Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1126 – The Heavenly Devil Barbaric Bull

Chapter 1126 – The Heavenly Devil Barbaric Bull

The Heavenly Devil Barbaric Bull

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After locking on the direction that would lead them to the summit of the One-Line Mountain, two men and one dog departed immediately, but not long after their departure, they were once again enshrouded by a wave billowy demon Qi. It wasn’t just demon Qi, but more of a devil Qi. It was the Qi of a powerful demonic devil, the devil of the demon race. It was scarier and more ferocious than the average demonic beast.

“Not good, some powerful demonic devil has appeared. It has already locked onto our Qi.” Big Yellow’s facial expression changed slightly.

“It’s a late Heaven Immortal demonic devil.” Jiang Chen frowned.


As soon as Jiang Chen’s voice faded, a black light descended from the sky, and it landed heavily on the place that was 30 meters away from them. There was a huge barbaric bull with a human body and bull head with a height of 3 meters. Its physique was very st.u.r.dy-looking and full of solid muscles.

Its body was covered in black scales that was surrounded with steaming devil flames.

“This the Heavenly Devil Barbaric Bull with a late Heaven Immortal cultivation. It is an incomparably powerful demonic devil with incredible devil nature and thirst for blood. Any human cultivator and demonic beast of the same level will certainly die if they fought this devil. It is born with a warlike nature and ferocity. Ordinary half-step Divine Immortal won’t dare to provoke it. Dammit! Why are we so unfortunate to encounter this bull today?”

Big Yellow said glumly.

“Not necessarily, actually, we should be feeling lucky. If I’m not mistaken, this barbaric bull is the true king of this desolate region.”

Said Jiang Chen. After realizing the features of the bull, instead of showing an expression of nervousness, his eyes revealed a pleased face instead.

“Little Chen, where the h.e.l.l did you get this kind of confidence? I think we still have the chance if we flee now.”

Big Yellow rolled his eyes. The combat strength of a Heavenly Devil Barbaric Bull with a late Heaven Immortal cultivation was equivalent to an ordinary half-step Divine Immortal. It was no doubt their bad luck that they had encountered this ferocious beast today. So he thought that Jiang Chen might have some serious problem in his head to say that it was actually a blessing.

“What do you know? I have comprehended the Edifying Light with Tyrant. It is the natural enemy of this type of demonic devil. I have just arrived in One-Line-Sky and have yet to establish my status here. So, I’m in need of a stronger trump card now. If I can edify this barbaric bull, it’s going to be a very strong trump card of mine for a period of time.”

Jiang Chen eyes glittered. This was what he really wanted. A powerful Heavenly Devil Barbaric Bull could definitely act as a super powerful a.s.sistant of his.

“Oh, I have forgotten about that skill of yours, but this bull isn’t easy to deal with. Even with our combined strength, we are no match for it. I’m afraid that it won’t be easy to edify it.”

Big Yellow’s eyes glittered as well. If Jiang Chen could really edify this devil, it would bring tremendous amount of benefits, but this was destined to be an extremely difficult thing. With their current cultivation, it was imaginable how dangerous and risky it was to edify a powerful Heavenly Devil Barbaric Bull.

“How would you know it if you don’t try? Big Yellow, you and I will do it together. I will use my flames to suppress its devil essence and my Edifying Light to disturb it. Don’t hold anything back this time. Use all the skills that you have. We must take down this barbaric bull today. This desolate area is ten thousand miles large. I a.s.sume that there are more than one late Heaven Immortal devil like this, or even demonic beasts. Once we have subdued this barbaric bull, we will use it to lead us to the other great demons. Perhaps that will help me complete the condensation of the Fourteenth Level. At that time, the chances of us getting the Regenerative Lotus will be higher.” Said Jiang Chen.

After listening to what Jiang Chen said, Big Yellow and Han Yan couldn’t help but roll their eyes. This was what people called smart and shrewd. Jiang Chen was able to see the benefits after subduing this barbaric bull.

Wise people could always see things further compared to other people and devised strategies within their control to achieve their goals. That was what made Jiang Chen the winner every time.

“Alright. Master dog will go all out with this thing today. Master dog will show this foolish bull how powerful master dog is.”

Big Yellow shook his head and was already prepared to fight. Additionally, this wasn’t the first time he and Jiang Chen fought side by side. The tacit agreement between them had already reached perfection.

“I think I will go back into the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da and rest.”

Han Yan shrugged his shoulders and returned to the paG.o.da. He wouldn’t be of much help in a battle like this. Although his Ancient Divine Devil bloodline could suppress the bloodline of this Heavenly Devil Barbaric Bull, there was still a gap that couldn’t be filled, so whatever suppressive effect his bloodline had would be useless. One blow from the barbaric bull was enough to send Han Yan to death.

The barbaric bull on the opposite had eyes blazing like a torch. It glared at Jiang Chen and Big Yellow and said. “A d.a.m.n human and a stupid dog. How dare you conduct a ma.s.sacre in my territory! You are totally not putting me in your eyes. Courting death!”

“Stupid bull, how dare you swear at master dog? Do you believe that master dog will snap both of your horns and extract your beef tendons?”

Upon hearing the swearing of the barbaric bull, Big Yellow snapped. He was considered a very smart dog. He believed that there wouldn’t be a second dog in this Heaven and Earth that was smarter than him.

“How dare this stupid bull disrespect me?! It is unforgivable, it must be slaughtered!”

“Humph! You two trash living things. Quickly drag your b.u.t.t over here and kowtow before me and apologized. Perhaps I might show you my kindness to your wrongdoings by giving you a chance of becoming my slaves. Cherish the opportunity tras.h.!.+”

The barbaric bull harrumphed coldly, then said in a high and mighty tone.

“For G.o.d’s sake, this stupid bull is more arrogant than master dog.”

Big Yellow couldn’t stand it anymore. A pair of brilliant wings sprouted on his back. He lunged at the barbaric bull like a ray of light.

Jiang Chen didn’t dare to delay. He immediately transformed while holding the Heavenly Saint Sword and attacked from another direction.

“Two idiotic tras.h.!.+ I will cook you for my meal today!”

The barbaric bull snorted when it saw Jiang Chen and Big Yellow lunging towards him. It just stood still on the ground. Its left and right hand thrust forward to meet Big Yellow and Jiang Chen.

Before they could even reach the barbaric bull, they could already feel the tremendous energy sent out from the bull’s palms. That kind of energy was equivalent to the weight of mountains, it was stifling.

“Son of a b*tch! This bull sure is terrifying!”

Big Yellow swore. A flash of lightning crackled on top of his head. He could no longer hold back while confronting this powerful bull. He had to display his most powerful divine ability.


The third horn grew out in between his brows. Sparks flashed around his face. Subsequently, a brilliant light pillar with frightening destructive force shot out.

*Hong Long……*

A mighty beam of light that looked like a dragon collided with the huge palm of the barbaric bull. The shockwave set off gusts of wind.

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