Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1217 – The Aggrieved Lascivious Young Master

Chapter 1217 – The Aggrieved Lascivious Young Master

The Aggrieved Lascivious Young Master

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The dragon Jiang Chen was standing next to Big Yellow, holding the terrifying Heavenly Saint Sword and looking at the two Divine Immortal experts disdainfully. This kind of feeling was just too good.

The faces of the two early Divine Immortal experts darkened unpleasantly. As ferocious beings, they had never once feared anything, but the fact that this youth was able to kill two early Divine Immortal great demons was terrifying. The shock that they felt was irresistible as it came from their innermost soul.

“I will now give you all a chance to live, which is by submitting yourself to me,” said Jiang Chen.

After arriving in the Evil Abyss, Jiang Chen needed to conquer Lascivious City first to establish his own forces. So naturally, he would need to get as much help as he could. If these two early Divine Immortal experts were willing to yield to Jiang Chen’s command, both of them would become his reliable and capable generals.

“Humph! How dare the two of you think about yielding to someone? Don’t you two want to live anymore?”

Lascivious Young Master clamoured furiously when he heard Jiang Chen’s words while busily dealing with Ah Da and Ah Er. The scene was stifling. Initially, he thought that he could end the battle quickly. He didn’t expect that the opponent whom he looked down upon the most would be able to kill two of his men and make an advancement during the battle.

“Your Lascivious Young Master can’t even help himself now. I’m a person who doesn’t like to wait, so I won’t give you two any time to consider. If the two of you yield to me now, you two will live. Otherwise, I will kill both of you first before finis.h.i.+ng your young master.”

Jiang Chen raised the dragon sword that glittered with blood-red light and pointed at the two men.

The two of them exchanged a glance, then nodded at the same time.

“Alright, we will yield to your command.”

Both of them said simultaneously. They weren’t fools. They knew that there was no absolute ruler in Evil Abyss and the most important thing here was to stay alive. They could already predict the outcome of the situation. If they didn’t surrender now, they would die immediately.

Furthermore, even though Lascivious Young Master was strong, he was now firmly entangled with the two barbaric bulls. Furthermore, there was this terrifying dragonman and that divine dog, there would be no good outcome for their young master.

In order to live, yielding was the only and final way.

“Very well. Consider the two of you very smart in your choice. I will now kill Lascivious Young Master to establish my own dignity.”

Jiang Chen spun, gripped his Heavenly Saint Sword and lunged at the direction of Lascivious Young Master. As to whether these two Divine Immortal experts were true to their words, it didn’t concern Jiang Chen, getting followers who were loyal and truthful in Evil Abyss was just wishful thinking.

His speed was extremely fast. He joined Ah Da and Ah Er in an instant, and together, they besieged Lascivious Young Master.

“Brat, I have to admit that you are truly astonis.h.i.+ng, but do you think you can kill me by just the three of you?”

The young master said maliciously. He now had the urge to shred Jiang Chen to pieces for ruining his effort and territory.

However, he was unafraid. He had a very high confidence in his combat strength. Even if he couldn’t win the battle, he could still run away, but he was reluctant to do so because that would make him a laughing stock in Evil Abyss.

“I will know once I try, anyhow, I didn’t have the intention of letting you go today.”

Jiang Chen’s killing intent soared to the sky. His Qi had totally locked on the young master. His body was shrouded by the aura of divination as he circulated the Great Divination Art rapidly. Then, he swung the Heavenly Saint Sword at Lascivious Young Master while Ah Da and Ah Er lunged frenziedly.

Lascivious Young Master also attacked madly, striking out a tremendous amount of blood-red light. Every ray of light was like a sharp b.l.o.o.d.y blade that cut through the void, but what happened next made him extremely aggrieved. He was shocked to find out that his attack was stopped by Jiang Chen half-way before the attack was fully struck out, which greatly reduced its attacking power.


Ah Da and Ah Er got excited when they saw this scene. Although they had already been working together flawlessly, they had still been suppressed by the young master in their fight earlier. But with Jiang Chen’s help, they suddenly felt a surge of exultation as they began to suppress the young master.

This situation was just as Jiang Chen expected, he was liking the Great Divination Art more and more. Evidently, the young master had already lost his edge in the fight and the next thing that awaited him would be death. So what Jiang Chen needed to do now was to prevent the young master from fleeing.

Lascivious Young Master was after all a mid Divine Immortal expert. He was still capable of fleeing away if he lost.

“Big Yellow, quickly deploy a grand formation now to seal this entire void. Don’t give this lascivious dude any chance of escaping.”

Jiang Chen spoke to Big Yellow via divine sense. At the same time, he casted the Five Elemental Spheres. This was his first time displaying his domain skill ever since he arrived in the Immortal World. Due to the influence of the law of this world, he wasn’t able to fully display his domain skill, but he could still use the essence of the Five Elemental Spheres to build a grand formation.

Big Yellow and Jiang Chen had a very good understanding of each other. While Jiang Chen was casting the Five Elemental Spheres, Big Yellow flew skywards and began striking out rays of abstruse formation. These formations and seals were a perfect match to the Five Elemental Spheres.

To someone who had mastered the Formation Holy Book, it was incredibly easy to deploy a trapping formation.

As a matter of fact, this was the critical moment. If Lascivious Young Master chose to flee now, he might still have the chance and Jiang Chen wouldn’t be able to stop him, but once Big Yellow completed the formation, the young master would have nowhere to run.

Unfortunately, the young master was still immersed in his infuriation while battling against Jiang Chen and the two barbaric bulls. He had totally ignored Big Yellow’s formation. He had a very high confidence of himself. He believed that even if he couldn’t win the battle, he would still be able to run away at the last moment. He would never run away now or else, it would be shameful and humiliating.

The real grievance however had just started. Jiang Chen was getting more and more skilful in the use of the Great Divination Art. In the following exchanges, the young master had completely lost his every attempt to strike. In fact, It was true that Jiang Chen wasn’t a match for the young master, but he could rely on the Great Divination Art to obstruct the young master’s attack, and leave the rest to Ah Da and Ah Er.

Ah Da and Ah Er were the symbol of ferocity and fierceness. Now that they had completely suppressed the young master, their excitement was soaring up.

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