Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1223 – Making a Profit in a Troubled Situation

Chapter 1223 – Making a Profit in a Troubled Situation

Making a Profit in a Troubled Situation

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The demonic devil spoke in human language with a deep and loud tone. In the next few moments, the two humans had started an argument with the demonic devil, which gave Jiang Chen the general idea of how this incident started.

The demonic devil has chosen such a remote place to nourish its father’s soul essence. I have heard of an ancient demonic magic that before the death of a demonic beast, it will use some sort of means to integrate all of its memory and spirit into its demon soul, turning it into a soul essence. The soul essence can be nourished by energy and has a chance of rebirth. But such means had only existed in legends. I never thought the demonic devils of the Evil Clan actually possess such means.

Jiang Chen thought. After all, he had seen a great deal of life. When he thought of the legendary secret art, he could almost conclude that demonic devil was using the same means. It was true that this place was secluded and very hard to be discovered by anyone, but despite of its careful consideration, its presence was still detected by humans, which then led to a battle.

To the two human experts, a soul essence was an invaluable item. Normally, humans weren’t able to refine the demon soul directly, but it was a different case for the soul essence. Every essence that existed in a soul essence was the essence of the essence. The fact that the demonic devil’s soul essence could attract the interest of these two late Divine Immortal human experts indicated that the soul essence had to be at least a half-step Golden Immortal realm.

At the thought of this, Jiang Chen’s eyes brightened up because he knew how beneficial this soul essence was to him. If he could refine and absorb this soul essence, it wouldn’t be a problem for him to advance to the mid Heaven Immortal realm. It could also help recover his unstable foundation caused by forcefully refining demon souls.

Also, they talked about something like the spiritual spring. It seems like the reason the demonic devil intruded into the lands of humans was to get nourishment for the soul essence. The spiritual spring is a natural thing. If one tried to move the spring by force, it will affect its nouris.h.i.+ng effect. That means that the spiritual spring must be somewhere around here. Once the soul essence is immersed in the spring, it can never be taken out until it is fully nourished. So, the soul essence and the spiritual spring must be hidden somewhere around here.

No loophole was able to escape from Jiang Chen’s intelligence. He couldn’t help but lick his mouth while thinking about the spiritual spring and soul essence. It seems like luck is on his side this time. He couldn’t believe he would encounter such a lucky thing on his way to the Evil Clan.


On the other side, the two humans and demonic devil broke into another intense fight. The two of them seemed very determined to obtain the soul essence and spiritual spring and the ferocious devil didn’t seem to have the intention of compromising. As such, a battle of life and death was inevitable in this case.

Go ahead and fight until all of you are severely wounded. Then I will reap the benefits for myself. The demonic devil’s condition is getting worse and would soon be no match for the two. It will be my time to pick up the reward the moment they killed the demonic devil. Once I absorb the blood and Qi essence, the fifth level of the paG.o.da will immediately be condensed out. But I have to find the spiritual spring and soul essence first while they were still fighting. If I miss this golden opportunity, I would rather be struck to death by lightning.

Jiang Chen slowly casted out his spiritual power and circulated the Great Soul Derivation Technique, searching the area for the traces of the spring and soul essence. The two late Divine Immortal experts and the demonic devil were fighting fiercely with one another. Neither of them would have imagined that a sneaky b.a.s.t.a.r.d was hiding in the dark.

Soon, he found a cave not far away. It appeared on the hillside, covered by thick vines. If one wasn’t meticulous enough, one wouldn’t be able to discover it. No matter how stealthy the place was, it wasn’t able to escape Jiang Chen’s senses.

After concealing his Qi, he casted out the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da. With the concealing ability of the paG.o.da, he moved towards the cave slowly. None of the three Divine Immortal experts sensed his presence. In fact, he even successfully sneaked through the watch of eight late Golden Immortal experts back on One-Line-Mountain. The only time he was spotted by an expert was when he stuck out his hands to s.n.a.t.c.h the Regenerative Lotus.

He entered the cave in a flash. Inside the cave was a unique scene, as if another new world existed there. It differed so much from what he had imagined. He could feel a strong energy the moment he entered the cave. It was a pure energy. Taking a single breath of air gave him a refres.h.i.+ng feeling from head to toe.

In front was a pond piled up with disorderly stone. It wasn’t a big pool. There was some kind of glittering and translucent liquid wriggling in the water. Above the pond drifted the white mist. Jiang Chen was able to tell that it wasn’t an ordinary thing at first glance.

“It sure is a high grade spiritual spring. The existence of such spring depends on the law of Immortal World. One drop of this spring is enough to make a Ninth Grade Great Saint in Saint Origin World ascend to the Immortal World.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes glittered. The spiritual spring was undeniably a good treasure. It also had very strong effect. One drop of it could make an early Heaven Immortal like Yan Qingcheng advance to the mid Heaven Immortal realm.

“Good stuff.”

Jiang Chen felt that his luck was soaring. He couldn’t help thinking about the greedy Big Yellow when he saw this spiritual spring. If Big Yellow was here, he was afraid that Big Yellow would’ve already rushed into the pond to quench his insatiable thirst. If that was the case, Big Yellow wouldn’t have problem breaking through to the half-step Divine Immortal realm.

Apart from the spiritual spring, there was also something drifting at the centre of the spring. Similarly, it glittered and was translucent. It radiated a certain kind of brilliance. Some fluid was moving inside of it and the aura it exuded was fascinating.

“This was the soul essence of an early Golden Immortal realm. Motherf*cker! I have hit the jackpot this time!”

After he discovered the level of the soul essence, he couldn’t help but feel excited despite his disposition. In this trip to the Evil Clan, his trip could already be considered not in vain even if he failed to edify a demonic devil, the spiritual spring and soul essence was already enough to bring him boundless benefits.

“I won’t be polite with it then, haha!”

Jiang Chen laughed loudly, then struck out his large palm, hurling the pond into the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da. The instant the pond was taken away, gloom started to devour the cave.

Outside the cave, the severely wounded demonic devil suddenly lost the connection with the soul essence. His facial expression changed drastically, and immediately, he spun and flew towards the cave without hesitation because the soul essence had the greatest importance of all.

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