Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1226 – Mid Heaven Immortal Realm

Chapter 1226 – Mid Heaven Immortal Realm

Mid Heaven Immortal Realm

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Jiang Chen didn’t have a very high goal at the moment. It would be enough as long as he could advance to the mid Heaven Immortal realm. In this trip to the Evil Clan, he had hoped to edify a late Divine Immortal demonic devil. With his present combat strength, it would be a problem for him to fight a mid Divine Immortal opponent, but if his opponent was a demonic devil, it would give him greater advantage. Whether it was the Edifying Light or the True Thunderfire or True Dragon Flame, each one of these skills was the greatest natural enemy of the demonic devils. And, with the Great Divination Art, he could suppress the demonic devil more. If he could edify one late Divine Immortal demonic devil, he would be able to bring peace and safety to Fragrant Sky City because one late Divine Immortal demonic devil was capable of moving across the outer region of the Evil Abyss unhindered.

Because he had only two days of time and he had some delay at the valley, he felt compelled to travel at his maximum speed.

*Buzz…* *Buzz…*

Buzzing sound rang constantly in his Qi Sea, as waves were rolling inside of him. New dragon marks were being created non-stop and his energy level was soaring.

One thousand, three thousand, five thousand dragon marks!…

The number dragon marks increased rapidly. In just a few minutes, it reached the total of 550 000 dragon marks, the exact number for breaking through to the mid Heaven Immortal realm. The bones all over his body produced cracking sound. Another metamorphosis took place in him.

“Breaking through to the mid Heaven Immortal realm is truly satisfying, but I can’t refine the Golden Immortal soul essence completely now as my body won’t be able to bear it and it may cause problems in my foundation.”

In the path of cultivation, it was important to take a gradual and orderly approach. Although the dragon transformation skill was a very abnormal technique and its advancement speed was faster than any cultivator, he would never venture further because of greed. He would only make that decision after measuring his own condition.

Just like now, after the total reached 550 000 dragon marks, he continued to condense another 10 000 dragon marks so that his foundation would be fortified.

The advancement only consumed a fifth of the soul essence. He kept the remaining portion. A Golden Immortal cultivator was an expert who had already comprehended the profound meaning of Great Luo. As such, the degree of energy contained inside its soul essence was incomparable.

“This soul essence is really a good stuff. It seem this trip is truly rewarding. The demon soul of the demonic devil is more powerful than other demonic beasts and if I can get plenty of them, the benefits I’ll get will be unimaginable.”

He curled the corner of his mouth, filling with antic.i.p.ation. The stronger the opponent, the more exciting he became.

The Evil Abyss was a huge spatial zone that was supposed to be under the control of demonic devils, but with the arrival of the Evil Lord half of the domain had been occupied by humans. But still, one couldn’t ignore the terror of the demonic devils.

Despite the Evil Lord's power , he hadn’t been able to destroy the Evil Clan. It could be seen that the Evil Clan had been ingrained in this land and the environment here had given them endless advantages.

As much of the time was spent in the valley, it was already evening when Jiang Chen arrived the border of the territory of Evil Clan.

*Hu…* *Hu…*

Gloomy and cold devil wind howled. Huge changes were observed in the surroundings. It was frightful, cold, and the thick devil Qi had blotted out the stars and sunlight. This was the other half of the Evil Abyss, but it seemed completely unlike the other world.

“Sure enough, this is the hive of the demonic devils. Although it isn’t as bad as the Devil World, the dense evil Qi in the air can arouse fear to any human. If I’m not mistaken, this territory bears some similarities to the human territory. The territory may also be divided into outer, middle and inner regions. The place I’m at now should be categorised as the outer region which there won’t be a lot of powerful demonic devils. Anyway, I will survey the area first.”

His eyes glittered. He concealed his Qi and moved into the outer region of the Evil Clan stealthily.

While you were on this piece of land, evening was equivalent to late night as the billowy devil Qi had blocked every light from above.

*Roar…* *Roar…* *Roar…*

The roars of the devils could be heard everywhere. They could send trembling sensation down anyone’s spine. Jiang Chen followed the nearest roar. Dozens of miles away in the wilderness was three demonic devils with black scales. They were walking side by side, radiating their frightening devil Qi.

They were not very strong. The strongest among them was a late Heaven Immortal expert while the other two were mid Heaven Immortal experts. Jiang Chen would never put any one of them in his eyes as he could get rid of them with casual strikes.

The three demonic devils continued with what they’re doing, not sensing any sign of danger. All of a sudden, a gale blew, a blood-red dragon claw fell from the sky, entrapping three of them entirely. They became suffocated by tremendous pressure acted against them.


They roared frenziedly and unleashed all of their energy, attempting to break the dragon claw above. Too bad, the dragon claw was too powerful for them. Their current situation was akin to three ants trying to shake the tree.

*Bang!* *Bang!*

The two mid Heaven Immortals’ bodies burst all of a sudden, and turned into mist of blood, but it was sucked away by an invisible door very quickly. No remains were left after their death. Gruesome was no longer suitable to describe such a scene.

The other late Heaven Immortal demonic devil was scared to death. Despite of its ferocious nature, it had never seen such a brutal killing method. Not even a single drop of blood essence was left after the bodies exploded as if they had just vanished. If it wasn’t witnessing the scene with its own eyes, it wouldn’t believe it.

“You’d better be honest with me. Otherwise, you will die more miserably than them.”

An indifferent voice was heard. Then, a good-looking white-clad youth emerged in front of the demonic devil. When it saw Jiang Chen, its eyes blazed with fury and fear. It wasn’t a fool. It had the same spiritual intelligence as humans. It could naturally guess the previous scene was related to this young human.

“Human, how dare you come to the territory of Evil Clan!” clamoured the demonic devil, but the fear in its eyes had reduced a little as it had already figured out its own fate.

In the Evil Abyss, there was nothing to talk about between humans and demonic devils. Whenever they saw each other, it was either the devil would die or the human. Thus, it was impossible that the devil hoped for this human to let it go.

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