Against the Gods - Chapter 921 - Mysteries of the Evil God (1)

Chapter 921 - Mysteries of the Evil God (1)

Chapter 921 - Mysteries of the Evil G.o.d (1)

Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley.

Yun Che had already been permitted to enter as he pleased by the Golden Crow’s Soul. None of the Demon Emperor’s Family have ever had this privilege in their ten thousand years of history, including the Little Demon Empress.

Upon entering Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley, Yun Che clearly felt that the energy of the flames in this independent world had weakened yet again. Most of the volcanoes within sight were silent. Even a lot of the lava had stopped flowing and condensed into glowing red lava stone.

Yun Che was well aware of the reason behind this. Throughout his life, he met many important individuals who had changed his fate. The Golden Crow’s Soul was one of them. When they first met, it gave Yun Che a dignified, arrogant and unreasonable first impression. But later on, the help that it bestowed upon him was always unreserved.

“You’re here.”

When he reached the end of the realm, before Yun Che had yet to summon it, the golden eyes of the Golden Crow’s Soul had already opened in the blue sky. The light that spilled down from its golden eyes blazed with sharp might. “The devil aura in the north has completely vanished but you were able to come back alive. It seems like a miracle has occurred.”

“Yes,” Yun Che nodded. “It can indeed be called a miracle. Before going to the Azure Cloud Continent, I was already prepared to die. But contrary to my expectations, I accidentally received a power that allowed me to defeat Xuanyuan Wentian there.”

“The darkness energy clearly reached the human realm’s divine way not long ago. It was a power that never existed on this plane before. When this n.o.ble one noticed it, I originally thought that this world would be shrouded in the darkness that he created. Even if the you from one month ago gave up your life and forcefully used ‘Hades,’ you still wouldn’t have been able to kill him if he had a power on that level. I didn’t expect for your profound strength to encounter such a ma.s.sive transformation in one short much. This n.o.ble one really wants to know what kind of divine miracle you encountered in Azure Cloud Continent.”

The strange girl with colorful eyes bathing in the boundless Netherworld Udumbara Flower sea flashed across Yun Che’s mind, “To be honest, based on overall strength, I still cannot compare to Xuanyuan Wentian. Only my physique is stronger than his. The biggest reason that I could win was…”

While he was speaking, Yun Che slowly stretched out his hand. A ball of black light as thick as a twisted dimensional black hole quickly condensed in the center of his palm.

“…” The golden eyes in the sky suddenly contracted and the light in the entire world started fluctuating violently. This kind of change continued for a few breaths before it slowly subsided. However, the Golden Crow’s Soul suddenly quieted instead of continuing to ask more questions.

Yun Che lowered and the darkness profound light instantly disappeared without a trace. He continued speaking, “Somewhere in the Azure Cloud Continent, I unexpectedly received another Evil G.o.d seed… My master had once told me before that there were a total of five Evil G.o.d seeds; water, fire, wind, lightning and earth, of the five basic elements. However, the one that I received in the Azure Cloud Continent had a darkness attribute. And the power it contained was surprisingly much stronger than the three that I had received before. Not only was I able to completely control the power of darkness, even my profound energy rose to an extreme.”

Golden Crow’s Soul, “…”

“And because of this Evil G.o.d darkness seed, Xuanyuan Wentian’s main profound art, Illusory Devil Tome of Eternal Night, had no effect on me at all. He could only forcefully fight me with using profound energy and his sword. With the advantage of my body and with Hong’er restraining him, we were finally able to eliminate him… But I still don’t get it, why would Evil G.o.d have a seed with the darkness element? Even though I don’t have too much understanding of the Primordial Era, I at least know that dark profound energy was a power that was repelled by the G.o.d Race to the extent of almost hatred. It shouldn’t even appear on a G.o.d. In all the records and legends about the Evil G.o.d, there was no mention of him possessing darkness profound energy.

“…” The Golden Crow’s Soul remained silent as Yun Che sensed shock from the air which had become frenzied.

Yun Che continued to speak. “When I asked why the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign’s devil origin orb would be compatible with my profound veins, you said that you didn’t know either. But after that, there was an instant when you began to speak but hesitated. Was it… about the Evil G.o.d having darkness profound energy? Do you know something about it?”

Possessing the Evil G.o.d’s profound veins yet suddenly obtaining the so-called “forbidden” darkness profound energy made Yun Che thirst for answers.

“No, the matter of Evil G.o.d having darkness profound energy, forget about this n.o.ble one, not even the Golden Crow Divine G.o.d knew about it. There were also no such rumors during the Era of G.o.ds. Because being able to control darkness profound energy was an ability that belonged to devils. It would be impossible for a G.o.d to acquire darkness profound energy even if one wanted to. This n.o.ble one hesitated to speak back then because the only possible way this n.o.ble one could think of to merge a dark origin orb into profound veins was that an extremely strong darkness origin already existed in the profound veins. I did not expect that…”

The voice of the Golden Crow’s Soul stopped, as if it still couldn’t completely accept this fact.

“This would mean that when the Evil G.o.d was alive, he had been concealing that fact that he had darkness profound energy all along… That’s not surprising, considering how much G.o.ds hated devils. If they found out that the Evil G.o.d possessed a strong darkness profound energy, he would have been rejected strongly,” Yun Che said. He had already made this guess when he first received the darkness seed under Cloud’s End Cliff.

“…” The Golden Crow’s Soul remained silent.

“Isn’t… that so?” The reaction of Golden Crow’s Soul slightly stunned Yun Che.

“…It should be so,” Golden Crow’s Soul answered faintly. Even though it had been trying its best to cover it up, it still seemed a bit unnatural. “The Evil G.o.d did great favors for the Golden Crow, the Phoenix and the Dragon G.o.d, and could count us as his few friends. But even they didn’t know that Evil G.o.d possessed darkness profound energy… I’m afraid no one in the entire Primordial Era knew about it.”

“To be able to hide his own power so perfectly, in the entire world, only the Evil G.o.d could do it… and it was hidden for a full five billion years.”

“Five… billion years?” The amount of time that Yun Che heard made him lift his head in surprise. He almost couldn’t believe his own ears.

“From the end of Era of G.o.ds until today, it millions of years had pa.s.sed. To you humans, millions of years is an extremely long time. But to those from the Era of G.o.ds, it was only a flash of time,” said Golden Crow’s Soul.

“…Did you just say that the Evil G.o.d lived for… at least five billion years?” Yun Che exclaimed.

The time of his two lives adding together was only about fifty years and it had already made his life a lot more fulfilling and exciting than the lives of ordinary folk. He couldn’t understand five billion years of time, five billion years of life… what kind of concept would that be?

“He was born in beginning of the Primal Chaos. His life was as long as the Era of G.o.ds. He witnessed the birth of the Era of G.o.ds, its reproduction and prosperousness and he also witnessed the destruction of the Era of G.o.ds. Even though he had an eccentric personality, the things he did were always honorable. There is no question that he was not only the strongest G.o.d, he was also an extremely great G.o.d. While this n.o.ble one is shocked that he possessed the power of a devil, I do not understand why he would keep this secret hidden forever.”

The voice of Golden Crow’s Soul suddenly became serious at this moment. “Since this was a secret that he had hidden for a five billion years, then, let it continue to be a secret hidden forever.”

“I understand. Aside from you, I didn’t tell this to anyone else. Even the fact that I have darkness profound energy, only Xuanyuan Wentian who died knew of it.” Yun Che asked sincerely, “Golden Crow’s Soul, could you tell me more about the Evil G.o.d?”

“…” Golden Crow’s Soul was once again silent for a long time before it slowly answered, “This n.o.ble one sees a strong will of curiosity in your eyes. It seems that accidentally receiving the darkness seed has made your curiosity towards the Evil G.o.d even stronger.”

Yun Che nodded. “After all, I inherited his profound veins and power… At the moment, I am a bit confused about how to treat the dark profound energy that I have.”

“The Evil G.o.d is dead and so are the G.o.ds. This n.o.ble one shouldn’t tell the mysteries of the G.o.ds to the ordinary people in the later generations… but you are different. You inherited the power of the Evil G.o.d and found the secret that no one knew about during the Era of G.o.ds, as if the heavens arranged it. Even though you have no intentions of saving the world, by slaughtering Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign and eliminating Xuanyuan Wentian, you saved two continents from danger. Because of this, this n.o.ble one can say some things about Evil G.o.d that this n.o.ble one knows about to you.”

“But, you shouldn’t look forward to it too much. The Evil G.o.d almost does not interact with others. Even the Golden Crow True G.o.d knew very little about the Evil G.o.d. This n.o.ble one is only a soul fragment, so I know even less.”

Yun Che nodded and said gratefully, “Thank you for your trust and generosity. I once heard from my master that the Evil G.o.d was a True G.o.d that belonged to a very high plane in the Era of G.o.ds and it seemed to be a rather special existence… Among the G.o.ds, what position was he at?”

“No, he wasn’t a True G.o.d who belonged to a very high plane,” the Golden Crow’s Soul corrected him, “He was the G.o.d of the highest plane!”

“High…est?” Yun Che was deeply stunned. “Very high” and “highest” were two completely different concepts.

“Five billion years ago, the Primal Chaos was divided into two extremes of yin and yang and in the center of it all, the first being of this world was born. That being was named the ‘Ancestral G.o.d’ by the Divine G.o.ds later on.”

“An… cestral G.o.d?” This was the first time Yun Che had heard this name. It was possible that even Jasmine doesn’t know this name.

“The Ancestral G.o.d was the first existence that was birthed in the Primal Chaos. Even the ‘Heaven Punis.h.i.+ng Ancestral Sword’ that could gather the power of yang and the ‘Evil Embryo Myriad Tribulation Wheel’ that could gather the power of yin were both born after the Ancestral G.o.d. As the first being birthed by the Primal Chaos, she carried the Primal Chaos’ most original, purest, and strongest power. She was the absolute supreme existence.

“Her power connects the entire Primal Chaos. The power of Primal Chaos was her strength. As long as the Primal Chaos existed, she would never be destroyed. Rather than saying she was given birth by the Primal Chaos, it could be said that she was actually the consciousness of the Primal Chaos, like a sword spirit bred by a sword.”

“…” Yun Che gaped. He listened with a stunned look… as if he was listening to an extremely unreal ancient myth.

The Golden Crow’s Soul continued, “As time pa.s.sed, her consciousness became more mature and she became a complete lifeform with very high intelligence. She created language, created the way that power works and is stored… in which all the creatures in the later generations could cultivate profound energy. She created profound arts that could maximize power… However, as the only existence of Primal Chaos, what accompanied her was everlasting loneliness.

“All the life energy in the Primal Chaos was connected and concentrated on her body. If she existed, no other beings could be born from the Primal Chaos. And so, after existing for a short ten million years, she finally made a choice to dissipate, spreading life to every corner of the Primal Chaos, allowing the Primal Chaos to birth millions of creatures and the Era of G.o.ds began from there.”

Yun Che couldn’t help but ask, “If she vanished just like that, the people now shouldn’t be able to know that the Ancestral G.o.d ever existed. Did she leave something behind before vanis.h.i.+ng?”

“Indeed,” The Golden Crow’s Soul continued to speak, “Before the Ancestral G.o.d vanished, she placed part of her memories in eight pieces of life shards. In the end, these eight pieces of life shards were scattered into the Primal Chaos Dimension along with her disappearance. Four pieces fell into the Northern Primal Chaos and birthed the Four Great Devil Emperors who led the Devil Race later on. Four pieces fell into Southern Primal Chaos, birthing the three Creation G.o.ds who led the G.o.d Race and… the Evil G.o.d.”