Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1071 – A Luxurious One-Million Reward

Chapter 1071 – A Luxurious One-Million Reward

A Luxurious One-Million Reward

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Dong Linfu lowered his head before Jiang Chen, but he did not feel any disgrace at all. The others also had similar thoughts. What Dong Linfu did proved that he was a man who would admit defeat when defeated. Instead of being looked down upon by other people, he would be admired by them.

Jiang Chen’s fearsome concoction technique had obtained the recognition of everyone. He had earned a unique position in the Prefecture by relying on a single Ardent Yang Pill. At this moment, not only those foreign elders, even Yan Dongliu and Yuan Hong would regard him as a great alchemist. No one would ever regard him as an ordinary late Human Immortal anymore. From now on, he was afraid that he would be the new head alchemist.

“Don’t mention it, Alchemist Dong. There are still plenty of opportunities for us to work together in the Prefecture. If Alchemist Dong has any doubts in alchemy in the future, you are welcome to come and ask me any time,” said Jiang Chen with a smile.

The words he used were incomparably arrogant that not even a great alchemist would dare to say. What he said implied that he knew everything or at least a lot better than Alchemist Dong.

Nevertheless, no one in the hall felt that he was just boasting after seeing his astounding performance. If it was before, Dong Linfu would certainly be flaring with anger, but now, he felt delighted because Jiang Chen wasn’t angry despite him being disrespected earlier. Instead, Jiang Chen permitted him to ask him any questions regarding alchemy. It was a very good news indeed.

After so many years of research in the field of alchemy, he had naturally encountered various problems. If Jiang Chen could help him solve all of those problems, it would benefit him greatly, his concoction technique would improve and his cultivation base might even break through to the Heaven Immortal realm.

“Haha! Brother Jiang’s right. We will have loads of opportunities to work together in the Prefecture.”

Dong Linfu laughed loudly, alleviating the awkward atmosphere in the hall. On the other hand, his att.i.tude had changed Jiang Chen’s impression of him. It was worth respecting someone who could readily admit defeat when utterly defeated.

“Father, isn’t your daughter’s recommendation good?”

Yan Qingcheng came to Yan Dongliu’s side and said proudly.

“My daughter indeed has a pair of discerning eyes.”

Yan Dongliu wasn’t stingy in praising his daughter. There was no harm at all and it had brought tremendous benefits to the Prefecture by recruiting a super genius like Jiang Chen. Putting aside the possibility of whether Jiang Chen’s Ardent Yang Pill cold cure the cold poison in his body, if someone as talented as Jiang Chen was recruited by any of the two major powers in Yan City, the consequences would be unimaginable.

“Father. Quickly consume the Ardent Yang Pill to see whether it can cure the cold poison in your body.” Yan Qingcheng prompted.

“If the pill was only concocted out of the 49 herbs, it would not completely remove the cold poison in City Lord’s body. I have added the Nine Solar Saint Water into this pill, which enhances the property of suppressing the poison. Adding the natural medicinal effect of the Ardent Yang Pill, the poison will be gotten rid of at once. Additionally, I reckon that City Lord will also gain some benefits out of it,” said Jiang Chen.

“Is that true?”

Yan Dongliu looked stunned, and changed the way he looked at Jiang Chen. No wonder he felt something was different in the pill. It turned out that this pill didn’t just contain 49 herbs. It seemed like they had found the right person today. If Jiang Chen wasn’t here today, he wouldn’t know how he could deal with this poison. Even with sufficient herbs and Dong Linfu successfully concocting an perfect Ardent Yang Pill, it still wouldn’t be enough to remove the cold poison in his body.

He didn’t want to waste any more time, he could feel that the poison was eroding his insides at random times. He had to get rid of this threat as soon as possible.

He swallowed the pill in front of everyone. The Purest Yang medicinal energy of the pill instantly turned into a stream that surged to all parts of his limbs, giving him an indescribable sense of comfort.

Meanwhile, he stopped suppressing the poison, thus stirring up the poison all of a sudden. A collision took place between the poison and the medicinal force. After a few minutes, the poison in his body dissipated completely. It was completely removed.

Not just that, because of the medicinal effect of the pill, the Immortal Qi in his Qi Sea became more vibrant. He unexpectedly advanced, reaching the peak of early Heaven Immortal realm, which left him a step away from mid Heaven Immortal realm.

This was truly an unexpected surprise. Yan Dongliu had not thought that the cold poison would be removed today, much less the possibility of making an improvement in his cultivation base. The present scene was just like a dream to him.

He quickly stood up from his seat and looked at Jiang Chen with his blazing eyes. “Amazing, truly amazing! Brother Jiang’s means are simply extraordinary. I have been disturbed by the cold poison all these days and still couldn’t find a way to cure it. I have never thought that this Ardent Yang Pill concocted by Brother Jiang could get rid of the poison in a matter of minutes, and also pushed my cultivation base to the peak of early Heaven Immortal realm.”

After listening to the City Lord, everyone hastily stood up and congratulated him.

“Congratulations, City Lord!”

“Congratulations to City Lord for getting a talent like Alchemist Jiang. I believe that the Prefecture will prosper in the future and sooner or later, we will suppress the other two major powers.”

“Alchemist Jiang is truly an extraordinary man. It’s the Prefecture’s great fortune to have recruited such a man.”


Although these words were blended with elements of flattery, those were their sincere remarks for the City Lord. As a member of the Prefecture, they naturally hoped that the Prefecture would become stronger. If the Prefecture could take full control of Yan City, the Prefecture would gain access to all types of cultivation resources—a scene that all of them longed to see.

“Jiang Chen, say it, what do you want? I’m going to reward you greatly.”

Yan Dongliu said in a forthright manner.

“I’m in need of some Immortal Meta Stones.” Jiang Chen replied straightforwardly.

The thing that he needed the most was Immortal Meta Stones. Soon, he would advance to the half-step Earth Immortal realm, but he couldn’t do that without adequate amount of Immortal Meta Stones. In addition, it was foolish to do a trade for the Stones. So naturally, he wouldn’t refuse it if Yan Dongliu would willingly give it to him.

“No problem. You have done a great job, I will reward you with a million low grade Immortal Meta Stones.”

Yan Dongliu said without even thinking about it. In his point of view, spending a million fortune on Jiang Chen was an absolutely worthwhile investment.

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