He would kill all of them regardless of how many there were. Then, the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da would absorb every last bit of their energy. As most of them were in the Heaven Immortal realm, they couldn’t deal any serious threat to Jiang Chen.

*Hong Long…*

He summoned the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da. It then enlarged into a blood-red paG.o.da. Countless images of blood-red dragons revolved around the paG.o.da, casting out divine light. The demonic devils could feel a sense of suppression coming from their soul.

After that, the paG.o.da slammed forward violently.

*Bang…* *Bang…* *Bang…*

The solid bodies of the demonic devils couldn’t withstand the ruthless smash of the paG.o.da. This indicated how strong the paG.o.da was. Every demonic devil was smashed into pieces, and the mists of blood that was created were quickly absorbed by the paG.o.da.

*Hong Long……*

The Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da had become the most frenzied mountain. Every smash of it caused the death of a few dozen demonic devils. And then, it absorbed all the blood and Qi essences. In the next few smashes, two hundred demonic devils had lost their lives.

However, a crowd of demonic devils were still coming forward non-stop. A tribe consisted of at least ten thousand demonic devils. Once their ferocity had been ignited, they would go mad and difficult to stop.

Currently, Jiang Chen’s black hair was fluttering in the breeze, making him look like a murderous devil king. Every essence that was absorbed brought him benefits. As such, this match would be a ma.s.sive feast to him.

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