Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1222 – Spiritual Spring and Soul Essence

Chapter 1222 – Spiritual Spring and Soul Essence

Spiritual Spring and Soul Essence

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*Hu…* *Hu…*

The blood-red frenzied dragon in his palm was constantly enlarging, but the energy in his body was also fading rapidly. Noticing what was happening, he hastily withdrew his energy. He couldn’t help but wipe off a trickle of cold sweat and sighed with shock.

“Motherf*cker! This explains why only a Golden Immortal expert could cultivate this combat technique properly. My current cultivation is still too weak. I have already expended such ma.s.sive energy just to condense the image of the frenzied dragon. If this technique is used with the Heavenly Dragon Combat Halberd, I’m afraid that all of my energy will be instantly drained. Although I have already mastered the first style of the Heavenly Dragon Nine Strikes, I should never use it casually unless it is a critical moment to avoid using up all my energy,” said Jiang Chen.

Despite its ma.s.sive consumption of energy, its power was terrifying. He estimated that if this technique was struck out with full force, he would have no problem killing a mid Divine Immortal expert. As for the ability of the Great Divination Art, it could only make him equally matched with a mid Divine Immortal opponent.

However, as far as the present situation was concerned, the Frenzied Dragon Leaves the Pool technique was only suitable for a one-versus-one battle with a mid Divine Immortal expert. Once Jiang Chen used this technique, he would fall into a vulnerable state. Although he could recover quickly, it would still be fatal to him if other experts were present.

Therefore, Frenzied Dragon Leaves the Pool could only be put as a last resort. Otherwise, he would put himself in real danger.

After regaining his focus from contemplating, he didn’t continue exploring the Heavenly Dragon Nine Strikes further as acquiring the first style of the technique was already a sufficient achievement. Now that he had entered the middle region of the Evil Abyss where danger could be found everywhere, he must stay alert and careful at all times. It would be extremely depressing if he was killed before he even got to the territory of the Evil Clan.

There was a deep and serene valley far ahead. If one didn’t pay enough attention to it, one wouldn’t be able to notice it. He was able to tell it was a deserted valley. Because the valley was too deep, it was hard for anyone to sense the movement from the valley. At the present moment, there was a series of combat waves spreading out from the inside of the valley. Although it wasn’t noticeable, it couldn’t get past Jiang Chen’s perceptive ability.

“There are experts fighting in the valley. Let’s find out who they are,” said Jiang Chen.

He then concealed his Qi and flew towards the valley like a spectre. Judging from the combat waves, the combatants were definitely experts even stronger than him. Out of curiosity, he wanted to find out what was going on, but he couldn’t let anyone sense his presence.

He was pretty confident when it came to being stealthy. Even without the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da, he would have no problem hiding from late Divine Immortal experts. Besides, these two combatants had already put all of their attention in the fight, because victory and defeat were often decided in an instant. If anyone of them lost their focus, that combatant was likely to lose the fight.

As he got closer to the scene, he saw two humans battling against one magnificent demon. It had a scary look and only have a vertical eye at the centre of its forehead that radiated a gloomy light from time to time. The Qi exuded from this demon was neither demonic nor devilish, but its body was enshrouded by devil Qi. Its robust body was at least 30 meters tall. The black scales on its body sent chills down one’s spine.

This is the demonic devil of the Evil Clan?

The only thing that could be linked to this demonic devil was the Evil Clan. The aura that exuded from this devil was not only the Qi of demonic devil, but also the qi of strong evil and slaughter. It could also be described as fiendish.

The cultivation base of this demonic devil is very strong. It has already reached the late Divine Immortal realm, but I have no idea why it appeared in human territory. The two humans also seem very ferocious. They were also at the late Divine Immortal realm, but why are the two of them besieging this demonic devil?

As the three combatants were late Divine Immortal experts, it was beyond Jiang Chen’s ability to handle.

*Hong Long…*

The three great experts collided. Intense energy waves caused the pool below to evaporate. Under the joint attack of the two late Divine Immortal humans, the demonic devil was forced a hundred meters back.

However, Jiang Chen was slightly shocked by this scene. He was shocked not because of the demonic devil being shoved backwards. He was shocked by the fact that the demonic devil was still standing on his ground after the collision. One should know that the attack sent by the two late Divine Immortal experts was very powerful. Furthermore, he could tell from the devil’s Qi that its blood and Qi weren’t running smoothly. Perhaps, the devil had expended its energy and wasn’t able to send out a powerful strike. This might be the reason why the devil was forced backwards by its opponents. He had to admit that the power of this devil’s physique was beyond his imagination.

The demonic devils of the Evil Clan sure is powerful. If this devil is in its peak, those two humans won’t have a chance.

Demonic devils were usually stronger than any ordinary demonic beast because of their special physique. Jiang Chen started to admire that Evil Lord because of this. While having so many mighty demonic devils, he couldn’t imagine how the Evil Lord was able to conquer half of the Evil Abyss. It only showed how powerful the Evil Lord is.

“Devil, how dare you nourish your soul essence in the lands of us, humans! And because of that, you have lost half of your energy. You are no match for us now. I suggest you to hand over the soul essence and spiritual spring to us now and perhaps that will save you your life,” one of them said.

“That’s right, demon! As long as you give us the soul essence and spiritual spring, we will let you go and forget about today’s matter, what do you say?” The other one spoke.

Judging from their tone, these two humans wanted to compromise. In the Evil Abyss, very few would think of compromising. Normally, there would only be defeat and victory, but these two humans weren’t fools. They knew that they would have to pay a huge price even if they won the battle against this devil.

They only wanted to obtain the soul essence and spiritual spring instead of getting themselves seriously injured or killed in battle.


The demonic devil roared. “Don’t even think about it! That was the soul essence left by my father. I’m nouris.h.i.+ng it here for the sake of his rebirth. You two have come to interrupt my business and wanted to seize my spiritual spring and soul essence. I won’t let any of you have it your way even if that means making the ultimate sacrifice!.”

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