Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 104 – Splitting and Killing a Heavenly Core Warrior

Chapter 104 – Splitting and Killing a Heavenly Core Warrior

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Chapter 104 – Splitting and Killing a Heavenly Core Warrior

Four figures suddenly appeared and surrounded Jiang Chen and Big Yellow. All four men were incomparably vigorous, and their ability to fly had proved that they were all Heavenly Core warriors. When one of them saw Jiang Chen and Big Yellow, he immediately became angry and suddenly roared out loudly.

“Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d Jiang Chen, today I’ll allow you to die without a burial site!”

The man with the harsh words was the mayor of Silver Moon City, Yin Zhong Cheng.

Jiang Chen now realized what was happening. No wonder there were was a Heavenly Core warrior cornering him in the dark. When he saw that the person was Yin Zhong Cheng, he finally understood. The relations.h.i.+p between him and Yin Zhong Cheng couldn’t be resolved any more. The latter wished to devour him alive.

As for the other three, they were obviously here to help Yin Zhong Cheng. They had been waiting here and set a trap, trying to kill him for revenge.

“Mayor Yin, you’re being pretty thoughtful, and you actually set up a trap here to catch me.”

Jiang Chen’s face had a casual smile. If this had happened some days ago, he would have definitely turned around and run away if he saw Yin Zhong Cheng. However, now it was different. After he had broken through to the Mid Mortal Core realm, his combat strength had increased by a lot. Even some regular Heavenly Core warrior wouldn’t be his match. Besides, the four persons in front of him were all Early Heavenly Core warriors, and Jiang Chen was confident in dealing with them.

“Hmph! Jiang Chen, I never expected that you would partic.i.p.ate in the Qi Province compet.i.tion, and you even got first place! Having your name heard by many, not bad! This is really not bad! I really want to thank you for that, if you hadn’t partic.i.p.ated in the Qi Province compet.i.tion and spread your name, I would have a hard time finding you! And if you had followed the Black Sect disciples back to their base, then I would have lost all chance of getting revenge! But, since you didn’t go with them, we have been waiting for you here for a long time!”

Yin Zhong Cheng had a sneer on his face. That day when Jiang Chen and Big Yellow had escaped, he had found a few of his close friends and started searching everywhere for Jiang Chen. His own son was killed, and all buildings with the mayor’s mansion had been ruined. All of this was because of the person and dog in front of him. Such profound hatred made Yin Zhong Cheng dream about killing Jiang Chen in his sleep.

With the abilities of these four men, it didn’t take them long before they pinpointed Jiang Chen’s location. When they had found out that Jiang Chen didn’t return to the Black Sect together with Guan Yi Yun and the others, of course they didn’t dare attack the Black Sect’s Chamber of Commerce within the Whirling Sun City. Therefore, they had set a trap along the path to the Black Sect, trying to meet Jiang Chen head on.

“Yin Zhong Cheng, I suggest you give up your hatred. If you leave now, then you will still be able to save your life. And the rest of you, there’s nothing between us, I advice you not to be fooled by Yin Zhong Cheng. Getting yourself killed here won’t be something fun.”

Jiang Chen glanced at them and spoke with an indifferent tone.

“Hahaha, what a sharp tongue! Being able to take first place in the Qi Province compet.i.tion has proved that you really do have some abilities. However, no matter how talented you are, you are still a Mortal Core warrior. With the combined forces of four Heavenly Core warriors, dealing with a little Mortal Core brat like you… even if you had six pair of wings today, you will still die!”

An old white-bearded man started laughing out loud. He thought that what Jiang Chen said was a joke. There were four Heavenly Core warriors here, and if they still couldn’t kill a small Mortal Core warrior, then that would be the end for them.

“I’ve warned you all. If you still want to strike, then I will counter with all my strength. I, Jiang Chen, have never given anyone a second chance.”

Jiang Chen’s face turned cold. All of Jiang Chen’s enemies only had one kind of ending.

“Bulls.h.i.+t! Guys, this brat is very cunning, let’s strike together and kill him! Do not let him escape!”

Yin Zhong Cheng said. They had locked down Jiang Chen completely, and they were surrounding him from all corners, removing all possibility of escape.

“Fellow, I’ll leave this to you.”

Taking advantage of these four persons having their attention pointed at Jiang Chen, Big Yellow who carried Yan Chen Yu flew higher into the skies.

“d.a.m.n dog, don’t run!”

Someone extended his big hand and tried catching Big Yellow, but Big Yellow evaded with ease.

“Don’t bother focusing on that dog, let’s focus on killing Jiang Chen for now!”

Yin Zhong Chen’s eyes were glowing sharply. Jiang Chen’s performance in the Qi Province compet.i.tion had shocked him, he couldn’t allow this kind of genius to escape today. If he did, then it would give him room to grow, and then Yin Zhong Cheng wouldn’t be able to get revenge.

“Let’s do this together!”

The old white-bearded man shouted. It seemed like the four men had made up their minds, as long as they could kill Jiang Chen, everything would be alright. They didn’t care too much about their status, after all, four Heavenly Core warriors surrounding a Mortal Core junior is not something one can proudly talk about.


The four of them wanted to kill Jiang Chen, therefore they attacked with all their strength. Four powerful energies shot up into the sky and covered it. There were typhoons everywhere, and the four men’s attacks had connected and formed a huge web of energy. The web flew towards Jiang Chen with the intention of tearing him apart.


Jiang Chen who was surrounded let out a cold snort. A dignified expression emerged on his face. An Early Heavenly Core warrior’s attack and the combination of four Early Heavenly Core warrior’s attacks was a completely different concept.

However, Jiang Chen possessed diverse abilities and strength, no fear could be seen on his face.

“Six Solar Fingers!”

Jiang Chen suddenly shouted. He unleashed the Six Solar Fingers; three huge golden fingers seemingly capable of poking a hole in the skies pierced towards two of the men. At the same time, Jiang Chen unleashed his Sonic Hawk Cry. The powerful sound waves formed into invisible ripples, going towards the two other men.


This was an ultimate collision between ma.s.sive energies. At this moment, the whole sky produced a loud explosion, and the air started burning because of the friction. Huge amounts of fire sparks rained down everywhere. Four Heavenly Core warriors’ combined attacks is not something to joke about.

Jiang Chen was violent like a tiger. With his cultivation realm at the Mid Mortal Core realm against four opponents, he was portraying an ultimate domineering image from all over his body. It doesn’t matter if it was the Six Solar Fingers or the Sonic Hawk Cry, they were both powerful combat skills, and being able to attack with both of these major combat skills and still have energy as lively as a dragon and vigorous as a tiger; only Jiang Chen who cultivates the Dragon Transformation skill can do this. Now there were 40 Dragon Marks within Jiang Chen’s Qi Sea, and he was never afraid of his Yuan energy running low.

The collision of energies was soon about to end. Jiang Chen with his own force alone had managed to resist the combination of four Heavenly Core warriors. Such a terrifying scene, if this was known by others, it would surely astonish them. If one were to survey the entire Qi Province, one would find that only Jiang Chen was able to do this.

“He leveled up again, and he is now at the Mid Mortal Core realm!”

“How could this be possible?! He is only a little Mid Mortal Core warrior, but he actually resisted the combined attack of the four of us?! Is this guy still human?!”

“Monster, this guy is definitely an unprecedented monster! Let’s work together and kill him today, if we don’t, we won’t have the chance anymore, and the next time we meet him, I’m afraid we’ll be the ones getting killed!”

The Heavenly Core warriors had shocked expressions on their faces. Jiang Chen’s performance had far exceeded their imaginations.

Clang clang!

Combat weapons emerged at the same time in all of the four men’s hands. Yin Zhong Cheng was still using the same mid-ranked golden axe, and the other three were all using low-ranked combat weapons.

Combat weapons were incredibly rare. Normal Heavenly Core warriors would have a hard time finding one unless they were disciples of the four big sects. The only reason Yin Zhong Cheng has a mid-ranked combat weapon is because he is a mayor.

The four of them raised their energy to their peaks, preparing themselves to kill Jiang Chen with a single blow.

Jiang Chen’s face was as calm as a water’s surface, and his gaze was sharp. If he was facing just one Heavenly Core warrior, then he would have full confidence in killing him, but when he was facing a group of four Heavenly Core warriors who worked together, then it would become very difficult.

“Haha! Come, let me see who is stronger!”

Jiang Chen gave a loud laugh. He shook his arm, then a 3 meter long golden axe appeared in his hand. The golden axe immediately produced a buzzing sound upon appearing, causing the air to start vibrating.

“High-ranked combat weapon!”

The four of them exclaimed. Those three who were carrying low-ranked combat weapons almost spat out some blood, this was a huge blow to their faces. They were great Heavenly Core warriors, but the weapon in their hands was only low-ranked combat weapons, and their opponent who was only a Mortal Core warrior actually carried a super rare high-ranked combat weapon. Comparisons were odious.

Even Yin Zhong Cheng felt despair. He looked at the Axe of Thunder in Jiang Chen’s hand, then he looked at his own axe. The difference was clear.

“Kill him! This kid has more treasures and wealth, we can split it when the time comes!”

Right after Yin Zhong Cheng’s words left his mouth, the old white-bearded man was the first to thrust forwards. The long sword in his hand turned into a s.h.i.+ning stream of light. At the same time, the attacks from the other three followed behind.

“Breaking them one by one, let’s kill one man first.”

Jiang Chen’s combat experience was just too rich. He had gone through countless fights such as this one. His vision locked onto the old white-bearded man, the blood wings on his back suddenly flapped together with the Dimensional s.h.i.+ft. He moved to the left side of the old white-bearded man. This was a spot where the attacks of the other three couldn’t reach.

“Clap of Thunder!”

Jiang Chen subtly cried out a name. He raised the axe in his hands high up into the air; streams of natural Yuan energy turned into whirlpools and gathered around the Axe of Thunder, making it s.h.i.+ne brightly in a golden light. A vast force spread across and locked down onto the old white-bearded man in an instant.


With a grim face, Jiang Chen felt lucky that he had cultivated the Clap of Thunder combat skill before this, and could now put it to good use.


The Axe of Thunder roared aloud as it chopped towards the old white-bearded man in an unchallenged manner, leaving a deep mark along its way. The intense amount of energy produced a loud roaring sound as it rolled down like a tsunami.


The old white-bearded man cried out in disbelief. He never expected that Jiang Chen would be able to use this high-ranked combat weapon to this level. In just this split second, he felt death threatening him.

The old white-bearded man’s reaction was pretty quick, he tried to block the attack with his long sword. Too bad, the Axe of Thunder’s force was simply too strong. Because Jiang Chen used his full strength with this attack, it simply couldn’t be resisted by the old white-bearded man.


Jiang Chen’s Clap of Thunder struck the old white-bearded man’s long sword, slicing it, as well as his hand, in half. Without losing any of its momentum, it sliced the old white-bearded man’s head into two pieces.

Half the head flew high up into the sky, and blood was raining down. The old man didn’t even have the opportunity to scream before he died.