Against the Gods - Chapter 557 - Chiyang Yanwu

Chapter 557 - Chiyang Yanwu

Chapter 557 - Chiyang Yanwu

“If nothing goes wrong, Che’er’s next opponent is probably the Chiyang Family’s daughter,” Mu Yurou softly said, her face revealing some worry.

“No need to worry.” Yun Qinghong placed his hands on Mu Yurou’s hands and consoled, “Although the strength of the Chiyang Family la.s.s is far superior to that of Jiufang Yu and Xiao Donglai, Che’er has not used his full strength yet. Even now, he has not used his weapon.”

“Dad, do you know what weapon Big Brother uses? I have never seen Big Brother use his weapon and always thought that he wasn’t proficient in using them,” Xiao Yun asked.

Yun Qinghong shook his head, recalling the heavy whistling sound that came from when Yun Che was in the practice room, he replied softly, “It’s not that your big brother is not proficient in weapons, if I haven’t guessed wrongly, he probably specializes in some sort of heavy weapon.”

“Heavy weapon?” Xiao Yun stared widely.

“It is not because your Big Brother is careless that he has not utilized his weapon until now; it is probably because the weapon he specializes in is very taxing to use.” Yun Qinghong looked at Yun Che who was on stage and calmly said, “It’s obvious that he is considering the circ.u.mstances ahead and is trying to minimize his energy consumption. Naturally, only when he feels his opponent is strong enough to threaten him would he take out his weapon.”

At this point, a fiery-red figure was now standing in front of Yun Che.

It was the figure of a gorgeous, tall young woman. She had scarlet hair and even her beige-colored skin had a hidden tint of red. She was Chiyang Yanwu of the Chiyang Family!

When Chiyang Yanwu went onto the stage, all the boys in the hall instantly cheered. Although her looks were considered pretty, they were not divine. However, she dressed wildly and seductively. Her top was a short, tight-fitting leather s.h.i.+rt and her bottom was a pair of short and tight high-waisted leather pants. The outline of her b.r.e.a.s.t.s, arms, stomach and thighs were completely revealed and many young men’s eyes sparkled as they salivated upon seeing them.

Chiyang Yanwu was obviously very used to such attention and noises as she held her head high, acting n.o.ble like a cat and arrogant like a peac.o.c.k.

Being from a race of true dragons, the Chiyang Family had always possessed the n.o.bility and arrogance of their bloodline. Among the Twelve Families, the Chiyang Family’s strength was ranked third and only paled in comparison to the Helian and the Su Family. As Chiyang Family’s strongest within the young generation, Chiyang Yanwu was even a female, and the only daughter of the Patriarch Chiyang Bailie; no matter her ident.i.ty, race, or strength, she naturally had the rights to be arrogant. Even when facing Yun Che who had easily defeated Jiufang Yu and Xiao Donglai, her arrogance… or perhaps more accurately, insolence, did not lessen even one bit.

“Two useless men, simply lost our Guardian Families’ face.” Chiyang Yanwu’s scarlet eyebrows were upturned and although she was muttering to herself, her voice was not soft. Jiufang Yu and Xiao Donglai could clearly hear what she had just said. She removed the scarlet whip from her waist and swung it, which caused sparks to fly and invoked a deafening “PAH” sound, “You are called Yun Che? If you do not want to lose too repulsively, honestly take out your weapon. This princess does not want to be bothered with bullying an unarmed man.”

Every word Chiyang Yanwu uttered was filled with deep arrogance and Yun Che could detect the aura of a true dragon from her body. The dragon was the king of all beasts and no matter human or demon, under such an aura, it did not matter how strong someone was; they would instinctively feel a sense of fear… However, Yun Che naturally would not, because in him was the bloodline of the Primordial Azure Dragon. Simply comparing the dragon breath, the Scorching Sunfire Dragon was not even fit to compare with the Primordial Azure Dragon.

Facing the arrogant Chiyang Yanwu, Yun Che did not take out his weapon. Instead, he folded his arms in front of his chest and leisurely said, “I’m the opposite, I like to bully girls holding weapons while barehanded.”

“Hehehehe…” Yun Che’s posture caused Chiyang Yanwu to laugh. Her laughter was clear and ear-piercing. She swung her whip and said with contempt, “Yun Che, do you think that just by simply defeating two male trash, you can act so insolently in front of me, Chiyang Yanwu? In my, Chiyang Yanwu’s, entire life, no one of the same level has ever been able to beat me. When you die miserably later, don’t say that I didn’t warn you!”

Yun Che crooked his mouth and said, “You’re a lady and yet you’re born so arrogant that you’ve barely looked at anyone without conceit. Looks like your family never disciplined you properly. Never mind, today, let me help your family discipline you a little. At least, next time when you talk to people, you’ll be more reserved!”

“Discipline me? In the entire Illusory Demon Realm, there is not a man capable of disciplining me.” Chiyang Yanwu’s eyes narrowed as she said, “As for you, you dare speak in such a manner towards me. I shall make you kneel down and beg for forgiveness today!”

“This Chiyang la.s.s’ temper is really as the rumours say,” Yun Qinghong plainly said.

“She is the sole daughter of Chiyang Bailie and also the strongest from the current generation of the Chiyang Family. Within the entire Demon Imperial City, there is no one of the same age, male or female, who is her match. Furthermore, with the temperament of a teenage girl, her behaving superciliously was only a natural thing.”

“With such temperament, she would suffer losses sooner or later,” Yun Qinghong calmly said. After he spoke, he frowned slightly and sent a sound transmission to Yun Che, “Che’er, don’t underestimate your opponent. Your opponent, Chiyang Yanwu, possesses the bloodline of a true dragon and was thus innately born with a strong physique and the power of dragon flames. The whip in her hand is known as the ‘Fiend Dragon Solar Whip.’ Although it looks simple, it is actually a Tyrant Profound Artifact and one of the greatest artifacts the Chiyang Family possesses. Even without injecting profound energy into it, it can move mountains, crack boulders and even fill the skies with dragon flame… You must be careful not to get hit by it!”

Yun Che nodded slightly in reply to Yun Qinghong’s sound transmission and when he looked, Chiyang Yanwu had already flown into the air. Her body ignited a deep, purple dragon flame which soared into the air and in an instant, completely covered the entire ceiling of the hall; it was as though a curtain of purple flames had been pulled down from the ceiling.

Although Chiyang Yanwu acted and spoke arrogantly, when she attacked, she already used nearly all her strength. It seemed that she didn’t dare to act to carelessly and look down on Yun Che, who had defeated Jiufang Yu and Xiao Donglai. Seeing how she attacked, members of the Chiyang Family heaved a sigh of relief… Even though Chiyang Yanwu was usually very arrogant, she did indeed have the strength to be so. Since she had used her full strength, there was no reason why she would lose to Yun Che… Furthermore, she still wielded the Fiend Dragon Solar Whip that even a high-level overlord would be worried about!

“Yun Che, open your doggy eyes and let me show you the difference between us!!!”


When Chiyang Yanwu swung the Fiend Dragon Solar Whip in her hand, numerous flames shot out, which turned into swift, purple-colored flame dragons. Along with the dragon flame that filled the sky, her whip rushed towards Yun Che, with her figure followed swiftly behind the dragon flame. An extremely deep, purple flame was ignited on the entire Fiend Dragon Solar Whip.

The air around the flame dragons distorted severely and the tens of thousands of people behind Yun Che all felt a scorching heat wave approaching them, which nearly burnt their organs, causing them to scream in shock.

Although they were so far away, the effects were still so obvious; it was not hard to imagine just how frightening the dragon flame was.

Yun Che’s hair and s.h.i.+rt were swept up by the scorching heat waves, yet he did not retreat one step. Swinging his hands, his entire body s.h.i.+ned with a blue glow as he released the Frozen End Divine Arts with full strength.

Crack. Crack. Crack. Crack. Crack…

The sound of the ice materializing was extremely ear-piercing and the twenty-odd flame dragons all froze over quickly when they were within fifteen meters from Yun Che. Following the spread of the blue glow, the solidifying of the ice spread at a frightening pace, turning each purple-colored flame dragon into blue-colored ice dragons.

“d.a.m.n! Even… Even dragon flame can be frozen!” Upon seeing this scene, Mu Yubai directly jumped up. If even he had such a reaction, one could only imagine the level of shock the other members of the Mu Family were experiencing.

This was also the first time Chiyang Yanwu had experienced such a scene in her life. She was slightly stunned, and her expression changed faintly. With a shout, the dragon flame once again ignited and the figure of a scarlet dragon appeared prominently behind her. Then, among the dragon flame in the air, three of the flame dragons forcefully broke out of the ice seal and rushed straight at Yun Che.


The hall shook, as though three meteors had fallen from the sky. Flames soared upwards and among the exploding flames, Yun Che jumped to a great height. Just as he stabilized himself, a scarlet figure flashed in front of him and the Fiend Dragon Solar Whip filled the sky with whip shadows. The whip shadows brought along scattering purple flames that covered Yun Che as though it were pouring rain.

Yun Che focused his gaze and he used Star G.o.d’s Broken Shadow to move instantly, causing all of the whip shadows to hit nothing but thin air. Yun Che attacked with one hand, sending out a frozen lotus that instantly pa.s.sed through the dense dragon flame and whip shadows, then exploded in front of Chiyang Yanwu’s chest.


Chiyang Yan backflipped and lost balance, but she still forcefully swung the Fiend Dragon Solar Whip in her hands. The whip itself was three meters long but at that instant, it suddenly grew to thirty meters long and lashed out viciously onto the body of a shocked Yun Che.

The whip in Chiyang Yanwu’s hands was the Fiend Dragon Solar Whip; it could even a mountain in one lash. The sound produced when the whip lashed onto Yun Che was so deafening that everyone’s hearts pounded violently. Yun Che was also, without a doubt, sent flying by this lash.

“Che’er!” Mu Yurou stood up instantly and anxiously shouted. Regarding the Chiyang Family’s Fiendish Dragon Solar Whip, she was very clear on how frightening a lash was.

Yun Qinghong quickly held her hand as he gradually frowned.

Seeing Yun Che being sent flying by the lash, the entire hall cried with shock and members of the Chiyang Family smiled slightly. Previously, when the Scorching Sun Dragon Flame was being largely encased in ice by Yun Che, they were shocked. However, no matter how eerie his ice profound skill was, this lash would cause him to at least lose half his life. During this compet.i.tion, Yun Che had indeed caused a small commotion, but now it was time for everything to end.

However, just as their smiles appeared, their faces had become serious once more.

Yun Che, who had been sent flying by the lash, did not roll on the floor pathetically like they had expected. Instead, he spun in midair and landed casually. The lash landed on the right side of his back and the clothing there was completely torn, revealing a foot-long red mark on his skin, which was more white and tender than a woman’s. His hand stretched to his back and touched the red mark as he continuously hissed, “Sss… Ow! Owowowow… It’s really painful!”

The previous cries of surprise instantly disappeared as everyone had been dumbfounded, especially the Chiyang Family, whose members stared with mouths agape, their chins about to hit the floor.

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