Against the Gods - Chapter 730 - Half Year Agreement

Chapter 730 - Half Year Agreement

Chapter 730 - Half Year Agreement

“I have never expected Empress Cang Yue to have such a silver tongue, you have truly impressed us!” Feng Hengkong’s voice was cold; rather than complementing, it was more of being sarcastic.

“You already know what kind of ident.i.ty Xue’er has, yet you still kept saying that this action could save my Divine Phoenix Empire’s dignity. However, what you truly want is to make the n.o.blest princess of our Divine Phoenix to marry your Blue Wind’s prince consort as a concubine. Not only is her position lowered, she is even directly lower than you. Empress Cang Yue, your words clearly speak that from now on, our Divine Phoenix will be lower than your Blue Wind…”

“Oh…” Before Feng Hengkong finished yelling, he was interrupted by Cang Yue’s drawn out tone. She said with a faint smile on her face, “So the reason the Phoenix Sect Master reacted so severely was because you are unwilling for Little Sister Xue’er to become a concubine. If so, then this empress will compromise. After Little Sister Xue’er marries this empress’ husband, she will be a first wife, the same as this empress, and our positions will be equal! This has never happened in the thousand years of history of Blue Wind Nation, and this can count as this empress making an extremely huge concession on behalf of the imperial family’s dignity for peace between the two nations. Phoenix Sect Master should be satisfied like this!”

Feng Hengkong’s anger and his expression stiffened at the same time. Halfway through Cang Yue’s words, he suddenly realized that the reason Cang Yue requested for Feng Xue’er to become a “concubine” was to conveniently “retreat for the sake of advancing” at this moment! He completely stepped into the trap that Cang Yue had set up.

Cang Yue continued to speak tirelessly, “Other than that, this empress was the royal princess of Blue Wind back then. When I married Yun Che, of course I treated my husband as someone above me. Even though I have now ascended to the throne and became the empress, I still treat my husband as my everything. And since this empress is the ruler of Blue Wind, this empress’ husband, Yun Che, has the most n.o.ble position in Blue Wind and is not the prince consort he once was! The person Little Sister Xue’er is marrying is naturally not the prince consort of Blue Wind, but instead the person who has the highest and n.o.blest position in Blue Wind Nation! How is this degrading?”

“But, Phoenix Sect Master’s words seem to have reminded this empress. Since Little Sister Xue’er is at the most n.o.ble, highest position of the Divine Phoenix Nation, then she naturally has the highest right to speak for herself. If so, then about this matter, it seems that it will be more appropriate if this empress asks Little Sister Xue’er herself.”

Feng Hengkong was speechless for a long time… He wasn’t able to accept this all of a sudden. He, who had been the emperor of Divine Phoenix for a hundred years, was being manipulated by a weak nation’s empress who had just ascended the throne for three years at the age of about twenty.

“Little Sister Xue’er, are you willing to marry Yun Che, be with him forever, and calm the hatred between the two nations?” Cang Yue turned towards Feng Xue’er; her aura that was as sharp as swords when facing Feng Hengkong transformed into a gentle smile.

When Cang Yue was going head-to-head with Feng Hengkong, Yun Che didn’t speak, and Feng Xue’er was also silent. Since the moment Cang Yue mentioned for her to marry Yun Che, she had been stunned the whole time. She blinked her crystal-like bright eyes and asked softly, “Marrying Big Brother Yun… is that forever?”

“Of course it’s forever.” Cang Yue smiled and said, “After you marry your Big Brother Yun, you will belong to him, and he will also belong to you. You two can have everything of each other, have each others’ shoulders to lean on, accompany each other forever, and no one can stop or restrict it.”

“...Then, what Empress Sis said before, are those all true?” Feng Xue’er’s beautiful eyes became even more blurry.

“Of course.” Cang Yue knew what she wanted to ask, “Big Sis is the empress of Blue Wind Nation. Like your Royal Father, our words are as good as gold. If you are willing to marry your Big Brother Yun, then your Divine Phoenix wouldn’t need to apologize in public, cede away their territory, pay tribute, and your Royal Father would be able to return to Divine Phoenix at anytime unharmed. As for you, you can stay with your Big Brother Yun from then on, and you can be together as long as you want.”

“...” Feng Xue’er was only here to atone the sins for her Royal Father. As long as she could atone for those sins, she was willing to endure any punishment. However, she never imagined that the “punishment” that Empress Cang Yue gave in the end was something like this. In her own perspective, everything that was happening before her eyes, this type of way to “atone for the sins,” was just too wonderful…

“If, if it’s like this,” Feng Xue’er carefully turned her eyes towards Yun Che, but just as she touched the corner of Yun Che’s clothing, she retreated under a strange, unfamiliar emotion. Her heartbeat sped up many times, and her voice became softer, “Of course I d…”

“Xue’er!!” Feng Hengkong’s low roar interrupted Feng Xue’er, “You are still young, this is not as simple as you think! This is an important affair that will affect your whole life! This is something that can’t be rashly and impulsively decided for anyone in their life!”

“I know…” Feng Xue’er spoke softly, “I am rarely in contact with the outside world, but from the memories that Lord Phoenix G.o.d has bestowed me, I roughly knew about many things. I know that, if a woman was to marry a man, it would be for her whole life… But, if it was Big Brother Yun, for a lifetime, wouldn’t it be wonderful?”

“Both Big Brother Yun and I own the bloodline and Phoenix Soul that was bestowed by Lord Phoenix G.o.d. Thus, my soul can clearly feel the warmth that Big Brother Yun’s soul brings me. Three years ago at Phoenix Perching Valley, those days that I was with Big Brother Yun were the happiest days in my life. Not only did Big Brother Yun save my life and awaken my Phoenix soul, he has even made me feel the the greatest bliss in the world… and, my soul can feel that in this world, there will never be another person who can make me feel this way.”

“Just like yesterday, when I saw Big Brother Yun once again… that was an immense joy that I had never felt before.”

“If I am to atone for our sins like this, then I really am willing to spend my life atoning this way.”

Feng Xue’er spoke, mumbled, and couldn’t help but giggle softly. The moment that her smile bloomed, the serious Great Hall instantly became warm.

Cang Yue’s expression was a little complicated, but it only lasted for a short moment. She glanced slightly at Yun Che, and then smiled with warmth. She could tell that Feng Xue’er’s feelings towards Yun Che was more than just grat.i.tude, but she had never thought that it was so deep and simple. Perhaps, towards Feng Xue’er who had the purest soul, the appearance of Yun Che was completely fatal.

Feng Hengkong’s face and his whole body felt a deep sense of powerlessness… The Phoenix Soul was originally a whole, and they attracted each other under instinct. He would rather conclude that the attraction between the two of them was caused by their Phoenix Soul.

“Xue’er…” Feng Hengkong spoke, in his voice, there was a trace of pain and helplessness, “Do you remember the things that Royal Father said to you when you ‘returned’ from Lord Phoenix G.o.d when you were thirteen?”

“I remember,” Feng Xue’er didn’t think and nodded her head softly, “Royal Father told Xue’er that I cannot leave Divine Phoenix City before I am seventeen, and I cannot have any contact with anyone other than close relatives. I cannot leave Divine Phoenix Nation before I am twenty, and I must start to use my own eyes to get to know and understand the whole world.”

Feng Hengkong nodded slightly. Only when facing Feng Xue’er would his eyes turn gentle and be devoid of impurities, “Xue’er, you grew up by Lord Phoenix G.o.d’s side since you were young. You are far too pure and kind. Even though Royal Father wants to protect you forever, you are bound to grow up, and in the future, you will even need to be in charge of the whole Divine Phoenix…”

“So, even if Royal Father couldn’t let go, my protection for you would only continue until you are seventeen. After seventeen, Royal Father planned to take you to see the world across Divine Phoenix Nation in order for you to realize the fickleness of human nature. Once you turn twenty, Royal Father would completely let go and let you get to know the whole Profound Sky Continent, and then let you decide everything for yourself independently…”

“But in the past three years, you were always in a coma. Now, even though you are exactly the same from three years ago and even though you looked like you didn’t grow at all, you are already nineteen. However, Royal Father wasn’t able to take you to see our Divine Phoenix Nation… And in half a year, you will be turn twenty.”

“Royal Father…” Feng Xue’er mumbled softly.

“Even though three years were taken away from you, the things that Royal Father had said back then would not be taken away. Once you are twenty, you will be able to decide everything for yourself, and no one can interfere in your decisions… so, give yourself, give Royal Father half a year of time.” Feng Hengkong’s eyes and face were slightly lowered, “In this half a year, you will grow, get to know, and expand your horizon. More than that, you can clearly understand what kind of feeling you have for Yun Che.”

“If your feelings towards Yun Che are still the same as today half a year later,” Feng Hengkong’s fist under his long sleeves tightened, “Then Royal Father will personally call the shots as you wish… Even if the entire sect objects, Royal Father will still do it for you. And, if you changed your mind, then, then absolutely do not force yourself. Royal Father will have a way to deal with Blue Wind.”

“...Mn.” Feng Xue’er hesitated for a little bit, but she still nodded softly, “Xue’er will listen to Royal Father.”

“Empress Cang Yue, you heard it. It is not that Xue’er and I are unwilling, it’s just that it concerns Xue’er’s future; it needs to be carefully considered. I can entrust Xue’er to Yun Che… but it is not to protect the dignity of Divine Phoenix; it is because of Xue’er’s wish in her heart. But it… it at least needs to be half a year later!”

“Very well!” Contrary to Feng Hengkong’s expectations, Cang Yue didn’t use the opportunity to take advantage of him. Instead, she nodded cleanly and sharply, “Phoenix Sect Master’s words are as good as gold. With your words, it counts as this empress agreeing to your request! However, this empress will not give away half a year for nothing! During this half year in which your Divine Phoenix Empire will make your final decision, Feng Xue’er must stay in my Blue Wind Nation! As for you, you can leave anytime!”

Cang Yue’s tone was determined, stating that there was no compromise!

Feng Hengkong’s eyebrows suddenly rose… Feng Xue’er grew up by the side of the Phoenix G.o.d, and she had never left Divine Phoenix City before yesterday. How would he accept leaving her in Blue Wind this easily… and even leave her beside the extremely dangerous Yun Che? He was just about to reject it unyieldingly, but when he raised his head, he saw how Feng Xue’er wasn’t worried at all; on the contrary, she seemed to be looking forward to it. At that instant, his heart softened as he swallowed back the words about to burst from his throat, turned around and suddenly flew up towards outside the hall.

“Yun Che, come with us!”

“Give me a moment.” Yun Che lifted his head to look at Feng Hengkong; he then nodded towards Cang Yue and Feng Xue’er and also flew out after Feng Hengkong.

After Feng Hengkong flew out of the main hall, he flew in a straight line until he was in front of the Divine Phoenix Ark. He turned around, looked at Yun Che in front of him, and with a face devoid of any expression, he said in a low voice, “Yun Che… in our life, we have rarely thanked anyone. But three years ago, we did indeed want to thank you because you risked your life to save Xue’er’s life! Based on just that, if you were alive three years ago, no matter what you wanted, we wouldn’t hesitate at all.”

“What do you want to say?” Yun Che indifferently asked.

“Ever since Xue'er woke up from her three-year coma, the hatred in our heart has grown to a murderous extent... and now, our hate for you runs even deeper in our bones!”

"Xue’er grew up beside the Phoenix G.o.d, so she hasn’t seen her royal brothers that many times. Because of that, she may not feel even a slight sorrow for their deaths, and it will be even more difficult for her to hate you for it… but they were our own sons! You killed four of our sons, and even if we crush you into bone dust, we wouldn’t be able to dispel the hatred in the depths of our heart… And even with all of this, that is not what we hate the most about you. What we hate the most about you is, is that you actually… actually…”

A strange “bang” sound came out from Feng Hengkong’s mouth… Yun Che could tell that it was at least one tooth getting crushed.

What Feng Hengkong felt for him… was a true teeth gnas.h.i.+ng hatred.

“I feel the same way towards you,” Yun Che responded coldly.

Feng Hengkong turned around. He didn’t have to look at Yun Che’s face, so he could at least slightly control his emotions and hatred, “The things that I said to Xue’er just now were definitely not because we are giving in to protect the dignity of Divine Phoenix, and definitely not because we have forgiven you. All of them are only because Xue’er’s feelings towards you are real. Heh… Empress Cang Yue has really grasped our weak spot. If we forcefully stopped it, it would indeed break Xue’er’s heart… For Xue’er, we can compromise with anything!”

“Heh, the reason you asked me to come out was just to tell me how great you are as a father?” Yun Che scoffed.

“...” Feng Hengkong wasn’t angered, instead his voice slowed down, “Just based on you saving Xue’er, I can at least believe that you won’t hurt her. Now that Xue’er’s Phoenix Soul is awakened, there are not many people in this world who can hurt her. As for having her stay in Blue Wind close to you, perhaps we don’t need to be too worried about her safety this way. And it is indeed time… for her to get to know this world.”

“However, while Xue’er stays here, you must promise me one thing!” Feng Hengkong’s voice suddenly became very harsh… from the way he spoke, it was obvious that he had already agreed to leave Feng Xue’er in Blue Wind for this half a year.

“Say it,” Yun Che responded.

“With Xue’er’s soul, after half a year, her feelings towards you shouldn’t have any negative changes. This half a year is more to give our sect some time to react. In the future, I may marry Xue’er to you, but before Xue’er’s powers are fully awakened, you must not taint her Phoenix G.o.d’s body! You should know that it will seriously hinder her powers from awakening!” Feng Hengkong harshly spoke with his back turned towards Yun Che.

Yun Che moved his eyebrows, and then he lightly said, “Don’t worry. Even though the life and death of Divine Phoenix Sect doesn’t concern me, I will not do anything that will ruin Xue’er’s future.”

“Good, we can believe you.” Although Feng Henkong hated Yun Che to the bones, Yun Che was still a person who had risked his own life to save Feng Xue’er. As such, in the bottom of his heart, he could never questioned whether or not Yun Che cherished Feng Xue’er.

“But I also have something to say and you must remember it.” Yun Che said coldly, “In the future, even if I am with Xue’er, I will never call you Royal Father!!”

Feng Hengkong’s body slightly stiffened. He didn’t say another word anymore and just stepped out in the air towards the Divine Phoenix Ark.

Standing in front of the door of the Divine Phoenix Ark, he stopped his heavy footsteps, swung his arm behind him and threw a red jade stone towards Yun Che. Yun Che lifted his hand and caught it, and just as it touched his palm, a warm feeling spread over his body.

“With this Phoenix Stone, you can send a sound transmission to me within one hundred and fifty thousand kilometers. Within this half a year, if Xue’er is in any danger or accident…”

When the ark’s door completely opened, Feng Hengkong didn’t continue speaking. Only until he stepped into the profound ark did he finally turned around and met eyes with Yun Che.

“You’re leaving without saying goodbye to Xue’er?” Yun Che put the Phoenix Stone away and asked.

“...No matter how unwilling we are, a daughter… is eventually going to marry someone.” Feng Hengkong’s eyebrows creased as he mumbled, “May as well, at least it’s a lot better than the likes of Ye Xinghan.” It was unknown whether he was talking to Yun Che or to himself.

The ark’s door completely shut as the Divine Phoenix Ark rose into the air and shot out into the sky in the blink of an eye. A surging blast of air instantly swept across Blue Wind Imperial Palace.

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