Against the Gods - Chapter 761 - Fateful Turning Point

Chapter 761 - Fateful Turning Point

Chapter 761 - Fateful Turning Point

“Xue’er, let’s go.”

Yun Che didn't continue his sentence. He couldn't. He did not spare a glance for single person as he pulled Feng Xue’er’s hand and flew off into the distance without turning back.

He had overwhelmed them with killing intent that sent shock and fear rippling down their spines a moment ago, but then abruptly released Xuanyuan Yufeng and departed with his head bowed low. This turn of events was something that left Xuanyuan Jiuding and Mu Yuanzhi dazed for a good while.

“This Yun Che is even harder to deal with than the rumors said.” Yun Che’s departure caused Mu Yuan to feel an astonis.h.i.+ngly huge sense of relief overtake him. This was the first time in his life that a youngster made him feel this way. He immediately added a few words to his sentence, “He has a terrifyingly strong master to support him after all, so he does have the backing to be this forceful and”

“Master? Heh.” Xuanyuan Jiuding gave a faint smile. “Don’t worry. He won’t be able to prance around much longer. There will naturally come a day where he will pay for all that he’s done!”

“Oh?” Mu Yuan looked at Xuanyuan Jiuding with an astonished expression. “Thirteenth Elder, your words…”

“Don’t ask any further. When the time comes, all will be made clear to you,” Xuanyuan Jiuding said, his lips peeling back as a strange smile stretched across his face.


Once they left the vicinity of the Heavenly Sword Mountain Range, Yun Che’s speed slowed down a bit. His brows knit together tightly as he silently pondered about something.

Feng Xue’er could tell that Yun Che’s current mood was very heavy and she tried to console him in a soft voice, “Big Brother Yun, don’t be too worried. Chu Yuechan and her child are definitely safe and sound. They must be in some safe haven waiting for Big Brother Yun to find them.”

“...” Yun Che exhaled lightly and a faint smile appeared on his face. “You’re right. They’re definitely okay. I have firmly believed that all this time.”

“It’s just that, I only found just out today that Heavenly Sword Villa tried to kill her after she left Frozen Cloud Asgard all those years ago.” Yun Che’s fists were tightly clenched. Since Xuanyuan Yufeng was Ling Jie’s mother, he was unable to bring himself to kill her…. Otherwise, he would not even have taken the fact that she was some daughter of some Sword Region Elder into consideration. Even if she were the Queen Mother of the Heavens, he would still slaughter her in rage.

“I wonder… how she managed to escape then?” Feng Xue’er knew that since Xuanyuan Yufeng had schemed about how to kill Chu Yuechan day and night, the three people that she had sent to do the deed would definitely have the ability to fulfill their end of the bargain… Therefore, the situation that Chu Yuechan faced at that time had to have been quite desperate.

Yun Che replied softly, “The real reason why Xuanyuan Yufeng spread the news of the Little Fairy’s pregnancy to the whole world all those years ago was so that she would have a chance to kill her. She was certain that, upon returning to Frozen Cloud Asgard, there was a high chance that Little Fairy would be expelled from the sect. Just to prepare for this possibility, she hid a force of ambushers within the Snow Region of Extreme Ice far in advance… Little Fairy would not have been the match for the three people that she dispatched even if she were at the peak of her powers. Furthermore, Little Fairy was pregnant, her profound aura was weak and fluctuating, and she had just crippled her own profound arts. The moment she appeared, she must have sustained heavy injuries… It just so happened that the Snow Region of Extreme Ice had fortunately been struck by a blizzard that day, and there was also a Snow Phoenix Beast in the vicinity. While stuck in the blizzard, the speed, the profound energy circulation, and the vision of ordinary profound pract.i.tioners would be greatly reduced. For the Snow Phoenix Beast, however, it just so happens to be the opposite, so Little Fairy borrowed the power of the Snow Phoenix Beast to make a narrow escape under the cover of the snowstorm…”

If not, the results would have been too ghastly to think about.

The only problem was, Yun Che was completely unaware of what happened after that… where she had fled, whether her injuries had been healed, and whether the child in her belly had been harmed… he did not know a single thing. He was unable to even imagine the circ.u.mstances she faced at that time. Every time he thought about it, it caused his heart to bleed.

At that time, she was probably all by herself and extremely helpless….

“My royal father once said that good fortune will definitely come in the wake of calamity. If she could avert disaster despite the perilous situation she was in, then it definitely means that even the heavens could not bear to see her harmed and has been protecting her all this time,” Feng Xue’er said in a soft, graceful voice as she tried to comfort him.

“Yes. After hearing Xue’er’s words, I feel much better already,” Yun Che said as he smiled. However, his face soon began to sink once more….

From Xuanyuan Yufeng’s memories, he had also discovered... that she had some sort of relation to the calamity that had struck Frozen Cloud Asgard.

To put it plainly, the relation was that Ling Kun!!

“Big Brother Yun… Big Brother Yun!!"

An anxious cry rang out from behind them. It was Ling Jie’s voice. Yun Che’s expression grew complex as he hesitated for an instant before gradually coming to a stop.

Ling Jie had expended all of his energy chasing them. After much difficulty, he finally caught up and was already so tired that he was gasping for breath. Yun Che turned around and spoke as he looked straight at him, “Little Jie, do you desperately desire to kill me with one stroke of your sword?”

Ling Jie shook his head vigorously as he replied, “No… why would I… I… I have actually come here to thank you.”

“Thank me?” Yun Che gave a bland smile. “Why would you want to thank me? I just turned your Heavenly Sword Villa on its head several times over, fiercely rebuked both your father and grandfather, and I nearly killed your mother. It is good enough that you don’t want to kill me… but instead you want to thank me?”

Ling Jie shook his head yet again. This shake of his head was even more vigorous than the last. He stared straight into Yun Che’s eyes and spoke in a sincere tone, “I know that you let my mother go for my sake… All those years ago, just for the act of kidnapping your family, the Burning Heaven Clan was exterminated down to the last man. Just a few months ago, it is rumored that you killed quite a few princes of Divine Phoenix Nation… and despite my mother doing something that was far more heinous than anything the Burning Heaven Clan did, you still… it was clear that you were extremely angry, but you still let her go. I really have to thank you. Your forgiveness and mercy is something that I will remember for the rest of my life…. The mistake that my mother has made, I… I will definitely do all that I can to make up for it.”

“...” Yun Che silently observed Ling Jie and looked at him for a long time… They had not met for three years and Ling Jie’s aura, figure, and appearance had undergone great changes, but his eyes were still as clear as water. His spirit was slightly moved by this and he extended a hand to lightly pat Ling Jie on the shoulder. “Little Jie, you do not need to thank me, and you definitely shouldn’t mention whatever ‘debt’ you owe me ever again... or could it be that you’ve forgotten that we’re good brothers?”

Ling Jie’s eyes lit up. They gradually began to sparkle as he replied, “I… I… Can I still call you ‘Boss’ like I did in the past?”

“What nonsense are you saying? Of course you can!” Yun Che vigorously shook his shoulder as he replied, “Don’t forget that you became my little brother because you lost to me all those years ago! Are you telling me that you’re now trying to weasel your way out of it?”

“No… of course not!” Ling Jie’s eyes were moist and he took in a large breath of air, struggling against the tears that threatened to leak from his eyes. “Boss, I just knew that you wouldn’t die so easily… I’ve finally, finally gotten to see you again! Furthermore, you’ve become so… so powerful. It is truly my, Ling Jie’s, greatest fortune in life to have been able to meet you.”

Yun Che could clearly hear the joy in Ling Jie’s voice as it quivered with emotion. It reached his heart as well.

“No, the fortunate one is me,” Yun Che said sincerely. “Little Jie, did you know that, when I first met you six years ago, there was a reason why I took the initiative to suggest that we compete with three strikes, and that whoever lost had to be the little brother of the other… At the time, I only wanted to use your status as the young master of Heavenly Sword Villa, so that it would be more convenient for me to make moves in the future… Yet, after that, you braved danger for my sake by coming to the Burning Heaven Clan by yourself. You used your very life to block his sword just so you could stop your grandfather from killing me. Just so you could cheer me on, you travelled to Divine Phoenix Nation by yourself for five thousand kilometers … I really don’t know how it is possible for me to have received such sincere and ardent devotion.”

“Hehe…” Ling Jie was moved once more, so he laughed in embarra.s.sment before replying, “I am your little brother after all. It’s only proper that I do some things for my boss. Furthermore, to be able to follow in your footsteps is something that is… very special to me, a pride that cannot be replaced by anything else.”

“Hahahaha….” Yun Che laughed as he said, “Little Jie, because of what you just said, I must definitely become someone who can make the entire world tremble. I definitely won’t disappoint you.”

Yun Che’s voice trailed off and his face grew solemn. His expression changed, causing Ling Jie’s laughter to subconsciously subside as he spoke, “Boss, do you… have something to say to me?”

“Little Jie, we haven’t met in three years, but your profound strength is so high now. This has something to do with you going to Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, right?” Yun Che asked in an even tone.

“Yes.” Ling Jie nodded his head. “Grandfather loves me a lot and treats me very well. He is also very strict with my training, and during these three years, he spent most of the time personally imparting Heaven’s Might Absolute Sword to me. He has even managed to obtain many Sacred Ground quality resources for me as well.”

As he said this, Ling Jie’s eyes began to light up once more. Yun Che had confirmed many years ago that, even though Ling Jie’s personality was pure and open, deep inside, he was also someone who loved the sword to the point of irrationality. Being able to train his sword skills in a place at the level of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region with a Monarch as his teacher was something that Ling Jie would naturally dream of night and day.

“The words that I am about to say will be hard for you to understand. They may leave you at a loss or even cause you to feel disgust, but it is something that I must say regardless.” Yun Che’s face grew incomparably solemn.

“Ah?” Ling Jie’s expression tightened as he grew nervous.

“This time, Mighty Heavenly Sword Region dispatched two elders. Their goal should be to bring you back to Mighty Heavenly Sword Region to see your grandfather, Xuanyuan Jue. I think that, for you, this is something that you have been antic.i.p.ating ever since you came back to the villa. I, however, hope that... you never return to the Mighty Heavenly Sword Region.”

“Ah? Why?” Ling Jie asked, mystified.

“I can’t explain it to you clearly.” Yun Che gave a faint shake of his head. “Perhaps, if you stay in Mighty Heavenly Sword Region long enough, you will be able to find the answer with your own eyes. By then, it may already be too late. I can only tell you this: Mighty Heavenly Sword Region may be a sacred land of swords in your opinion, but that is only it’s outer appearance. What it wears on the inside is far dirtier than you can imagine, and far more terrifying as well. The reason why I hope that you do not intertwine yourself too much with Mighty Heavenly Sword Region is because I do not want to see your bright, diamond-like soul get sullied. It may result in a situation where it will not be possible to extricate yourself from that place.”

“I…” Ling Jie’s expression was vacant.

“I also hope that you don’t inherit Heavenly Sword Villa. In terms of either innate talent in the sword or current skill, you are superior to your older brother, Ling Yun. Just based on these points alone, it is only right and proper that you inherit the position of Villa Master of Heavenly Sword Villa. Yet the t.i.tle of Villa Master does not just come with status and glory. It also comes with far too many burdens, responsibilities, and often leaves your hands tied. The pressure that this status brings will forcibly twist your will and your personality at times… Ling Yun is far more stable than you are. In the future, the position of Villa Master is far more suitable for him than it is for you.”

Ling Jie, “...”

Yun Che patted Ling Jie’s shoulder before finally withdrawing his hand. He began to move backwards, but a faint smile lit up his face as he spoke, “Little Jie, I have said everything that I wanted to say. It is your own life, so you are the one who has to choose your path in the end. Everyone else can only observe and provide counsel. From today onward, if you ever encounter a problem that you can’t solve on your own, you can come to Frozen Cloud Asgard to look for me.”

He waved his hand at the Ling Jie who stood there staring blankly into s.p.a.ce. After that, Yun Che took Feng Xue’er’s hand once more and they soared toward the north.


Suddenly, Ling Jie’s full-throated yell rang out from behind them, “You are the person I believe in the most… so I’ll listen to what you said… I won’t return to Mighty Heavenly Sword Region… From tomorrow onward… I will leave Heavenly Sword Villa… and roam the entire world… I will be chivalrous and heroic… leaving a good name for Heavenly Sword Villa… I will also work hard to find the Fairy of Frozen Beauty… to redeem my mother’s sins… and I, Ling Jie… will do as I say!!”

Yun Che turned around but Ling Jie had already become a distant blur. He smiled faintly as the burden in his heart became lighter.

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