Against the Gods - Chapter 722 - Cruel

Chapter 722 - Cruel

Chapter 722 - Cruel

“Xue’er, could it be that you cannot see what he’s currently doing?!” Feng Tianwei face turned green. When he faced the threat that Yun Che brought before, there was no change in his expression. However, after Feng Xue’er’s arrival, each scene that he saw caused his entire body to s.h.i.+ver. He stretched out his finger and pointed at Yun Che, “If you don’t believe, you can ask him for yourself!”

“They did not lie to you.” Immediately after Feng Tianwei finished speaking, Yun Che’s calm voice had already resounded, “In the past few days, I’ve already killed four of your royal brothers, many of your clan members… and the flame domain in the sky was also meant to destroy Phoenix City.”

“No, I still won’t believe it.” Feng Xue’er continued to shake her head as she suddenly turned to Feng Hengkong, “Royal father, what happened? Have you all done something that harmed Big Brother Yun!”

Feng Xue’er’s words caused Feng Hengkong’s chest to turn heavy as he replied in a panicked and pained voice, “Xue’er… What… what kind of psychedelic soup did he feed you… He killed your brothers and even wants to destroy our entire sect. He has long since become mortal enemies with our sect… He has even admitted it himself! Why do you… insist on defending him!!

“Would you rather believe someone who has killed your brothers and wants to destroy your entire sect over your royal father?!”

Hearing Yun Che’s own confession, Feng Xue’er did not have the shock that she was supposed to have nor did she move away from Yun Che. Her first reaction was instead to question her own birth father. This was undoubtedly a huge blow to Feng Hengkong… to everyone within Divine Phoenix Sect, it was a huge blow that they could not believe or comprehend.

“Royal father is Xue’er’s closest person. Xue’er would definitely believe every single word royal father says.” She then shook her head in a hurt manner, “However, Xue’er similarly believes that Big Brother Yun is definitely not the ‘lunatic’ and ‘devil’ that royal father speaks of. Has royal father forgotten that back then, it was Big Brother Yun who saved Xue’er’s life and even sacrificed himself and stayed within the Primordial Ark? Such a kind Big Brother Yun who loved and cherished Xue’er so deeply definitely wouldn’t kill Xue’er’s brothers and clan members without reason.

“Furthermore, Big Brother Yun was the same as Xue’er. Not only had he inherited the Phoenix G.o.d’s bloodline, he had also inherited the Phoenix G.o.d’s soul. Someone with an evil soul would never be able to receive the inheritance of the Phoenix Soul. For Big Brother Yun to do something like that, he must have a very strong reason… Otherwise, Big Brother Yun would never… would definitely never do such a thing!”

“...” Feng Hengkong opened his mouth but could not speak for a very long time. The reason Yun Che acted this way towards the Divine Phoenix Sect was something that he knew far clearer than anyone else.

Everyone present from Divine Phoenix Sect, and even all the citizens of Divine Phoenix City also knew it fully well.

Perhaps within the entire Divine Phoenix Nation, Feng Xue’er was the only person who still did not know.

Yun Che’s confession did not shock Feng Xue’er. However, the sudden silence had caused her emotions to go into turmoil. Her two hands tightly gripped onto Yun Che’s arm, and her eyes glinted with the helpless s.h.i.+ne of a star, “Big Brother Yun, Xue’er would choose to believe that the entire world is lying than believe that you’re an evil person. I know that there must be some reason behind this… Big Brother Yun, just what had happened? Can you tell Xue’er….”

Yun Che looked at Feng Xue’er. When he faced her, his expression seemed to soften subconsciously. He let out a deep sigh as he gently said, “In the end… I can never defeat my own heart.”

Muttering to himself, Yun Che lifted his finger and tapped Feng Xue’er’s forehead. This action of his also caused Feng Hengkong to become shocked as he lost his composure and shouted, “Yun Che, what are you doing!!”

When Yun Che’s finger landed in the middle of Feng Xue’er’s forehead, a large portion of his memories from the moment he arrived in Profound Sky Continent was directly transmitted into Feng Xue’er’s mind.

Yun Che pulled back his hand and Feng Xue’er was already standing there with a dumbfounded expression. All the scenes that Yun Che saw as well as all the things that Yun Che heard upon his return entered her brain. The endless emptiness and loneliness, the ponds that had been burnt dry, the Divine Phoenix Army that marched like flooding waters towards Blue Wind Imperial City, the rivers that flowed with fresh blood, and the seemingly endless amount of corpses… She had also felt all of Yun Che’s emotions at that time… his shock, fear, anger, hatred and desire for revenge...

Feng Xue’er’s pet.i.te figure started to tremble, her eyes lost its focus, and she also seemed to lose all her strength as tears rolled down her cheeks… It was as though she had lost her soul.

The moment Yun Che’s finger touched Feng Xue’er’s forehead, Feng Hengkong’s heart was extremely unsettled. As he looked at Xue’er’s reaction now, his heart began to feel fear, “Xue’er, what’s wrong…”

“Why did you do that! Why… Why… WHY!!!”

Even before Feng Hengkong could finish speaking, Feng Xue’er’s voice pierced through his heart like needles. Her voice was exceptionally miserable, and there was even an unprecedented and uncontrollable emotion. Her face that was usually all smiles was currently filled with streaks of tears… However, the tears were different from the excited and surprised tears when she saw Yun Che. Each bead of her current tears were filled with heart wrenching pain and suffering.

“Xue’er, don’t be angry and upset. Royal father had his reasons. All that he has done is for our Divine Phoenix Empire and our entire clan!” Feng Ximing hurriedly explained.

“Why did you do such a thing… WHY!!!”

Five consecutive “why”, each of them bearing a soul-ripping pain. She firmly believed that there must have been a reason why Yun Che attacked Divine Phoenix Sect, but she had never expected that the actual reason would actually be so cruel. In addition, she could not believe that her closest, most respected and most relied on father would carry out such actions.

On one side, it was her father, and on the other, it was her Big Brother Yun… Since she was young, she had always lived in a fairytale-like environment, and she had never experienced such a harsh reality in her life.

“Xue’er, I…”

“Big Brother Yun used his life to save my life… Why did you do such things!” Feng Xue’er continued shouting while crying, “You previously promised me that… you’ll treat Blue Wind Nation kindly, treat and repay everyone related to Big Brother Yun… But why is the truth like this… Why did you kill so many citizens of Blue Wind Nation… Why did you kill Big Brother Yun’s royal father… Why… Why…”

Feng Xue’er’s words became more and more sorrowful. Her trembling voice and the pain a.s.sociated with it caused everyone’s hearts to tightly clench, making it hard for them to breathe.

Feng Hengkong’s entire body trembled; his heart was aching as though it had been stabbed by millions of blades. When he was finally able to lift his head, he did not dare to meet Feng Xue’er’s gaze. Just as he was about to speak, he suddenly saw… by the side of Feng Xue’er’s lips, a streak of blood had trickled down, and it appeared exceptionally eye-catching and shocking on her jade-like face.

Feng Hengkong lost all his composure, “Xue’er, what’s wrong!!”

Feng Tianwei, Feng Ximing… as well as Yun Che also spotted the streak of blood on Feng Xue’er’s mouth at the same time. All of them were deeply shocked. Yun Che frantically grabbed onto Feng Xue’er’s waist and anxiously said, “Xue’er…”

The moment he touched Feng Xue’er’s body, he could sense that the aura inside her body had become chaotic, and her breathing was also a mess… Numerous profound waves were attacking her heart veins in the chaos.

“Xue’er!!!” In his shock, Feng Hengkong could not care about anything else and shot into the sky. At the same time, the s.p.a.ce seemed to have suddenly trembled abnormally as numerous acc.u.mulated roars reverberated from the air and the surroundings. The originally highly pressured air started to twirl in chaos, and a large number of weaker Phoenix disciples were knocked onto the ground,

“Don’t get near!!!” Feng Tianwei quickly took action and grabbed Feng Hengkong down from midair. As he looked into the sky, all the veins on his body seemed to bulge...

“s.h.i.+t!!” Feng Ximing revealed a frightened expression, “Grandfather, what should we do now…”

The destruction domain in the air was trembling, the bordering areas were quickly falling… obviously, the entire domain had lost control of its perimeter.

If it fell, it would signify the beginning of Divine Phoenix Sect’s annihilation.

“Big Brother Yun…” For the current Feng Xue’er, there was no place other than Yun Che’s arm that provided her with more warmth and a.s.surance. However, her panic-stricken heart made her unable to look at Yun Che directly. She rested on Yun Che’s shoulder, closed her eyes and softly said, “Can you let go of my royal father and the rest just this once… please… Xue’er knows that she does not have the face to request this from Big Brother Yun… but they are still my royal father and clan members… and this is still the place that I’ll need to protect in the future…”

“Xue’er a.s.sures Big Brother Yun, I will definitely personally repay Big Brother Yun as well as Blue Wind Nation… alright…”

“Alright!!” Yun Che replied without even the slightest hint of hesitation.

Feng Xue’er looked up, the beads of tears shone the most beautifully in her eyes.

Yun Che released Feng Xue’er and raised both of his hands. His already lacking profound energy had been pushed to its limits following his control over the Golden Crow’s Records of the Burning World… In the air, the expansion of Yellow Spring Ashes continued, but it was gradually being contained at its center.

Same situation, same conditions, if it were anyone else, even if that person held the same Golden Crow bloodline and profound arts as Yun Che, he would definitely not be able to use his remaining profound energy to completely support and withdraw the ma.s.sive destruction domain. However, Yun Che, who possessed Evil G.o.d’s Fire Seed, had unparalleled control over fire. With his control, the activation of the destruction domain was slowly receding, and the world-destroying and frightening pressure was being reduced at a swift pace.

At the same time, the temperature of the surroundings had also been greatly reduced.

The Divine Phoenix profound pract.i.tioners, whose heart had originally sunk into despair, were now letting out a long sigh of relief. Undoubtedly, when the domain had been retracted, there was no way Yun Che could release it for a second time. At the same time, after using this domain, he had already spent all his energy and was no longer a threat… This meant that the dangers that Divine Phoenix Sect experienced today was completely gone.

At the same time… this was also the best opportunity to eliminate Yun Che!!

Because the current Yun Che did not even possess the strength to run!

As the flame domain shrunk more and more, the temperature of the air also fell at a much quicker pace. Unknowingly, the wind that was blowing due to the ripples in the air made them feel a little cold… It was then that everyone realized that their bodies had long since been drenched in sweat, from head to toe, and every part of their clothes were equally drenched.

Feng Tianwei continued looking at the sky without moving as he let out a huge sigh of relief. He had never felt as much relief in his entire life before. Because for the Divine Phoenix Sect, this was really akin to escaping through the skin of the teeth.

Following the flame domain receding to within three hundred meters, Feng Tianwei finally s.h.i.+fted his gaze onto Yun Che as an eerie killing intent flashed in his eyes.

“Grandfather!” Feng Ximing’s suppressed voice rang from behind Feng Tianwei.

“You don’t have to speak!” Feng Tianwei snorted coldly; his arm vehemently waved out, and a flaming profound light shot out from the tips of his fingers. Its extreme sharpness ripped apart the air and shot straight at Yun Che who was still retracting the flame domain.

He firmly believed that the current Yun Che could never avoid his attack, not to mention that the latter was even using all his powers to completely control that domain… This profound light was sufficient to separate Yun Che’s brain from his body.

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