Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1139 – It Was Ouyang He

Chapter 1139 – It Was Ouyang He

It Was Ouyang He

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Many of them were astounded. As cultivators of One-Line-Sky, they were very familiar with the grand ceremony that was held once every two years. In all past events, the Eight Immortals wouldn’t appear until tomorrow morning, the day of the ceremony and they wouldn’t appear at the same time. But now, despite how late the night was, the eight of them appeared together. Connecting this to the huge movement on top of the mountain just now, many of them began to doubt that something big had happened. Otherwise, the four major powers wouldn’t have sent eight powerful Golden Immortal experts here in advance before the event.

Despite their shock, none of them dared to speak aloud. All of them were observing the situation ahead silently as those experts in front were too powerful. They could never afford to offend any one of them. Up until now, there was no one who had the guts to speak aloud in front of the Eight Immortals.

“They are the One-Line Eight Immortals? This is my first time seeing them.”

Someone spoke softly. His curious eyes were studying the Eight Immortals constantly. He was merely an Earth Immortal expert. He was brought by some seniors from his family to attend this ceremony. So naturally, he couldn’t bear the excitement from seeing the legendary figures for the first time.

“Your cultivation base is too weak. It’s normal that you haven’t seen the Eight Immortals before. Let me share with you a little about them. Those two in white and long robes were from the Profound Sun Sect. The one who looks fortyish, with a greasy face and a pair of tiger-like eyes is the current sect master of Profound Sun Sect, Xuan Yangyi. The other one with the long beard is Dugu Sheng. Look at the two who looked alike, in golden robes and with sharp face. One is Yun Zhonghe and the other is Yun Zhonglong. They are brothers, the Patriarch and Great Elder of Yun Family. The other man with a crown on his head and an imposing face is the patriarch of Huangfu Family, Huangfu Yaotian. Next to him is an elder named Huangfu Qun. The most important among the last two is the blue-robed man. He seems only thirtyish, has a head of stringy dark hair, a pair of brilliant eyes and a majestic face. One look and you could tell that he’s the most talented one amongst them. He is a legendary figure in One-Line-Sky. Currently the pavilion master of Skycloud Pavilion, Tian Muyun. Kid, you have to set Master Tian as your goal and idol, understand? The elder beside him is Daoist Yufeng. These eight experts have the cultivation base of half-step Immortal King realm. They are the top figures in One-Line-Sky, also known as the One-Line Eight Immortals.”

A middle-aged cultivator explained. His tone was full of respect especially when he mentioned Tian Muyun. Apparently, he had very good impression of this young talent.

Everything that the cultivator said was heard by Jiang Chen while his eyes fell upon the Eight Immortals. Whether it was in the aspect of demeanour or aura, they were definitely superior to the others. He could also feel some faint King’s Qi from them, which made them worthy to be regarded as half-step Immortal King experts.

Lastly, when Jiang Chen s.h.i.+fted his attention to Tian Muyun, even he couldn’t help but exclaim. Calling Tian Muyun a legend wasn’t an exaggeration at all for reaching such a realm at this young age.

Having such great talent in Skycloud Pavilion showed that Ouyang He had a sharp eyes, but too bad, he only saw the potential, but not the heart of Tian Muyun at that time, which eventually caused him to suffer tragically and died in the hands of the person he trusted the most. Thinking back about it, nurturing Tian Muyun was no different than digging his own grave.

“What’s going on?”

Yun Zhonghe asked immediately after he emerged.

“Where’s the Regenerative Lotus? How has it gone missing?”

Tian Muyun saw the empty s.p.a.ce on top of the ice pillar where the lotus should be at.

The Eight Immortals couldn’t help but be astounded by the sudden disappearance of the Regenerative Lotus.

“Patriarch, the Regenerative Lotus was stolen by someone.” An elder of Yun Family spoke.


As soon as the word came out, powerful fury rushed out of their bodies suddenly. It had to be a joke. How could someone dare to steal the Regenerative Lotus? This was outrageous. It was simply a direct provocation against the Eight Immortals.

When the onlookers heard what those experts said, especially those two words – Regenerative Lotus, they instantly understood why those eight Golden Immortal experts had arrived there in advance.

“Regenerative Lotus is an unparalleled herb. It seems like the four major powers have discovered it sooner than us. That’s why they sent eight Golden Immortal elders to guard it, but they didn’t expect that someone would come and steal it. That powerful shockwave just now must be the moment when someone stole the Regenerative Lotus.”

“That’s extreme boldness. How could there be someone who dares to steal the things of the Eight Immortals? How much boldness does that thief actually have?”

“It’s probably an even more powerful expert. Ordinary people won’t have such nerve. Even if they have such nerve, they won’t be able to get past the eight Golden Immortal experts. But does that mean that there’s an even scarier expert hidden in One-Line-Sky?”


None of them were idiots. They were able to immediately figure out the key of the problem, but it was precisely because of this that shocked them even more. It was hard to imagine that there was even a greater expert who dared to steal the Regenerative Lotus in One-Line-Sky.

“Who was the one who stole the Regenerative Lotus from you all?”

Xuan Yangyi clamoured reproachfully. He absolutely didn’t believe that there was someone besides the eight of them who could s.n.a.t.c.h the Regenerative Lotus from the eight peak Golden Immortal experts. Furthermore, these Golden Immortal experts had no injuries. In other words, there wasn’t an intense battle during the theft.

“Sect master, it was Ouyang He.” An elder of the Profound Sun Sect spoke.


The Eight Immortals exclaimed together when they heard the name. Their eyes went wide and their faces were filled with disbelief, especially Tian Muyun. His pupils began to shrink, this was the last name that he ever wanted to hear.

“No way, my master has already fallen two years ago. There’s no way it could be him.”

Tian Muyun immediately denied it with certainty. When he attacked Ouyang He at that time, Ouyang He survived by burning his blood essence and escaped. There was no way for that injury to recover. Furthermore, it had already been two years and Ouyang He should have died.

“What really happened here? Did you all see him clearly? Ouyang He has already pa.s.sed away. How could he stole the Regenerative Lotus?”

Huangfu Yaotian asked with a frown. Although they didn’t see it with their own eyes but Ouyang He had already fallen, Ouyang He had never appeared in these past two years and his death had been accepted.

“It was Ouyang He, he isn’t dead yet and has reached the Immortal King realm. It was him who took away the Regenerative Lotus. And he used his famous Immortal Weapon – the Heavenly Dragon Combat Halberd. We can never be mistaken.”

An elder of Huangfu Family spoke in a resolute voice.

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