Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1175 – Repairing the Iron Dummy Array

Chapter 1175 – Repairing the Iron Dummy Array

Repairing the Iron Dummy Array

Fu Hui was good at making friends and had built quite a good prestige in the inner sect. So naturally, he had made a few close friends in the inner sect. Each of his friends were considered top geniuses in the inner sect. If it was before, they wouldn’t come forward to make friends with a half-step Heaven Immortal disciple. However, after witnessing Jiang Chen’s ability themselves, none of them dared to look down on him anymore. Furthermore, Jiang Chen had become the true disciple of Tianji Zi. His future achievement would surely be limitless.

Whether it was in the aspect of status or position, Jiang Chen had surpa.s.sed them in both. Befriending Jiang Chen would give them an advantage – indirectly getting a strong backer.

“Brother Jiang’s talent is amazing and admirable.”

Meng Jie held his fists at Jiang Chen. Despite being a late Heaven Immortal expert, he wouldn’t dare show his usual arrogance to Jiang Chen.

“That’s right. Brother Jiang is a rare monstrous genius and destined to have an immeasurable achievement in the future. Now that brother Jiang has become the true disciple of Elder Tianji, brother Jiang’s status in Skycloud Pavilion will soar to the top. I even have to rely on brother Jiang in the future.”

“It’s true. Although brother Jiang has only been in Skycloud Pavilion for less than a week, we have already heard a lot of your heroic deeds. Plus, a friend of brother Fu is also a friend of ours. So, brother Jiang will always have a spot in the inner sect.”

“Yeah. Although brother Jiang is also an inner sect disciple like us, brother Jiang now possess the status of a true disciple, a very n.o.ble position in the sect.”


A few of them began to flatter Jiang Chen crazily. Jiang Chen’s only response to these words was to chuckle pleasantly. They all knew Jiang Chen’s current status very well, it was no longer the same as before. So, it was common for them to befriend Jiang Chen now.

“Brother Fu’s friends are also my friends. Besides, we have to look after each other in the future.”

Said Jiang Chen with a smile. He naturally wouldn’t refuse the good intention of these people. It was necessary for him to build more rapport with people around if he wished to s.h.i.+ne in Skycloud Pavilion.

“Brother Jiang, although you are riding on the crest of success right now, you still have to be careful. There are also lots of true disciples in the inner sect. It’s true that ordinary inner sect disciples won’t dare to offend you, but it won’t be the same to those true disciples. Additionally, Elder Tianji’s eccentric and unreasonable att.i.tude has created conflicts with numerous elders. As such, I’m afraid that those true disciples won’t give you a peace of mind.”

Fu Hui warned. The other few also nodded in agreement. As disciples in the inner sect, they were far clearer than Jiang Chen about the situation in the sect.

“They’d better not mess with me.”

A cold light flashed off his eyes, sending chills down everyone’s spine. Although they had only met Jiang Chen for the first time, they were well aware of Jiang Chen’s past deeds and the things he did back in the outer sect. They deeply understood that this wasn’t a guy to be trifled with, and now with the support of Tianji Zi, he was going to be all-powerful.

It seemed like Skycloud Pavilion would become even livelier than before.

“If brother Jiang needs anything in the days to come, you can ask for my help and I’m sure that I will do my best to help you.”

Meng Jie patted his own chest and expressed a heartfelt promise. Normally, a late Heaven Immortal expressing his sincerity to a half-step Heaven Immortal disciple would be considered as a serious joke, but none of them felt this way, because this was the reality. The current Jiang Chen was no longer the previous Jiang Chen. He had potential and backer that everyone desired.

“En, if you all follow me, I’m certain that you guys will obtain boundless benefits. I’m going to fix the array now. You guys can make a move first.”

Said Jiang Chen. Although he didn’t have a very high cultivation base, he was born with a tyrannical aura, which couldn’t be compared to other people. Anyone who was with him would be easily influenced and subdued by this kind of aura.

After they left, only Jiang Chen remained. Shortly after that, a golden light flashed past and appeared next to Jiang Chen. He was no doubt Big Yellow.

“For G.o.d’s Sake, you surely are a lucky brat! Even the Iron Dummy Array is destroyed by you. That was nicely done!”

Big Yellow seemed very excited. Apparently, he had been observing the scene all this while. He had now jumped out because no one else was around.

“Big Yellow, you have come at the right moment. I’m going to need your help in fixing this array.” Said Jiang Chen.

“Give me some benefits or else I won’t do it.”

Big Yellow showed a dirty smile. He definitely was a being with good bargaining skills.

“You can have as many Immortal Meta Stones as you like.” Jiang Chen chuckled generously.

“This is more like it.”

Big Yellow wagged his tail, satisfied, then walked into the interior of the palace.

“Given your knowledge of the Formation Holy Book, where do you think is the essence of this array at?” Asked Jiang Chen.

“There’s a formation named Seven Connecting Stars. Although this formation isn’t considered a profound one, it needs an incredibly meticulous mind to build it. The Iron Dummy Array was obviously built based on the concept of Seven Connecting Stars. The inventor of this formation was no doubt a master in formation.”

Big Yellow straightaway found the backbone of the array with just a glance. he was afraid that only Big Yellow had such a scary ability.

Jiang Chen raised his thumbs to Big Yellow. What Big Yellow said was similar to what he discovered inside the array. It was imaginable how simple it would be if he brought Big Yellow with him into the array.

“The uniqueness of the Iron Dummy Array is that its core isn’t located in the formation but in the body of a dummy. It’s going to be a c.u.mbersome process to integrate the formation with the dummies closely. If I’m doing this alone, I’m afraid that it will take too long. So, I have to asked your help to see if there’s a way to quicken the process.” Said Jiang Chen.

“You have destroyed the core of the formation. Master dog can see that these dummies were built out of very rare materials. So there’s no way for us to restore the dummy that you destroyed. Originally, the dummies would be reformed after being damaged as the formation continued to circulate, but now, it won’t work anymore. Even if you re-initiate the circulation, those dummies won’t be able to rebuild itself anymore.”

Said Big Yellow. Then he continued. “However, the twenty eight dummies accurately occupy seven positions in the Seven Connecting Stars. Once a dummy is missing from the picture, it will tilt the balance and make the whole formation imperfect. Therefore, I suggest you to destroy another six dummies, leaving only three dummies in each position.”

“In that case, will that affect the power of the formation?”

Jiang Chen frowned, but Big Yellow had a point. Meticulousness was required in building the core of a formation. Once it had lost its balance, the formation created would never be complete.

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