Against the Gods - Chapter 917.5

Chapter 917.5

Interlude 2 - World-Defying Heaven Manual

In another world.

The surface of the ground was slightly golden in color and even the sky revealed a pure, light golden color. The elemental energy floating between the heaven and earth was extremely pure and the degree of its density had far surpa.s.sed Profound Sky Continent by several dozens of times. The height of the elemental law here, had even surpa.s.sed the range of understanding of even the strongest expert in Profound Sky Continent.

An enormous palace stood in immediate sight and was towering like a mountain. Glistening with a golden glow, it exuded a formless pressure comparable to the might of heaven and earth. Even if peerless experts were here, their hearts would still palpitate deeply under this terrifying pressure, as though they were carrying fifteen tonnes.

Behind the divine palace was a garden as enormous as a country. In the garden, a fragrant aroma suffused the air and hundreds of flowers bloomed. Every single flower was twinkling with an unbelievably beautiful radiance, as if each were the world’s most exquisite gemstone.

Standing quietly at the very center of the garden was the elegant figure of a woman. Dressed in golden clothes, she had dazzling golden hair that extended down to her hips. Her golden clothes were slightly tight, which outlined the back of a bewitching figure that could drive one to insanity. She quietly stood under a glazed jade tree, seemingly enjoying the view or perhaps deep in thought. A natural and gentle layer of golden light was faintly flowing around her body.

Though it was just her figure from behind, the sea of flowers that extended tens of thousands of kilometers, was entirely overshadowed by this peerlessly beautiful shape.

At this moment, a fragrant wind whisked over from the southern direction and the tens of thousands of flowers swayed gently. Very quickly, a woman dressed entirely in tight silver armor descended from the sky and knelt behind the woman with dazzling long, golden hair. Her head was lowered, as if she did not dare to look straight at her figure… even if it was just her back.

“Servant Fu Xian, greets Lady G.o.ddess.”

“What is it?” The woman with the golden hair did not turn around. Completely different from her dreamy and beautiful figure, her voice exuded an incomparably heavy might.

“Replying to Lady G.o.ddess, news came from the Star G.o.d Realm. The Heaven Slaughter Star G.o.d has returned to the Star G.o.d Realm,” the woman who referred herself as Fu Xian reported.

“...” The woman with the golden hair was silent for a short while, before she coldly said. “Did she just return?”

“No, according to reliable sources, the Heaven Slaughter Star G.o.d returned to the Star G.o.d Realm four months ago. Because she had been recuperating all this while, the Star G.o.d Realm had intentionally sealed this piece of news. It seems the rumors of an Universe Devouring Beast having once encountered her back then was completely true.”

“Recuperating? Do you know why she is still alive?”

“In reply to my lady, according to rumors, after she was struck with the Absolute G.o.d Slaying Poison back then, she coincidentally found an excellent soul carrier. Thus, she forcefully abandoned her own flesh and attached her soul onto another person’s body, preventing herself from facing death. Only recently did she reconstruct her flesh and is presently recuperating and recovering her divine energy. It’s estimated that in another few more months, she will recover completely.”

“Hmph, I see,” the woman with golden hair coldly snorted. “I never expected that the Absolute G.o.d Slaying Poison would not be able to take her life either. Her luck is much better than that naive Sirius Star G.o.d. It seems this is all there is to the so-called heaven-defying fatal devil poison of the Southern G.o.d Region. And I even believed them about that much as well.”

Fu Xian was startled for a moment, before she subconsciously said, “Could it be, that the scheme by the Northern G.o.d Region against the Heaven Slaughter Star G.o.d back then, was my lady’s…”

The moment she said this, Fu Xian’s expression instantly turned deathly pale. She hurriedly prostrated and said with a trembling voice, “This servant deserves death, this servant speaks too much. I beg my lady to forgive me…”

“How many people are still alive in Southern Summer Divine Country?” the woman with golden hair suddenly asked, not a single bit of emotion could be heard from her voice.

“M-my lady, it’s already confirmed… that there are still four billion two hundred sixty million people still residing in Southern Summer Divine Country.” Fu Xian’s voice was still trembling a little.

“I’ll give you fifteen days.”

“Yes… Yes… This servant shall handle it now.” Fu Xian stood up with jitters, as she took two s.h.i.+vering steps back. Only then did she fly up into the sky and instantly disappear within the sea of tens of thousands of flowers.

“Yue Ying, come out,” the women with golden hair coldly said and she still did not turn around.

The moment her voice fell, the s.p.a.ce five feet behind her suddenly shook. The graceful and delicate figure of a woman walked out of the spatial ripples and deeply bowed, the voluminous mounds on her chest, wrapped in silver cloth, slightly shook. “Servant Yue Ying, greets Lady G.o.ddess.”

“Why are you here?”

“To reply Lady, there has been progress in the deciphering of the【World-Defying Heaven Manual】.” Yue Ying respectfully replied.

“What?” The woman with golden hair, who had been as quiet as ice this entire time, instantly turned around when she heard these words, revealing a face that was half glowing gold.

Her dazzling long gold hair smoothly sprinkled onto her shoulders. An eye mask colored in gold that was comparable to the wings of a phoenix covered her mysterious eyes. Below her eye mask was a pair of glittering, polished lips. And from this pair of lips, that were even more delicate than the lily of the nile, what came out was the coldest and the most heartless voice, “Speak now.”

Though only the bottom half of her face was revealed, none would suspect that she was not a peerless beauty at first glance. Her lips and her l.u.s.trous jade-like neck alone were beautiful to the point of stifling. Yet, no matter how powerful one may be, under the ice-cold and heavy atmosphere from her body, one would still unconsciously bow his or her head and tremble in front of her.

Deciphering the【World-Defying Heaven Manual】was the biggest matter to this woman with golden hair and it could even be called the most important matter ever since she was born. Yue Ying hurriedly said in a respectful tone. “In reply to my lady, within the divine texts of the World-Defying Heaven Manual, there was a short verse which was similar to a diagram stated in ancient records. After repeated investigations, the meaning behind that verse of divine texts has been confirmed.”

“Nine Profound Exquisite Body.”

“Nine Profound Exquisite Body?” The golden brows hidden under the eye mask slightly twitched. “Could it be that one has to possess the Nine Profound Exquisite Body to cultivate the 【World-Defying Heaven Manual】?”

“About this point, this servant is not sure. However, that verse of divine text is referring to the Nine Profound Exquisite Body, this point should not be wrong,” Yue Ying respectfully said.

“Hmph, within a span of eight years, only four words have been deciphered. Truly a bunch of useless trash.” The voice of the woman with golden hair suddenly turned cold.

Yue Ying’s body s.h.i.+vered as she said with a trembling voice. “Lady, please cease your anger… When it comes to divine texts of the absolute beginning, even in the Primordial Era, not many G.o.ds or devils recognized them either. Wanting to forcefully decipher them, is really… really…”

“Hmph, no need for an explanation,” the woman with golden hair coldly said. “Deciphering the divine texts of the absolute beginning is indeed as difficult as ascending to the heavens. However, if a mortal can cultivate the 【World-Defying Heaven Manual】, he or she will have the possibility of becoming a True G.o.d. This might sound absolutely astonis.h.i.+ng and sound akin to myth but this was clearly engraved on the totem in the G.o.d Realm of Absolute Beginning. Since the 【World-Defying Heaven Manual】 is now in my hands, it must be an ancient opportunity bestowed on me by the Brahma Monarch G.o.d Realm. No matter what, it must be deciphered. If I can become a True G.o.d, hmph, the Primal Chaos Dimension, the millions of galaxies, will all serve under our Brahma Monarch G.o.d Realm.”

“Yes,” Yue Ying anxiously replied. “This servant shall continue to head to the various large galaxies and obtain even more intellectuals who are familiar with ancient texts.”

“Remember, you must be the only one heading out. Not even the slightest of trace and rumor should be exposed, otherwise…”

The words of the woman with golden hair stopped there. The killing intent at that moment had instantly frozen the world of countless flowers.

“This servant understands,” Yue Ying said with a trembling voice. “If there’s any anomalies, this servant will immediately cut off her own lifevein so that not the slightest trace will be exposed.”

“Very good, go on then.”


“Wait a minute!”

Just as Yue Ying was about to leave, the woman with golden hair suddenly stopped her again and slowly said, “Send some subordinates to the lower realms and search for people who possess the Nine Profound Exquisite Body.”

“Lower realms?” Yue Ying’s face was filled with doubts.

“Possessors of the Nine Profound Exquisite Body are hard to search for even among a trillion people but the possessors would definitely be women. Since the 【World-Defying Heaven Manual】 brought up that cultivating it would require the Nine Profound Exquisite Body, then I naturally have to make early preparations.”

“But, why do we have to look for one in the lower realms?” Yue Ying asked, unable to understand.

“When possessors of Nine Profound Exquisite Body have low profound cultivation, their profound energy will reveal a unique free-flowing state and it’s easily discernable by people who are aware of this characteristic of the Nine Profound Exquisite Body. If their unleashed profound energy can break the laws of realm boundaries to a certain extent, then it’s possible to ascertain that they undoubtedly possess the Nine Profound Exquisite Body. However, this profound energy characteristic weakens as their profound energy becomes richer and if they step into the divine way, this characteristic will completely disappear. Thus, locating one in the higher realms is difficult and hard to control as well.”

“As for the rest, there’s no need to ask further. After locating someone who possess the Nine Profound Exquisite Body, I have my own plans.”


“Also, inform royal father, that I’m prepared to step into the 【G.o.d Realm of Absolute Beginning】.” The woman with golden hair slightly raised her neck, which was whiter than pure white jade.

“Ah?” Yue Ying revealed an astonished look. “My lady, that place is truly too dangerous. Though you made use of the Sirius Star G.o.d back then to obtain the 【World-Defying Heaven Manual】, you… you still suffered an injury that nearly cost you your life and you only managed to recover after several years of recuperation. If you forcefully enter it again, with my lady’s temper, it’s truly… too dangerous. My lady, please think over this decision again.”

“No need for further commentary,” The woman with golden hair coldly said. “The 【World-Defying Heaven Manual】 that I obtained is evidently a mere fragment and at the very most, it’s only a third of the entire manual. Looking from the residual marks, there’s definitely at least another two 【World-Defying Heaven Manuals】scattered in the world. If I can’t locate the complete 【World-Defying Heaven Manual】 and hold only a fragment of it, even if it’s completely deciphered, it’s of no use either.”

“The remaining two 【World-Defying Heaven Manuals】 are most likely scattered in the G.o.d Realm of Absolute Beginning as well.”

“Even if that’s the case…” Yue Ying still wanted to comment further but when she spoke halfway, a chill ran down her spine and she hurriedly changed her words. “This servant… This servant shall immediately relay my lady’s words to my king. However… excuse this servant for being blunt but my king will definitely oppose my lady’s decision as well.”

“He will naturally oppose it, which is also why I’m having you to relay my words to my royal father.” The voice of the woman with golden hair was completely devoid of emotions. “Tomorrow, I shall break into the G.o.d Realm of Absolute Beginning and it shall only be me alone. Inform my royal father only the day after. As for the Star G.o.d Realm, the Heaven Slaughter Star G.o.d will definitely come to kill me once her divine power is restored. Have my royal father first think of a way to deal with that.”

“Yes…” Yue Ying had no choice but to helplessly respond in agreement. After taking two steps back, she lightly rose. The two voluminous peaks in front of her chest drew a beautiful arc in the sky as she quickly left the world of countless flowers.

“World-Defying Heaven Manual, divine pract.i.tioners shall defy the world, mortal pract.i.tioners shall attain G.o.dhood…” Within the countless flowers, the woman with golden hair lightly whispered, “In this world where the G.o.ds have long since disappeared, it is time for the birth of a new divine being.”