Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1174 – Rise to Fame

Chapter 1174 – Rise to Fame

Rise to Fame

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Jiang Chen always did what he promised. Plus, the Iron Dummy Array was an indispensable to the outer and inner sect. It could be used to find more talented genius in Skycloud Pavilion, so it was wasteful to leave it destroyed.

“Oh? You can repair the Iron Dummy Array?”

Tianji Zi was startled, changed his way of looking at Jiang Chen. It was too rare for a young genius to have a strong combat power, heaven defying means and proficiency in formations.”

“Yes. Disciple has some knowledge regarding formation. Plus, I have already fully examined this array. I can destroy it and also repair it.”

Said Jiang Chen with a confident smile that cleared off everyone’s doubts about him.

“Alright, I’ll be waiting for you at Tianji Mountain.”

Tianji Zi nodded his head. He had intended to help Jiang Chen fix the Iron Dummy Array, but since Jiang Chen was going to do it himself, it would be best as he could take a good look at his disciple’s true ability. More importantly, given the fact that Jiang Chen was already a true disciple of his, it was a different thing if his disciple repaired the array himself than a Golden Immortal elder fixing it. Due to Golden Immortal experts having a very high understanding about the Iron Dummy Array, it would be a very common thing for these elders to easily fix this array. Therefore, if a junior like Jiang Chen fixed the array by himself, it would project a different meaning and bring fame to the master.

Tianji Zi flew skywards and vanished in a blink. After his departure, the stifling atmosphere instantly returned to normal. Many of them couldn’t help but let out a sigh. The presence of a Golden Immortal expert created too much of a pressure for them.

*Chuckle* *Chuckle*

Li Zhong and Yuan Kui approached Jiang Chen. Despite being the Grand Elder of the inner sect and a late Divine Immortal expert, he didn’t have the slightest disdain for Jiang Chen. No one would dare to show neglect towards the true disciple of Tianji Zi and no one wouldn’t want to build good rapport with him.

“Jiang Chen, you have such a good fortune. Now that Elder Tianji has accepted you as his true disciple, no one knows how many other disciples will admire you. So, I have to congratulate you on this.”

Said Li Zhong. He and Yuan Kui were delighted, especially Yuan Kui. As the Grand Elder of outer sect, he had the feeling of exaltation upon seeing Jiang Chen’s performance today. He even received a rare reward from Elder Tianji. This made him smile like a happy man.

“I’ll have to thank the two elders for giving me this opportunity.”

Jiang Chen held his fists and expressed his sincere grat.i.tude. Initially, he wasn’t qualified to enter the Iron Dummy Array. If it wasn’t for these the two elders giving him the exception, it wouldn’t be possible for him to break the Iron Dummy Array and become a true disciple of Tianji Zi.

“Jiang Chen, just do whatever you can about the Iron Dummy Array. It’s okay if you can’t fix it.”

Said Li Zhong, in a tone that was changed completely. Before this, he was afraid that Jiang Chen would be punished because of his crime, but after being acknowledged as the true disciple of Tianji Zi, who else in the world would dare to punish him?

“Don’t worry, elder. Jiang Chen will definitely fix it tomorrow.”

Said Jiang Chen. Fixing the Iron Dummy Array wasn’t a difficult thing to him at all.

“Well, in that case, we’ll make a move first. Currently, you not only have become a true disciple, but also an inner sect disciple. Your current status is no longer the same as before. Should you face any problems in the inner sect in the future, you can just come and find me straight away.”

Li Zhong patted Jiang Chen’s shoulder, then left the scene with the other inner sect elders. Yuan Kui also left after bidding goodbye.

“A heaven defying figure has emerged in Skycloud Pavilion, but the compet.i.tion among the inner sect disciples is too great. I’ve heard about the incessant friction amongst the true disciples as well. I think it’s hard for our sect to have its peace anymore.”

“Alright. We can’t get ourselves involved in this kind of compet.i.tion. It’s a good thing for us that Jiang Chen has gone to the inner sect. We don’t have to worry about our cultivation anymore in the days to come.”

“That’s right. We have finally sent a disastrous being away from the outer sect. Before this, I was worrying for him that he couldn’t pa.s.s the Iron Dummy Array. Let’s return to the outer sect now. From now on, we won’t have anything to do with Jiang Chen anymore. We’ll just watch him bring disaster to the inner sect.”


Those outer sect disciples felt envious and at the same time, relived that a disastrous genius was gone for good.

“This b.a.s.t.a.r.d seems very proud of himself. If he thinks that he can roam lawlessly in the inner sect after becoming a true disciple, he’s making a big mistake, because there are plenty of geniuses like him in Skycloud Pavilion.”

“Correct. The compet.i.tion amongst the disciples in Skycloud Pavilion is very fierce. It doesn’t only include the conflict among the disciples, but also many high-rank elders. The true disciples of different elders will also compete with one another. Tianji Zi has made lots of enemies because of his eccentric behavior. Therefore, Jiang Chen’s future daily life isn’t going to be as pleasant it looks now.”

“Come on! Are you trying to say that grapes taste sour because you can’t taste it? He has become someone else’s true disciple. Do you dare offend him?”


Many inner sect disciples were envious of Jiang Chen’s luck.

After the incident of the Iron Dummy Array was over, most of the inner and outer sect disciples had left. This incident was destined to set off a wave of attention in Skycloud Pavilion. It was believed that not long after this, it would also be spread to every corner in Skycloud Pavilion. Even those Divine Immortal core disciples and supreme Golden Immortal elders would know about Jiang Chen, a peerless genius that had been born from this incident.

There were a few of them who hadn’t left, instead they walked towards Jiang Chen. The one leading was Fu Hui.

“Brother Jiang, it seems like I have underestimated you once more. It’s truly intoxicating to see you succeed and become a true disciple. Congratulations.

Fu Hui held his fist and congratulated Jiang Chen from the bottom of his heart, but at the same time, he sighed in disbelief. Before bringing Jiang Chen to Skycloud Pavilion, he wouldn’t have thought that Jiang Chen would be able to do such an earth-shaking thing in such a short period of time.

However, this also made Fu Hui understand the fact that Jiang Chen’s ability and potential was far more terrifying than he had imagined. Now that Jiang Chen had become a true disciple, his status had transcended his. He was thinking of relying on his relations.h.i.+p that he built in the inner sect to support Jiang Chen, but now, it seems like Jiang Chen had already found himself a supporter.

“It was all thanks to brother Fu’s guidance.”

Smiled Jiang Chen. Fu Hui did play a great role in making all of these happen by bringing Jiang Chen into Skycloud Pavilion.

“Brother Jiang, let me introduce them to you. They are all inner sect disciples. We are now a family. This is brother Meng Jie who has already reached the late Heaven Immortal realm……”

Fu Hui started to introduce his comrades and friends to Jiang Chen.

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