Against the Gods - Chapter 760 - Goodbye, Ling Jie

Chapter 760 - Goodbye, Ling Jie

Chapter 760 - Goodbye, Ling Jie

“Yun Che, let go of my mother!!”

Amidst a loud roar, a young man, fully in white, arrived from far off in the air. With the Celestial Yuan Sword in hand, his whole body was raging with sword intent as he charged at his fastest speed towards Yun Che, who had seized Xuanyuan Yufeng.

“Ling Yun?” Yun Che’s eyes slanted, and he immediately saw the person following closely behind Ling Yun… He looked a little younger than Ling Yun, but his figure was already similar to Ling Yun. The face that was once filled with innocence and brashness was now more stern with determination after maturity.

“Little Jie…” Yun Che said in a low voice, and the expression in his eyes suddenly become extremely complicated. The person that he didn’t want to see most on this trip to Heavenly Sword Villa was Ling Jie.

It had been several years since they had met and Ling Yun’s profound strength had increased rapidly, already reaching the Sky Profound Realm. As for Ling Jie, because he was beloved by Xuanyuan Jue, under the personal tutelage of Xuanyuan Jue, his strength advanced at a tremendous pace. Yun Che was able to tell immediately that not only had Ling Jie entered the Sky Profound Realm, his strength was actually almost the same as Ling Yun. He would be able soon be able to completely surpa.s.s Ling Yun.

“Yun’er, Jie’er, don’t go over there!!” Ling Yuefeng reached out and yelled. Previously at the Blue Wind Ranking Tournament, Ling Yun and Yun Che were still opponents at the same plane. But now, even if it were ten thousand Ling Yuns, if he dared to offend Yun Che, he would just be courting death.

Ling Yun pretended like he didn’t hear the warning as a one and a half meter long sword beam swept out from his Celestial Yuan Sword, ruthlessly piercing toward Yun Che. He and Ling Jie were originally practicing the sword in the back mountain. When they heard the news that distinguished guests had arrived from Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, they rushed back to the villa at their fastest speed. There were extremely unusual air waves and sounds on the whole way back, and once they returned to the villa, they saw the scene of Xuanyuan Yufeng being held hostage by Yun Che.

Ling Yun was furious, but Ling Jie’s emotions were a lot more complicated than Ling Yun. Since he found out that Yun Che was still alive, he was wild with joy. It was unknown just how many times he couldn’t help but want to go see Yun Che. He had at last seen him today, but it was actually under a situation like this… it made his whole brain go into chaos. He was following behind Ling Yun, but his speed was slower and slower. He was drowning in shock, confusion, fright, and panic, and didn’t know what to do.

Facing the approaching Ling Yun, Yun Che held out his other hand towards him… This movement made Ling Yuefeng turn pale from fright as he yelled madly, “Yun Che… stop!”


Before Ling Yuefeng could finish, Yun Che had already extended his palm. At that moment, the air waves within the s.p.a.ce of three hundred meters were pushed severely as they hit Ling Yun and Ling Jie. It made them lose their balance immediately, causing them to spin a couple circles in the air before they landed on the ground.

Watching Ling Yun and Ling Jie stand up immediately after falling onto the ground without a single injury, without even their auras weakening, Ling Yuefeng’s whole body immediately relaxed as it felt drained. Breaking out in cold sweat, he asked in a trembling voice, “Yun Che, what do you want… what did my wife do wrong!?”

“Big… Big Brother Yun. What… exactly happened? What happened?” Ling Jie’s face was covered in shock and confusion. He also used a completely different t.i.tle to call Yun Che. He couldn’t even dare to believe that the Yun Che before him was really Yun Che.

Yun Che ignored Ling Jie and also directly ignored the currently recuperating Xuanyuan Jiuding and Mu Yuanzhi. He stared straight at Ling Yuefeng and said darkly, “Back then, Chu Yuechan’s pregnancy was discovered in your Heavenly Sword Villa by someone called Grandmother Jiumu. At that time, other than Chu Yuechan, Grandmother Jiumu, Chu Yueli and you, there was no one else present… Then, in the span of a few days after Chu Yuechan returned to Frozen Cloud Asgard from your Heavenly Sword Villa, how did rumors spread throughout the whole world? Ling Yuefeng, even if you were ten times dumber, you must know the consequences that she would suffer if this matter were to be spread. Did you attempt to lockdown the information!?”

Yun Che’s words caused Ling Yuefeng’s heart to skip a beat as he frantically replied, “Regarding this matter, I obviously knew the severity of it. We naturally do not need to question Fairy Yueli, Grandmother Jiumu has also practiced medicine for a hundred years and definitely wouldn’t spread anything. I have always been wondering how exactly this matter spread as well…”

“Wonder!?” Yun Che’s eyes suddenly turned cold as he glared daggers at Ling Yuefeng’s heart, causing the latter’s voice and breathing to instantly freeze, “Ling Yuefeng, you have always been known as the gentleman of the sword to others, but the current fake appearance you're trying so hard to put on really doesn't suit you at all! Were the ones who knew about that matter back then only those four I mentioned!? Did you really not run into a person who just happened to hear about it that day!? Don’t tell me that, in your heart, you really don’t know the one who spread this news and did their best to fan the fire all the way, until everyone in the world knew about it!?”

“...” Ling Yuefen’s lips shook and he remained speechless for a long time. He had known all along that it was done by Xuanyuan Yufeng, because aside from her, there couldn’t have been any other person. However, he had never asked Xuanyuan Yufeng about this, nor did he look into it to confirm his suspicions. He didn’t even mention it at all. The majority of his heart had died upon knowing that Chu Yuechan was pregnant by someone else. When it had come out, even though he was furious at Xuanyuan Yufeng for having done that, he could not worsen their marital relations.h.i.+p further. Instead he had tried his best to mend it… her father was, after all, an Elder of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region.

After the incident, he received news that when Chu Yuechan returned to Frozen Cloud Asgard, she had crippled her profound art and was expelled. Nothing further was heard after that. At that time, Frozen Cloud Asgard had also closed its doors.

With Chu Yuechan's status in Frozen Cloud Asgard, she definitely wouldn't have been expelled even if she had violated a rule of the sect. It was clear to him that this only happened because the news spread to the entire world and gave Frozen Cloud Asgard pressure that they hadn't received in a thousand years.

“Right… I was the one who did it!” Xuanyuan Yufeng cried out when Ling Yuefeng was speechless. A twisted smile was even revealed on her face as she stated, “That s.l.u.t… made her own scandal! Don’t tell me that you think she is qualified for everyone to seal their lips for her!? As for the consequences of everyone knowing about it, that’s the shameful scandal you and she caused, what does that have to do with me? Hahahaha…”

Yun Che slightly narrowed his eyes as he said in a low, unhurried voice, “She and I love each other very much. The child she had with me was a gift bestowed from the heavens, how is it shameful!? The word s.l.u.t that came out from your mouth doesn’t make me the least bit angry, it would only make others laugh. In your heart, I’m sure you know very clearly that the word s.l.u.t can never be placed on Chu Yuechan even in a hundred lifetimes! As for you, even ten thousand lifetimes wouldn’t be enough!


Yun Che’s hand tightened, constricting Xuanyuan Yufeng’s voice. Then, he said slowly, “Xuanyuan Yufeng, you should’ve been thankful about me and Chu Yuechan being together. In fact, I don’t even think that being thankful for your entire life would be enough. Because you should know this clearer than anyone; if it wasn’t for the fact that my Chu Yuechan never paid any attention to Ling Yuefeng, forget about being the villa master’s wife, Ling Yuefeng probably wouldn’t even have spared you a glance! In terms of looks, temperament, cultivation, and mentality, the difference between you and Chu Yuechan is like the mud on the ground against a snow lotus on a heavenly mountain! Yet you, just because of your own jealousy, actively schemed to push her toward a dead end… I, Yun Che, rarely kill women, but you, Xuanyuan Yufeng, have succeeded in making me want to tear you into ten thousand pieces!!!”

“Yun Che!!” That freezing killing intent made Ling Yuefeng, who was more than three hundred meters away, feel as though he had fallen into an ice cave. He shouted hurriedly, “About the Fairy of Frozen Beauty, my wife has truly done a huge wrong. However, women are naturally to jealousy, and the jealousy she has for the Fairy of Frozen Beauty was caused by me, Ling Yuefeng. Everything done was all because of me, Ling Yuefeng! And it is not just that…” Ling Yuefeng sucked in a deep breath as he slightly gritted his teeth, “Even if my wife is wrong, it is merely because she spread news of a fact under a fit of jealousy. She didn’t maliciously spread false information, so her sins simply aren’t worthy of death… Please have mercy and let go of my wife. I, Ling Yufeng will undertake all the responsibilities of this sin and I won’t complain at all.”

“Ah, a sin not worthy of death?” Yun Che glanced at him from the corner of his eye as his expression became even more dark and cold. “Looks like you really have no idea, huh… Back then, when Chu Yuechan stripped her profound arts and left Frozen Cloud Asgard, before she even had the chance to leave the Snow Region of Extreme Ice, she had encountered the pursuit of three people who had been waiting a long time to kill her. Those three people were all members of your Heavenly Sword Villa. You tell me if that it is not a sin worthy of death!?”

“Wh… what!?” Yun Che’s words made Ling Yuefeng abruptly raise his head as his eyes enlarged. Ling Jie, who was down below, also stiffened from head to toe, not daring to believe what he had heard.

“Im… Impossible! Impossible! My wife never would have done such a thing. No one from my Heavenly Sword Villa would do such a malicious thing; absolutely impossible! Absolutely impossible! This must be a huge misunderstanding…” Ling Yuefeng violently shook his head and roared, but his later actions and voice unwittingly slowed because he suddenly recalled that back then, on the night Frozen Cloud Asgard left the villa, Xuanyuan Yufeng had personally dispatched three Heavenly Sword Elders to send Ling Kun a distance off. At that time, he was puzzled. With Ling Kun’s strength, he simply didn’t need any protection at all, nor would he get lost. However, before Ling Kun, he obviously was unable to refuse or question that action. After that, he didn’t think about it that much either.

Could it be...

“Impossible? A huge misunderstanding? Hahahaha…” Yun Che laughed tauntingly, “Xuanyuan Yufeng, since you have the guts to do it, do you have the guts to admit it!?”

“Why wouldn’t I have the guts to admit!? Xuanyuan Yufeng screeched, her hideously pale face didn’t even have much fear at all. Relying on her status of a Sword Region Elder’s daughter, she was still confident that Yun Che definitely didn’t have the guts to kill her. Not only was she not extremely scared, her voice and appearance were still as arrogant and as haughty as before. “I just hate that those three trash didn’t do their job properly and had instead let the s.l.u.t escape… Mngh!”

Under Yun Che’s fiercely tightened grip, Xuanyuan Yufeng’s entire throat had completely twisted and her eyes were protruding out. She was no longer able to shout out a single word.

Xuanyuan Yufeng’s confession instantly shattered the illusion which Ling Yuefeng was desperately clinging onto, as the scenery in front of him began to twist and turn. “Yufeng, you… how could you do… such a thing…”

“This isn’t true… This definitely can’t be true…” Ling Jie collapsed weakly onto the ground, as he soullessly muttered to himself.

“Heh, since you have already admitted it… Very well, you can die peacefully now!” The cold sneer and overcast expression on Yun Che’s face disappeared, turning into an indifferent look, completely devoid of feelings. Within the s.p.a.ce, a bone-piercing, heart-crippling killing intent stirred.

This killing intent shocked Mu Yuanzhi and Xuanyuan Jiuding greatly. Mu Yuanzhi no longer cared about his injuries, as he stepped forward and roared out. “Yun Che! She is Ninth Elder Xuanyuan Jue’s…”

“Shut up!” Yun Che turned his head, that terrifying gaze of his fiercely shook Mu Yuanzhi’s very core. “I don’t care who she is, and I don’t care who you are… Whoever dares to stop me from killing her today, I will kill every single one of them!! Mu Yuanzhi, Fifteen Elder of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region… Heh, I seem to recall that elder of Sun Moon Divine Hall who died in front of my eyes three months ago was also ranked fifteenth, are you that anxious to have me send you to the palace of h.e.l.l today to be his companion!?”

A chill crept up Mu Yuanzhi’s entire body, while his figure actually took a step back. Enveloping him were a chilling intent and killing intent which could even send fear to a mid-stage Monarch like him. If the exact same words were spoken by anyone else, he would have just loudly laughed it off, but the person in front of him, was Yun Che… A maniac who had killed two great Monarchs of the Divine Phoenix Empire, and had even almost destroyed Phoenix City single-handedly!

Yun Che might perhaps not be able to kill him with his abilities alone, but it was definitely possible for Princess Snow who was next to him!

Next to him, Xuanyuan Jiuding had reached out his hand to firmly grasp onto his arm. Using his eyes, he signaled him not to anger Yun Che… Feng Xue’er, who was next to Yun Che, possessed the ability to forever have them stay where they are, so in this present situation, even if they had to stand by and idly watch Xuanyuan Yufeng die, it was definitely inappropriate for them to threaten or anger Yun Che.

“No… Don’t.”

Bitterness was carried within his trembling, pleading voice. Below, Ling Jie was already kneeling on the ground, the Celestial Yuan Sword which he treated as part of his own being was already unsheathed. He raised his head upwards to the sky where Yun Che was, his face was filled tears. “Big Brother Yun, my mother definitely isn’t a bad person with a venomous heart, she had merely… acted out of impulse… really… Big Brother Yun, I beg you to show mercy to my mother, allow me to shoulder my mother’s sins. Big Brother Yun, please fulfill my request.”

As his voice fell, the Celestial Yang Sword drew a ray of cold light, as it suddenly pierced towards Ling Jie’s throat.

Ling Yuefeng and Ling Tianni exclaimed loudly, as they madly charged towards Ling Jie. Xuanyuan Yufeng’s pupils had even contracted greatly. The final tint of redness on her face had completely faded out of shock and fear, as it turned completely pale...


A ray of fiery light surged into the skies, instantly blasting his Celestial Yang Sword far away. At the same time, Xuanyuan Yufeng was thrown downwards from the sky by Yun Che, smas.h.i.+ng right onto Ling Jie’s body.

“Mo… Mother!”


Ling Jie and Ling Yun frantically grabbed onto Xuanyuan Yufeng’s hand and despite their agitation, they still could not believe what they had just seen. Ling Tianni and Ling Yuefeng also rushed over and surrounded the three of them.

“Xuanyuan Yufeng…” Yun Che, who was in the air was already, had his back facing them and his expression could no longer be seen. His voice however remained ice cold and filled with deep hatred, “ From today onwards, you had better desperately pray that both mother and child are safe, otherwise…”

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