Against the Gods - Chapter 643 - Wish Fulfilled

Chapter 643 - Wish Fulfilled

Chapter 643 - Wish Fulfilled

Yun Che returned as fast as possible, but by the time he got there, the Little Demon Empress was already nowhere to be found; only a few royal maids were quietly sweeping away. Seeing Yun Che come in, they hurriedly put aside what they were doing and dropped down on their knees for a courtesy. News of the Little Demon Empress and Yun Che’s upcoming marriage had already been announced to all in the realm, and it also completely changed Yun Che’s social status.

“Where’s the Little Demon Empress?” Yun Che asked in advance.

“Responding to Young Patriarch Yun, not long before you left, the Little Demon Empress had already returned to her chambers,” the frontmost maid respectfully replied.

Following an about face, Yun Che floated, then flew towards the Little Demon Empress’ chambers.

The Little Demon Empress’ chambers was without a sound. She silently stood alone in front of a window and was so quiet that she looked like an inanimate porcelain jade doll. Ever since coming back from the Demon Imperial Hall, she had always been standing there, continuously maintaining that posture for a long period of time.

An aura came from afar and quickly approached her chambers. Upon closing in, it did not carefully slow down one bit nor did it restrain itself. The Little Demon Empress’ brows bunched together, but she quickly recognized the master of this aura. The voice she wanted to utter just a moment ago was swallowed down, and she didn’t turn around either, making no movements; only that her crystal-like eyes tremored for a split second.

In all of the Illusory Demon Realm, only Yun Che would dare enter the Little Demon Empress’ chambers in such a direct way… If it were someone else, granted that they even dared, they would’ve already been burned to ashes by the Little Demon Empress before even getting close.

Yun Che didn’t deliberately lighten his footsteps as he straightforwardly entered. This was the Illusory Demon Monarch’s resting chambers, yet it was incredibly simple and could never be considered “luxurious”; it couldn’t even be compared to the chambers of a common wealthy family’s daughter. There was even a hint of deep coldness within, causing anyone who entered to subconsciously curb themselves.

This was not the first time Yun Che had charged in without announcing himself, but he was usually met with two consequences in his previous attempts: One was being blasted out by the Little Demon Empress before entering, and the other was being blasted out by the Little Demon Empress right after entering.

But this time, the Little Demon Empress, who stood in front of the window, was silent and only gave Yun Che a view of her delicate silhouette as though she never even realized he had come.

Yun Che stood at the door to her chamber, silently watching her figure. Yet before she uttered a single word or turned her head, he vaguely sensed a desolate, hurt aura in the air which faintly stung his heart. He started walking slowly toward the Little Demon Empress...

All the way until he reached behind her. Then, he opened his arms, looped them around her waist, and lightly hugged her against his chest...

The Little Demon Empress’ entire body violently trembled...

The gray colored gown was huge, but her body was incredibly thin, especially her delicate waist; it was as slim as a swaying willow. Forget about Yun Che’s arms, even if he used both hands, it was enough for him to easily wrap around her.

Only, before Yun Che could even feel the temperature of a young woman’s jade body, an enormous surge of power was blasted at his chest.


With a huge sound, Yun Che’s body immediately blasted out like a missile. His back firmly smashed into the wall, causing the entire chamber shake upon impact.

“Y-y-y-y-you… Can’t you be less ruthless when attacking?!” Yun Che brushed aside the dust and shattered jade on his body and then unsteadily stood up as he gasped in cold air.

Over these hundred years, had made the Little Demon Empress acquire an extremely powerful self-defense subconscious since a long time ago. Blasting Yun Che aside was completely an instinctive reaction… Even though she had regretted it the instant she blasted Yun Che away, the Little Demon Empress still forcibly held onto her cold expression and said lowly, “You asked for it! If it were another person who dared to offend this empress like that, they would’ve died ten thousand times over! Hmph!”

“Hey! Am I really the same as “another person”? I’m someone who’s about to be your husband, and you’re the one who announced that we’re marrying each other! Yet I can’t even hug you a little?!” Yun Che angrily stated.

Perhaps it was because she felt like she was a little guilty, the Little Demon Empress turned her head. She asked in a cold and stiff voice, “What are you coming back here to do!”

Yun Che finally patted off all the dust on his body and then answered with face full of innocence, “I only came back to tell you that I am willing to comply with your wishes, enter your Demon Emperor Clan after getting married with you.”

The Little Demon Empress’ gaze immediately turned around, “Are… you serious?”

“Of course I’m serious.” Yun Che began to a.s.sume a wronged expression. “Before, when I was in the Demon Imperial Hall, I had instinctively rejected it without thinking too much about it. After I went back home and calmed down, I realized that, to me, you are above and beyond my so-called dignity of a man. If I don’t have the resolve to bear the heavy burden of your clan with you because of my ridiculous pride, then I wouldn’t be qualified… to be your husband either.”

“...” The Little Demon Empress looked at him for a long time without saying anything. Then, she quickly turned her head, looked outside the window, and said with misty eyes, “Thank you.”

If it were another man in the Illusory Demon Realm, as long as they were able to receive the Little Demon Empress’ favor, forget about joining the Demon Emperor’s clan, even if he had to change his entire clan surname to “Huan.” he would be delighted to do so and would be wild with joy… However, she knew that Yun Che was different. He was someone who did not cower or retreat even in the face of the Golden Crow Soul. How could he possibly covet the Illusory Demon Royal Family’s t.i.tle?

This concession of his was beyond valuable.

“Hahaha.” Yun Che laughed heartily. “You’re the one who publicly announced to the world that I’m about to be your husband, what grat.i.tude do you need to give me? Just that, in front of your future husband, your strikes are actually still as ruthless as before… It’s fine if my body hurts, but my heart hurts even more. Oww…”

“...” The Little Demon Empress’ lips twitched. Even though she clearly knew that Yun Che’s tone, expression, and sucking of cold air were all an act, her ruthlessly blasting Yun Che away was still a fact, so she couldn’t help but feel a bit guilty at heart.

“I’m heart broken right now, so… if you want me to marry into your Demon Emperor Clan, you have to agree to an additional condition!”

“...What condition?”

Yun Che slightly narrowed his eyes and said with incomparable seriousness, “Very simple… Let me embrace you properly for a while—right now.”

“...” Normally, if Yun Che were to say these kinds of words, he would definitely be blasted away by the Little Demon Empress. However, since her public announcement of marrying Yun Che in seven days, their originally delicate relations.h.i.+p had already changed fundamentally due to this step that she took that exhausted all her courage and willpower. If they were husband and wife, hugging each other couldn’t be something that was any more ordinary, and besides...

“I’m… not used to being touched by others.” The gaze Little Demon Empress was s.h.i.+fting, and even her voice was already no longer stiff and cold.

“That’s others… but I’m not others.” Yun Che walked toward her. Following every step of his approach, he was able to sense that the Little Demon Empress’ breathing had become a bit more disordered. “I know that you’ve been bearing great pressure everyday for all these past years, and you had to be on guard of crisis that could come your way at any second. This is why your self-defense subconsciousness has long become instinctive. I also knew that you blasting me away a while ago… was not intentional.”

Yun Che’s understanding was not merely hot air, but was him completely understanding her. Because in those years back in Azure Cloud Continent, his situation was even more dangerous than the Little Demon Empress’ by who knew how many times. He also had this kind of defensive instinct, and to a certain extent, his was even more intense than hers… Even if he were in the Yun Family household which was the safest place, his sleep was still forever only seventy percent.

“But I’m about to be your husband, and from then on, I’ll be your… Huan Caiyi’s other half in life; a person willing to face and undertake everything together with you, who will always be good to you, will always strive to enter your world, and be the one who you’ll never need to be on guard with… And I will also be the only person in this world who is allowed to embrace you.”

“Just like back in Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley… At that time, when we faced Duke Ming side by side, I held you and we entered the Sea of Death together. At that time, you cuddled with me tightly and didn’t want to struggle free either, nor did you feel like breaking loose… because at that time, our fates were tightly linked. If we lived, we’ll live together. If we died, we’ll die together… This linked fate between us was not merely that short month within the Sea of Death. From now on… it’ll always be that way.”

Unwittingly, Yun Che’s voice had already closed in by her ears. Within the warm and gentle voice, two arms also slowly came together above her delicate waist. Snug on her back, was also a warm chest… this time, the Little Demon Empress didn’t struggle at all, nor did she freeze up for even an instant. Along with Yun Che’s voice, her train of thoughts also returned to the month in which she had been tightly embraced within the Sea of Death… Slowly, she realized that she was being gently embraced by Yun Che, yet her body didn’t instinctively reject it, and furthermore, neither did her heart… The only thing she felt was a warm sensation that slowly relaxed both her body and soul.

Embraced within his bosom was a young girl’s figure… it seemed as though it was even smaller than Jasmine’s. That heart-piercing cold intent no longer came from her body; a warm, yet somewhat frantic feeling of a young girl replaced it.

Even though they had copulated for who knows how many times within Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley, it was only until today... that his wish to just silently hug her like this was finally fulfilled.

Yun Che closed his eyes, smiled with satisfaction, and said, “Even though you suddenly announcing that you were going to marry me left me greatly shocked, it surprised me nicely even more. Looks like, it was fortunate for me to have ‘bawled’ at you that day… Otherwise, if you insisted on keeping me at a distance, I really might have regretted it all my life since I don’t have the power to forcibly take you away.”

The Little Demon Empress, “...”

“From now on, you will no longer be alone. I’ll bear all your responsibilities with you,“ softly said Yun Che. “Back in Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley, the reason why I risked my life to save you is for my family and to carry on my grandfather’s will. But from now on… I will do it because you’re my wife. Even though I’m too weak at the moment, I’ll strive to grow, grow to a point where you’ll feel at ease to rely on me and no longer have to bear any sort of pressure or danger… believe me, okay?”

“You’re… at… it… again… Why does there have to be so many idiotic women who will fall for this s.e.x fiend’s tricks!” Jasmine hatefully muttered in Yun Che’s mind. Then, with a cold snort, she simply sealed off her own sense of hearing.

The Little Demon Empress had never heard such words in her entire life. An extremely strange, indescribable feeling permeated her heart and soul, and also spread out through her entire body… It was seemingly a feeling that melted both her mind and body. Slowly, she felt her own body grow increasingly soft until it lost all strength, as she completely put all her weight onto the man’s body she was nestling against behind her. A barely discernible low sound came from her lips, “Mn…”

“When you become my wife, I’ll call you Caiyi, okay?”


Yun Che drew in his arms, causing the girl’s body within his embrace to stick even closer. “From now on, you’ll let me embrace you like this everyday, okay?”


“Don’t worry, from now on, your life will be my life. That three year lifespan of yours… even if it was an a.s.sertion of G.o.d, I will still smash it at any cost. So, in these three years, you definitely can’t think that you really only have three years left to live. Instead, you have to believe that I will definitely find a miraculous way to break that three year fate… Just like how we were able to come out alive from the Sea of Death, got it…”

Yun Che softly uttered beside the Little Demon Empress’ ears. Even though they were soft, each and every word was resolute and decisive. He felt the jade body within his embrace becoming more pliable and his hands also slowly moved up, which at the same time, covered onto her slightly bulging chest. He immediately felt a lump of soft and suppleness. Even though they were separated by two layers of clothing, the tender smoothness was still like stroking the purest of spring water. Two tiny buds timidly pressed against his palms and he couldn’t help but fold his palms to softly knead them.


Three of the Demon Empress Chamber’s maids who were merrily talking and laughing just happened to walk by. Naturally, they were talking about the Little Demon Empress and Yun Che’s wedding. As the closest people to the Little Demon Empress, they had long since sensed and guessed the subtle feelings between the two. Before they had even neared her chambers, they suddenly heard a loud thunderous sound come from ahead. A person’s figure flew out with the loud noise and violently fell in front of them, startling them and causing them to cry out in shock.

Upon seeing the person who had landed in front of him, all three maids simultaneously laughed. The frontmost red-clothed maid stepped forward and said with a smile, “Young Patriarch Yun, how come you’ve been blasted out by the Little Demon Empress yet again?”

“Hehe…” The other two maids giggled covering their mouths. Even though they were only maids, Yun Che had never shown any kind of att.i.tude toward them. Instead, he called them “sister,” which greatly improved their impression and respect of him, and also never needed to be cautious around him.

Yun Che got up from the ground. Wiping off the dust from his face, he responded with a serious expression, “Sisters, have you noticed that the Little Demon Empress blows that she strikes me with have become increasingly lighter?”

“It’s true! Back then, Young Patriarch Yun used to get blasted out several kilometers away, but this time…” the red-clothed maid’s eyes roamed as she did her best to not laugh, “it seems like it’s only a fourth of a kilometer.”

“It’s because Young Patriarch Yun is about to become the Little Demon Empress’ husband. The Little Demon Empress obviously couldn’t bear to be heavy-handed anymore,” the blue-clothed maid said with a gentle laugh.

“Cough, as a respectable man, I can’t be bothered get on the same level with women. Once she becomes my wife, if she dares to be this disobedient again, even if she’s the Little Demon Empress… she’ll still be disciplined by family law!” Yun Che stated with a grandeur manner. Once he finished his speech, he even glanced at the chambers somewhat lacking in confidence. Then, he said with a wave, “Sisters, I still have things to attend to at home, so I’ll have to leave first… Oh, Sister Yuyi, it seems like your chest has grown yet again!”


Yun Che laughed lewdly, then disappeared like a wisp of smoke.

“Hmph… d.a.m.n you!” The red-clothed girl lightly chided with a red face as her arms subconsciously covered her b.r.e.a.s.t.s. The other two maids had already laughed themselves into a curl… It was very evident that they had long since gotten used to Yun Che’s obscene teasings.

News of the wedding between the Little Demon Empress and the Yun Family’s Young Patriarch, Yun Che, had been sent throughout the entire Illusory Demon Realm within a short day via countless sound transmission talismans. In front of such huge news, the originally precious thousand mile and ten thousand mile sound transmission talismans seemed as though they were worth nothing. In this one day, the number of sound transmission talismans used probably numbered even more than the number used over the past several years combined.

Of course, under Yun Che’s prompting, what spread along with this heaven shocking news was the fact that Yun Che had been bestowed the pure Golden Crow bloodline by the Golden Crow Divine Spirit. The couple’s union was for the pure Golden Crow bloodline and the continuity of the Demon Emperor Family… and it was more so the Golden Crow Divine Spirit’s decree!

Thus, the commotion, criticisms, and skepticisms that should’ve surfaced did not appear. Pervading throughout all of the Illusory Demon Realm was only all kinds of praise and exclamations of admiration.

However, to those hegemons, this news was simply the same as lighting their b.u.t.ts on fire.

“What… seven… in seven days?! You aren’t mistaken are you? Hurry… hurry and send a sound transmission to confirm that you haven’t heard wrongly!!”

“What… it’s really in seven days… F*ck!!”

“Mayor, what are we to do?”

“What do you mean what do we do? Prepare the highest quality profound ark and the highest quality profound crystals… two hours… no!! We’ll depart in an hour… quick!!! The Little Demon Empress… and even a grand wedding bestowed by the Golden Crow Divine G.o.d! If I’m not there in time, I won’t be able to hang around in the Illusory Demon Realm anymore!”

“This… the matter of preparing the congratulatory gift…”

“We still have a fart’s amount of time to prepare! Go into the treasury immediately and bring along the highest quality treasures and medicines… Bring as many as you can! Go!!”

The same scene played out in every part of the Illusory Demon Realm, and it was most frequently played out in the places far from Demon Imperial City. Along with the rapid spread of this news, the entire Illusory Demon Realm nearly boiled, and the rarely seen profound arks continuously hurled past in the skies above. Even those influential individuals who couldn’t be more stingy to use energy crystals to power them up, were eager to put all their savings into the profound arks in order to make them fly a bit faster.

Within Demon Imperial City, it was even more noisy around the clock. The Twelve Guardian Families and more than a hundred Duke Palaces were all frantically running about, practically without rest.

Unwittingly, seven days had already silently pa.s.sed by. Demon Imperial City became even more clamorous by the day. Even its color had tremendously changed; the entire city was decorated with lanterns, banners, and red carpets. The golden flame symbolizing the Golden Crow filled every corner of the city as well. Seeing it from the distant skies, the originally pale Demon Imperial City had become a dazzling field of gold.

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