Against the Gods - Chapter 412 - Hunted

Chapter 412 - Hunted

Chapter 412 - Hunted

“Extreme Mirage Lightning… This movement skill, can it be transferred to another person?” Yun Che asked earnestly.

“Ah…” Hua Minghai stilled his expression, then shook his head in fear and agony: “Sorry, Benefactor. I’ll never hesitate in whatever you want me to do, but only this… Extreme Mirage Lightning is my clan’s treasure bestowed upon us by heaven, and also our biggest taboo that can never be pa.s.sed on to others. I…”

“I understand.” Yun Che nodded: “A clan’s profound techniques are originally not supposed to be spread out, I was being rude. Take proper care of your wife.”

After he finished speaking, Yun Che turned, leaving with slow steps.

“Benefactor… I...” Hua Minghai looked at Yun Che’s departing back, gritting his teeth with a face full of shame… What Yun Che had given him was no doubt a favor as big as the sky. He could easily accomplish the only thing he wanted, yet he just couldn’t do it… He was a man who hated owing a debt of grat.i.tude to another, let alone such a great kindness. This kind of feeling made his heart feel unbearable pain.

“Don’t take it to heart.” Yun Che executed a backward wave: “You should be using all your energy on your wife at the moment, don’t be distracted by something that doesn’t matter. Saving a life can also be considered to be for the purpose of redeeming a bit of my sins. If you really want to repay me, then work hard to help your wife recover faster, which would not make me saving her be in vain.”

As his voice fell, Yun Che’s figure had already disappeared into the dark of night. Hua Minghai looked up ahead, not uttering a single word for a long while, with a complicated, indescribable expression on his face, as though he was struggling intensely about something.

“I never thought that you, someone who treats human life like gra.s.s, who would annihilate an entire clan without blinking, would actually waste energy to save someone who has nothing to do with you.” Jasmine said with an extremely indifferent tone of voice.

“This proves that I am still inherently a good person, right?”

“...” Jasmine snorted.

By the time Yun Che returned to the inn, it was already the middle of the night. When he went back in his room, just as he was intending to push the door open while standing right at the doorway, his hands suddenly stiffened as both his brows sunk. All the nerves on his entire body had also instantly stretched taut.

Because he clearly felt that there was someone in his room!

The person hidden in his room was superb at concealment, if it was only by his profound strength and not spiritual sense, it would be impossible for him to discover his existence… Once he perceived this person’s existence, a kind of hair raising, chilling sensation came right after. This kind of sensation told him that not only was the person inside terrifyingly strong, this person was here to kill him.

“Quickly, leave! It’s someone at the eighth level of the Emperor Profound Realm! He has already detected you!”

Under Jasmine’s quick warning, Yun Che no longer had time to think as he Star G.o.d’s Broken Shadow'd out of the inn and quickly dashed out.


The door and walls being completely smashed sounded behind him as a scorching wave of wind also screamed from behind… This kind of burning sensation was clearly… phoenix flame!

Someone from Divine Phoenix Sect!

Yun Che’s heart grew heavy… why was it someone from Divine Phoenix Sect? And this killing intent clearly wanted to put him to death. Could it be… Feng Xichen!?

Yun Che’s heart turned… Looks like it was due to the events back then, when he had revealed his phoenix flames in broad daylight in Falling Flame Merchant Guild and was mistaken as a Divine Phoenix Sect disciple, which allowed Divine Phoenix Sect to obtain news of him. They followed the clues to then find where he resided.

Seems like he had been too careless then. He was too preoccupied with noticing Hua Minghai that he had subconsciously forgotten this key fact… In Divine Phoenix City, Divine Phoenix Sect spies were everywhere!

Yun Che’s speed obviously could not match a strong pract.i.tioner at the later stages of the Emperor Profound. In less than ten breaths, he had already chased to the point where there was only sixty meters between them. A violent wave of phoenix flame broke through the air at him.


The phoenix flame that had been violently ignited in the air was especially luminous in the night sky. Yun Che quickly dodged, avoiding the phoenix flame. Then, his heart steeled as he stopped to turn around… The person chasing him also stopped without overtaking him, because before his eyes, was his pitiful prey that simply could not escape his grasp.

“Who are you?” Yun Che asked with sunken brows.

The other party’s gaze swept across his body, then laughed coldly: “You do indeed have the aura of phoenix profound strength. You are indeed the rumored b.a.s.t.a.r.d… Yun Che. I never thought that you would actually arrive so early.”

“Heh,” Yun Che coldly laughed in turn: “Look like your Divine Phoenix Sect is scared of me.”

“Scared of you?”

“Right!” Yun Che ridiculed: “I came to Divine Phoenix City with the intent to settle the bloodline dispute with your Divine Phoenix Sect openly and honorably at the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament, but you Divine Phoenix Sect are actually using such an unpresentable method like Seems like the so called Divine Phoenix Sect is only this much.”

“Haha,” The middle aged man laughed disdainfully: “In our Divine Phoenix Sect’s eyes, you are merely a little reptile that had stolen our sect’s bloodline. My sect is scared of a pathetic little reptile? Truly a joke as large as the heavens. Today is just because Thirteenth Prince wants your life.”

“As expected…” Yun Che’s gaze became even colder.

“A mere reptile from Blue Wind actually dares to offend Thirteenth Prince. Even if the Blue Wind Emperor kneels to beg for forgiveness on your behalf, you should not even think of living past tonight… However, dying in my, Feng Chihuo’s hands, is enough to brag about when you go to the netherworld and enter the reincarnation cycle! Calmly meet your maker!”

Feng Chihuo’s figure swayed, then he suddenly charged at Yun Che with phoenix flames ignited on all five of his fingers, aiming for Yun Che’s chest. It was evident that he wanted to kill him in one strike… Eighth level of the Emperor Profound Realm, a genuine high level Throne, against one at merely the Earth Profound Realm. If an instant kill was impossible, even he would feel that it was funny.

Yun Che’s gaze flashed as he stepped a Star G.o.d’s Broken Shadow, instantly splitting out three false images, dooming Feng Chihuo’s grab to miss. Sucking in a deep breath, he gathered all the profound energy in his body and quickly fled toward the south.

The moment he grabbed empty air, Feng Chihuo was stunned. He was actually unable to clearly see how Yun Che had dodged with his eyesight, and the rate in which Yun Che had fled right after had shocked him even more… He clearly was only at the Earth Profound Realm, but his speed was no less inferior to that of a low level Throne!

“Hmph! As expected, he has some skill.” Feng Chihuo snorted coldly, as a trace of anger surfaced in his heart. Even though Yun Che’s speed was way faster than what he had expected, this kind of speed still could not escape the palm of his hands. Besides, Yun Che only had profound strength at the Earth Profound Realm. It was impossible for him to fly, so he had no other choice but to run on ground, which meant that he could never escape his line of sight, nor his perception.

“Brat, let’s see where you’ll run to!”

Feng Chihuo growled. His entire body flew after Yun Che like an arrow from a bow, the shocking speed brought along the exceptionally ear-piercing sound of air being broken. Under the distinct difference in speed, within several tens of breaths, Yun Che was once again chased to sixty meters of difference. Yun Che, who was on the run, suddenly turned around again and tossed a pitch-black thing at the Feng Chihuo in midair.

The waning moon in the sky was completely hidden from view by the Primordial Profound Ark, making the night as black as ink. Feng Chihuo heard a sharp whistling sound in front of him, yet couldn’t clearly see what it was. He didn’t dare to use his body to obstruct it, for fear that the other party had tossed out a toxic poison. He quickly dodged to the side, and once it had brushed past him, did he clearly see that it was only an ordinary stone… It was probably a random stone Yun Che had casually picked up during his escape.


The sound of something breaking through the air resounded once more, and Feng Chihuo’s gaze grew disdainful. Casually slapping the stone into pieces, he sneered: “Truly a hilarious struggle, are you still dreaming about escaping the palms of your lord’s hands!?”

After a few breaths, Yun Che had already been chased to a distance of forty five meters apart. His expression was still, and he turned around again as a pitch-black object flew out of his hands once more.

Forty five meters of distance was already inside Feng Chihuo’s attack range. He began to condense profound energy in his hand, and directly met that object. Without even looking at what it was, he casually slapped it away...


The sound of profound thunder from the nine heavens resounded within Divine Phoenix City’s quiet midnight. An enormous energy storm violently exploded in midair. From far away, it was as though an extremely magnificent firework had exploded in the sky.

The first two stones were merely a pretense tossed out by Yun Che.

But the third one, was the Heaven Decimating Orb Yun Che had obtained from the body of Xiao Wuyi!

Heaven Decimating Orb’s might was incomparably large, enough to severely injure a low level Throne. With Feng Chihuo’s abilities, if he had used all his strength to defend, it might actually be difficult for the Heaven Decimating Orb to bring about substantial injuries. However, in the cat chasing mouse game-like manner he used to pursue Yun Che, he simply did not defend at all. Inside the blaze brought about by the Heaven Decimating Orb, his entire left arm had been completely fried inside out, dripping with fresh blood. His entire phoenix robe had been burst into pieces, it was so powerful that even his chest, both arms, and face were littered with wounds all over. His hair had even been half bombed, changing into a field of rough disorder.

He looked miserable to the extreme.

As for Yun Che, he had fled long ago, not a trace of him could be found.

Even though there were many wounds, they were all just minor injuries, only the injury on his left arm was a bit severe. Compared to his external injuries, Feng Chihuo’s chest had nearly burst from rage. He looked at his arm with a vicious expression as his entire body shook… He, a grand, high level Throne of Divine Phoenix Sect had actually been reduced to such a miserable shape by a mere junior of the Earth Profound Realm… This was the biggest humiliation of his entire life!

“Yun Che… I’m going to rip you into ten thousand pieces!!” Feng Chihuo’s hair stood erect as his entire body combusted with a violent blaze. With a loud roar and a towering fury, he used his greatest speed to chase forward, his perception, had also been released to its maximum.

After running in his quickest speed possible for a distance, Yun Che had instead slowed down, then used all his power to control the fluctuation of his profound strength. To an escapee, night time was the best time for hiding, but at the same time, in the completely quiet night, even the most minute of movement would echo through the silence.

Feng Xichen had indeed ordered someone to kill him before the ranking tournament, and his mobilization was actually this fast… He had already been discovered, and Divine Phoenix City was also full of Divine Phoenix Sect’s spies. In that case, Divine Phoenix City was no longer a suitable place for him to stay before the ranking tournament. Before dawn, he had to stay hidden from Feng Chihuo’s pursuit and leave Divine Phoenix City at the same time.

As he was currently being hunted, Yun Che’s mind would find itself at its most clearest state. Inside the darkness, in Divine Phoenix City, a place he was not at all familiar with, he was displaying his concealing and evading abilities to their peaks. Going along a strange and unpredictable route, he quickly approached the southern part of Divine Phoenix City.

Time slowly pa.s.sed by in the night, and the milky white color of twilight began to emerge from the eastern sky. Yun Che could already see Divine Phoenix City’s tall, majestic southern gate in his field of vision… And in this boundless night, Feng Chihuo, who was crazily searching for him overhead could not find any trace of him.

Yun Che took in a deep breath, made himself look completely natural, and then walked toward the city gate. Just as he approached, he was obstructed by two heavily armored city guards:

“Orders from the Imperial Palace! Before seven in the morning today, no one is allowed to exit the city! Violators will be arrested on the spot.”