Against the Gods - Chapter 920 - In Broad Daylight

Chapter 920 - In Broad Daylight

Chapter 920 - In Broad Daylight

“Yongan, be careful, don’t rush anything… Ah, be careful, be careful. Hehehe…”

Xiao Yongan moved his young and tender limbs as he nimbly crawled across the wooden couch, letting out delighted squeals of laughter from time to time. Xiao Lie watched him vigilantly from the side. His only fear was that Xiao Yongan would accidentally fall over but other than that, a broad smile stretched across his face.

“Yongan is truly outstanding. He isn’t even two months old yet but he can already crawl around so quickly,” Xiao Lingxi said with both hands resting on her chin as she smiled merrily at Xiao Yongan. Every time Xiao Yongan’s gaze s.h.i.+fted towards her, she could not help but pull an adorable funny face at him.

“Perhaps in another two or three months, he will already have learned how to walk,” Xiao Lie said with a laugh. After all, Xiao Yongan was no ordinary child, his mother was the princess of the elven race so he had an extraordinary const.i.tution and innate talent.

“Ah.” At this moment, Xiao Lie seemed to have remembered something as a soft sigh escaped his lips. He mumbled to himself in a soft voice, “I’ve barely noticed it but quite a few months have pa.s.sed since we left Floating Cloud City.”

Xiao Lingxi, “...”

“Ling’er.” Xiao Lie said as he gave Xiao Lingxi a deep look, “You’re not young anymore. It’s about time for you to start thinking about marriage.”

“Ah?” She never expected Xiao Lie to suddenly give voice to such a thing so Xiao Lingxi was caught completely off guard as she stood there in stunned silence. After that she replied in a frenetic and hurried fas.h.i.+on, “I, I, I… I’ve never thought about such a thing, I’ve only ever thought about how to take care of you, Father.”

“Hoho.” Xiao Lie gave a chuckle, “Ah, this child of mine, you’ve always been far too filial and you’ve never been able to stop caring about this old man. Those years where my body was not well were truly a burden to you. It has nearly been eight years since Che’er first got married, if I don’t marry you off soon, I’m afraid your mother in heaven is going to blame me to death.”

“There are quite a number of gentlemen who have their eyes on you in this Demon Imperial City. Furthermore, each and every one of them comes from unordinary backgrounds. Have any of them caught your eye? If they have, should Father help you make this known?”

“No, no! Of course not!” Xiao Lingxi hurriedly shook her head. Just as she was so bewildered and fl.u.s.tered that she was at a loss as to what to do, Yun Che came along and greeted them, “Grandfather, Little Aunt.”

The cavalry had arrived and Xiao Lingxi immediately stood up and said, “Little Che, have you recovered from your wounds?”

“I’ve already fully recovered and I just took Ling’er on a tour around the city,” Yun Che said with a smile. After that, he extended a hand towards Xiao Yongan, “Yongan, let uncle hug you!”

“Wahahahaha!” Just as Yun Che extended a hand, an incomparably boisterous and rough laugh rang out from the outside. Greatest Ambition Under Heaven swaggered in, his face ruddy and glowing, a small wooden horse in his hand, “My obedient grandchild, your grandfather has come to see you. Look at the nice present your grandfather has brought for you today!”

Greatest Ambition Under Heaven’s voice could be said to be earth-shaking. Once he heard it, Xiao Yongan stopped crawling, his lips curling up before he abruptly started bawling his eyes out.

Number Seven Under Heaven heard the sound of crying and practically flew over. She scooped up Xiao Yongan in her arms and immediately started to soothe and coddle him. She also did not forget to give Greatest Ambition Under Heaven a good scolding, “Father! This is already the eighth time! Would it kill you to shut up when you come by?!”

“...” Greatest Ambition Under Heaven stood there in a completely embarra.s.sed state. He gave Xiao Lie a rueful laugh before speaking, “Ah, old fellow, would you take a look at this memory of mine… Oh, oh, oh, my obedient grandchild, don’t cry, don’t cry. Your grandfather will definitely be quieter the next time around.”

Yun Che laughed and shook his head as he witnessed this scene. After that, he walked up to Xiao Lingxi’s side and said, “Little Aunt, let’s go out first. I happen to have something I want to talk to you about.”

As the two people walked out of the courtyard, Yun Che observed Xiao Lingxi’s current state and asked suspiciously, “Lingxi, something seems to be on your mind?”

“Father, he… is probably homesick,” Xiao Lingxi said in a gloomy voice.

“Homesick huh…” Yun Che said while nodding his head, “Actually, I could tell as well. Grandfather has always had deep-rooted feelings for Floating Cloud City and this time around he has left it for such a distant place and for such a long period of time too.”

Yun Che had also brought him to Blue Wind Imperial City several years ago and Xiao Lie had been directly taken care of by Cang Yue. Everything there had been one hundred times better than that small Floating Cloud City, but in the end, he had not stayed for too long and insisted on returning to Floating Cloud City… even if that place held many unhappy memories for him. Now that he had been in the Illusory Demon Realm for the past few months, even though he had tried his best to cover it up, Yun Che could still tell that his homesickness was growing heavier as the days pa.s.sed.

It was as if there was something that he was unable to part with in Floating Cloud City.

“Actually… Rather than saying Father is sentimental over Floating Cloud City, it would be better to say that he is unable to forget my mother,” Xiao Lingxi said in a soft voice.

“Your mother?” Yun Che asked in a stunned voice.

Xiao Lingxi had never seen her mother, because her mother had pa.s.sed away not long after Xiao Lingxi was born. He might have seen her before but at that time, he was only one year old, so he basically had no impressions of her and she had not left even a blurred outline in his memories.

“Even though I’ve never seen my mother, I do know that the relations.h.i.+p between my parents was exceptionally good. All the things that my mother left behind have been carefully maintained by Father. He takes them out to look at them nearly every day and every time he goes to visit my mother’s grave, he will definitely stand in front of her gravestone and talk to it for a very long time. Furthermore, even after all these years, he has never considered remarrying once…”

“...” Yun Che was actually well aware of all of these things and he had even understood in his heart that if not for the fact that Xiao Lie had to take care of the one-year old Yun Che and the newborn Xiao Lingxi, he might truly have accompanied her to the grave. When he had established his name under the heavens and Xiao Lingxi was living a completely safe and carefree life, an incomparably fierce desire to die had appeared in Xiao Lie’s heart… The reason for this was because he no longer had anything to worry about, so he could finally go to the other world to accompany his deceased wife. If not for the fact that he forcefully engineered Number Seven Under Heaven’s pregnancy, he would not be able to save a person who was determined to die, even if his medical skills were ten times greater than they already were.”

The depth of love Xiao Lie had for his deceased wife could clearly be seen.

“The biggest reason Father is so attached to Floating Cloud City is because that was where he and Mother lived together, so it contains all the memories they shared together. But at the same time, he is also reluctant to part from Yongan and both of Yongan’s parents live here, Ahh.. What should we do?” Xiao Lingxi said as she shook her head in a rather frustrated manner.

“Don’t worry, this matter will be solved very soon.” Yun Che, contrary to her expectations, had an expression of supreme confidence on his face, “In another twelve days, the teleportation formation between the Profound Sky Continent and the Illusory Demon Realm should be ready for use. Furthermore, the people over at the Profound Sky Continent should also be helping to build a teleportation formation in Floating Cloud City itself. When that time comes, if Grandfather wants to move between these two places, it’ll be as easy as lifting his finger.”

“Ah?” Xiao Lingxi let out a surprised cry of joy, “Is that really true?”

“Of course it is.” Yun Che said with a merry smile, “No matter what anyone says, these are still the five strongest sects in the Profound Sky Continent. If they can’t even do something as simple and trivial as this, then they have simply been vainly and foolishly h.o.a.rding all the foundation and resources they have built up over all these years.”

“That’s great!” The problem she was just being vexed by was solved in an instant, so Xiao Lingxi immediately grew bubbly and happy. After that, she suddenly thought of what Yun Che had said before, “Oh right, Little Che, you said that you had something you wanted to speak to me about. What is it?”

“Mn…” Yun Che thought about it for a while and finally decided to just come out and say it directly, “A few months ago, Xuanyuan Wentian used a special method to steal Fen Juechen’s body. From that moment onwards, the both of them actually existed in one body. So that meant that when Xuanyuan Wentian died… Fen Juechen died as well.”

“...” Xiao Lingxi’s head drooped low as her expression turned rather solemn and sad, “Actually, I already guessed that this was what had happened. I don’t know why fate had to be so unfair to Big Brother Fen. Even though he looked really scary, he actually wasn’t a bad person. On the contrary, there were many instances where he was far kinder than most people.”

“When has fate ever been fair before?” Yun Che asked in a disappointed and frustrated voice but he immediately changed his tone before continuing, “He was indeed not just a bad guy but to say that he was kind… I think that the only person in the world who would feel this way is you.”

“Ah?” Xiao Lingxi’s lips parted in surprise, “But, I really felt that Big Brother Fen was a very kind person. When we were complete strangers, he saved me once. After that, he not only rescued Floating Cloud City, he protected it for a very long time. At first, he wanted to kill Little Che so badly but in the end, he was still willing to set aside his vengeance. Finally, in the Snow Region of Extreme Ice, it was him who rescued us yet again.”

Yun Che looked at her before sincerely speaking, “Actually all of this had nothing to do with whether he was kind or not. Rather, it was because… he loved you.”

“Ah?” Xiao Lingxi’s beautiful eyes grew big before a puff of t.i.ttering laughter abruptly escaped her lips.

“You actually laughed,” Yun Che said with a shrug of his shoulders. “I knew that you wouldn’t believe me.”

“As if I’d believe what you just said,” Xiao Lingxi said. “How could it be possible that Big Brother Fen loved me… No, no, that’s not right. With his icy-cold personality, Big Brother Fen basically wouldn’t have fallen in love with any women at all.”

“That’s why I say this. You’re clearly so big now but you’re still as pure as a child.”

The fragmentation of his soul caused by the forbidden reincarnation technique caused Fen Juechen’s personality to be exceptionally aloof and extreme. He was extremely proud and this was something that Yun Che had witnessed in Blue Wind Profound Palace. If he hated anyone, it would naturally be an extreme hate. But, if you reversed that, if he loved someone, his love would be extreme as well.

Xiao Lingxi had striven to use her own methods to get rid of the hate Fen Juechen had held towards Yun Che. She had succeeded but she had not known that this had nothing to do with how brilliant or superior her methods were. She had succeeded because she was the only person in this world that could succeed in the first place.

This included him not wantonly killing innocent people despite being possessed by the darkness profound energy, protecting Floating Cloud City and rescuing them in the Snow Region of Extreme Ice… All of these things had nothing to do with whether he was kind or not. Instead, it had everything to do with one person, Xiao Lingxi.

Xiao Lingxi had never truly understood Fen Juechen, because the Fen Juechen in front of her and the Fen Juechen in front of everyone else were two completely different people.

No matter how strong a man was, there would definitely be a woman who would be the greatest weakness in his life. Xiao Lingxi was Fen Juechen’s weakness but at the same time, it also allowed him, a person who had sacrificed his soul to the darkness, to obtain salvation at the end of his life. At the very least, he had not carried any hatred or hysteria in his soul as it faded away. On the contrary, his pa.s.sing was exceptionally peaceful and tranquil.

It was just that Xiao Lingxi was completely unaware of all of these things.

“A child?” Xiao Lingxi’s mouth pouted as she spoke in a discontented voice, “Ah, you impudent person. I am your Little Aunt, you know. In front of me, you’re the one who is a child.”

“It is only when we are in front of Grandfather that you’re my Little Aunt. But right now, you’re only my Lingxi.”

Yun Che suddenly turned around and hugged Xiao Lingxi. As she squealed in shock, he pressed her against the nearby wall, his body slowly sinking into her soft bosom.

“Ahh—Little Che, you… What are you doing…” Xiao Lingxi unconsciously shrank backwards as she asked in a voice filled with nervous energy.

Yun Che slowly brought his face closer to hers as his breath softly brushed against her cheeks, “When I entered the room just now, I did hear Grandfather talking to you about marriage, you know. It can’t be that… you’re really going to marry someone else right?”

“...That’s right.” Xiao Lingxi rolled her beautiful eyes before speaking with a sincere expression on her face, “I’m already twenty-three years of age this year. If I don’t get married soon, there is really no one who will want me anymore.”

“You’re not allowed to!” Yun Che said as his expression grew earnest. “You’re not allowed to get married to anyone! You’re not allowed to like anyone else either!”

“Hmph.” Xiao Lingxi turned her face aside, “I’m not allowed to marry anyone else, huh. Then are you going to marry me?”

You’re going to marry me?—Eight years ago, she had said the same thing when on the day of his and Xia Qingyue’s marriage. It was just that the feelings expressed in those words had long ago undergone a subtle change.

“If you weren’t my Little Aunt, I would definitely marry you,” Yun Che had said, faintly smiling as he looked her in the eye… It was also on that day that he and Xiao Lingxi had lain against each other watching stars even though it was his and Xia Qingyue’s wedding night. The Yun Che at that time had not been able to restrain his emotions, so he had blurted out that exact same vow.

“...” These were words that Xiao Lingxi had never once forgotten. She stared at Yun Che with blank eyes which quickly grew misty.

“And right now, you are no longer my Little Aunt but my Lingxi instead,” Yun Che said with a faint smile.

Xiao Lingxi softly bit down on her lower lip as her body faintly trembled, “Then do you dare tell Father that you want to marry me?”

“I don’t dare…”

“I knew that you wouldn’t dare to do it.” Xiao Lingxi said in a small voice.

“I indeed do not dare to do it right now but soon…” Yun Che said as a small and mysterious smile flashed across his face. “I will very soon be able to openly and boldly say such a thing in front of Grandfather.”

“Ah?” Xiao Lingxi’s beautiful eyes glittered, “Very soon?”

“Mn, very soon. However...” Yun Che’s eyes turned dangerous at that moment, “Right now I need to make you understand something else with absolute clarity.”

“Ah? What is…”

“That is to make sure that you remember that… I am no child!”

“Ahh—” Just as Xiao Lingxi’s startled cry escaped from her mouth, her fragrant lips had been forcefully kissed by Yun Che. All of her cries immediately turned into weak whimpers. At first, she still unconsciously struggled but immediately after that, her struggles grew weaker and weaker, until her entire body melted against Yun Che’s chest. She softly closed her beautiful eyes and allowed him to to do what he wanted.

Yun Che lightly raised his hand and with extreme skill and familiarity, he undid her belt sash and the jade b.u.t.tons on her clothes. His hand snaked inside her robes, directly plunging past her inner robes. It climbed up that slender and willowy waist before grasping onto a soft, plump and tender mound of snow.

“Nn…” A startled gasp escaped Xiao Lingxi’s lips, her beautiful eyes widening nearly instantly. This place was still along the small paths that traversed the Yun Family household, so the bright and beautiful light still shone on their bodies. She had never expected Yun Che to be so bold in this place. She urgently escaped Yun Che’s questing lips, gasping for breath as her slender and delicate eyebrows lightly trembled with nervous energy. But she could not struggle free from the demonic hand that wantonly rampaged about inside her inner clothes. A pair of soft and snowy jade mounds that she was normally too bashful to touch were being wantonly played with and pinched in several different ways.

“Right now, are you still going to say that I’m a little child?” Yun Che whispered into her ear.

Xiao Lingxi buried her small head in his chest, her tender face stained completely red. She did not dare look into Yun Che’s eyes and a small whimper that resembled a small and harmless animal came from her lips, “Little Che… You… You’ve become… so bad… Ahh!”

As she let out another startled cry, Yun Che had lifted up her inner clothes, instantly exposing her b.r.e.a.s.t.s to the air. Even though they were not full and plump, they were as sleek and flawless as jade; it looked as if Xiao Lingxi was holding two l.u.s.trous white jade bowls in front of her chest.

“Ahh... Don’t…” Xiao Lingxi covered her chest with her hands in a fl.u.s.ter as she anxiously peered around, “It… It will be seen by others…”

How could any people escape Yun Che’s spiritual perception? e grinned like a big bad wolf that was about to swallow up a small, innocent lamb, “Don’t you worry about that. If anyone dares to look, I’ll have no choice but to dig out his…”

Before he could finish speaking, he suddenly felt a gaze that came from behind him sweeping past his body. He instantly turned around like lightning, looking at the sky behind him. A small and delicate girl was silently hovering in the air behind him as she looked at him with an expressionless face, her long rainbow robes radiating a kaleidoscope of light as the rising sun glimmered off them.

The Little Demon Empress!

“Ahhh!!” Following the movement of Yun Che turning around, Xiao Lingxi also caught sight of the Little Demon Empress as she immediately let out a startled cry of alarm. In extreme panic, she yanked down her clothes, the deep red blush on her face spreading to her neck. She was so ashamed and mortified that she looked like she was about to cry.

She had never been so embarra.s.sed in her life before. She had been violated by Yun Che in broad daylight… and someone had even caught them in the act.

“Caiyi, you’ve… come.” Yun Che turned around as he sought to plaster a big smile across his face, “Haha… The weather today… is really good, isn’t it?”

Her inner clothes and outer clothes had both been pulled back into place but Xiao Lingxi did not dare to relax, so both of her hands were still firmly affixed to the front of her robe. She did not dare look the Little Demon Empress in the eye. She deeply bowed her head instead but she did not forget to sneakily stretch out a hand to give Yun Che’s waist a vicious pinch.

“You two… definitely have something important to discuss… I… I’ll be going ahead first.”

After she said this, she maintained her protective stance over her chest as she practically sprinted away from the scene of the crime.

The Little Demon Empress, “...”

“That… I and Lingxi…”

“There is no need to explain.” Just as Yun Che opened his mouth, the Little Demon Empress huffily cut him off before coldly saying, “It’s not as if we’re all idiots. Did you truly believe that we were unaware of this?”

“Eh…” Yun Che muttered, a slightly stupid expression on his face.

“I came today to speak to you about two things.” The Little Demon Empress did not appear to be any different than usual but Yun Che could hear a faint hint of anger lingering in her voice, “The first thing is concerning the location of the teleportation formation. I am have decided to set it in the outer courtyards of the Yun Family household. I considered a lot of other locations but this was the only location that was convenient and gave me peace of mind.”

Yun Che thought about it for a while before nodding his head vigorously, “Mn, that’s right, that’s right. Ah, my wife Caiyi is still the most clever after all.”

“The second thing I’ve come to discuss…” The Little Demon Empress said as she turned her face aside, “Your wounds are more or less recovered, so from tonight onwards, you better move back into the Demon Imperial Palace!”

“Heh heh.” Yun Che chuckled as he flew over to the Little Demon Empress’ side, “Caiyi, I knew that you’ve definitely been missing me again. I was also just about ready to tell Father and Mother that I would be moving back to the Demon Imperial Palace… Oh, that’s right, I want to bring Ling’er along as well. So from tonight onward, let her stay in the Demon Imperial Palace as well, okay?”

“...” The Little Demon Empress’ eyes flashed over him, “You still haven’t explained one thing to us. What exactly is the situation with Ling’er?”

“This…” Yun Che stammered, at a loss of what to say. “It is not that I don’t want to explain it to you. It’s just that it is really hard to explain. After this, when I find a suitable time, I will explain it to all of you. Right now it is more important for Ling’er to cure you of the ailment that sapping away your very life. So the reason she is going to stay at the Demon Imperial Palace is for this very same reason.”

“?” The Little Demon Empress’ brows twitched. It was clear that she was wondering what treating her illness had to do with allowing Ling’er to stay in the Demon Imperial Palace. But she did not pursue the matter any further.

“That’s right, Caiyi. I was just about to go to Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley. Do you want to come along with me?” Yun Che asked in a seemingly serious fas.h.i.+on but both of his hands suddenly circled around her chest as he gave her silky b.r.e.a.s.t.s a tight squeeze.

“Nnnn…” The Little Demon Empress uttered a sound that she would only let out in front of Yun Che. She hurriedly sought to escape his grasp as she anxiously swept the surround area with her eyes. After that, she let out a light snort of displeasure which sounded angry but was in reality excessively lovable and gentle before flying far away. Her only fear was that Yun Che’s b.e.s.t.i.a.l tendencies had fully erupted and that she would soon follow Xiao Lingxi’s footsteps.

The soft and warm feeling lingered on his palms for a long time before fading away. Yun Che looked at his hands as he softly muttered to himself, “The Heavenly Jade Dew truly lives up to its name. The results are getting more and more obvious. Mn… Should I also concoct up a batch for Xiao Lingxi as well…”