Crazy Leveling System - Chapter 858

Chapter 858

Chapter 858

Once they learned that Yi Tianyun was the descendant of Heaven Creating Divine King, their att.i.tude immediately changed! They wanted to prove that they were still loyal towards Heaven Creating Divine King and wouldnt turn their back to his demand! Yi Tianyun smiled and walked up to the Great Array casually.

Stop, the Great Array wont let you come inside that easily! Dragon King shouted as he realised what Yi Tianyun was about to do. He didnt want the descendant of Heaven Creating Divine King to be injured by their Great Array.

But Yi Tianyun didnt stop and went inside the Great Array casually. The Dragon King closed his eyes as he was too afraid to see the damage the Great Array would cause, but as he noticed there was a fluctuation of energy in the air, he opened his eyes and saw that the Great Arrays energy didnt affect Yi Tianyun at all! In fact, everyone else in the room was surprised that the Great Array didnt attack the human that walked into the Great Array.

They began to feel hope once again!

Oh, so you would help the arrogant Dragon Clan? You want to drag me out of this body? Well, knock yourself out! The Black Mist that is the Evil Spirit Race said while laughing out loud.

You are quite strong for an Evil Spirit Race cultivator. I see that you are at least at Saint King Stage cultivation, but how did you get to possess this childs body? Yi Tianyun asked as he was in no rush.

And why would I tell you about this? Evil Spirit Race said sarcastically.

I speculated that it began to possess Longer when he went out to practice on Heaven Abyss Forest. We found him fainted on the forest ground while all the guards that came with him were dead! We didnt expect something this disgusting would lurk inside my sons body! the Dragon King said with a frown on his face. The Dragon King obviously knew his sons schedule and deduced that was the only possible time where his son might come across the Evil Spirit Race, and that only time was the time that his son was attacked and fainted at the forest floor on Heaven Abyss Forest.

So, your base in Heaven World is on the Heaven Abyss Forest? Well, this is great! There would be no place for your Evil Spirit Race to hide anymore! Yi Tianyun said with a smirk on his face.

Idiot! Did you think were hiding in Heaven Abyss Forest? Just go there and take a look for yourself! The Evil Spirit Race shouted while laughing hard.

Dont worry, even if your base isnt there, I will find it! I will turn the entire Heaven World upside down to get rid of garbage like you! Yi Tianyun said with a huge smile on his face. I already killed Demon G.o.d Long Yue, Suo Ge, and Suo Te in Ghost World! You can guess my cultivation level yourself, but none of you would pose a threat for me! Yi Tianyun said menacingly.

No, that is impossible! the Evil Spirit Race shouted in horror after hearing the name Yi Tianyun spouted. It was clear that the Evil Spirit Race would know the name of their experts, despite being sent to a different realm.

There is nothing impossible for me, you tras.h.!.+ You will soon reunite with them in h.e.l.l! Yi Tianyun said as he reached forward and grabbed the Evil Spirit Races soul and began pulling it out of Longers body. But as Yi Tianyun began pulling the Evil Spirit Races soul out, Young Master Long began to scream in pain as his soul was connected with the Evil Spirit Races soul.

Longer! The mother saw her child screaming in pain and began to hesitate as she knew that it was dangerous for her son to forcefully rip out the soul of the Evil Spirit Race out of her sons body. The Dragon King immediately stopped the mother as he knew that it wasnt something that they could decide anymore.

This is our only hope to get our son back! the Dragon King said a.s.suringly. Although he had only met Yi Tianyun just now, he knew that he could trust Yi Tianyun with all his being! After all, they knew that their method would fail eventually. Now, if Yi Tianyun also failed, then their son was truly beyond saving!

Its useless! Your method is no different than theirs! In the end, it was just another stupid attempt to uproot me! the Evil Spirit Race screamed in pain while also laughing in contempt. He surely didnt mind bringing the Dragon Clans next king down along with him as it would disrupt their plan.

Dont worry. I am not as stupid as you! Yi Tianyun said as he pulled out the Evil Spirit Divine Sword from his storage ring. The Dragon King was startled as he knew that cutting a soul with a weapon was the same as killing the host, but to his surprise, Yi Tianyun didnt cut the soul that he was pulling!

The Evil Spirit Divine Sword suddenly emitted a black light that was so intense the soul of the Evil Spirit Race began to be pulled out without bringing the Soul of Young Master Long! In an instant, a black ball was floating in the air, completely separated from Young Master Longs body.

So, what will you do now? Yi Tianyun said as he grabbed the Evil Spirit Race soul in the air indifferently.

No! how can you cut my soul clean out of my host! the Evil Spirit Race began to shout in disbelief!

You dont have to know about such a thing! Yi Tianyun said coldly before turning his attention to the Dragon King. Now, this is the soul of the trash that was trying to take over your sons body! I will let you do whatever you want with it! Yi Tianyun said as he threw the soul lightly towards the Dragon King.

At the same time, the Great Array immediately dispersed as it no longer had the need to contain the Evil Spirit Race.

Everyone was surprised that Yi Tianyun did what they had been trying to accomplish for a long time so easily! They couldnt cut the Evil Spirit Races soul out of Young Master Longs body as the soul was connected to each other, but Yi Tianyuns sword could do it so easily!

Yes, it was all thanks to the Evil Spirit Divine Sword, a Divine Tool that had the ability to freely manipulate the soul around it! Surely, the sword wouldnt have any problem splitting a soul in two!

It was really fortunate for him that he got such a Divine Tool from the Evil Spirit Race that he killed in the past, but it was really an irony for the Evil Spirit Race that they were being killed by their own treasure!