Against the Gods - Chapter 519 - Evidence

Chapter 519 - Evidence

Chapter 519 - Evidence

“You scoundrel!” It came as no surprise to anyone that Yun Waitian burned with indignant fury right there and then, “You arrogant little kid, how dare you spout such absurd, laughable and presumptuous words. Do you really think that I would not dare to kill you!?”

“This is truly preposterous!” The Seventh Elder, who was normally on the best terms with Yun Waitian, stood up and rebuked Yun Che with fury, “In my life, I have never heard such ridiculous words being said before! This is simply absurd… Absurd!”

“Xinyue is the most ill.u.s.trious disciple among all the young ones in our clan. Both his temperament and talent are unquestionable. And he has never even bullied any of our fellow clan members before. In fact, he is especially close with Yun Xiao… And even if there was really some kind of grievance that existed, how it could it be possible for him to actually try to murder a fellow clan member! To try to the princess of the Under Heaven Clan, this is easily the most absurd joke I have ever heard!”

“This is truly laughable and aggravating all at the same time. Ah, it really infuriates this old man.” A senior from the Yun Family, who was hundreds of years old, sighed.

“A b.a.s.t.a.r.d kid who came outta nowhere dares to slander our impending new Patriarch in public, this is just too much! The Disciplinary Elder needs to drag him down and subject him to a heavy punishment right now!” A young disciple roared in fury. His words immediately provoked a huge response and all sorts of mockery, abuse and cries of anger rang out. The sounds were so loud that they blanketed the entire area.

Yun Xiao had stared blankly into s.p.a.ce for a good long while before saying in a quavering voice, “This… This… How can this be? How can it be Brother Xinyue? Big Brother must have gotten it wrong somehow….”

Even though Yun Xiao had a deep reverence and respect for Yun Che and despite their close relations.h.i.+p. Yes, even though it was Yun Che, Yun Xiao still had a hard time believing what Yun Che had just said. After all, he had only known Yun Che for two months, but he had known Yun Xinyue for over twenty years. And for all these years, Yun Xinyue had left an extremely perfect image within his heart. He simply could not believe that the attempt he had met with the other day had anything to do with Yun Xinyue.

Yun Qinghong looked at him and gently said, “Xiao’er, remember what your big brother said to you before. In this world, the hardest thing to puzzle out is the human heart. And the hardest ability to cultivate is not profound strength; it is the ability to see through the hearts of other people. In this aspect, your big brother is simply much too superior to you. See with clear eyes the things that are about to unfold before you, and after that… Carve today’s lesson into your memory.”

“...” Yun Xiao opened his mouth but he could not make a sound; his mind had sunk into complete turmoil.

Yun Xinyue stood up, and it could be seen that he was greatly suppressing his rage. He managed to speak in a voice that was pa.s.sably calm, “Yun Che. I, Yun Xinyue, have never had any enmity with you in the past, nor do I have any grievance with you at present. In fact we have hardly even spoken and when we have occasionally b.u.mped into each other, I have always treated you with civility. So why do slander me in such a manner?! What exactly… are your intentions?!”

A universal chorus of taunts and criticism came flooding in from all sides, but two years ago, when Yun Che was in the territory of the Divine Phoenix Sect, he had already dared to take on the entire Divine Phoenix Sect by himself. This kind of situation was not even enough to make him fl.u.s.tered. Facing Yun Xinyue’s question, he looked sideways and sneeringly replied, “Whether what I am saying is true or false, you know better than anyone else. But I can’t help but admire your acting skills. Your expression, gaze, movements and words… They are all una.s.sailable. No wonder you have been able to bluff all these years without getting caught out.”

“You!!” Yun Xinyue was so angry that his entire body trembled with rage, “Laughable, this is simply too laughable… Your coa.r.s.e and despicable entrapment, I can expose it with a few simple words! You said that the one who planned the attempt on Yun Xiao that day was me…” He pointed to Yun Xiao and said furiously, “But you can ask Yun Xiao yourself, when have I ever had any grievances with him? You can also ask him, if the ones who tried to him that day were from the Yun Family or not! If it was someone from the other families then if they hid their profound art, it would be hard to recognize. However, if it was a member of our Yun Family who did it, even if they put in their entire effort into hiding their profound art, as someone from the same clan who has cultivated the Purple Cloud Art for nearly twenty years, how could it be that Yun Xiao did not notice it?!”

“I don’t even need to ask.” Yun Che curled his lips and replied, “The ones who attacked Yun Xiao and Number Seven Under Heaven that day were naturally not from the Yun Family. Because it was a combined effort between you and members from other families who laid this trap for them.”

“Bulls.h.i.+t!” Yun Waitian was thoroughly infuriated, and he ground his foot into floor as he suddenly launched an attack at Yun Che. An incomparably robust and solid burst of lightning profound energy surged out violently, instantly forming into a roiling current of lightning which explosively sped towards Yun Che’s neck.

Yun Waitian had been standing close to Yun Che and he had made an abrupt attack out of extreme anger, so everyone else hardly had any time to react. On one side, there was a powerful Sovereign Profound Realm, on the other, was a mere Sky Profound Realm. Under Yun Waitian’s attack, Yun Che did not even need to think about surviving, because even having his body torn up and all his bones broken would be considered getting off lightly.

But Yun Che had made his preparations far in advance. Once he had stood up to oppose Yun Xinyue, his nerves had been on a razor’s edge and his profound energy had been actively circulating as well. So once he felt Yun Waitian’s profound energy surging, his profound energy exploded at the same time, and his body instantly s.h.i.+mmered.


Yun Waitian’s lightning current shredded s.p.a.ce and shredded Yun Che’s afterimage as well. Everyone was stared at the s.p.a.ce, and even Yun Waitian himself was caught staring blankly because even he did not see clearly how Yun Che had dodged that strike.

A stately Monarch had suddenly struck out against a junior in the Sky Profound Realm but he did not even touch the corner of his robe. And this was witnessed by all who were present… Yun Waitian’s shame turned to anger and with a fierce turn, he attempted to grab the Yun Che who had appeared at his back, “You little liar, die!”


A huge icy cold profound formation appeared instantly in front of Yun Che’s body, and as it activated, it completely reflected Yun Waitian lightning profound energy back at him. A figure appeared in the air in a flash, and Mu Yubai descended like a bolt of lightning, s.h.i.+elding Yun Che. He smirked coldly and said, “Yun Waitian, you are after all, a Great Elder of the Yun Clan but you actually launched a sneak attack against a junior. You have truly thrown your ancestor’s face all over the ground and used it as a dish rag.”

Yun Waitian said with a solemn expression, “This b.a.s.t.a.r.d slandered my son, and he actually wanted to frame him for the crime of collaborating with outsiders to kill someone from his own clan. This is not only insulting my son, this is impugning the honor of my entire family! If this can be tolerated, then what would not be permissible?! My family’s honor is one million times more precious than this mongrel’s life! Let’s not talk about killing him, even tearing his body apart would not be the least bit overboard!”

“The words that Great Elder Yun have said, this duke approves.” Duke Hui Ye gave a dry chuckle. “Honor. This is something far more precious than one’s life. The extent of Yun Che’s slander, heh, is such that if he dies, no one would regret it! If this duke was in a similar situation, this duke would also have struck out in anger.”

After saying his piece, Duke Hui Ye suddenly narrowed his eyes and said, “Young Patriarch Mu has protected Yun Che to such an extent. Could it be that you actually believe the words he has said?”

“Since he dared to say such a thing, he should have some basis to go upon.” Mu Yubai coldly eyed Yun Waitian, “Not waiting for him to finish but suddenly striking a vicious blow, ah, could it be that this is what you would call, acting on a guilty conscience?”

“Hahahahahaha!” A shrill and wanton laugh pierced the air, Helian Peng stood up and said between his guffaws, “Your Highness Hui Ye, Great Elder Yun, don’t tell me that you don’t see it already? It is obvious that this former Patriarch is obviously not willing to relinquish his seat. Because he saw that the new Patriarch enjoyed the people’s support and his ascension was imminent, he became anxious and pushed this so-called foster son forward to upset the apple cart… but this so-called foster son is truly too pitiful. He is only considered to be cannon-fodder to be used by other people. In order to prevent the new Patriarch from a.s.suming the position, he actually spouted such patently ridiculous accusations. Hahahaha, truly it makes me laugh so hard that my teeth hurt.”

Helian Peng’s bout of mockery actually sounded reasonable and fair so immediately many people began voicing out their approval. Mu Yubai’s face turned dark and he coldly sneered, “Helian Peng, are you sincerely courting death?!”

“Oh? Is it because I have exposed you for all to see, so your shame has turned into wrath?” Helian Peng’s expression was filled with mockery, he turned to the seated Unparalleled Under Heaven and said, “Elder Unparalleled, your esteemed clan’s princess was also involved in the attempt on Yun Xiao two months ago. I think it would be obvious that you, more than anyone else, would wish to know who the true man behind the curtain is. But to say that Yun Xinyue was the one who was pulling the strings, such preposterous words, even you would not be able to believe them, am I correct?”

Unparalleled Under Heaven said calmly, “Empty words naturally lack the power to persuade, I will only trust in concrete evidence. Yun Che, since you have said that Yun Xinyue is the scoundrel behind all of this, what evidence do you have to back yourself up?”

“Evidence? He is merely trying to blacken the name of the new Patriarch on the eve of his election, what evidence would he have? Elder Unparalleled, do you actually believe that he could take out some concrete evidence for us to see?” Helian Peng said in a voice which dripped with contempt.

Duke Hui Ye let out a cold snort and said, “Hmph, since Young Patriarch Mu has actually come forward to protect you, Yun Che, this duke will give you one chance. You said that Yun Xinyue was the scoundrel behind the attempt on Yun Xiao and Number Seven Under Heaven two months ago, so why don’t you show this duke some real proof. If it is something that can convince all who are present, then the Yun Family will naturally deal with Yun Xinyue impartially. I believe even if it is the Great Elder, he will definitely not act unjustly due to selfish considerations. But… If you cannot show us any evidence and you are merely maliciously trying to smear Yun Xinyue’s reputation, hmph, much less the Yun Clan, even this duke will not let you off lightly! The celebrated son of the Twelve Guardian Families, how can we let an outsider humiliate him without good cause?!”

“If it is evidence you are talking about, I naturally have it. In fact, it is right before your very eyes.” Yun Che once again said something shocking in an unperturbed manner. He pointed at Yun Xinyue and said, “Yun Xinyue himself, isn’t he the best evidence?”

“What do you mean by that?” Duke Hui Ye said as he eyed Yun Che darkly.

Yun Che replied in a gentle tone, “The entire Illusory Demon World knows that the Yun Family possesses one completely unique special ability, the Profound Handle! And the Profound Handle can not only be used for attacking, it also has uses in regards to one’s mind. Even if it is someone who has just started cultivating the profound arts, the words Profound Handle Soul Search should reverberate in their hearts. As long as we use the Profound Handle Soul Search to seize his mind and force his consciousness to drift free, then no matter what you ask him, he will answer truthfully; there will not even be a hint of falsity or deception… By then, whether he has anything to do with the attempt on Yun Xiao and Number Seven Under Heaven will be solved with a simple question! And at that time, everything he says can be counted as the most indisputable, ironclad evidence in this world!”