Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1216 – Early Heaven Immortal realm

Chapter 1216 – Early Heaven Immortal realm

Early Heaven Immortal realm

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Dragon roars rumbled in the sky, later turning into visible sound waves that filled the whole sky above the city and caused plenty of people to look pale. Putting everything aside, this momentum was enough to draw fear inside of Jiang Chen’s opponent.

The great demon gave out a roar too. A s.h.i.+ny combat weapon materialized in his hand. He then used it to meet Jiang Chen’s dragon sword.

*Hong Long…*

The shockwave was overwhelming. Countless of waves were sent out like tides. Every wave was like an invisible sharp weapon that could cut anyone who was within range to pieces.

Apparently, this impact wasn’t in the great demon’s favour. One should know that anyone who was placed on the battlefield was a fighter, and what a fighter needed the most was fighting spirit. If the fighter’s fighting spirit dropped, it would give rise to the feeling of defeat in the fighter’s heart, and in the end, that feeling would devour the entire person.

The great demon might be very strong, but because of fear, he subconsciously thought that he was no match for Jiang Chen. Therefore, his objective now wasn’t to kill Jiang Chen but to avoid being killed.

Under such psychological influence, defeat was inevitable. Also, due to the influence of Jiang Chen’s Great Divination Art, it prevented the demon from using all of his combat strength. Moreover, after the 35 000 dragon marks increase in Jiang Chen’s body, his combat strength had been boosted. As such, it was virtually imaginable what the outcome of the battle would be.

After the collision, the great demon was sent flying away from the scene and almost lost his grip of his Immortal Weapon along the way. Shock was all over his face as he lifted his head and looked at Jiang Chen in disbelief.

“Dammit! How can a mere half-step Heaven Immortal be this powerful? This is d.a.m.n!”

The great demon had the urge to spurt out blood. Before becoming a Divine Immortal expert, it was obvious that he was once a Heaven Immortal expert. So he knew very well the difference between a half-step Heaven Immortal and a Divine Immortal. Today, the situation had been completely reversed. He felt that his world was crumbling while standing in front of Jiang Chen, he suddenly felt that all his years of cultivation had been a waste.

When he darted a glance at the majestic big yellow dog, he couldn’t help but feel himself much worse than that.

“Die now!”

Jiang Chen didn’t want to waste any more time, using the integration of dragon and sword, and the Nine Phantom Wolves, he launched another strike the moment the great demon retreated. The great demon was instantly surrounded by Jiang Chen’s images. Although this was his second time using the skill, it still worked very well.

*Pu Chi!*

In the end, the great demon had become Jiang Chen’s stepping stone. He couldn’t escape the terrifying means of Jiang Chen. The razor-sharp Heavenly Saint Sword penetrated the great demon’s glabella. Blood spewed out, and anguish was fully displayed in his eyes.

“No, no…”

The aura of death shrouded the great demon. He couldn’t believe that he would die just like this, but this was the undeniable truth. This was going to be the last moment of his life.


Destructive force rushed out from the Heavenly Saint Sword, crus.h.i.+ng the head of the great demon. A golden demon soul landed on Jiang Chen’s hands. This was the demon soul of an early Divine Immortal and it would be another great boost to his cultivation base.

Without hesitation, he swallowed the demon soul immediately.


Dragon roars sounded from Jiang Chen’s Qi Sea. New dragon marks began to form one by one. Once he advanced to the early Heaven Immortal realm, he would become capable of battling against Lascivious Young Master.

At this moment, half of Jiang Chen’s plan had basically been realised. What followed next would be in Jiang Chen’s complete control.

It only took a brief moment for him to fully condense 15 000 dragon marks. In the aspect of advancement, the further he advanced, the harder it was for him to condense dragon marks and the more energy needed. That explained why the first demon soul was able to help him condense 35 000 dragon marks whereas the second demon soul only helped him form 15 000 dragon marks.

*Hu…* *Hu…*

After withdrawing his Flaming Wings, he stepped into the sky by controlling the spatial airflow. This was the symbol of a true Heaven Immortal expert. Although he had already possessed the strength to kill a Divine Immortal opponent before advancing, his cultivation wasn’t strong enough and he hadn’t mastered the ability to hover in the air on his own yet.

So this is the Heaven Immortal realm? It feels good, but this advancement has created an impact on my foundation. Fortunately, I will be able to recover it quickly, but I must not use such method of advancement anymore within this period of time.

Jiang Chen muttered in his heart. If it wasn’t for getting rid of Lascivious Young Master, perhaps he wouldn’t have chosen such a way of advancement. In the path of cultivation, the most important thing was the foundation. Once the foundation was affected, it would be bad for the cultivator.

It was necessary to improve one’s cultivation as this vicious world was full of killings and evils. The only way to survive here was to make oneself stronger.

As for Jiang Chen, he not only wanted to survive in this place, but also to establish his name. Currently, he had a very huge interest in the Evil Lord, but he knew in his heart that his present strength was still far away from touching his opponent’s level – mighty Immortal King realm.

“Dammit! This b.a.s.t.a.r.d has actually made an advancement.”

“Is he still human? He was already able to kill an early Divine Immortal expert when he was merely a half-step Heaven Immortal. Now that he has advanced to the early Heaven Immortal realm, we’ll be no match for him for sure. Young master is still entangled with those two great demons and if that kid comes after us, it is imaginable what our fates will be.”

The two early Divine Immortal experts changed their facial expressions completely. The battle had started not long ago, but two Divine Immortal experts had already died under Jiang Chen’s hands. To them, it was definitely an incomprehensible blow.


Having the feeling of fear was useless. Jiang Chen darted a blade-like glance to them and in the next moment, he emerged beside Big Yellow like a spectre.

Both of the experts shuddered. They could already feel the killing intent from Jiang Chen’s body. As the aura of killing intent encompa.s.sed their bodies, it even shook their minds.

“Kaka! Master Dog will now give the two of you a chance, commit suicide now to avoid any physical suffering.”

Big Yellow laughed pleasantly and returned the words they had said earlier back to them.

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