Against the Gods - Chapter 858 - Miserable

Chapter 858 - Miserable

Chapter 858 - Miserable

The Great City Barrier Formation was still in perfect condition, while Xuanyuan Wentian’s expression had finally turned ugly.

Three months ago, his strength rose explosively and he had believed that there was no longer anyone that could go against him. However, he was heavily injured by the Little Demon Empress and he only managed to turn the tide by relying on the Eternal Night Devil Sword. Within these three months, sixty percent of his devil blood had already awakened and he believed that even if there were three Little Demon Empresses, it was definitely impossible for them to be his match. However, before he could even encounter the Little Demon Empress, he was being slapped in the face by this Great City Barrier Formation.

A droplet of water was not enough to form a stream but by gathering countless droplets, it could bring about a large wave that could cover the skies!

The dark clouds in the sky were tumbling. With a face that had twisted into that of a ferocious devil’s, the black aura on Xuanyuan Wentian’s body reached an extreme level of density. An enormous black vortex revolved behind him, as though it was the first terrifying black hole made in primordial s.p.a.ce.

An indescribable pressure enveloped Demon Imperial City and it even enveloped the entire sky and earth. Xuanyuan Wentian had actually elevated his darkness profound energy to his absolute limits!

Before arriving here, he had actually believed that with present strength, he could sweep across the Illusory Demon Realm with a wave of his hand. He had definitely not expected that he would actually have to unleash his full power to deal with a mere barrier!

“Heh… Heh… Heh… This sure is done pretty well.” Xuanyuan Wentian laughed in a sullen manner. However, his expression was no longer covered completely with scorn but now with a hint of fury and irritation. “However, no matter how ants struggle, they will still be merely a bunch of lowly ants!!”

Xuanyuan Wentian pounced towards the barrier with a dark aura that filled the entire sky and a huge pitch-black hand stretched out of the dark vortex behind him, violently smas.h.i.+ng onto the barrier which was flas.h.i.+ng with purple and green lights.

This was strength nearing the divine way, a terrifying power that had never appeared in this plane. Wherever the gigantic pitch-black claw reached, the fragile s.p.a.ce would immediately break down into dust and before it even closed in, the barrier was already twisted to a significant degree.

“Brothers, let’s bet on the life and honor of every single one of us… We must hold on!!”

After the intense roar, the Yun Clan, Under Heaven Clan and all the Illusory Demon profound pract.i.tioners behind them let out roars that filled the sky as they blocked Xuanyuan Wentian’s attacks one after another. The roars allowed them to suppress their initial fear with even more confidence as several hundred thousand profound lights instantly shone, merging into a radiance above the barrier that was comparable to the sun...


The entire barrier, along with the entire Demon Imperial City, shook intensely. The sky suddenly darkened as the gigantic dark hand struck the barrier. A black vortex of more than three kilometers in diameter exploded forth as it wildly struck and devoured the barrier which was imbued with the profound energy from hundreds of thousands of profound pract.i.tioners.

The barrier was like an air balloon being pressed down by a gigantic force and was displaying a shocking distortion under the black vortex. However, due to the agglomerated energy within, it stubbornly remained unharmed.

“You bunch of detestable tras.h.!.+”

The dark strike which he unleashed with his full power still ended up being blocked. Xuanyuan Wentian roared as he was shrouded by the dark aura. Like a hurricane, he smashed towards the barrier with both hands, bringing about terrifying explosive roars.

Traces of cracks spread on the barrier, however, they would heal speedily, albeit with difficulty.

“This sovereign shall see how long you bunch of trash can hold on!!” As Xuanyuan Wentian’s attacks continued, his heart grew even more enraged and irritated, dark profound energy was being smashed out like crazy.

The profound energy of the Illusory Demon profound pract.i.tioners were being expended quickly, however, as they continued to hold on, their confidence was constantly rising as well, allowing them to unleash endless energy from their bodies which were being heavily suppressed by the darkness, as they resisted the almighty Xuanyuan Wentian with brute force.

The strength of the Illusory Demon profound pract.i.tioners was quickly diminis.h.i.+ng and they had long since lost their calm, while the strength Xuanyuan Wentian, who was anxiously smas.h.i.+ng onto the barrier, was similarly diminis.h.i.+ng quickly as well. As the power of his devil blood awakened even more, the calmness in his personality would continue to diminish, converting into its opposite—irritation.

The sky had already completely darkened and for over fifteen minutes, Xuanyuan Wentian had consecutively thrown out millions of smashes. The energy exuded outwards had turned the surrounding area of fifty kilometers into nothingness, yet he was still unable to break through even an inch of the barrier.

“Patriarch, over half of our profound strength has already been depleted, if this keeps up… we will lose all the energy to hold on!” Yun Waitian said with a painful expression. “Let us just call the people from the rest of the domains to provide aid.”

“That’s right… Xuanyuan Wentian has been attacking our side the entire time and basically does not carry any trace of wanting to attack anywhere else,” Greatest Ambition Under Heaven followed up.

“We can’t!!” Yun Qinghong however shook his head decisively. “Don’t forget, Xuanyuan Wentian is someone who is even more cunning and treacherous than Duke Ming! With his realm of cultivation, he will be able to see through the intricacies of the Great City Barrier Formation with a glance. If we mobilize the power from the rest of the domains, there’s an extremely high possibility that he will switch to that domain… Once an opening is opened, all of our earlier efforts will be wasted!”

After saying that, Yun Qinghong roared out with a raised head, his voice instantly transferred to every corner of Demon Imperial City. “All of you, do not move. We can hold on!”

Though they had only held on for a short fifteen minutes, to them, the consumption of their profound strength was far more intense than having undergone a battle of life and death. Yun Qinghong’s breathing had turned coa.r.s.e and at the same time; he could feel Xuanyuan Wentian’s attacks were constantly weakening at a slow rate.

At this moment, the dark smashes that could shake the skies suddenly stopped. Xuanyuan Wentian had stopped his actions. Before the Illusory Demon profound pract.i.tioners could take this opportunity to catch their breaths, a sinister smile suddenly rose at the corners of his mouth. A black glow flashed in his hand and he then grasped the pitch-black Eternal Night Devil Sword.

And at the same time, an aura that was far more sinister than before suddenly enveloped downward, causing everyone to feel a stifling sensation in their chests, making it hard to breathe.

“It’s that Heavenly Sin Divine Sword… Watch out!!” Xiao Yun roared out in shock. Three months ago, in the Snow Region of Extreme Ice, it was this exact sword Xuanyuan Wentian used to reverse the tide against the Little Demon Empress.

“A bunch of trash actually forced this sovereign to use the devil sword, this sure is a humiliation!” Xuanyuan Wentian’s laughter was no longer the same as his former wild laughter but a sunken one. “It seems, this sovereign has no choice but to turn this place… into the cruelest purgatory!!”

Xuanyuan Wentian’s body… Fen Juechen’s body to be more exact, was definitely not the true physique of a devil and merely carried an extremely thin amount of a Devil G.o.d’s bloodline. Similarly, the devil soul in the Eternal Night Devil Sword merely had a thin strand as well. Adding that the power of the devil blood had yet to fully awaken, the two were basically unable to attain perfect compatibility.

Though the darkness profound energy unleashed by the devil blood could expand to its limits by using the Eternal Night Devil Sword, at the same time, it would increase the rate of consumption. Furthermore, it would cause him to endure immense pain for the next several days. That was why, unless it was the last resort, he would not make use of the the devil sword’s power.

He came to the Illusory Demon Realm on this day in order to, one, seize the Mirror of Samsara and two, kill the Little Demon Empress. However, he never expected that he would have to make use of the Eternal Night Devil Sword.

To him, this was indeed a great humiliation!

“All of you, die!!”

The Eternal Night Devil Sword, engulfed in a black aura, struck down amidst Xuanyuan Wentian’s roar, along with an indescribable ice-cold pressure which descended mercilessly from the skies above.


The barrier that had lasted long against Xuanyuan Wentian’s darkness profound energy emitted an ear-piercing screech under this sword strike and a crack of several meters in length instantly extended on the surface of the barrier. Wisps of dark profound energy seeped through the crack, bringing sinister winds which felt like they had originated from h.e.l.l into Demon Imperial City.


Though it was merely an extremely frail amount of dark profound energy, it was still undoubtedly a terrifying nightmarish power to those Illusory Demon profound pract.i.tioners with weaker cultivations. Several thousand profound pract.i.tioners instantly tumbled over and their bodies felt as though they were falling into a cave of ice as they huddled their bodies in pain. They were unable to release even the least bit of energy.

The crack on the barrier was still expanding and even more darkness profound energy were seeping through. If it continued to expand, the barrier would definitely collapse.

“Father, what… what do we do?” Xiao Yun asked with trembling lips. He was releasing the Purple Cloud Art through both of his hands with all his might and leaning closely behind his back, was Number Seven Under Heaven, who had been his source of reliance and faith, like how he was to her.

Under the Eternal Night Devil Sword, the pressure on the Illusory Demon profound pract.i.tioners rose steeply. Yun Qinghong’s expression was calm as he watched the quickly spreading crack in the sky above. His hand gesture quickly changed and his body began to flash with lightning sparks. Even his pair of eyes had turned amethyst purple in color.

“Purple Cloud Domain!!”

An enormous lightning domain expanded, paving onto the barrier. This action of his was immediately followed up by a coordinated movement of all the Yun Family elders and Yun Family disciples above the Emperor Profound Realm as they released the profound energy in their bodies to their absolute limits and expanded several thousand Purple Cloud Domains. They overlapped and turned into an incomparably immense sea of purple clouds, enveloping the barrier.

The eyes of Greatest Ambition Under Heaven flashed, roaring out, “Castle of Elves!!”

The rumbling sea of purple clouds had also ignited the heavily suppressed resolve of the elven clan, as all of them expanded out their Elven Domains, pouring another ma.s.s of immense domain energy onto the barrier… Instantly, the crack on the barrier stopped spreading and then, it began to heal at a slow pace.

However, before they could even celebrate, an incomparably terrifying black radiance had exploded forth from Xuanyuan Wentian’s body. A pair of ferocious eyes opened sharply from the Eternal Night Devil Sword, as the pitch-black blade wildly smashed towards the barrier that protected the city.

Boom boom boom boom boom boom...

Under the terrifying power of the Eternal Night Devil Sword, the defenses molded by the domain power of the two great Guardian Families were collapsing layer by layer. Streaks of cracks wildly blasted open on the barrier and in the blink of an eye, the barrier which was initially in a seemingly perfect condition, was filled with spiderweb-like cracks. Its restoration speed was far from its speed of collapse.

“This… This is bad!” The faces of the Illusory Demon pract.i.tioners turned incomparably pale. Deep fear and despair emerged coldly on their faces.

“Not good… We can’t… We can’t hold on any longer!” Greatest Ambition Under Heaven had both of his arms facing the sky, desperately squeezing out all of the energy in his body as he roared out his unwillingness.

Yun Qinghong’s expression turned incomparably cold. He slightly gnashed his teeth and his fists were tightly clenched. When a streak of cracks suddenly stretched all the way to the part of the barrier where he was facing, the light in his eyes instantly turned determined. Suddenly, he retracted the Purple Cloud Domain and charged out of the barrier.

However, just as he was about to move, his arm was already tightly grasped by a hand. When he turned around, he saw Mu Yurou’s face which carried a teary smile and she lightly said, “Husband, are you really willing to leave me behind… If you’re going, we husband and wife should be going together.”

Yun Qinghong’s eyes instantly turned misty and then, he gave a slight smile as he held tightly onto Mu Yurou’s hand. They raised their heads together and looked towards the sky above, their expressions turned bone-piercing cold at the same time. Then, they flew up arm-in-arm and charged straight towards Xuanyuan Wentian.

“Father… Mother!! You two…” Xiao Yun was stunned for a short moment and then he understood their intentions right after. With a frightful roar, he desperately pounced towards the two of them. However, how could he possibly catch up to Yun Qinghong and his wife with his speed?

“Patriarch, allow us!!”

Just as Yun Qinghong and Mu Yurou were about to charge out of the barrier, an elderly roar resounded. An immense, formless energy a.s.saulted them from behind, ruthlessly pus.h.i.+ng them back. At the same time, three elderly figures, with purple light enveloping their entire bodies, flew out of the barrier and charged straight towards Xuanyuan Wentian.

“Gra… Grand Elders!!” Yun Qinghong was hurled back into the city. Seeing the three figures who flew out, his pupils intensely shrank, as he let out a loud blood-weeping roar.

The three of them, were actually the only three surviving Grand Elders of the Yun Family—Yun He, Yun Xi and Yun Jiang.

“Patriarch, you must properly live on. As long as you’re still alive, the Yun Family will never fall!”

“Old Patriarch, we’re coming to accompany you now!!”

Their voices were vigorous and they even carried intents of joy. The profound light on their bodies had already been unleashed to the absolute limits and like three purple bolts of lightning, they smashed onto Xuanyuan Wentian’s body.

Caught off guard, Xuanyuan Wentian fiercely staggered from the full power attack of the three Yun Family Grand Elders; even the black aura on his body had slightly scattered. He fiercely raised his eyes, the irritation that he had been holding in his stomach had finally found something to vent on. With the Eternal Night Devil Sword, a pitch-black arc was sliced out.

They were powerful level six Monarchs whom people looked up to, however, the moment they made contact with Xuanyuan Wentian’s dark sword light, their protective profound auras were instantly torn apart like blisters. Like countless ice-cold claws, the dark profound energy brutally rushed into their bodies.

“Die… You three undead farts!!!”

Xuanyuan Wentian’s devil sword once again smashed out, completely engulfing the three Grand Elders in abysmal darkness. Then, with a dull explosive sound, they turned into three of black powder.

The pause in Xuanyuan Wentian’s attacks had allowed the jeopardizing cracks on the barrier to quickly heal. In the instant the three Grand Elders fell, all of the cracks had completely disappeared and the barrier which protected the city was once again restored to perfect condition.