Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1127 – Fighting with the Halberd

Chapter 1127 – Fighting with the Halberd

Fighting with the Halberd

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Big Yellow’s divine ability was regarded as a secret weapon that had no problem killing opponent that were two levels higher than him. But such a technique was a tremendous drain on him. Luckily, his cultivation was now a lot stronger than before. In the past, he would immediately pa.s.s out due to over-exhaustion after casting this technique.

Because of how powerful his divine ability was, the Heavenly Devil Barbaric Bull was horrified. The difference in power between the two of them was too great. The impact sent Big Yellow flying roughly 300 meters away.


Big Yellow was affected by the shock and coughed up a mouthful of blood, but he didn’t panic, he had already expected such a result. He knew his own strength well. The main purpose of his action was to distract the barbaric bull. As for anything other than this, he would place his hope on Jiang Chen.

On the other side, Jiang Chen’s Heavenly Saint Sword had already turned into a true dragon that roared thunderously. The tip of the sword sparkled out streams of mysterious whirlpool which was called the sword intent whirlpool, also known as the true profound meaning of sword technique. Jiang Chen’s sword technique was simple and direct, as well as brutal. The damage it could deal was many folds greater than some of those fancy sword techniques.

Furthermore, the Heavenly Saint Sword carried an endless scorching heat which was the fusion of the True Dragon Fire and True Thunderfire. Adding Jiang Chen’s dragon transformation skillinto the picture, this strike would certainly suppress the barbaric bull to a great extent, and thus reducing its combat power.


The long sword collided with the bull’s palm, creating a large spark. The strength that came from the bull was enough to overturn seas. Jiang Chen felt the pressure, it was like an ocean was pressing against him. Despite being in his dragon form, he still couldn’t resist it and was forced back by this wave of energy.


However, despite being shoved backwards, the barbaric bull was also shocked to the extreme. It raised its palm and saw that blood was trickling down in its hand. That impact with Jiang Chen just now had unexpectedly caused a cut on its palm.

“How could I be wounded by a puny human? How is this possible? And, what kind of cultivation law is this b.a.s.t.a.r.d practicing? Why do I feel suppressed by it? And also those flames. They are my natural enemy. Under such suppression, I won’t be able to exert all of my combat strength. This is really suffocating.”

The barbaric bull snarled. It would never put this man and dog in its eyes, but the current situation showed that it had somewhat underestimated its enemy. Putting aside how powerful this puny human was and how he suppressed its combat strength, the dog was also an incomparably divine opponent. Despite being a mere half-step Heaven Immortal, this dog was still able to remain intact after clas.h.i.+ng with it. This was no doubt a miracle by itself.

“Raining Sword Storm.”

Jiang Chen then sent out a powerful attack. It seemed as if the Heavenly Saint Sword in his hands had come to life. Boundless sword intent thrust towards the barbaric bull like a rainstorm. He summoned the Flaming Wings, turning into a phantom figure and launched attacks continuously while circling the barbaric bull. Big Yellow on the other hand summoned his dazzling wings, and lunged towards the bull at relatively the same pace. He struck out with all the skills that he got, causing the barbaric bull’s eyes to turn blurry for a while.

Unfortunately, the barbaric bull wasn’t an easy enemy. Despite the constant bombardment of Jiang Chen and Big Yellow, it didn’t deal any significant damage on the barbaric bull.


But then, the barbaric bull became enraged and roared thunderously. Its body began to change, instantly growing to the height of 30 meters. Boundless devil waves flowed out of its nostrils, mouth and every opening on its body.

It had gotten frenzied. Both of its eyes began to turn red. There was no way that it wouldn’t be angry. To it, such a battle was too stifling, it had already lasted for two long fighting these two puny living things. It was an insult to it. If this incident was spread to its enemies, they would certainly laugh their teeth off. It couldn’t afford to let this happen.

“Not good, this b.a.s.t.a.r.d has gone frenzied. It’s very dangerous.”

Big Yellow’s facial expression changed and whispered in Jiang Chen’s mind. This barbaric bull was far scarier than their imagination. Such a scary combat strength was already equivalent to a half-step Divine Immortal. Even a half-step Divine Immortal was no match for this bull. Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were just asking for death by provoking this deadly thing.

“Don’t panic. Our chance has come. We were trying to make it angry just now. Now, I’m going to use the ultimate killer’s halberd. Big Yellow, don’t hold any of your strength back. As soon as we are done, I will give you tons of Immortal Meta Stones to eat.”

Ruthlessness was seen in Jiang Chen’s eyes. Even though this barbaric bull wasn’t easy to deal with, they hadn’t reached the extent where there was no chance at all.


After listening to Jiang Chen, Big Yellow’s eyes revealed some crazy emotion. He opened his big mouth and spat out two tattered and broken sword into the void. In just a brief moment, the originally tattered sword now looked incomparably brilliant and bright, as if they had become the most powerful divine weapon in the Heavens and Earth.

As for Jiang Chen, these swords weren’t unfamiliar to him. These were the swords that Big Yellow obtained back in Saint Origin World, but he wasn’t able to discern that it as a treasure at that time, except for Big Yellow. Now, it seemed like that Big Yellow’s perception was sharp.

After the emergence of the two broken swords, they fused together into one. The Qi radiated from it suppressed anyone around. It was a force that could suppress people’s soul. Even the barbaric bull palpitated a little when it sensed that invisible Qi.

*Hong Long……*

Big Yellow channelled all the energy inside his body into the swords. It could be seen that Big Yellow’s spirit began to wither in his eyes. Despite his current cultivation base, it was incomparably consuming to active these broken swords.

On the other side, Jiang Chen had kept the Heavenly Saint Sword and drew the giant golden combat halberd out. This was the Heavenly Dragon Combat Halberd, a peak Great Luo Immortal Weapon that was equivalent to an ordinary Immortal King Weapon. He had never used it since he got it from Ouyang He, because he had already antic.i.p.ated that the fame of this weapon must be as famous as its master. If he used it casually, he would draw plenty of unwanted attention.

The other reason or the most important reason was that he wasn’t capable enough to wield it. According to his calculation, he needed to have a Heaven Immortal cultivation base in order to cultivate the Heavenly Dragon Nine Strikes.

However, he couldn’t care so much about it anymore because he was dealing with this barbaric beast. He had to use whatever he got. As long as he could exert a portion of the combat strength of this combat halberd, he would be able to suppress this barbaric bull. After that, he would use his Edifying Light to subdue this beast.

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