Against the Gods - Chapter 721 - Finally Meeting

Chapter 721 - Finally Meeting

Chapter 721 - Finally Meeting

Yun Che did not turn around.

Ever since he had entered Divine Phoenix Empire, the person he had feared seeing the most had been Feng Xue’er.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to, but rather he couldn’t… nor did he dare to.

Furthermore, with every time he stepped in Phoenix City and every additional member of Divine Phoenix Sect he killed, the more unable he became to face Feng Xue’er.

Not only was she a member of Divine Phoenix Sect, she was also the daughter of Feng Hengkong. Furthermore, she was of the apple of the eye of the entire Divine Phoenix Empire… At the same time, she also existed in the softest spot within his heart. During his current trip to Divine Phoenix Empire… she had been the biggest “obstacle” in his heart.

“Xue’er…” Yun Che muttered softly. His heart which had not fluttered or felt fear in the face of the Divine Phoenix Sect was now an utter mess.

The snow garments that Feng Xue’er wore fluttered due to the waves created by the scorching heat as her snow white hands intensely covered her mouth. Her absolute beauty which could cause even the fairies in heaven to pale in comparison was now being completely stifled by her gus.h.i.+ng tears.

Yun Che’s utter was as soft as the blowing wind as he failed to suppress his emotions any longer. However, this had caused all of the pent up emotions within Feng Xue’er to simultaneously erupt as she sobbed loudly and rushed towards Yun Che, her tears continuing to flow like the s.h.i.+ning stars within the night sky.

At this moment, the flaming purgatory in the skies, the abnormalities within Phoenix City, and the looming threat that shadowed over the entire city… had all been forgotten by her. Within her eyes which were flooded with tears, everything vanished except for the figure of Yun Che..

“Princess Snow…”

“Xue’er, don’t get near him!!”

Feng Xue’er’s arrival had taken everyone by surprise. However, her incomprehensible actions caused them to feel even more shock and confusion which made them turn pale in horror.

Below, at least several thousand shocked cries simultaneously erupted, but they were unable to even slightly stop Feng Xue’er’s movements. As her snow garments fluttered, she rushed towards Yun Che like a firefly approaching light and hugged him tightly from behind, tightly pressing her crying face into Yun Che’s shoulders. She closed her eyes as she immersed herself in the scent and aura that only Yun Che possessed and dreamily muttered, “Big Brother Yun… Am I really not… dreaming… Big Brother Yun…”

“...” Yun Che’s entire body tightened. The fiendish aura that had been pressing down upon the entire Divine Phoenix City disappeared as the cry rang out. It had burst uncontrollably like a bubble. Even his anger, resent, hatred and desire for revenge had been wrapped up by this feeling of warmth and softness.

“Princess… Princess Snow…”

“What… Whatwhatwhat…”

“What… What is going on? Just what had happened?”


Everyone within Divine Phoenix Sect was shocked. Stunned, they raised their heads and blankly gazed at the image of Yun Che and Feng Xue’er tightly hugging each other. Their mouths were completely agape and their eyes were opened so wide that it seemed as if their eyeb.a.l.l.s were about to pop out.

Feng Xue’er. She was the apple of the eye of Divine Phoenix Sect, the sacred treasure and only princess bestowed upon Divine Phoenix Empire. Moreover, she was the sole remaining true successor of the Divine Phoenix Spirit and Divine Phoenix Sect’s second Phoenix G.o.d!

Her talent, status, elegance, bloodline, and beauty… were all unparalleled beneath the heavens. Such a character was Princess Snow, a fairytale like existence within Divine Phoenix Empire who had received the utmost care and protection from the entire sect. Before she turned thirteen, she had been personally guarded by the Ancestral Phoenix G.o.d itself. It had been difficult even for Feng Hengkong to meet her. After she turned thirteen, even the precious princes and elders still could not get close to her.

However, right now… that Princess Snow who was like the world to them was tightly embracing a man from outside of their sect. Furthermore, she had taken the initiative to hug him, and had even cried a river because of him.

“Xue’er, get away from him now!!” Feng Ximing’s eyes went bloodshot as his chest began to heave so much that it seemed like it was about to explode. Feng Xue’er’s sudden return had not come as much of a surprise to him. After all, such a large commotion was definitely sufficient to reach Phoenix Perching Valley. However, never in his wildest dreams had he thought that the first thing she would do upon returning would be to embrace Yun Che.

Feng Ximing felt as if every part of his body was about to explode. A sense of indescribable rage… as well as jealousy had seemingly overtaken his brain. Not even when Yun Che had previously forced him into a perilous situation, had his hatred towards Yun Che been so extreme…

Because even he, the Divine Phoenix Crown Prince and Xue’er’s oldest brother… had not managed to touch so much as her pinky before.

As Feng Ximing’s extreme rage took over, he let out a guttural, savage growl and then he suddenly rose into the air, roaring as he charged forward.

Feng Tianwei’s gaze sunk as he suddenly waved his arm downwards and a strong profound energy caused Feng Ximing to heavily crash into the ground, “Do you really want to die so badly!!”

“Ming’er, don’t be an embarra.s.sment!” growled Feng Hengkong as he glared at Feng Ximing, who was climbing up from the ground with a contorted face. However, his fists were also tightly clenched and his face painfully contorted as well. It did not pale in comparison to Feng Ximing.

When Feng Xue’er woke up, the tears she shed for Yun Che had caused Feng Hengkong's emotions to be thrown into confusion. Thus, when he suddenly found out that Yun Che had not died, his killing intent had tremendously surged in an instant.

Today, the matter he was worried and most afraid of had finally happened… Furthermore, it was worse and more shocking than what he had expected.

“Just what the heck… is going on?” Feng Tianwei’s face was frighteningly dark. As someone who had lived hundred of years and had once been the emperor of the nation and the sect master of the sect, how would he not realise that… Feng Xue’er’s current actions towards Yun Che were far beyond just simply “repaying his kindness”!

He could simply not believe that she would shed tears for a man and take initiative to hug a man herself.

She was Xue’er… the future “G.o.d” of Divine Phoenix Sect!!

“...” Feng Hengkong’s twisted fingers tightly clawed at his head as he painfully replied , “This was the reason… why I had to kill Yun Che…”

“Xue’er must have been bewitched by him… Kill him… Grandfather, you must kill that b.a.s.t.a.r.d Yun Che. Kill him!!!” Feng Ximing reached out and grabbed the corners of Feng Tianwei’s clothes. Both the sound of his voice and his expression were as if he had been stabbed thousands of times.

“...” Feng Tianwei’s eyebrows strongly twitched as he deeply exhaled. Looking up into the sky, his eyebrows sank slightly and he muttered, “Xue’er’s aura… Why is there such a big change…”

Within this world, there was not a single person that could bear seeing Feng Xue’er shed tears. As she sobbed, her tears constantly dripped onto Yun Che’s shoulders, dampening his outer garment as they seeped through and landed on his skin, deeply touching the depths of his heart.

After being frozen for a long time, Yun Che finally decided to turn around. Stretching out his hand, he lifted Feng Xue’er’s sobbing face and gently wiped her falling tears… the Feng Xue’er who was currently right by him looked exactly the same as she had three years ago. Her appearance had not changed a single bit, and her radiant snow beauty was still as dreamy as before.

“Xue’er… Have you and Chan’er been well the past three years?”

Tears muddled Feng Xue’er’s eyes as she blankly stared at Yun Che. She wanted to laugh heartily, but at the same, she also wanted to tightly hug him and cry, “As long as I can see Big Brother Yun… I’ll be fine forever… I… I had thought… that I would never get to see you again…”

“I have still yet to fulfill my promise with Xue’er, why wouldn’t you be unable to see me again? These three years, I was just taken on a sightseeing journey by the Great Primordial Ark.” Yun Che gently smiled.

“Mn…” Feng Xue’er smiled, tears still in her eyes. Her smile seemed to instantly cause all the things in the world lose their glow.

The flaming purgatory continued to hang in the sky over Phoenix City as the hearts of all the members of Divine Phoenix Clan continued to tighten below. However, the melancholic feelings they felt from Yun Che and Feng Xue’er’s heated pa.s.sion in mid-air had completely overshadowed all of the heat. All of the Phoenix elders and disciples were dumbfounded. As for Feng Ximing, he grit his teeth so tightly that he bled as he tried his best to prevent himself from breaking down completely. However, he could not help but let out a beast like roar as he wildly shouted, “Yun Che… LET GO OF MY ROYAL SISTER!

“Xue’er, get away from him, hurry up and get away from him! He’ll kill you!” Feng Ximing looked as though he had completely lost all sanity.

Feng Ximing’s roar also seemed to have caused the dazed Divine Phoenix profound pract.i.tioners back to snap back to reality as Feng Tianwei also sternly shouted, “Xue’er, hurry up and get away from that person. Come to Grandfather’s side! He’s too dangerous!!!”

Feng Xue’er’s snowy hands gently wiped away the trails of tears on her face as she revealed a smile which came from the depths of her heart and said, “Grandfather, royal brother, you all don’t have to worry. Big Brother Yun will never harm Xue’er.”

“No! Xue’er, you don’t understand!” Feng Hengkong raised both his arms and shouted in a trembling voice, “He’s not the Yun Che from three years ago! He’s now a lunatic, a scary demon! Do you know, in just the past few days, he’s killed your fourteenth brother, your thirteenth brother, as well as your ninth and eleventh brother… They were all killed by Yun Che!

“And their deaths were unbelievably tragic as not even their corpse was left behind!”

“Also, the Great elder and second elder… even Tianqi and Tianyu, two of our grand elders, were all killed by him!” bellowed Feng Ximing with all his might as he followed after Feng Hengkong’s words, “Even royal father was severely injured by him! He even wanted to destroy our entire Phoenix City… That flame domain in the sky is what he was going to use to destroy our Phoenix City! Xue’er, hurry up and get away from him! He is truly a devil and the mortal enemy of our entire sect!”

Feng Xue’er had never seen Feng Hengkong and Feng Ximing scream so intensely before. With her unparalleled intelligence, how could she have failed to notice what had happened here? However, all of this had been pushed out of her mind with the appearance of Yun Che. Now, as she heard the cries and screams of her royal father and royal brother, her eyes became clouded as she shook her head in refusal, “It… It can’t be. Big Brother Yun wouldn’t have done such things.”

Yun Che, “...”

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