Against the Gods - Chapter 520 - Angry Rebuke

Chapter 520 - Angry Rebuke

Chapter 520 - Angry Rebuke

“What did you say?!” Yun Waitian became enraged again, “You actually want my son to undergo ‘Soul Search’? Outrageous, absolutely outrageous!!”

The “Profound Handle Soul Search” was indeed a special ability exclusive to the Yun Family due to their Profound Handle. Normal soul searches were not only risky, if it backfired, the consequences were unimaginable. Even if it did work, the mind of the person whose soul was being searched would receive huge damage and he might even turn straight into an idiot. For the Profound Handle Soul Search, even if it failed due to the target’s mind being too strong, there would not be any side effects. Furthermore, when it succeeds, it would not cause mental damage to the target. When Yun Che was originally attacking Burning Heaven Clan, he had used his Profound Handle to forcefully obtain another person’s memories, hence, he was very clear about the strengths of the Profound Handle. Twenty years ago, the only reason Yun Qinghong and his wife knew about Yun Canghai being locked within Profound Sky Continent was also due to the Profound Handle Soul Search stealing another person’s memories.

“Hehe,” Duke Hui Ye laughed slightly, asking: “Yun Che, that is your so-called proof? Other than that, do you still have any other proof?”

“Just this one proof is already more than enough.” Yun Che replied.

“So that’s it, very good…” Duke Hui Ye nodded slowly and a smile that had a slight sense of ridicule appeared on his face for an instant before he turned to Yun Xinyue and said: “I have heard of the Yun Family’s Profound Handle Soul Search more than once and I hear that it would not cause any harmful effects to the target. Now that someone is accusing you of harming a fellow clan member and the Princess of the Under Heaven Clan, and says that a Profound Handle would prove it… Yun Xinyue, do you dare to undergo the Soul Search in front of everyone to prove your innocence?”

Yun Xinyue stepped out, his face darkened and his whole body trembled. It was obvious he was enraged to his breaking point, but had been suppressing his rage with his willpower as he said: “Why wouldn’t I dare! I, Yun Xinyue, have a clear conscience, always treat my family honestly, and have never even had any thoughts of harming them. In my whole life, until now, the shame and anger I receive due to being accused and framed, I would rather die than carry the name of a traitor… Under the Profound Handle Soul Search, everything I say would be true and it would best prove my innocence! I plead the elders to allow me to undergo the Soul Search to prove my innocence!!”

The words of Yun Xinyue were said with anger, determination and without hesitation. The had not believed Yun Che’s words and after looking at Yun Xinyue’s att.i.tude, which lacked retaliation against Yun Che’s suggestion of undergoing the Profound Handle Soul Search, even the slightest bit of doubt they originally possessed had disappeared, turning into anger and resentment against Yun Che.

“Good!” Duke Hui Ye nodded, as his voice seemed to have calmed down: “Being accused in public is not a good feeling. I can understand your anger and desire to clear your name. However, your reply has left me disappointed.”

Yun Xinyue was stunned: “This… I ask Your Highness to please enlighten me.”

“Hmph!” Duke Hui Ye sorted heavily and said seriously: “I had originally thought that Yun Che would be able to bring out some proof but all he had was only a Profound Handle Soul Search. This is such a joke! Without any evidence, his accusations are merely a joke and even an idiot would not believe them. With such accusations, he had wanted you to undergo Profound Handle Soul Search to prove yourself. How could there be such a ridiculous matter in this world! If such a thing were to happen, than I can also, without evidence, accuse the whole Yun Family of treason. Then would each and every one of you undergo the Profound Handle Soul Search to prove yourselves?”

“Furthermore, who are you? You’re the son of the Great Elder of the Yun Family and the person who’s going to be the next Patriarch. Your status is high and n.o.ble. And this Yun Che, he’s just a brat who n.o.body knows where he came from. If he wants you undergo Profound Handle Soul Search and you willing do it… Would you still have any bit of pride and respect as a child of the Yun Family? If you were to really undergo Soul Search and prove your innocence, from now onwards, the entire Illusory Demon Realm would know that the respectable new Patriarch of the Yun Family had to undergo the Profound Handle Soul Search in front of everyone just to prove his innocence from some random brat’s accusation… Hahahaha! That would be a joke that would shame all of Yun Family, and don’t you think it would even cause the whole Illusory Demon Realm to look down upon the Yun Family? In the future, wouldn’t words from a child or some random beggar force the Yun Family Patriarch to use the Soul Search to prove himself?”

Duke Hui Ye words were shocking, and also caused all the disciples of the Yun Family to awaken and feel indignation. Numerous younger generation disciples instantly shouted out: “Duke Hui Ye is right, Yun Xinyue cannot undergo the Profound Handle Soul Search, otherwise our Yun Family would become a laughingstock.”

“The fact that Brother Xinyue was willing to step up to undergo the Profound Handle Soul Search without hesitation is enough proof that he’s innocent! Who the heck is Yun Che? Hurry up and chase him out! To accuse Brother Xinyue like this, crippling him right here and now isn’t even too much!”

“We know that Brother Xinyue is definitely innocent. He doesn’t need to prove himself at all. This Yun Che is really too despicable.”

Yun Xinyue trembled. After being stunned for a while, he looked down and replied with guilt: “Your Highness has taught me well. I was only thinking of proving my innocence and did not think of the bigger picture; I nearly caused the entire Yun Family to become a laughingstock because of my selfishness.”

“Haha,” Duke Hui Ye faintly laughed: “I know how you feel. But the fact that you were willing to undergo the Profound Handle Soul Search is enough proof of your innocence.”

The edges of Yun Che’s mouth twitched as he laughed coldly to himself: This two man show is truly flawless, even I was almost about to believe him.

Yun Waitian cupped his fists toward Duke Hui Ye and said agitatedly: “Duke Hui Ye had said everything that I wanted to say. How could my son’s innocence be placed on the same level as the prestige of the Yun Family. Even if he had to carry the name of a sinner who harmed his fellow clansman, this Profound Handle Soul Search cannot be allowed… I thank Your Highness for reminding my child about this. Although Your Highness is not much older than my child, you are much better than my child in handling such situations.”

Duke Hui Ye laughed slightly and said: “Great Elder is too kind. As the accused party, it is no wonder that anger clouded his mind, that he couldn’t think properly. I am an onlooker and can naturally see the bigger picture more clearly.”

“Hehehehe” Just as Duke Hui Ye finished talking, a sarcastic and inharmonious laughter rang out. Duke Hui Ye glanced at Helian Peng and asked: “Elder Helian, what are you laughing about?’

Helian Peng stood up and sarcastically said: “Your Highness, don’t you find this extremely laughable? Although the Yun Family has been in decline, they are still one of the twelve Guardian Families. But at the family gathering of a Guardian Family, a wild brat actually appeared to cause trouble. What’s even more laughable is that even now, he’s still standing there perfectly fine… Hahahaha, if this were to happen in my Helian Family, just the fact that he made such accusations, let’s not talk about the Patriarch but even if it were a normal disciple, if it was a light punishment, he would be crippled on the spot and if it was heavy, he would be put to death immediately. But this Yun Family… Hehehehe, is really appalling, laughable, yet pitiable. Where is there any bit of their Guardian Family aura and greatness? It’s hard for me even if I don’t want to laugh.”

Although Helian Peng’s words were sarcastic, they were straight to the point, instantly causing all the elders and disciples present to be embarra.s.sed as they looked at Yun Che with rage. Yun Waitian instantly walked forward and commanded: “Enforcement Elder, hurry and capture this brat whose intentions are malicious!”

Hearing what was said, the Enforcement Elder flew and landed on the stage. Just as he was about to rush towards Yun Che, a calm yet slightly authoritative voice sounded: “Stop.”

Although the voice was not too serious and did not pack much feelings, it caused the Enforcement Elder to stop. That was because this voice had come from Yun Qinghong.

“Yun Qinghong, you’ve finally talked. I thought you were going to watch this show until the end!” Yun Waitian laughed and he even called “Yun Qinghong” by his name: “What is it, are you going to protect this audacious and reckless so-called G.o.dson of yours?! Or, are his actions really your wishes?”

“You’re right. I am indeed going to protect him.” Yun Qinghong said calmly as he looked directly at Yun Waitian. His calm gaze made Yun Waitian feel an authoritativeness that should not have existed, as his body uncontrollably tensed up.

“Enforcement Elder, step down.” Yun Qinghong said.

Hearing those words, the Enforcement Elder was stunned and looked at the Great Elder. Seeing that he did not moved, Yun Qinghong frowned and his voice instantly became deeper: “Step down!!”

This two words were not harsh but in the ears of the Yun Family disciples, they were as deafening as thunder, and all the Elders looked at Yun Qinghong in shock… After being crippled for more than twenty years, Yun Qinghong had led a reclusive life and rarely cared about family matters. He had also never scolded anyone, and this was the first time the disciples of the young generation had heard their crippled Patriarch give such an authoritative command.

The Enforcement Elder’s body trembled and he frantically uttered “yes”, before quickly retreating.

Yun Qinghong’s gaze turned and landed on Yun Xinyue, as he said in a calm yet undeniable tone: “Yun Xinyue, step on stage and be prepared to receive the Profound Handle Soul Search.”

Once Yun Qinghong’s words came out, everyone was stunned and the place grew restless. Duke Hui Ye’s brows twitched as he asked in a slightly angry tone: “Patriarch Yun, what is the meaning of this?”

“What do I mean? Who are you to care?” Yun Qinghong coolly replied: “This is my Yun Family’s matters and I don’t need you to be gesticulating here.”

The mutters of the entire arena immediately turned into dead silence and everyone stared in awe, wondering whether there was a problem with their ears. Yun Qinghong… actually scolded this Duke Hui Ye, and actually scolded him without leaving him face. Duke Hui Ye’s face immediately darkened as he coldly laughed: “Patriarch Yun, you… you dare act so disrespectful towards me!”

“Hmph!” Yun Qinghong laughed it off coolly: “So what if I’m disrespectful towards you? From the moment you stepped into my Yun Family grounds until now, have you given me, the Patriarch, any respect? I am from the same generation as your father, and my father is the reputable “Demon King”. His t.i.tle of king is of the same seniority as your grandfather. In the past when your father saw me, he still had to obediently call me ‘Big Brother’. Me teaching you a lesson only natural and you, a junior, entered my Yun Family, yet did not pay respects to me, the Patriarch. Instead, you continuously interfered with my family matters in front of me. Your actions are wild and arrogant, and now you even question me for being disrespectful towards you?”

“Is this how your father usually teaches you? Hmph, you’re a disgrace to your father, grandfather, and the entire Illusory Demon Royal Family. In fact, you’ve lost all their face.”