Against the Gods - Chapter 729 - Heavy Transformation

Chapter 729 - Heavy Transformation

Chapter 729 - Heavy Transformation

“What did you say?!!”

Cang Yue’s words instantly caused Feng Hengkong’s expression to change. Along with a loud roar, the stone bricks beneath his feet instantly cracked and exploded. The entire great hall violently shook as sand and dust rustled and fell. Even though Yun Che was sitting still, the tea set beside his hand was thrown up high, and when it landed back, it had shattered to pieces.

Everyone waiting outside of the hall were all stunned by the shock. Without saying a word, Xia Yuanba was about to rush in, but just as he stepped out, he was stopped by Number One Under Heaven who shook his head and said, “Don’t be rash, Brother Yun is inside.”

“For the Phoenix Sect Master to react so severely, does that mean you are unwilling?” Facing Feng Hengkong’s sudden outburst, Cang Yue didn’t panic at all; not even a ripple surfaced in her eyes… Just this alone was something that an ordinary person absolutely wouldn’t be able to do. Not only was Feng Hengkong the emperor of Divine Phoenix, he was also a level ten Overlord! The sudden burst of aura that came from him was enough to scare a Throne into limping.

“This is outrageous!” Feng Hengkong had just mentioned that Feng Xue’er was his reverse scale that absolutely could not be touched, yet the condition Cang Yue posed had directly touched his reverse scale. If it wasn’t for the situation, he would have already attacked out of fury and killed whoever said these words… no matter who that person was.

“We were originally impressed by Empress Cang Yue’s grace and compa.s.sion, but we didn’t think that behind your grace and compa.s.sion, you are actually targeting our Divine Phoenix’s most precious treasure!!” Feng Hengkong tightly clenched his fists as he said full of rage, “Xue’er is not only our daughter, but she is also the sole inheritor of Profound Sky Continent’s only divine spirit and is the future Phoenix G.o.d of our Divine Phoenix Sect! How could a mere Yun Che be worthy enough for her! And you actually want Xue’er to become his concubine, this is outrageous! We’d like to ask Empress Cang Yue to stop daydreaming!!!”

“It is indeed possible that Little Sister Xue’er is the most outstanding woman in the entire Profound Sky Continent. Anyone who has seen Xue’er probably wouldn’t deny it.” Cang Yue said without compromising, “But this empress’ husband is also the inheritor of the Phoenix G.o.d’s bloodline. He started cultivating the profound at the age of sixteen, made a name for himself at the age of seventeen, became Blue Wind’s number one at the age of nineteen, and defeated the six nations at the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament alone… of which, it naturally included your Divine Phoenix! Now, he is only twenty-two years old, yet he alone made your great Divine Phoenix Sect so miserable, and forced you, the Phoenix Sect Master, to bear an enormous amount of unwillingness and humiliation to come to Blue Windto personally atone for your sins!”

“Among the same age group, the achievements this empress’ husband have attained are unprecedented in Blue Wind’s entire history, and there will absolutely not be another one! How is he not worthy of your daughter?!”

Cang Yue’s voice was filled with deep pride. In her eyes, there were only people who were unworthy of Yun Che in this world, and not people whom Yun Che was not worthy enough for!

“I will say it again… stop daydreaming!” Feng Hengkong said in an incredibly deep voice; he used all of his patience to suppress his anger that was about to completely lose control.

“Then I ask the Phoenix Sect Master to give a sufficient enough reason that could convince this empress!”

“...If I say he’s not worthy enough, then he’s not worthy enough!” Feng Hengkong’s cold voice revealed anger that would lose control at any moment, “Just based on the fact that my daughter is the future Phoenix G.o.d, there is no one in this world who could be worthy enough for Xue’er!!”

“What a simple excuse!” Cang Yue smiled lightly as she went head-to-head against Feng Hengkong. In terms of profound strength, the two were worlds apart, and there was a hundred years of difference between the time they took their throne. But momentum-wise, she wasn’t suppressed by Feng Hengkong at all, “However, this empress has several reasons for why Feng Xue’er must marry Yun Che.”

Not “should”, but “must”.

Cang Yue heavily emphasized the word “must”.

“Hmph!” Feng Hengkong turned his head, not bothering to respond. He posed an att.i.tude as if even if you talk your head off, he would still turn his nose up at it.

“Firstly, according to this empress’ knowledge, Feng Xue’er’s Phoenix blood was given directly by your Divine Phoenix Sect’s Phoenix Spirit, and so her body has the most original and purest Phoenix bloodline. In your Divine Phoenix Sect, other than Feng Xue’er, there is no one else who has the original Phoenix blood! But Yun Che’s Phoenix blood was also given directly by the Phoenix Spirit, so he also has the most original and purest Phoenix bloodline! With regards to this fact, this empress knows better than anyone else, because when Yun Che was going through the Phoenix’s trial and inheritance, this empress was by his side!”

“Thus, based on the Phoenix bloodline, even if it’s your Divine Phoenix Sect, no one is worthy of Feng Xue’er. And only the bloodline of this empress’ husband, Yun Che, perfectly fits with Feng Xue’er’s!”

Feng Hengkong locked his eyebrows and did not say a word… All of these, he already knew.

“Secondly, Phoenix Sect Master should not forget that today, you’re here to atone for your sins! This empress’ hatred has been burning for three consecutive years, and if it wasn’t for hundreds of millions of Blue Wind citizens this empress carries on her back, this empress really wishes to use this chance to give Divine Phoenix Nation the cruelest punishment… to the extent of personally taking your life as tribute to Royal Father!” Cang Yue’s words were very calm, but the deep hatred and anger that was acc.u.mulated under her calm tone could still be clearly felt, “However, this empress made such decision in the end… because if Feng Xue’er marries this empress’ husband, to Blue Wind, it could calm the citizen’s frightened emotions. We can rely on Divine Phoenix as protection, not fear any bullying of war, and my Blue Wind’s citizens will enjoy a long period of stability.”

“To your Divine Phoenix, you don’t need to apologize in front of the world, don’t need to cede away your territory, don’t need to pay compensation, and don’t need to be humiliated. You don’t need to lose your respect and dignity, you won’t become a joke, and the people of Divine Phoenix Nation will also not be in panic and chaos. Divine Phoenix Nation can keep its dignity and stability, and you, the Phoenix Sect Master, can keep your freedom and life! At the same time, your daughter will also find the best home in the world!”

“This is the most merciful and compa.s.sionate this empress… a woman who carries the hatred of her father being murdered and her country being destroyed, can give! If you were to agree, both nations will be satisfied. If you don’t… then this empress will take back all the grace and mercy!!”

Feng Hengkong, “...”

“Thirdly!” Cang Yue’s voice did not pause at all, her phoenix-like eyes kept staring straight at Feng Hengkong, “Since the Phoenix Sect Master keeps saying that this empress’ husband, Yun Che, is not worthy enough of your daughter, then can Phoenix Sect Master please tell me who, in the entire Profound Sky Continent, is more qualified than Yun Che for your daughter!?”

“...” Feng Hengkong moved his lips, but was speechless for a long time.

This time, it wasn’t because Feng Hengkong couldn’t bother to respond, but because he was truly speechless.

What Cang Yue said before didn’t really affect him, but as of this moment, when his mind scrutinized Cang Yue’s words, he suddenly realized that among the same age group, he really couldn’t find anyone that could compare to Yun Che.

The Yun Che who forced his Divine Phoenix Sect to such an extent was only twenty-two years old this year… At this age, the people in the same age group in Divine Phoenix Sect, aside from Feng Xue’er, he couldn’t even find someone worthy enough to carry his shoes for him!!

The strongest pract.i.tioners in the world were all gathered in Divine Phoenix Sect and the Four Great Sacred Grounds. Even if it was the Four Great Sacred Grounds, not to mention the age group around the twenties, he couldn’t even think of anyone that could compare to Yun Che in the sixties.

These days, he was immersed in the disaster brought by Yun Che, so he ignored a fact that could shock the entire continent while being heavily stressed day and night… The Yun Che who had “died” and came back three years later, among the younger generation of the Profound Sky Continent, could very possibly… fully deserve the t.i.tle of number one!

Then, if there was only one person who was good enough for Feng Xue’er… it would undoubtedly be Yun Che!

“Looks like Phoenix Sect Master can’t name one.” Noticing Feng Hengkong finally showing a change in expression, Cang Yue smiled slightly, “That means this empress’ third reason is also established!”

“Fourthly!” Cang Yue continued to speak, “I heard that Sister Xue’er grew up under the s.h.i.+eld of Divine Phoenix Sect before she was thirteen, and after she turned thirteen, she was under the protection of the entire Divine Phoenix Sect. She has never truly stepped into the real world, so she must not know much about the relations.h.i.+p between a man and a woman. Therefore, Little Sister Xue’er might not understand what kind of feeling she has towards Yun Che. But I believe with Phoenix Sect Master’s experience and wisdom, you must be able to tell… that Little Sister Xue’er’s feeling towards Yun Che is absolutely not as simple as just the grat.i.tude for saving her!”

“Sss…” Cang Yue’s words made Feng Hengkong gnashed his teeth as his whole body s.h.i.+vered violently.

Yes… How could he have not seen and felt it!!

That was why his chest felt like it was going to explode when he heard that Yun Che was still alive; he lost control of his emotions, and he wanted to kill him no matter what… Because of that, when he suddenly heard Cang Yue request Feng Xue’er to marry to Yun Che, his sinking emotion and aura for atoning his sins exploded uncontrollably in an instant…

Cang Yue was always extremely curious of Princess Snow, the “Profound Sky’s number one beauty” who Yun Che had willingly to risk his life to save. Now that she finally saw her, in addition to being impressed by G.o.ddess-like looks, she also saw the unusual expression Feng Xue’er had when facing Yun Che, and she also heard the different emotion in her voice when she says “Big Brother Yun”... Even though only thirty minutes had pa.s.sed since she met her, Cang Yue had already saw through a lot of things.

Looking at Feng Xue’er, it was like she saw herself back then when she met Yun Che. That time, she couldn’t contain her joy, happiness, warmth and satisfaction; she let go of her defenses and opened her heart completely.

“Are you done saying what you want to say!?” Feng Hengkong clenched his fists tightly.

“No!” Cang Yue shook her head and continued to speak slowly, “This empress knows that Phoenix Sect Master rejected rudely without hesitation out of the love and protective instinct of a father towards his daughter, so it is already a given that he would not be tolerant of sacrificing his own daughter in exchange for compromisation. However, Phoenix Sect Master, after this empress has said this much, I believe you have a reason to reconsider whether or not Little Sister Xue’er marrying Yun Che is a sacrifice! Now only does Little Sister Xue’er have the feelings of grat.i.tude towards Yun Che, there is also the feeling between a man and a woman. Since she is your daughter, you must see it a lot clearer than this empress! And even though this empress’ husband always has a tender heart towards women, he would definitely not risk his life for any beautiful woman!”

“To find someone that she adores who is even willing to protect her with his life… Phoenix Sect Master, do you know that, to a woman, this is the greatest happiness and luck in life? Yet Little Sister Xue’er has already found someone like this… Once someone like this is found, then that someone will be unforgettable for life!”

“Phoenix Sect Master said earlier that to you, Little Sister Xue’er is more important than your own life and even the life and death of Divine Phoenix Empire and Divine Phoenix Sect! If you forcefully separate Little Sister Xue’er and Yun Che, with Little Sister Xue’er’s pure heart and soul, you will bring her an everlasting pain and trauma. The only conclusion would be you, who says that Little Sister Xue’er is more important than anything, personally giving her a lifetime of heartbreak because of your selfishness!”

“You…” Feng Hengkong’s body swayed. What Cang Yue had said had unquestionably dealt a huge blow.

"As such, this empress’ conditions are not threats, not humiliations, not sacrifices… but are compa.s.sion and fulfillment!!” Before Feng Hengkong was able to speak of another word, Cang Yue’s voice had already suppressed his, “Of course you can still choose to refuse. If you do, then you can pretend that this empress did not say any of the things from before. This empress will take back all the mercy… and not give you any leeway!!”

Cang Yue’s last sentence was said with an overbearing power that even Yun Che felt a second of heaviness from it.

When Cang Yue asked for Feng Xue’er to marry him as a concubine, Yun Che was surprised for a while. After that, he looked at Cang Yue silently without saying anything, but in his heart, there were already unappeasable waves.

Back then, his Yue’er, his Senior Sister Xueruo, was independent, strong, but was also very tame, good, and delicate. When she was before him, she would show her weakness without any reserve. After their big wedding in the imperial palace, as a princess, she changed his clothes, sewed for him, and prepared him three meals a day… Everything was taken care of meticulously. She had almost completely forgotten her ident.i.ty as a princess, because she wanted to become the most perfect wife that only belonged to him with all her heart. She saw him as her whole world and did not fight for anything nor ask for anything.

The woman before him who wore a phoenix coronet, golden clothing, and an awe-inspiring emperor’s dignity was facing Feng Hengkong’s boundless pressure yet her aura was not weak or suppressed at all. Her unfathomably deep phoenix eyes were sometimes warm, sometimes cold and sometimes sharp. Her voice went straight to the soul, and her words were incredibly sharp. She was smart, calm, impeccable, and her words almost made Feng Hengkong’s aura which had exploded under his rage completely disperse…

Three years, it had merely been three years, yet she had changed this tremendously.

If it was someone else, they would not be able to change this much in thirty years, or even three hundred years… However, Yun Che was not surprised at all that this happened to Cang Yue; he only felt a heavy heartache.

Shouldering the responsibility of an entire nation's destruction... perhaps there was nothing worse in this world that induced—no, that forced a person to change so quickly.

No person could possibly imagine the weight of the burden one carried after such a transformation... At least, what she had borne in the past three years was really much, much heavier than what the Little Demon Empress undertook under the shadow of Duke Huai.

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