Against the Gods - Chapter 558 - No Surrendering, Okay~?

Chapter 558 - No Surrendering, Okay~?

Chapter 558 - No Surrendering, Okay~?

Not only was the Fiend Dragon Solar Whip’s name was well-known within Demon Imperial City, it was also reputed in the whole Illusory Demon Realm. An Overlord wielding the Fiend Dragon Solar Whip could guide the power of the Fiend Dragon and the strength of the sun, and could easily sweep mountains flat, even break fine iron into pieces. If it were used to whip the body of a mid-stage Overlord, even with the lightest strength, it would cause a deep b.l.o.o.d.y scar or break a large surface of bone and take half their life away.

But on Yun Che’s body, there was only an extra red mark… on the red mark, not a single drop of blood was seen!

Everyone who had heard the great name “Fiend Dragon Solar Whip” was thinking the same five words in their mind: how could this be possible!

Was it possible that Yun Che’s body was even stiffer than ten thousand year-old fine iron?!

Or… did Chiyang Yanwu fail to use enough strength just now?

This was perhaps the only explanation.

They never would’ve thought that not only did Yun Che’s body have the Dragon G.o.d’s bloodline, he also had the protection of the strength of heaven and earth, and had been through a tempering thousands of times scarier than h.e.l.l. Those eighteen months on the Primordial Profound Ark… even though eighteen months were short to a strong, powerful profound pract.i.tioner, those eighteen months of tempering for Yun Che’s body were still incomparable to thousands of years for ordinary profound pract.i.tioners. Within those eighteen months, Yun Che’s profound strength had advanced by leaps and bounds, and his body was refined until he was almost to the extent of abnormal. At the moment, his profound strength was far from the realm of Monarch, but even if his body withstood an all-out attack from an early-stage Monarch, it would be impossible to take his life… and it would even be unknown whether or not he would be seriously injured from it.

His healing ability was so strong that even late-stage Monarchs would find it difficult to attain.

Besides, this was only a Tyrant Profound Weapon in the hands of a mid-stage Overlord.

It surprised him a little that this Fiend Dragon Solar Whip was able to leave a red mark on him… Of course, what he was surprised about was different than what everyone else was surprised about.

“You little hussy! I had been merciful to you, but you dare to lash me… If today I don’t lash you back, my surname will not be Yun!”

Yun Che gritted his teeth, flew up, and initiated an attack on Chiyang Yanwu. Dozens of Frozen End lotuses bloomed in the air, spinning as they pounded toward Chiyang Yanwu.

As the master of the Fiend Dragon Solar Whip, Chiyang Yanwu knew best about the power of the Tyrant Profound Weapon in her hand. When she saw Yun Che, who had merely complained that it hurt without bleeding a single drop after getting struck by the whip, it was the first time in her life that she felt so unsettled and worried… Usually, she would drag her father Chiyang Bailie to fight and exchange pointers. This whip on Chiyang Bailie’s body, was a similar red mark like that.

His body… for it to be comparable to Father’s…

That’s impossible! Absolutely impossible! He was only about twenty years old, and he seemed to be younger than herself… And her own father, was a Monarch who could look down on the heavens, how could they be compared with each other!

It must be because that lash wasn’t solid enough out of hurry… That must be it!

Chiyang Yanwu raised her head up high, held tightly onto her Fiend Dragon Solar Whip, as flames rose from her entire body. Following her deep roar, red scales appeared clearly on the back of both of her hands and above her forehead. Even her hair grew out speedily; in a blink of an eye, it was three times longer than before, and danced freely in the rising dragon flames.

The dragon aura around her, along with the flame aura, was completely doubled from before.

At the same time, the flames on her body quickly spread. Within the time of one short breath, it radiated all over the range of the arena, and turned the arena a deep purple. It was as if they fell into a purple flame purgatory, and in this purgatory, hundreds of red flame dragons quickly formed and danced carelessly.

“This is the Chiyang Family’s Scorching Sun Domain. Chiyang Yanwu is going to use all her strength!” Someone shouted with surprise from the sidelines.

“I have already completely mastered my Scorching Sun Domain! You… are not even a small Throne, so it’s impossible for you to use your domain arts to cancel out my domain. In this limited arena area, if you leave the domain, you will lose, but if you stay in it, you will die!” Chiyang Yanwu yelled as she laughed coldly while the Scorching Sun Domain built up. Yun Che’s ice lotuses all melted before they could touch her body.

Fire-attribute domains were mostly attack type domains, and the Scorching Sun Domain was no exception. The high temperature within the domain alone was enough to melt profound iron, and the fire dragons dancing chaotically in the domain could directly take the enemy into the deep abyss of death... But, forget about Chiyang Yanwu who was only a mid-stage Overlord, even if a high-level Monarch who could look down upon all of Illusory Demon Realm had cast this domain, it couldn’t hurt a single hair on Yun Che’s head.

Yun Che stood in the same spot, silently watching Chiyang Yanwu waste her energy. He reached out his palm, and a blue light suddenly flashed in the center of his palm.

“Tree of Frozen End!!”

In the center of the arena, which was also the center of Scorching Sun Domain, a large, st.u.r.dy, and strong Tree of Frozen End rose from the ground, growing at an incredible speed within the dark purple flame domain. A severe frozen aura also followed as the Tree of Frozen End grew and spread. Even though it was growing in a world of flames and high temperature, it insolently pressured the high temperature beneath itself, forcefully freezing the fire and the dancing dragons… it even abruptly tore open a large hole in the center of the Scorching Sun Domain.

“Wh...what?!” The Chiyang Family’s Patriarch Chiyang Bailie stood up immediately as he stared at that ice-crystal tree in the middle of the Scorching Sun Domain with an expression full of shock. That ice crystal was clearly releasing an aura of the Sky Profound Realm, but the thickness was no less than that of a mid-stage Overlord; its profound energy aura was almost the same as the Scorching Domain. But even though they were even, it was standing arrogantly in the Scorching Sun Domain.

The only explanation was that the level of this ice-attribute profound art was far stronger than their Chiyang Clan’s Dragon Flame!

“This… this is unbelievable.” Mu Yubai widened his eyes, and even his voice was trembling, “What kind of profound art is this! This strong ice-attribute profound art, I felt that its level isn’t lower than the Demon Emperor Clan’s Golden Crow Flame… Why haven’t I ever heard of this before?!”

“This Yun Che, what background does he have?! He only used one profound skill and completely dissolved Chiyang Yanwu’s Scorching Sun Domain!” Many of the audience lost control and yelled in surprise.

Even though they were in the Scorching Sun Domain, what Chiyang Yanwu felt was a wave of piercing cold. That large Tree of Frozen End was standing right in the sea of flames just like that, without any sign of melting; on the contrary, it was slowly starting to swallow up the Scorching Sun Domain. Her pupils shrank continuously. Then, she suddenly gritted her teeth, shouted, and swung the Fiend Dragon Solar Whip, abruptly whipping it towards Yun Che.

It was clear that her Scorching Sun Dragon Flames were losing miserably in front of Yun Che’s Frozen End Divine Arts, so if she wanted to beat Yun Che now, she could only rely on the Fiend Dragon Solar Whip in her hand.

She swung her wrist, made a slight movement, and instantly brought a whole sky of red whip shadows. Yun Che had experienced the power of the whip just now, so of course he wouldn’t dare let himself get hit by it… whipping his body was one thing, but if he wasn’t cautious and it whipped on his face, then it would be no joke!

If Yun Che had his heavy sword in his hand when facing these ten thousand whip shadows, he would only have needed to defend it by placing his sword horizontally without even needing to open his eyes, but with his bare hands, he naturally couldn’t be as careless. He immediately retreated backwards, and moved quickly under the shrouding of the whip shadows. Afterimages swept one after another, Star G.o.d’s Broken Shadow was used in coordination with Extreme Mirage Lightning, and Chiyang Yanwu’s whip shadows blotted out the sky. But after continuous thousands of whip shadows, none touched his hair at all, and the crowd offstage were all stunned seeing this.

“His profound art and movement skills are all incredibly strong.” Yun Qinghong couldn’t help but be deeply impressed, “Yun Che’s master must be remarkable.”

“Indeed.” Mu Yurou’s hand was still on the location of her heart, but there was no nervous expression on her face, only surprise, joy, and pride. She knew that it was already impossible for Yun Che to lose this battle.

“Flame Dragon’s Fury!!”

Maintaining the Scorching Sun Domain while also attacking with all her strength, caused Chiyang Yanwu to already be out of breath with flushed red cheeks. On the other hand, even though Yun Che had been dodging this whole time, he was calm and didn’t seem to be tired at all. Chiyang Yanwu gritted her teeth angrily, and the silhouette of a dragon above her body flashed. The sky was overrun with the shadows of whips overlapping each other, which then transformed into a thirty-three meter-long furious flame dragon that angrily crashed towards Yun Che.


The flame was more than thirty-three meters high, and the incredibly rock-hard profound jade floor was actually cracked with a dark deep scar. Yun Che flashed with speed into the air and dodged this attack, but following this, he felt the surrounding Scorching Sun Domain suddenly riot. He raised his head, then saw the entire Scorching Sun Domain completely collapse in an instant. All the purple flames and flame dragons within the domain came towards him crazily.

“Che’er, be careful!” Mu Yurou’s body tensed, as she yelled out of nervousness.

This woman, actually plays dirty… Yun Che scoffed in disdain. His arms opened, and the blue light on his body flickered. The area surrounding him up to thirty-three meters away immediately became a frost-blue world of ice. As soon as any of the purple flames and flame dragons approached, they were immediately frozen. Not a single lick of flame could touch his body.

Just as he was supporting the Frozen End Divine Arts, the Fiend Dragon Solar Whip came from one of the corners of the surrounding sea of flame and instantly crossed the thirty-three meter distance. The tip of the whip was like a poisonous snake sticking out its tongue, as it aimed straight for Yun Che’s right eye.

Yun Che had already experienced the Fiend Dragon Solar Whip’s extension, so he was prepared for it long ago. However, once noticing where the whip was attacking, he tightened his eyebrows, and fury started burning in his heart.

Originally, he thought this woman was only arrogant… he didn’t think that her heart would be so vicious!

This time Yun Che didn’t dodge. He reached out his palms with lightning speed and directly grabbed on the Fiend Dragon Solar Whip that was las.h.i.+ng out to him. Seeing Yun Che’s actions, Chiyang Yanwu stuttered, and then started laughing coldly, “It’s your own death wis.h.!.+”


A loud shocking sound. The Fiend Dragon Solar Whip hit right in the center of Yun Che’s palm, and under everyone’s shocked gazes, he just grabbed onto it. In the next instant, the Fiend Dragon Solar Whip suddenly burned with purple flames, and it immediately spread onto Yun Che’s entire arm. Before Chiyang Yanwu had even gotten the chance to laugh proudly, the purple flame on Yun Che’s arm suddenly extinguished. It didn’t matter how much profound energy she tried to instill, it wasn’t able to burn again.

Yun Che grabbed onto the other end of the Fiend Dragon Solar Whip, then forcefully wrapped and jerked on his end. With his strength so great, how could Chiyang Yanwu defend? On top of that, she had already exhausted a large amount of her profound energy. Under this strength that she couldn’t defend against, she lost hold of the Fiend Dragon Solar Whip. It made a red half-arc in the air, got grabbed by Yun Che into his hands, and he immediately whipped it down.

Having lost her weapon, Chiyang Yanwu was suddenly at a loss. When the Fiend Dragon Solar Whip came towards her in the air, she screamed in surprise, and tried to dodge backwards with all her strength. The Fiend Dragon Solar Whip missed, but she didn’t have the chance to take a breath before a current of cold air suddenly came from underneath her feet, causing her entire body to stiffen. Immediately after, another Tree of Frozen End started growing speedily, its ice-crystal leaves and branches spreading and trapping her within.

At this moment, Yun Che swung out the whip that was in his hands again. It went through the layers of ice-crystal leaves and branches with extreme precision, and severely whipped her bottom that was wrapped tightly by her fire-red leather pants, producing a crisp, loud “PAH” sound.

“This whip is for when you whipped me before!” Yun Che said viciously as he reeled the whip back.

The sound of the crisp whipping resounded in the entire hall, followed by Chiyang Yanwu’s scream. The hall which was originally noisy immediately became quiet. Everyone was completely stunned. Especially the young generation’s elites in Demon Imperial City; their eyes widened so much their eyeb.a.l.l.s almost popped out.

Chiyang Yanwu, who never put any man in her eyes, the most arrogant Chiyang Princess in the entire Demon Imperial City, was in this Demon Imperial Hall, with everyone watching… being whipped on the b.u.t.t by someone!!

And the sound of the whip was so loud!

Yun Che naturally wouldn’t use too much strength, so he only whipped off her protective profound energy to hurt her a little, but the pants weren’t even ripped from the whip. Chiyang Yanwu’s bottom felt hot, spicy pain, but even if it hurt ten times more, it couldn’t be compared to a tenth of a thousandth of the humiliation she was feeling in her heart. From when she was a child to when she grew up, Chiyang Yanwu was held in the palms of the entire family. She was admired by every men and women. No matter where she went, she was a proud peac.o.c.k, bearing countless men’s ashamed gazes of inferiority as well as gazes of reverence… but today, a man who was holding her whip, whipped her b.u.t.t in front of everyone.

“Yun Che, you bas…”

Chiyang Yanwu didn’t even finish yelling when Yun Che whipped again. “PAH” as it whipped on the other half of her b.u.t.t.

“This whip is for when you wanted to viciously destroy my eye before!” Yun Che’s hand swung, and das.h.i.+ngly pulled back the whip. Even though the spiritual consciousness and intelligence of the whip made it so it was a bit restless in his own hands, when he wielded it… using it seemed to be pretty smooth.

“Yun Che… I’m going to kill you!!”

This type of humiliation made Chiyang Yanwu scream viciously. Her body violently started to struggle in the restraining Tree of Frozen End, but when the dragon flame managed to light up, it was immediately extinguished. Meanwhile, the Tree of Frozen End’s leaves and branches were quickly spreading this whole time, becoming more dense. No matter how much she struggled, she couldn’t get out of it at all.

Yun Che swung the whip in his hand, looked at her out of the corner of his eyes, and said, “You can surrender now.”

“K… Kill me if you have what it takes!. Even if I die… I will not surrender to a b.a.s.t.a.r.d like you!!” Chiyang Yanwu’s face was burning red, her chest almost exploded with anger, and she was still struggling all she could. Her eyes were staring at Yun Che viciously, and it seemed like she wished she could burn him to ashes with her gaze.

“Oh, very well! I admire your personality.” Yun Che nodded, smiling, “If you say so... then… no surrendering later, okay~?”

Amidst soft laughter, Yun Che leisurely swung up the whip. Another “PAH” of a whip hit Chiyang Yanwu’s bottom, and this whip made a moderate rip in her short leather pants.

“Yun Che… There’ll be a day when I’ll tear you to pieces!!” Chiyang Yanwu was like an enraged female leopard as she roared at the top of her lungs.

Yun Che pretended to not hear it, and whipped again all cheerfully, “Don’t surrender… No surrendering, okay~!”

This lash, finally made Chiyang Yanwu drop a tear. She clearly felt that her pants that tightly wrapped on her b.u.t.t had started to rip.

“I don’t know when you’ll be able to tear me to pieces.” Yun Che was playing with the whip as he indecently smiled and said, “But what I am sure of is, a few more of these lashes and your clothes will be all ripped to pieces. At that time, everyone would be able to see your, Chiyang Princess’, body… What do you say, how much do you think they will thank me?! Oh, right. You said you’ll never surrender, then please, never surrender!”

After saying that, Yun Che’s wrist moved, and another whip swung over. A loud, crisp “PAH” sound made another rip in the other half of her leather pants.

“You… you… I will kill you… I will definitely kill you!!” No matter how stubborn, how arrogant Chiyang Yanwu was, at this moment, her voice obviously carried a hint of a crying tone. She looked at Yun Che with seventy percent anger, and twenty percent killing intent… and ten percent obvious begging.


With a deep voice that resounded with anger, a fiery-red figure suddenly flew from the Chiyang Family’s seats and instantly came to Chiyang Yanwu’s side. This person was also in red clothing and had fiery-red hair. It was obviously the Chiyang Patriarch, who was also Chiyang Yanwu’s father, Chiyang Bailie.

His daughter was humiliated with everyone watching. Even if he had been ten times as well-mannered, he simply couldn’t endure it any longer. Chiyang Bailie’s palm waved, and the large Tree of Frozen End that sealed Chiyang Yanwu immediately vaporized and disappeared. Chiyang Yanwu, whose body was frozen stiff, fell on Chiyang Bailie’s body. Her nose wrinkled, and she finally found a place for her to vent all of her anger, humiliation, and frustration, “Father! Kill him for me… I want to tear him into pieces, I want to… want to…”

“Silence!” Chiyang Bailie yelled angrily, “Do you think it’s not humiliating enough?!”

“Uu…” Chiyang Yanwu was usually rarely scolded by Chiyang Bailie, and she also knew that she humiliated her clan today. Her eyes immediately became red and she stopped making any sounds. When she looked at Yun Che, her eyes were still filled with the expression of bloodl.u.s.t... her reputation that she had built up all her life was all thoroughly thrown away because of Yun Che today.

Chiyang Bailie’s face was extremely unsightly, but the reason Chiyang Yanwu lost to Yun Che was because she wasn’t as good as him. With everyone watching, he couldn’t even be mad. He turned to Yun Che, reached out his palm with a stiff expression and said, “Hand it over.”

Even a fool would know Chiyang Bailie was asking for the Fiend Dragon Solar Whip that Yun Che had s.n.a.t.c.hed from Chiyang Yanwu’s hands, but Yun Che’s expression was filled with confusion as he replied, “Hand it over? Hand what over?”

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