Against the Gods - Chapter 857 - Resilient Defense

Chapter 857 - Resilient Defense

Chapter 857 - Resilient Defense

“What is with this eerie and evil aura?” Great Elder Yun Waitian gritted his teeth and said, “Duke Huai’s Fallen Flame Devil Art’s evil aura was suffocating but this aura is… on an entirely different level.”

“With how things are, there’s no point thinking about it. We better prepare well to defend the city with our full strength. Only after we survive today will there be a chance for us to think about other matters. If we fail… we will no longer have a tomorrow!” Yun Qinghong sternly said.

Yun Qinghong rarely spoke with pessimism and this was the first time he ever said something so depressing. Yun Family’s Second Elder Yun Duanshui shook his head as he spoke, still unable to believe it, “Is the current Xuanyuan Wentian really frightening to this extent?”

Yun Qinghong did not answer as he merely looked forward and said coldly, “Xuanyuan Wentian, just come out. Acting sneakily will only invite ridicule!”

“Heheheheh… Hahahaha!!”

In the distance, the dark clouds rumbled and a deep laughter that seemed like thunder echoed in the skies. Suddenly, the dark clouds seemed to spread instantly from the distance and covered over half of Demon Imperial City. This caused the city to instantly become dim, especially the region where the Yun Family and the Under Heaven Family were located. It became so dark that it was as though night had fallen and the laughter that came from the skies suddenly turned into a careless and hysterical laughter.

“Yun Qinghong, it’s you instead that came to receive this sovereign. Could it be that your Little Demon Empress has escaped with her tail between her legs?”

Beneath the dark clouds, the figure of a person slowly descended. He was surrounded by a black aura and his eyes gave off a creepy black glow. Following his appearance, an unexplainable cold aura could be felt and it caused everyone to tremble uncontrollably.

Although he was still at the northern part of Demon Imperial City, the cold aura and his voice spread throughout the entire city.

Almost everyone within Demon Imperial City doubted whether Xuanyuan Wentian was as frighteningly strong as Yun Qinghong had imagined and they all also felt that their actions were simply too much of an exaggeration. However, following the descent of this aura, even those as strong as monarchs could not help but tremble uncontrollably

Now they finally really understood how frightening the opponent they were going to face was.

The figure that appeared from within the darkness caused Yun Qinghong to squint his eyes… because although this person’s exterior was indeed the Xuanyuan Wentian that he knew, their auras were completely different.

“There’s… actually such a thing as bodily possession!?” Great Ambition Under Heaven had not only seen Xuanyuan Wentian before, he had also fought with him for a short while hundreds of years ago. He could recognize Xuanyuan Wentian’s voice, but the person who appeared before him was a completely fresh face.

“You want to meet the Little Demon Empress? We must first see whether you have the qualifications!” Yun Qinghong stretched out his hand and pressed on the Great City Barrier Formation now that Xuanyuan Wentian was right before him. He relied on Number One Under Heaven and Xiao Yun’s descriptions to try and predict Xuanyuan Wentian’s strength with the utmost accuracy and he dared not underestimate him at all. Eventually, he made such a decision now… Now that Xuanyuan Wentian was in front of him, he was shocked that his abilities were far beyond what he had imagined.

And they had surpa.s.sed it by a large extent.

Also, Xiao Yun and Number One Under Heaven’s words from earlier obviously meant that three months ago, Xuanyuan Wentian was only barely able to defeat the Little Demon Empress and was not as overbearingly strong as he was now.

He could not imagine just how Xuanyuan Wentian had obtained strength that exceeded the Little Demon Empress in these hundred years.

“Heh heh heh,” Xuanyuan Wentian laughed with contempt. Other than Yun Qinghong, tens of thousands of other profound pract.i.tioners stood in front of him but his eyes still showed signs of pity, “Yun Qinghong, looks like you’re still completely unaware of the situation. Duke Ming, that dumb pig, still continuously praised you and once saw you as his biggest stepping stone. This sovereign had thought that you were exceptionally clever but it turns out that you were just another pathetic and stupid worm. You actually dream of putting up an useless struggle. Hehehehe, could it be that you want this sovereign to have a little more fun?”

Yun Qinghong had never heard such an arrogant voice in his life before. However, this arrogance was not intentional. Instead, it was borne from possessing absolute strength that caused him to looked down on the entire world and all living beings.

“Xuanyaun Wentian, just what are… your intentions!?” Great Ambition Under Heaven roared.

“My intentions?” Xuanyuan Wentian eyes shut slightly, “Of course to kill and take what I want to take. All along, all this sovereign wanted has been the Mirror of Samsara and was never interested in your Illusory Demon Realm. It’s a pity that not only did your Little Demon Empress refuse to heed my words, she even damaged this sovereign’s devil body. It took this sovereign an entire month before he fully recovered. This is a sin that cannot be forgiven.”

Xuanyuan Wentian slowly stretched out his hand, his palm facing downwards and his eyes grim like a ghost, “Not only do I want to tear her apart today, this sovereign is also going to turn your Demon Imperial City into eternal ashes! Let that foolish woman know the consequences of angering this sovereign! After all of you go to h.e.l.l, never forget that it was that foolish woman who sent you all to your deaths!”

“Don’t bother to talk to him!” Yun Qinghong said in a low voice. Even though the situation had turned out this way, he was actually not one bit afraid. “He has already turned into a mad man… no, he has always been a mad man! Let’s bet our lives and defend Demon Imperial City!”

“With just you lot? With just your pathetic barrier? Hahahaha…” Xuanyuan Wentian laughed hysterically. “Tsk tsk, you pathetic people. You’ll forever remain pathetic worms that think that a mere Monarch is already the pinnacle. You’ll never be able to comprehend what true strength really is. Pity. Such a pity. Regardless of whether it’s your so-called powerhouses of Illusory Demon Realm or whether it’s the barrier that you all think is so strong. In front of this sovereign, it is all a bunch of garbage!”

“Take a clear look at what true strength is!”

Black light surged from Xuanyuan Wentian’s body. A pitch black sword beam descended from the skies and shot straight at Yun Qinghong, accompanied by the sounds of s.p.a.ce being torn apart.


The pitch black sword beam collided with the Great City Barrier Formation. The translucent barrier instantly exploded with thick black beam. At the position the sword beam struck, thousands of tiny cracks appeared and started to quickly spread. However, it did not break apart and following the black sword beam dispersing under the impact of the recoil, the cracks on the formation began to slowly mend.

“Oh?” Xuanyuan Wentian’s eyes slanted as he was obviously surprised.

Yun Qinghong and the others were also exceptionally shocked.

This Great City Barrier Formation that the entire Illusory Demon Realm had activated without considering the cost had actually been cracked by Xuanyuan Wentian with a sword beam that had been casually struck.

“Patriarch…” Behind Yun Qinghong, the voices of a few elders started to tremble.

“Prepare yourselves,” Yun Qinghong coldly said. “Remove all doubts from yourself. He is just that strong. We either defend to our deaths or we die!”

“Let me remind you once again, the Great City Barrier Formation can only be exited and not entered. Don’t rush outside of the formation by mistake!”

“A mere barrier and you hope to stop this sovereign?” Although Xuanyuan Wentian’s sword beam was casually struck, it still possessed the strength of a half-step Profound G.o.d. The fact that it did not destroy the barrier in one blow had obviously damaged his self esteem slightly. All the negative aura on his body surged and his voice became so low that it was suffocating.

“You all are going to find out how laughable your struggle is going to be!”

Xuanyuan Wentian howled and black fog rose from his body. A black figure then flashed past and a right hand that had been infused with darkness profound energy grabbed onto the barrier.

“Protect the barrier!!!”

With a loud roar from Yun Qinghong, the Yun Family disciples who had been waiting shot into the skies like a flock of majestic eagles. They released all their profound energies without restraint and turned into lightning that completely filled the skies as they struck the formation while screaming loudly with all their might.

The energies that struck the barrier all turned into the barrier’s defense in an instant. This caused the barrier to instantly glow purple, as though it was a purple gem.


Xuanyuan Wentian’s right hand struck the formation and a ball of black light instantly exploded. The formation slightly caved but did not break apart. There were not even any cracks on the formation. Then, a strong recoil that exceeded Xuanyuan Wentian’s imagination struck back at him, causing him to be sent flying three hundred meters away in an instant.

“We… succeeded!” Xiao Yun shouted in agitation.

“Heh…” Xuanyuan Wentian who was sent flying looked up strongly, his eyes which were filled with the black light stared fixedly at the barrier that he did not think much about before, “A defensive formation that could gather profound energy from within. The tiny Illusory Demon Realm actually has such a thing!”

“Hmph! This was the product of our Illusory Demon Ancestors’ wit and strength. Now, it also contains all our strength and willpower,” Yun Qinghong coldly said. “It’s not something a maniac who lost his mind can break through.”

“Hoh, is it?” Xuanyuan Wentian revealed an extremely dangerous cold laugh, “This sovereign’s power has long since exceeded the limits of this world. There is nothing in this world capable of stopping this sovereign. Let alone a mere barrier!!”

Both of Xuanyuan Wentian’s arms waved and black aura rumbled behind him. Then, it ferociously turned into ten black tentacles, concentrated and struck at the barrier in front of Yun Qinghong.

Yun Qinghong’s Purple Cloud Art was already activated to its limits. Both his palms were deep purple and they directly held onto the part of the formation where Xuanyuan Wentian’s dark energy was going to strike. All the Yun Family elders and disciples followed Yun Qinghong’s actions and screamed loudly and struck their energy onto the barrier.

The most special part about Demon Imperial City’s Great City Barrier Formation was that it could absorb the profound energy of those within the formation and turn it into its own defensive power. The Great City Barrier Formation was split into eight parts. Any energy from within that struck onto it would turn into the formation’s defensive power and the efficiency of this was exceptionally high.

This Great City Barrier Formation had already existed for thousands of years but this was the first time it was actually used. Its power brought about surprise and hope for everyone.

Bang bang bang bang bang...

As thought a meteor had crashed, the noise was deafening. Xuanyuan Wentian’s strength was exceptionally frightening but the formation that had turned purple stood on steadily and there was no sign of it breaking. Although a crack might appear occasionally, it would disappear immediately as well.

Although the Yun Family was strong, against Xuanyuan Wentian, who was half-step into the divine way, even if all the Yun Family elders and disciples ganged up on him, the outcome would still only be their complete destruction.

However, a defensive power made up of all the gathered profound energy from everyone in the Yun Family was not something that even Xuanyuan Wentian he could easily break!

Looking at the formation that remained undamaged under his strength, the black glow within Xuanyuan Wentian’s eyes started to turn hideous. He stared widely and roared as thousands of black sword beams filled the skies.

“Pointless struggle… All of you can die now!!!”

Thousands of sword beams shot down as though it was an apocalyptic rain.

“Defend with all your might!!!” Yun Qinghong’s Purple Cloud Art that had already been activated to its pinnacle had been forcefully raised by another level. At the same time, he shouted, “Brother Under Heaven!!!”


The pitch black sword light stabbed ferociously at the purple barrier like a blade from h.e.l.l. Although they were separated by the barrier, all the Yun Family disciples were experiencing a deadly pressure that they had never experienced before. Their eyes turned bloodshot and they all struck with the Purple Cloud Art like mad men as they used up all their strength to support this barrier that would decide the fate of the entire Demon Imperial City.


Under the impact of the black sword beam, the purple glow on the barrier began to dissipate bit by bit. It gave off an ear piercing screech and cracks started to form and spread.

At this time, following a roar from Great Ambition Under Heaven, everyone from the Under Heaven Family who had not acted since the start leapt into the air and thousands of pale green profound lights shone gently.


The purple barrier that protected the city started to give off a jade green glow. Under the combination of the deep purple and jade green colors, the cracks on the barrier disappeared quickly. The black sword beam continued to descend ferociously but it was no longer able to damage the barrier at all.