Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1138 – The Arrival of the Eight Immortals

Chapter 1138 – The Arrival of the Eight Immortals

The Arrival of the Eight Immortals

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A while after Jiang Chen’s departure, the eight experts were still standing rooted on the ground. Neither of them tried to stop Jiang Chen as they thought that the target was Ouyang He, an opponent whom they couldn’t afford to offend unless they wanted to die. Even before Ouyang He reached the Immortal King realm, none of them here was a match for him.

Although they didn’t see the true self of Ouyang He, they were certain about the Heavenly Dragon Combat Halberd. Every one of them had seen that weapon before. They were sure that the weapon was one of its kind. Plus, the voice of Ouyang He was deep and rough.

The emergence of Ouyang He had dealt a great blow to the eight experts, particularly to the experts of Profound Sun Sect, Huangfu and Yun Family. In their point of view, the fact that Ouyang He was hiding in secret posed a great threat to their sect’s or family’s existence. The presence of an Immortal King expert plus Tian Muyun and Daoist Yufeng in Skycloud Pavilion made the other three major powers vulnerable. This sense of crisis immediately filled most of their hearts.

“It was all bullsh*t that Ouyang He had fallen two years ago while breaking through to the Immortal King realm. It seems like Skycloud Pavilion does have a great plan against us.”

An elder of Profound Sun Sect looked over at the elders of Skycloud Pavilion and said coldly.

“That’s right. Ouyang He is still alive and has succeeded in his breakthrough. It seems like our three major powers are in danger now.”

The elder of Huangfu Family spoke knitting his eyebrows.

“If Master Ouyang is determined to strike just now, all of you would have died by now instead of standing here intact.”

An elder of Skycloud Pavilion replied coldly. The four major powers had never gotten along well with each other. They naturally would find their counterparts to blame.

“Alright. Let’s not continue with the argument. Now that the Regenerative Lotus has been s.n.a.t.c.hed away by Ouyang He, we should send a message to our patriarchs, telling them about what had happened just now because none of us is able to bear such a heavy responsibility.”

Another elder of Profound Sun Sect spoke.

The others nodded, agreeing to the reasons of his words. Given their duty, it was hard for them to absolve themselves from the blame. However, it was necessary for them to report the incident and the sudden appearance of Ouyang He to their masters. This was going to be a huge matter in One-Line-Sky.

Several of them took out their signalling spirit talisman to inform their patriarchs.

On the other side, Jiang Chen and his friends had already mixed themselves in the crowd whom the attention had been fixed on the summit above. After the big movement that was created on top of the mountain, no one noticed Jiang Chen and his friends’ sudden emergence as they were all busy guessing what had happened up there.

“What just happened? Why are there so many experts on top of the mountain?”

“I have no idea. All the Qi are gone now. Should we fly up there and check it out?”

“Alright. We will go up there to see what the status is. We will just observe from a distance instead of getting close to the summit. I don’t think the four major powers will punish us for that as One-Line Mountain is the symbol of One-Line-Sky. It isn’t something that only belongs to them. Moreover, in the previous grand ceremony, all the bystanders watched the compet.i.tion on top of the other mountains.”


Out of curiosity, the onlookers started to fly upwards to check the situation out. The first was followed by the second, and then by a group. There were plenty of Heaven Immortal and even Divine Immortal experts here.

Some Earth Immortal experts who couldn’t fly were brought along by their comrades. For a while, numerous experts were flying skywards but none of them dared to lay a step on One-Line Mountain. They could only watch the scene from a far distance. Every one of them knew that those people on top of the summit were Golden Immortal experts. Neither of them was willing to annoy any of those powerful experts. If those experts were infuriated because of their presence, they would be killed and die in vain.

“Ah Da, bring me up there. Ah Er, take Ah Yan and Big Yellow with you.”

Jiang Chen ordered. He was now in a state of relief as he had gotten out of the crisis. Even if the Eight Immortals come, they wouldn’t be able to connect it to him, because there wasn’t a trace or anything left in the scene.

No one in One-Line-Sky would be able to connect Jiang Chen to this theft because no one would think that an Earth Immortal would be involved in such a crime.

What Jiang Chen and his friends wanted to do now was to watch a good show.

Ah D and Ah Er flew them up into the sky and came to the top of a mountain. Although they were quite far away from One-Line Mountain, they were able to see the eight peak Golden Immortal experts clearly.

“Look, aren’t they the elders of the four major powers? Plus, they are all grand elders, peak Golden Immortal experts. Are they gathering here in advance for all of us?”

“That’s right. The grand ceremony that will be held tomorrow is unrelated to them. So why are they here? Those Qi must’ve come from them. I’m clueless about what has happened just now.”

“Have you all noticed that their facial expression didn’t seem very good, as if they are nursing some kind of grievance? But could there really be someone who could make them feel aggrieved?”


A lot of experts saw the elders of the four major powers and guessed the reason why they were here. The existence of the Regenerative Lotus was still a secret and wasn’t disclosed to many of the disciples of the four major powers, so it was Jiang Chen’s luck that Fu Hui knew about it.

“*Jie…* *Jie…*, Little Chen, all these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds have a glum face. I suppose their heads are still spinning even until now. Haha!”

Big Yellow whispered in Jiang Chen’s mind. The difference between his current mood and the mood before stealing the Regenerative Lotus was day and night.

“We just have to wait and watch the exciting show. They must have already informed their patriarchs. If I’m not mistaken, the Eight Immortals will be here in no time.”

Jiang Chen showed a face of smile and seemed relaxed. About the Eight Immortals, he was curious to find out who they were, especially Tian Muyun – a great enemy in his future.

*Swoosh…* *Swoosh…* *Swoosh…*

Sure enough, as soon as Jiang Chen’s voice faded, streams of light zipped past the night sky from different directions. The void where the stream of light pa.s.sed produced a rattling sound. Waves of powerful aura was radiated from those light. Many onlookers felt their soul s.h.i.+ver under the pressure of the aura.

Very quickly, eight streams of light landed on top of One-Line Mountain and turned into eight men. No doubt, they were the One-Line Eight Immortals who came from the four major powers. All of them had a cultivation of a half-step Immortal King realm, the peak figures in One-Line-Sky and were revered by countless of people.

“My G.o.d, the Eight Immortals are here too. What’s going on? Isn’t the grand ceremony starting tomorrow? Why are they here so early?”

“That’s right. It seems as if they have scheduled to meet here. Something must have happened on One-Line Mountain just now.”


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