Crazy Leveling System - Chapter 857

Chapter 857

Chapter 857

After pa.s.sing the isle, Yi Tianyun saw a group of Dragon Clan Experts, all of which demonstrated their Dragonic Strength towards the Great Array. With their Dragon Power, the Great Array shone dazzlingly while a teenager in the middle of the Great Array kept absorbing all the Dragon Spiritual Energy that the Great Array received.

There was a middle-aged man on the side, constantly controlling the Dragon Strength that flowed into the teenager to ease the process, but sometimes black energy leaked from the Great Array.

Your struggle is futile! This kids body would be mine! The more you try to save this kid by sending your dragonic energy, the more power I gain! The black mist from the black energy suddenly talked while laughing out loud. Dragon King, either kill your son or give his body to me! The black mist shouted triumphantly.

This Demon! I didnt expect you to lurk so deep inside our territory! If I didnt find you back then, you wouldve infiltrated successfully for sure! Dragon King said coldly.

You are already too late! I have taken your son for my Body Possession technique! the black mist shouted as it emerged from the teenagers body while laughing. Evil Spirit Race had the power to possess someone elses body for themselves as long as the body had the right apt.i.tude to receive their Spiritual Energy. In addition, the body had to be a lot weaker than the Evil Spirit Race itself as they couldnt handle the retaliation from inside the body!

Dragon King looked at the teenager with mixed feelings as he couldnt give up on his son! The mother of the child was on the side, looking at her son with tears in her eyes. You d.a.m.ned demon, get out of my childs body! The mother shouted angrily.

Dont you think this is the best possible situation for me? If I take your sons body, I will become the next Dragon King, wont I? but it was unfortunate that you discovered me too soon! the Evil Spirit Race said while laughing. Despite laughing contently, he knew that he couldnt escape this place even if he wanted to as there were so many experts lying in wait all over the place!

Father, mother, just kill me! I dont want this demon to possess my body! The teenager shouted as he tried his best to resist the demonic influence.

No, I will drive out the garbage out from you! Dragon King said as he kept controlling the energy that was being channeled into the Great Array, trying to pull the Evil Spirit Race from his sons body. The Dragon Clan all over the city kept channeling their energy into the Great Array, trying to aid their King however they could! This was the reason why so many Dragon Clan cultivators were on the verge of exhaustion outside of the palace.

This was also the reason why the guards were being strict lately, as there was no way their King could have an audience with anyone right now. Yi Tianyuns prediction was correct. There was a big problem inside the Dragon Clan, even though he never expected that problem to be the Evil Spirit Race themselves! But if the most secure area in Dragon Clans territory in Heaven World has been infiltrated by the Evil Spirit Race, there was no telling whether the rest of the Dragon Clan that was scattered all around Heaven World was safe or not.

As the Dragon King kept pulling the Evil Spirit Races soul out of his sons body, the sons face contorted in pain as it was his own soul that was being pulled out of his body.

Do it a little stronger! So when our soul split and torn, your son will become a fool! The black mist laughed once more. He wasnt afraid of dying as he had to be bold to attack the Three Realms. Dragon King himself became desperate as he really wanted to save his son in one piece. The Dragon Kings cultivation itself wasnt low at all, reaching the 2nd Layer Divine King stage, which was the first Divine King cultivator that Yi Tianyun ever saw aside from the Evil Spirit Race cultivator!

Yi Tianyun thought that the Three Realms no longer had any Divine King left, but it turned out the Dragon King was a Divine King cultivator. The Dragon King could become the ruler of the Three Realms if he wanted it, but the Dragon Clan didnt have such an ambition. But now, they faced danger because of the Evil Spirit Race!

Dont worry about the Evil Spirit Race. I will help out your son! Yi Tianyun said as he suddenly revealed himself to everyone.

Who are you! people started to ask questions in vigilance as their attention suddenly s.h.i.+fted to Yi Tianyun. The guards immediately came around and pointed their weapons towards Yi Tianyun. They never expected that a human could sneak into their territory like this. They had the duty to kill any invader, and now, they would prove themselves useful in front of their King.

Stop! Dragon King shouted. The guards immediately abode and held their ground. However, the human never showed any fear or any emotion at all. It was as if the human wasnt even concerned about the guards presence.

You said that you can help my son, right? What makes you think I will trust your word? Dragon King asked Yi Tianyun coldly.

Just trust me on this one! Yi Tianyun said as he released some of Heaven Creating Divine Kings power. The Dragon King narrowed his eyes but sighed afterward.

Put down your weapons. He is not an enemy! Dragon King ordered the guards motioned for them to return to their position. The Dragon King knew about Heaven Creating Divine King and thus dispersed his hostility towards Yi Tianyun. The guards still had their doubts, but they couldnt disobey their Kings word.

The guards were familiar with Heaven Creating Divine Runes power as all the Divine Runes throughout the Dragon Continent were created by Heaven Creating Divine Rune, but then again, the human looked very suspicious!

I am sorry to intrude like this, Dragon King! The guards didnt let me in, so I have no choice but to get in with my own way. Yi Tianyun said as he apologized to the Dragon King.

Its alright, but what makes you come here today, Descendant of Heaven Creating Divine King? Dragon King wondered.

I believe this is not the time for us to discuss that matter. Let me solve your problem for you first, and then we can talk! Yi Tianyun said as he turned his attention towards Young Master Long, the son of the Dragon King.

I am sorry for the trouble. Dragon King said as his eyes flashed with hope.