Against the Gods - Chapter 918 - Temporary Truce

Chapter 918 - Temporary Truce

Chapter 918 - Temporary Truce

The expression in Yun Che’s eyes changed at that instant. No one else noticed except for Huangji Wuyu. Seeing Yun Che had pardoned Sun Moon Divine Hall and Mighty Heavenly Sword Region at the same time, the members of Absolute Monarch Sanctuary and Supreme Ocean Palace were a little surprised but were also secretly relieved.

Because just like them, Sun Moon Divine Hall and Mighty Heavenly Sword Region were also both Sacred Grounds. If forceful extermination were to be executed, it could be done but it would no doubt severely harm their own vitality.

“What are you all still doing here?” Noticing that there were suddenly no movements behind him, Yun Che slanted his eyes, “Go back to where you came from. There is still quite a mess to clean up from Supreme Ocean Palace, I have no time to keep you all here. Regarding the teleportation formation, start preparing it with all your energy starting tomorrow… It must be completed within a month’s time.”

Yun Che’s words made everyone who was in a panic feel relieved. Anyone in their right mind would not be willing to stay before an Evil G.o.d who could decide their life and death as he wished. Especially the people of Sun Moon Divine Hall and Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, until this moment they hadn’t completely believed that Yun Che was really letting them off the hook as they backed away in panic and prepared to leave.

Yun Che turned around at this moment, glanced towards Mighty Heavenly Sword Region and suddenly said, “Wait.”

The sound of his voice targeted one person’s back, making him know immediately that this calling was to him. His footsteps stopped immediately. He paused there for the time of many breaths before turning around. He faced Yun Che and said with profound respect and humility, “Asgard Master Yun, you were calling for me?”

“Isn’t this Ling Kun, Senior Ling?” Yun Che slowly walked toward him with a slight smile hanging from the corner of his mouth, “Speaking of which, I have known Senior Ling for six or seven years and you are the first person I met from the Sacred Grounds. Back then in Heavenly Sword Villa, Senior Ling even invited me to join Mighty Heavenly Sword Region. At the time, I was extremely overwhelmed by flattery and honor.”

Ling Kun’s face immediately showed an overwhelming flattery, “I can’t believe Asgard Master Yun still remembers of this, this is really… this humble one’s honor.”

Everyone who were preparing to leave all turned around at the same time with confusion on their faces. Especially the people of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, they were all gazing at each other speechlessly.

“We are old friends but Senior Ling you were going to leave without even greeting me at all, isn’t that a bit heartless?” Yun Che was smiling but there was darkness hiding behind his smile.

Ling Kun’s profound strength was in the late state of Tyrant Profound Realm. In Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, this was below the average but he was listed as one of the Elders. This was because of his extraordinary scheming mind and his extensive knowledge and experience. He would not have truly believed that the reason Yun Che stopped him was just to talk about the old days. He gritted his teeth secretly but his expression was still fearful, “Asgard Master Yun exaggerates. Asgard Master Yun is now a G.o.d of heaven, you’re no longer the same as before, this humble one… how would this humble one be qualified to speak and establish friends.h.i.+p with someone as highly regarded as yourself.”

“Establis.h.i.+ng friends.h.i.+p is indeed not needed.” The murderous intentions in Yun Che’s eyes were suddenly released undisguised at this moment, “But shouldn’t you explain this to me, the current Asgard Master of Frozen Cloud Asgard… why did Ye Xinghan attack Frozen Cloud Asgard in the first place!?”

Ye Xinghan was hiding in the crowd of people from Sun Moon Divine Hall, afraid that Yun Che was going to see him. When he suddenly heard his own name from Yun Che’s mouth, he was so frightened that his steps became unstable as he fell and kneeled directly onto the ground, unable to stand up for quite a while.

Ling Kun’s body became stiff but his reaction was extremely fast. He said with his face full of confusion, “This? What does Asgard Master Yun mean by this? This humble one… this humble one really doesn’t understand.”

“Then I will make you understand!” Yun Che’s expression suddenly darkened. He grabbed outward with his right hand and Ling Kun was sucked directly toward it in an instant.

“Asgard Master Yun, you…” Ling Kun’s eyes bulged. He was only able to say a few words before groaning and letting Yun Che’s Profound Handle invade his heart and soul, completely losing his consciousness.

The people of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region saw this but none of them dared to come forward. All of them kept silent like a cicada in late autumn.

Yun Che used the Profound Handle to quickly scan Ling Kun’s memory and his eyebrows lowered suddenly.

Just as he suspected, Xia Qingyue’s information was indeed “sold” by Ling Kun to Ye Xinghan after the Blue Wind Ranking Tournament!

There were many records of the Nine Profound Exquisite Body in ancient books preserved in the Four Great Sacred Grounds. Even though no one has ever seen it, that day Ling Kun referenced the unique characteristics of the Nine Profound Exquisite Body’s profound energy according to the ancient books. Then, seeing with his own eyes that Xia Qingyue actually used the power of the domain that could only be performed by the Emperor Profound Realm while she was only in the Earth Profound Realm herself, he was sure that Xia Qingyue could very possible own the Nine Profound Exquisite Body that was recorded in the ancient records.

It was also recorded in the ancient books that one who possessed the Nine Profound Exquisite Body could form a small independent world in their own body—it was a perfect dual cultivation incubator that was extremely rare!

He didn’t tell this to the people of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, but instead sold this information to Ye Xinghan to maximize the profit. At the same time, behind this scheme, there was also another person’s evil intent…

Xuanyuan Yufeng!!

Chu Yuechan was always on Ling Yuefeng’s mind and Ling Yun was obviously obsessed with Xia Qingyue so much that his mind was unhinged because of her. Because of Xuanyuan Yufeng’s strong jealousy and anger, not only did she send people after Chu Yuechan to kill her, she even asked Ling Kun for the help of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region to destroy Frozen Cloud Asgard. Ling Kun agreed to her request… and the selected method he chose was precisely to borrow the skills of Ye Xinghan.

He took back the Profound Handle and Ling Kun’s eyes returned focus. He looked at Yun Che with his eyes widened and said frightenedly, “You… what did you do to me?”


Accompanied with the sound of Ling Kun’s scream, flames burst out of Yun Che’s hand and instantly turned Ling Kun into a human torch. In the next instant, his entire body had dissolved in the flames and completely became ashes.


The throats of those from Mighty Heavenly Sword Region squirmed as their bodies stiffened.

Yun Che lowered his arm and didn’t forget to dust off his hands. His eyes then switched focus and he walked towards Ye Xinghan with a casual pace.

Ye Xinghan, who thought he was safe originally, met Yun Che’s eyes. All of the hairs on his body immediately stood on end as he felt like he was falling into a deep abyss. He s.h.i.+vered while backing up, “Yun Che… you… what are you doing… Don’t come over here… don’t come over here!!”

The Divine Envoys and many Elders of Sun Moon Divine Hall encircled Ye Xinghan. It felt wrong moving either forward or backward. They were well aware of the grievances between Ye Xinghan and Yun Che. He had first forced Yun Che and Feng Xue’er to almost die in the Primordial Profound Ark and then later he sent people to attack Frozen Cloud Asgard… but Yun Che was now the Asgard Master of Frozen Cloud Asgard!

“I am going to kill your young master, are you going to try stop me?” Yun Che glanced at the Sun Moon Divine Envoys and the Elders and said in an extremely calm tone.

When Yun Che looked over, the Sun Moon Divine Envoys and Elders all showed nervousness and Ye Xinghan had already fallen to the ground on his bottom while desperately trying to move backwards, “No… don’t come over here… save… save me… save me…”

Suddenly there was a pungent odor and a filthy puddle appeared under Ye Xinghan’s body… He was so frightened that peed himself under the gaze of Yun Che.

The leader of the Divine Envoys, Divine Envoy Heavens Equal, gritted his teeth. His steps were slow but he continued to back up for many steps. Under this action of his, the other Divine Envoys and Elders almost all started backing up at the same time. In the blink of an eye, they were already many feet away from Ye Xinghan.

If it was someone like Huangji Wuyu instead who was focusing on them, they would absolutely fight back together. But facing Yun Che, not only would it be impossible for their resistance to save Ye Xinghan, it could even ruin the precarious chance for survival that Sun Moon Divine Hall had earned.

Therefore, giving up on this Young Master, who was not popular to begin with, was no question the wisest and sanest choice.

“You… you all…” Ye Xinghan was so frightened that his face lost its color. His face was so pale that it looked like a wall that had been polished with sandpaper, “No… no… don’t kill me… don’t kill me…”

“Ye Xinghan,” Yun Che slowly walked towards him and said without emotion, “You father just died before your eyes. As his son, even if you can’t retrieve his corpse, you should go down there and pick up some of his ashes. If you leave just like that, that would be an unfilial action. When you go to the underworld, I’m afraid even your father wouldn’t let you off the hook.”

“You… you… ah… ugh…” Ye Xinghan’s face turned from white to green. His mouth was wide open and his body was all curled up while strange twisted sounds come out from his throat.

“Back then, you almost killed me, almost killed my Xue’er, killed the previous Asgard Mistress and Grand Asgard Mistress of Frozen Cloud Asgard. If I didn’t get there just in time, all of Frozen Cloud Asgard would have been destroyed by your hands. How do you propose I make you pay this debt?”

“Should I strip your skin and tendons or chop off your limbs and turn you into a human swine, making you wish you were dead!?” Yun Che’s face completely darkened. Each word revealed infinite malice. Everyone who heard this was trembling with chills down their backs.

“Ah… er… ugh…” Ye Xinghan stared fixedly with bloodshot eyes. Streaks of blood covered every corner of his eyeb.a.l.l.s. The color of his face had turned from green into an extremely abnormal dark gray. Strange noises kept flowing out from his throat, yet he couldn’t spit out a full word.

And then, with his eyes opened, he fell straight down and no longer moved. The white foam mixed with blood gushed out of his mouth insanely.

“…” The entire Ocean Palace was dead silent. The odor coming from Ye Yinghan was still hanging in the air. Yun Che glanced at Ye Xinghan and turned around in silence. These so-called young masters that grew up revered by all were usually even more scared of death than ordinary people. He didn’t even have to kill this Ye Xinghan himself, the person in question actually got scared to death by fractures in his liver and gall bladder.

The death of Ye Xinghan did not result in Sun Moon Divine Hall’s sadness or unwillingness… On the contrary, it made them feel extremely humiliated, as if they had lost all their dignity.

If he severed his own life vein, it could still be said that he had perished to preserve Sun Moon Divine Hall’s upright name. But with all eyes focused on him, without Yun Che laying a single finger on him, he peed himself and then got scared to death.

It was highly probable that he was the first Overlord in the history of the Profound Sky Continent that got scared to death.

Ten thousand years of Sun Moon Divine Hall’s dignity vanished with his death.

“Let’s go,” Divine Envoy Heavens Equal gritted his teeth in exasperation of the failure, turned, and left without concerning himself with Ye Xinghan’s body. Simultaneously, everyone else followed behind. No one went to take Ye Xinghan’s body, not even a second look was given.

“Let us leave as well.”

Those of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region all gathered and prepared to leave.

At the edge of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region’s line, there was an equally unique existence, Heavenly Sword Villa.

Ling Yuefeng and Xuanyuan Yufeng were brought to partic.i.p.ate in the Heavenly Sovereign Conference by Xuanyuan Jue in an attempt to make an appearance in front of Xuanyuan Wentian and become the first group of people to swear their loyalty and to achieve a higher position for Heavenly Sword Villa in the continent. But they had not expected a result like this, not even in their wildest dreams… They didn’t see Xuanyuan Wentian become the Heavenly Sovereign; instead, he was burned to dust. What they witnessed, was the birth of the true ruler of the continent.

This young man with undisputed strength who had become the absolute ruler of the continent possessed many grudges and much history with their Heavenly Sword Villa.

Xuanyuan Jue pulled the two of them up. Just when they were about to leave, a shadow swung before them and Yun Che’s cold face appeared before their eyes.

“Yun Che!” Ling Yuefeng was so surprised that he almost took a step back.

“You… what are you going to do?” Xuanyuan Jue was also trembling with fear. He hid Xuanyuan Yufeng behind him as his arms s.h.i.+vered uncontrollably.

“Don’t worry,” Yun Che smiled coldly, “Xuanyuan Yufeng, even though you are a b.i.t.c.h who deserves to die ten thousand times, you gave birth to a good son. You know, even if I kill you now, Ling Jie wouldn’t hate me for all his life… But that’s also why I can’t kill you.”

Being insulted as a “b.i.t.c.h” by Yun Che, if it was in the past, Xuanyuan Yufeng would definitely jump on him recklessly. But facing Yun Che, who killed Xuanyuan Wentian and made the Four Great Sacred Grounds bow down to him, she couldn’t go wild anymore. Her lips turned purple but she couldn’t say a word.

Yun Che gripped his hands lightly, trying to hold back his impulse to kill Xuanyuan Yufeng… Due to the words that Jasmine left, telling him that he might not be able to see Chu Yuechan and their child in his life ever, he hated Xuanyuan Yufeng to the bones. But, that day at Heavenly Sword Villa, when Ling Jie stabbed his sword at his own throat, wanting to trade his own life for Xuanyuan Yufeng’s life, Yun Che was bound to not be able to kill Xuanyuan Yufeng anymore.

And he himself… was the main cause of everything that had happened.

Since everything had already happened, there was no reason to put pain on Ling Jie for the rest of his life… After all, in this dangerous world, Ling Jie only had a few people who treated him truly with all of their hearts.

Yun Che turned around so as to not look at Xuanyuan Yufeng’s face. His murderous intent had just started to calm down. He said in a deep voice, “Xuanyuan Yufeng, even though I really want to cut you into pieces, I won’t kill you today. But you’d better keep in mind… never to appear in Heavenly Sword Villa ever again! Never let me see you again or else…”

Yun Che took a deep breath, then instantaneously s.h.i.+fted far away.

“…Go, hurry!” As if they had just walked through the gates of h.e.l.l, Xuanyuan Jue’s forehead was already covered in sweat. He took Ling Yuefeng and Xuanyuan Yufeng in a panic and flew far away at his fastest speed.


Author’s Note:

【Phew… Finally finished handling these side characters' affairs. But we’re still not going to head to the G.o.d Realms just yet. Because before that, there are still two gigantic plotholes in the Profound Sky Continent.】

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