Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1070 – The Finest Grade of Ardent Yang Pill

Chapter 1070 – The Finest Grade of Ardent Yang Pill

The Finest Grade of Ardent Yang Pill

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To an alchemist like Dong Linfu, if he wanted to concoct an Ardent Yang Pill, he must first prepare himself for more than 10 minutes before starting to melt the herbs. It was c.u.mbersome enough to have three herbs melted at the same time, let alone melting 49 herbs! They were afraid that the concoction of this pill would take at least two hours. Adding the fact that it would consume plenty of soul energy, there had to be breaks in the middle. The mixing process was also another crucial part. Once there’s a mistake, the whole pill would become a waste. Therefore, in order to concoct an Ardent Yang Pill, the entire morning of the day would be expended at the very least.

A smile was revealed on Jiang Chen’s face. His Great Soul Derivation Technique had almost reached its peak, which allowed him to control the entire process at his will. Such a unique advantage would surely stir up the envy of countless alchemists.

The way Yan Qingcheng looked at Jiang Chen now seemed slightly infatuated. A man was most charming when he was paying all of his attention to his work and a man with superior ability like Jiang Chen was even more charming.

Jiang Chen completely ignored everyone around, solely focusing on his concoction. Both of his hands were dancing in the air, sending out various complex dharma seals into the sea of fire. In just 10 minutes, the essence of all 49 herbs were extracted completely. The whole process went on, as smooth as running water. More importantly, none of the essences were wasted, which was considered a perfect extraction.

“How could there be such a technique?”

Dong Linfu was extremely shocked. For so many years that he had concocted pills, he had never seen such a method. From this aspect alone, even he was greatly impressed by Jiang Chen’s skill as he had no idea how Jiang Chen did it.

In other words, the process that should’ve taken two hours’ time was completed by Jiang Chen in just 10 minutes, plus it was done perfectly. He strongly believed that even if he was given two hours’ time, he wouldn’t complete such a perfect extraction.

“That’s amazing! Big Miss does have a pair of sharp eyes. This young man’s concoction skills have opened our eyes wide.”

“What the f*ck! What kind of monstrosity is this? With such terrifying skills in alchemy, I think even those major powers in One-Line-Sky will certainly compete in recruiting him. Why did he come to our city?”

“He has already extracted the essence of all 49 herbs perfectly even before Alchemist Dong started. This is no doubt a miracle.”

“We’ll see whether he can complete the final process. If he can really produce a perfect Ardent Yang Pill, he’s going to be a remarkable talent that broke all the myths of countless alchemists.”


No one wasn’t shocked. Even Yan Dongliu and Yuan Hong couldn’t keep their calm. Despite them not being alchemists, they had already seen lots of alchemists; Jiang Chen’s emergence had totally changed their view in alchemy, and that concoction could be so simple and casual.

*Crack* *Crack* *Crack*

The sound of crackling was heard non-stop from the sea of fire. Jiang Chen’s dharma seals had become faster and more frequent. Then, both of his hands pushed inwards, trying to squeeze all the essence of the 49 herbs together. No doubt, this process mixed all the essences at once, which made Alchemist Dong exclaim.

“It’s not possible. Impossible! Every kind of herb has different mixing point. One has to search for its mixing point first before mixing them gradually, or else it will explode very easily.”

Alchemist Dong’s eyes seemed ablaze. His body trembled due to overwhelming emotions. To him, Jiang Chen was just a madman.

“Why is Alchemist Dong being so excited? Do you think that the things that you can’t do can’t be done by someone else?” Jiang Chen turned to him and said with a smile.

What? He is talking while concocting?

d.a.m.n! Is he still human? The most important thing in concoction is to stay focused. The process of mixing 49 essence is taxing enough. No one would want to be distracted by talking to someone.

Many of them felt like fainting, especially the alchemists who were wiping their sweat off their forehead. If Jiang Chen succeeded, it would certainly be the miracle of the miracles.

Alchemist Dong seemed as if he didn’t hear Jiang Chen’s words, all of his attention was focused on Jiang Chen.

Not just him, everyone in the meeting hall felt that their breathing was becoming heavy. Every one of their eyes was fiery. Many of them felt that Jiang Chen would succeed and that he wasn’t just boasting. Today, they were going to witness an unprecedented miracle.

Miracles would always emerge. In this life, no one knew how many miracles Jiang Chen had created, but to him, a thing like this wasn’t a miracle at all. Perhaps it might seem impossible to others, but, for him, it was as effortless as moving his fingertips. Compared to the battle against Saint Origin Palace, this was simply nothing.

If this concoction of Ardent Yang Pill was compared to the concoction of Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pill, the Ardent Yang Pill was merely an infant pill.

The time taken for the mixing process wasn’t long as well, it’s just about 10 minutes before it’s completed.


Jiang Chen shouted lightly and the flames vanished, it was sucked back into his body. At the same time, a golden pill was hovering in the air as it buzzed.

A strong fragrance was emitted from the pill, like waves of tide, filling the whole atmosphere of the hall. Within the fragrance was the aura of the purest Yang, which caused people’s blood and Immortal Qi to circulate faster. The feeling brought comfort to those who smelled it.

Looking at the pill closely, it had a golden body with some kind of liquid moving inside. It emitted a dazzling brilliance and the surface of its body was full of lines of talisman. Certainly, this was the Finest Grade Ardent Yang Pill.

Jiang Chen moved his hand casually, the pill drifted across the hall and made a circle in everyone’s head for them to see it clearly before it stopped in front of Yan Dongliu.

“My G.o.d, this pill is smooth and glossy and transparent, and the fluid flowing inside of it contained the Purest Yang Qi. How could an Ardent Yang Pill reach such an extent?”

“It’s awesome! He has succeeded. Such grade of pill is truly unprecedented. It’s totally different from the Ardent Yang Pill that I expected.”

“The scariest part isn’t just its grade but the process. He only used about 30 minutes to complete the whole process that involved 49 different herbs. Astounding is no longer the right word to describe such an incredible concoction.”


For a moment, the entire hall was filled with commotion. Those who had looked down, mocked and even hostile to Jiang Chen had now changed their att.i.tude towards this young man. Even the alchemists were looking at Jiang Chen now with respect.

Yan Dongliu stared at the pill with enthusiastic eyes. He extended his arms to get a hold of the pill. Then, he felt a wave of warmth from his hand, he could feel the traces of the warm Qi entering his body through his hand, which made him feel extremely comfortable.

“Such a strong medicinal force. Such grade of Ardent Yang Pill. Across One-Line-Sky, there’s no one that could concoct the same level of pill. This pill is really one of its kind.”

Yan Dongliu seemed incomparably excited. In fact, he couldn’t help but feel this way, this kind of incredible pill had given him hope of curing his injuries again.

Yan Qingcheng’s eyes were fixed at Jiang Chen. A pink flush spread over her attractive face.

“What’s wrong with me? Have I fallen for him? No, this is impossible.”

Yan Qingcheng felt the changes in her psychology. She was an arrogant genius that had always focused on cultivation. Regardless of what kind of good-looking youth was chasing her, she would never give the person a second glance. So, today was the first time she gave a second glance to a man.

However, this was a normal thing. There wasn’t a young girl who didn’t think about love. Plus, someone like Jiang Chen was really fatal to girls.

Dong Linfu finally regained his senses after a moment of shock. His face had turned extremely pale. He knew that he had completely lost the compet.i.tion. His opponent had finished the entire process and concocted an unprecedented grade of Ardent Yang Pill before he even began.

“City Lord, can I examine this Ardent Yang Pill for a while?”

Dong Linfu bowed at Yan Dongliu.

“En, take a look at it Alchemist Dong.”

Yan Dongliu seemed to be in a very good mood while handing over the pill to Dong Linfu.

Dong Linfu took the pill. With his eyesight, he was naturally able to tell the grade and the scariness of the pill. He then looked grimly at everyone around and sighed heavily. “This is no doubt the finest grade. Even if I concocted the same pill, the grade of the pill would only be half as good as this one.”

Dong Linfu was fully convinced by now. He returned the pill to Yan Dongliu with a deep salute and cupped his fists at Jiang Chen. “Brother Jiang Chen, your concoction technique is truly astounding and unprecedented. I’m totally impressed by it. If I have done anything that has offended you, I plead for forgiveness.”

Every alchemist was a haughty being and not many people could understand the nature of their arrogance. At the beginning, Dong Linfu didn’t put Jiang Chen in his eyes, but now, his view of Jiang Chen turned 180 degrees. Regardless of what cultivation base Jiang Chen had, his level in alchemy was unreachable, even to the head alchemist of the Prefecture. To Dong Linfu, an alchemist who could concoct such a grade of Ardent Yang Pill was worthy of respect. He was a person who would admit defeat, what was more important was that he had the chance to witness the birth of a miraculous alchemist in the world of alchemy.

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