Against the Gods - Chapter 642 - A Mans Dignity

Chapter 642 - A Mans Dignity

Chapter 642 - A Man’s Dignity

After everyone left, only the Little Demon Empress and Yun Che were left in the Demon Imperial Hall. The Little Demon Empress stood by her throne the whole time with her back facing Yun Che. The two of them did not move nor speaking at all.

This awkward situation lasted for a while, when finally the Little Demon Empress turned around, stared at Yun Che indifferently, and then immediately looked away, “Are you satisfied now?”

“What do I have to be satisfied about!” Yun Che stood up and freaked out, “With something this big… something so big that it affects a lifetime! I can’t believe you didn’t discuss with me or even mention it to me beforehand!! Forget that you forced yourself onto me in Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley, you’re also going to force a great affair of marriage onto me! You-you-you-you… even if you’re the Little Demon Empress, you can’t be this imperious and unreasonable!”

“...Hmph! Isn’t this just as you wish?” The Little Demon Empress turned away and she was somewhat avoiding making eye contact with Yun Che.

The Little Demon Empress’ reaction made Yun Che smile slightly in his heart. The way the Little Demon Empress dealt with things was indeed imperious, but with this matter, she didn’t discuss with Yun Che and even neglected to tell him beforehand, and it wasn’t because she was “acting in an arbitrary fas.h.i.+on.” With her personality, her lack of experience with relations.h.i.+ps between a man and a woman, and her “indifference” towards Yun Che that was maintained for a long time made her not able to be frank with Yun Che… Her sudden big change with how she was treating Yun Che was already an overly great surprise to him.

Even though it kind of caught him by surprise… even until now he was still a bit dazzled.

After all, from the indifference, coldness, and absolute refusal to reveal any emotions to him… to suddenly announcing to the world that they were going to be married, and the wedding was going to be seven days later… No matter how powerful Yun Che’s nerves were, he couldn’t wrap his head around it.

He was certain that it was impossible to find another woman like the Little Demon Empress all over the world.

The Little Demon Empress was obviously panicking in her heart, and she had already confessed her feelings towards him, but she still acted as a cold, indifferent emperor… Only from her dodging gaze, drifting eyes, and slightly disordered breathing, was Yun Che able to clearly see a sweet, tender appearance of a normal young woman. He smiled slightly, and then used a displeased expression and yelled, “You finally admit that you liked me with honesty. In this regard, as your future husband, of course I should praise you highly. But, between husband and wife, there should be at least be some respect, tolerance, conjugal love, inseparable love, intimacy…”

“...What are you trying to say!” What Yun Che had said made the Little Demon Empress’ breathing even more uneven, and she interrupted him immediately.

“What I’m saying is, after you marry me, you can’t be like before and now, pre~tend to be cold and distant towards me, instead you should…”

“You seemed to have mistaken something.” The Little Demon Empress interrupted Yun Che once again, and said in a solemn voice, “This empress is not marrying you, you… are marrying this empress!”

“Uh?” Yun Che was suddenly stunned.

“Hmph!” The Little Demon Empress sided her face and said coldly, “This empress made it very clear just now. Seven days later, you will enter my Demon Emperor’s clan! After that, you will belong to my Demon Emperor’s clan. Henceforth… the children that we bear, must be surnamed ‘Huan.’ Did you really think that this empress and you being wed, is me marrying into your Yun Family?”

“...” Yun Che immediately filtered what the Little Demon Empress had said to Duke Lang Xun in his mind. His expression changed a little, stepped forward, and said with determination, “No!”

“What do you mean, ‘no?’” The Little Demon Empress gave a sideways glance.

"Because I am a man!” Yun Che kept his temper and said, “Even with the most common man who doesn’t have an indomitable spirit, how could he marry into the woman’s family! I, Yun Che, definitely cannot accept something like this! If you are to marry with me, it can only be you marry to me… marry into my Yun Family!”

“Ridiculous! My Demon Emperor’s clan is the emperor clan that commands the Illusory Demon Realm. How could you feel wronged marrying into my Demon Emperor’s clan!?” The Little Demon Empress said calmly.

“I am also the Yun Family’s Young Patriarch!” Yun Che said without giving in, “My Yun Family’s Patriarch’s bloodline was only pa.s.sed onto one person for generations! My grandfather only had my father as his only son, and my father only has me as his only son! As the only successor to the Patriarch’s bloodline of this generation, if I marry into my wife’s family, my son cannot be named after the surname ‘Yun,’ and then wouldn’t my Yun Family become the laughingstock of the Illusory Demon Realm! How would I face my family, face my grandfather who had pa.s.sed away…”

“Who dares to laugh at your Yun Family!” The Little Demon Empress interrupted him and said, “When the Yun Family’s Young Patriarch becomes the husband of the Demon Empress, the status of the Yun Family would completely override all of the forces in the Illusory Demon Realm! Not only is this not a shame to the Yun Family, but it will also be glory and splendor that your Yun Family has never had before! In your Yun Family, your son will be the future Yun Family’s Patriarch, but in my Demon Emperor’s bloodline… our son, will be the future Illusory Demon Emperor! This is ten thousand times more dignified!”

“It’s not the same!”

“How is it not the same!”

“...No matter what, the answer is no!” Yun Che shook his head hardly. He was an extremely proud and arrogant person… he himself knew this clearly too. All this time, in his consciousness, a man marrying into someone else's family showed his weakness and incompetence. He always frowned upon this kind of matter. He never thought… and absolutely would not allow this kind of thing to happen to him.

Even if she was the Little Demon Empress of the Demon Emperor’s clan.

“I already have a wife in Profound Sky Continent! And she is the only imperial princess of her nation! If I marry into your Demon Emperor’s clan, when I return to Profound Sky Continent, how could I possibly explain it to her… In short, this has already exceeded my limit, and I absolutely cannot accept it!” Whether it was Yun Che’s voice, eyes, or expression, they were all incredibly determined.

The Little Demon Empress’ chest was moving up and down as she stared at Yun Che. The expression in her eyes kept on changing, and then silently, she looked away and said slowly, “This empress knows that with your personality, doing this indeed would be unbearable to you… but, behind this empress is the Demon Emperor’s clan after all, and this empress is the last of the Demon Emperor’s clan… This matter is beyond the control of this empress, and now that it has been announced to the world, it is beyond your control as well!”

Demon Imperial City appeared to be a lot more lively today than usual. There were crowds of people on the streets, and there were shadows of people flying across the sky with haste.

The news of the grand wedding between the Little Demon Empress and the Yun Family’s Young Patriarch seven days later made the recently-calmed Demon Imperial City completely boil up again.

The Yun Family was already preparing the wedding of Xiao Yun and Number Seven Under Heaven to be held a month later. But now, there was the wedding of the Young Patriarch… and it was with the Little Demon Empress! Everyone from the Yun Family was shocked by this surprising news… and they all became busy like mad. Everyone from the grandest elders of the Yun Family to the lowest servants dropped everything they were doing. The compet.i.tion that was going to be held five days later was canceled immediately, and the preparations for Xiao Yun’s wedding were all postponed. Everyone put in all their time into the preparation of the Young Patriarch’s wedding, and they were all so crazily busy they were like a gyroscope that was being whipped and spinned.

Young Patriarch… Little Demon Empress… Just thinking about it was… too freaking exciting!!

When Yun Che returned to his home, as soon as he entered the door, he saw Yun Qinghong standing there with his back facing towards him.

“Che’er, you have returned,” Yun Qinghong said as he turned around. His expression was especially calm as he stood there, and he seemed to be waiting specifically for him.

“...My mother, she… what was her reaction?” Yun Che said, perturbed.

“Hehe.” Yun Qinghong smiled lightly and said, “Your mother just left to Duke Qing Palace to personally prepare the clothing and ornaments that you will be using seven days later.”

“She… isn’t mad?”

“Mad?” Yun Qinghong’s face showed strangeness, “Why would she be mad? The woman you are marrying is someone who has an unusual ident.i.ty, outstanding appearance, and exceptional profound energy in this Illusory Demon Realm. As a mother, she doesn’t even have time to be glad, how would she be mad? If you think we would mind the age difference, then you’re thinking too much. In the Sovereign Profound Realm, a difference of one or two hundred years old is no different than a difference of one or two years old. Moreover, just based on appearances, the Little Demon Empress looks a lot younger than you.”

“That’s good. It’s just that this matter…” Yun Che hesitated a little and said, “The Little Demon Empress wants me to marry into the Demon Emperor’s clan, instead of her marrying into our Yun Family.”

Yun Qinghong, “...”

“But Father, don’t worry. I won’t allow something like this to happen.” Yun Che immediately said, “Even if she is the Little Demon Empress, whether it was to me or to our family, I will never accept this kind of arrangement. But the Little Demon Empress’ att.i.tude was also very determined, and she already announced it to the world… Sigh, there is still seven days after all, maybe I will be able to find a perfect solution by then.”

Yun Qinghong didn’t react too much to what Yun Che had said. Because when the Little Demon Empress ordered Duke Lang Xun, she had already spoken the words “join with my Demon Emperor bloodline” very clearly. Even if she hadn’t said so, Yun Che entering the Demon Emperor’s clan was the only possibility, and there was absolutely no way the Little Demon Empress would marry into the Yun Family.

About this matter, he had also considered for a long time while he was waiting for Yun Che to come back.

“Che’er,” Yun Qinghong didn’t show approval or disapproval towards Yun Che’s decision, instead he was incredibly calm, “Tell Father, how long does the Little Demon Empress have left?”

Yun Che’s eyes shook in an instant, his voice gush up in his throat, but he pressed it down forcefully.

“If you promised the Little Demon Empress to keep it a secret, then don’t say anything,” Yun Qinghong smiled lightly, but he sighed heavily in his heart. He didn’t need Yun Che’s answer, but from his reaction, he was able to confirm what was in his mind.

“Father, why would you… ask this?” Yun Che said.

Yun Qinghong said in frustration, “Because the Little Demon Empress’ strength has increased too much in these few months. It increased so much that it was absolutely abnormal. Did you remember two months ago when Duke Ming appeared, he said to the Little Demon Empress that the change in her strength was too ridiculous, and it would be impossible to not have any side-effects… I kept all those words in mind at the time.

Yun Che, “...”

“A while ago, I suddenly remembered something that your grandfather had told me more than a hundred years ago. Back then, your mother and I had not been married yet. When he was giving me pointers on cultivating the Purple Cloud Art, he said that the Illusory Demon Realm had been at peace for too long, and being settled and calm for too long meant that it was slowly chipping away the Twelve Guardian Families’ loyalty and bonds, and it was not a good thing. But then he suddenly laughed loudly and said that even if the Demon Emperor’s clan didn’t have the Twelve Guardian Families, once they used their trump card, they could still rule the world with a single hand… it was just that the price would be too painful.”

“I tried to ask more about it back then, but your grandfather didn’t tell me in detail. Because that was a secret that he guarded with the previous Demon Emperor for the Demon Emperor’s clan.” Yun Qinghong looked at Yun Che deeply and said, “And this secret, when you met him in Profound Sky Continent, he should have pa.s.sed it onto you along with the Patriarch’s Crest and the Demon Emperor’s Seal.”

“... Yes,” Yun Che nodded slowly.

“The Little Demon Empress’ extremely abnormal profound energy, what Duke Ming shouted that day… and the ‘painful price’ that your grandfather had mentioned back then, all made it impossible for me to not look for a downside. If it really is like that… then it has really been hard on her.” Yun Qinghong sighed softly.

“Father, is there something you want to say to me?” Yun Che suddenly had a feeling that Yun Qinghong waited for him here was definitely not only to confirm about this.

Yun Qinghong nodded slightly, looked straight at Yun Che as he nodded, and asked, “Che’er, with your temperament, father is not surprised at all that you would not accept marrying into the Demon Emperor’s clan. But I have a question that you must answer me in seriousness… Are you willing to marry the Little Demon Empress? Or, let me ask you in another way… Between you and the Little Demon Empress, has there already been relations.h.i.+p between a man and a woman? The two of you wanting to be married, is it a mutual feeling, and absolutely not because of the so-called ‘Golden Crow Divine G.o.d’s will?’”

Yun Che looked at Yun Qinghong in surprise, and the latter laughed softly and said, “You don’t have to think it’s strange. In the past two months, I have actually already sensed something, but I was just in denial this whole time… A month ago, you would almost go see the Little Demon Empress every single day. At first, when your mother and I returned from Profound Sky Continent bearing serious injury, the Little Demon Empress would visit us about each month personally. But now, while the injury of my blood essence was a lot less serious than the injury I had suffered back then and I could be cured, the frequency of the Little Demon Empress’ visits was much greater than before, and every time before she leaves, she would ask intentionally or unintentionally about your whereabouts… In the recent months, you seemed to have not taken the initiative to visit the Little Demon Empress, and every time I’ve seen her, she would always ask about you…”

“Just based on the Little Demon Empress’ beauty that almost no man in this world could resist, and my son being the most outstanding man in this Illusory Demon Realm. The two of you have suffered in hardness together for four whole months in Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley. Thinking of it now, it is completely reasonable for you two to be attracted and develop feelings towards each other.”

Yun Che thought silently for a while and said, “She does have a spot that cannot be replaced In my heart. After coming out of Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley, I would miss everything about her every day. Only, I am too weak, but she, no matter in which aspect, is too strong. Even if I wanted to protect her, help her, or bear some of her burden, I wasn’t able to. So all this time, I didn’t know what I could do. Today she suddenly announced the wedding with me… I was just as surprised as you all were.”

“If you want to help her and bear some of the burden on her shoulders, isn’t this the best chance?” Yun Qinghong smiled and said.

Yun Che was stunned.

“If, you are only marrying her because it is the Little Demon Empress’ command, then Father will support the decision you’ve made just now. But if you really like her, and want her to become your wife… then, Father hopes that you will do as she wishes and enter the Demon Emperor’s clan.” Yun Qinghong said calmly, “And your mother thinks the same.”

Yun Che was surprised. A part of the reason why he couldn’t accept entering the Demon Emperor’s clan was because he was taking the feelings of his parents and his late grandfather into consideration. For parents, who would wish that their son… their only son to marry into someone else’s family, and they are the top Yun Family. But he didn’t expect his father would say something like this, “You and Mother… really don’t mind at all?”

“If it was some other woman, no matter who it is, at least Father wouldn’t be able to be completely okay with it. But only the Little Demon Empress… Father would absolutely not be against it.” Yun Qinghong said in an incredibly calm manner, “Even though she still goes by the name of the ‘Little Demon Empress’, but in reality, she is the highest emperor in this Illusory Demon Realm. If she were only the princess of the Demon Emperor’s clan, she may be able to marry to a Guardian Family underneath her, but she is the emperor who looks down upon the world… how could she marry underneath her, or else where is her dignity as an emperor. On top of that, she is the last person left of the Demon Emperor’s clan. Each day that she is still on the throne, the Demon Emperor’s clan would still be in honor and glory for another day. But if she marries into our Yun Family… then the Demon Emperor’s clan would be truly collapse, and disappear forever in the Illusory Demon Realm.

“But if you marry into the Demon Emperor’s clan and have children with her, at least they will be the descendants of the Demon Emperor’s clan in name, and the bloodline of the Demon Emperor’s clan will be able to be pa.s.sed down like this…”

“The latter would mean the bloodline of the Demon Emperor’s clan would be able to be pa.s.sed down in glory, while the former… would mean the collapse of the Demon Emperor bloodline! How could you make the Little Demon Empress choose?”

Yun Che, “!!!!”

“But Yun Che, you are in a completely different situation.” Yun Qinghong continued to speak, “Even though when you marry into the Demon Emperor’s clan, your children with the Little Demon Empress would be named after the surname ‘Huan’, but you still have two other wives, and you might even have other wives in the future. Your children with them will all be our Yun Family’s children. The bloodline of our Yun Family’s patriarchs would not break. The Little Demon Empress knew a long time ago that you are already married in Profound Sky Continent, but she should have never spoken of it with you before, and she didn’t want to kill your current wives just because she is marrying you.”

“She is using the name of Little Demon Empress, but is granting you the name of ‘husband’... this word is normal to common people, but to the Little Demon Empress, this means she values you extremely highly, and is telling the whole world that you will be the only one for her. After you, there will be no others. Moreover, she silently allows you having other wives… On this matter, almost any other woman from a slightly more powerful family wouldn’t be able to do so. She is the Little Demon Empress, but she go to this extent, even Father is moved… She used to be cold and indifferent, but this, is an expression even more precious than any sensational expression. Her feelings towards you may be even more serious than you imagined.”

“...” Yun Che’s breathing started to become uneven, and his eyes also showed excitement.

“If you truly like the Little Demon Empress, and want her to become your woman, then… can’t you just make a simple compromise to marry into the Demon Emperor’s clan to complete her long-cherished wish and not let her become a sinner of the Demon Emperor’s clan for eternity?” Yun Qinghong’s tone was slightly harsher, “Or, in your world, is the tiny dignity of a man far more important than the woman you like?”

“Of course not!!” Yun Che lifted his head abruptly, raised his hand and slammed it on his chest fiercely as he said bitterly, “I can’t believe I was triggered by the words ‘marrying into the woman’s family.’ It clouded my judgements and I walked into a ridiculous dead end… Father, don’t worry, I know now what to do!”

Yun Che cracked a smile at Yun Qinghong, turned around in quickly, became a flash of light with a “whoosh” and headed straight to the Demon Imperial Hall.

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