Against the Gods - Chapter 411 - Great Kindness

Chapter 411 - Great Kindness

Chapter 411 - Great Kindness

“She fainted.” Yun Che stated.

Hua Minghai trembled all over and clenched his teeth, using all his might to suppress the tears that were about to burst forth. He turned around with both hands clutching his head and said painfully: “I know how painful it was for her these past few years. To her, dying is actually a kind of freedom… but… but how could I possibly watch her leave me without doing anything…”

“This is a cruel decision you have no choice in. No matter which one you pick, they would both be right and wrong… Without personally experiencing this kind of feeling, it would never be understood.” Yun Che sighed, then changed his tone: “However, because you met me, your choice and perseverance is right.”

“Ah!?” Hua Minghai suddenly lifted his head to look at him.

Yun Che turned around and looked him straight in the eye: “I’ve only very rarely seen your wife’s symptoms before, and I more or less understand them. Go stand guard outside, don’t let anyone in. Aside from me giving you permission, you cannot come in. You ought to know that the more dangerous of a state a patient is in, the more reason there is for the treatment to not be disturbed.”

Seeing Yun Che’s undisguised expression, Hua Minghai said excitedly: “Could… could it be, that you have a way… to save Xiaoya… You really have a method to save Xiaoya?!”

“I can’t say with complete certainty.” Yun Che glared at him: “If you can disappear from my sight right now, the chance of success can roughly go up to ninety nine percent.”

Swis.h.!.+ Bang!

A fierce wind was raised before Yun Che’s eyes, and Hua Minghai had already vanished from his sight as the sound of the door being hastily closed echoed.

This kind of speed was absolutely world shocking, would make ghosts weep, and stunned Yun Che for a long while before he recovered his senses.

This fellow, what kind of movement skill did he cultivate!?

His profound strength was more or less at the late stage Sky Profound, yet his movement skills were terrifying to such an extent!

The reason why Yun Che made Hua Minghai go out was obviously not because he was afraid to be disturbed, rather, he was afraid of him seeing the way he was going to treat Xiaoya. After all, if he were to expel the poison in the shortest time possible, he had to use the Sky Poison Pearl. If he didn’t use the Sky Poison Pearl, Yun Che had to use ten million times the effort to dispel the cold poison… because the cold poison had already existed for as long as five years, and had long fused with the blood and meridians in her entire body. Not only would it be extremely troublesome to completely dispel it, it would also be accompanied by an extremely high risk.

Aside from the poison, she also had very heavy internal injuries… due to the cold poison’s existence, not only did these internal injuries not heal, they had instead worsened day by day. To Yun Che, her internal failures were more problematic than the cold poison.

Yun Che extended out his left hand in front of Ru Xiaoya’s bed, placing it on her chest. Sky Poison Pearl’s green radiance slowly s.h.i.+ned, then gradually spread through her entire body. Under the Sky Poison Pearl’s power, the cold poison that had been wreaking havoc in her body for a full five years was quickly being eliminated without any resistance.

Like ants on a hot pan, Hua Minghai paced back and forth outside, but did not dare to make any stepping sounds.

A burst of a slightly cold night wind blew over, somewhat instantly clearing Hua Minghai’s mind. He was usually an extremely careful person, otherwise, he would not have kept Ru Xiaoya up till now. Yet today, he had actually brought a person he had only met for the very first time into their present hiding place, and even let him approach Ru Xiaoya alone. Now that he thought about it, he felt that it was inconceivable… perhaps it was the mysterious aura on Yun Che’s body that allowed the bottom of his heart to give birth to an indescribable hope.

An entire hour pa.s.sed by, and not a peep of noise came out from inside the house. This made Hua Minghai feel extremely uncertain, he wanted to pull open the door many times, but every time he felt that, he would do his utmost to hold himself back. At this time, Yun Che’s not light, yet not heavy voice came from inside: “Come in.”

Like lightning, Hua Minghai pulled open the door and dashed in. He saw that the medicinal ingredients in the room had not changed. Ru Xiaoya still laid in place, she had not even been moved. He quickly stepped forward and said with emotion: “How is Xiaoya…?”

As soon as he said that, his pupils suddenly enlarged… because he shockingly saw that the dark blue color on Ru Xiaoya’s forehead had already disappeared.

Hua Minghai’s entire body trembled with excitement. He held out a hand, pressed it on Ru Xiaoya’s chest, and carefully probed with his profound energy… He no longer felt the slightest trace of the cold poison anywhere… not even a remnant was found.

“The cold poison in her body has already been completely dispelled.” Yun Che said. How could it possibly take an hour for the Sky Poison Pearl to remove the cold poison in Ru Xiaoya’s body? However, if it were too quick, it was unavoidable that it would be too shocking, so Yun Che sat for a while, dragging the time to last an hour.

Hua Minghai was so moved that he couldn’t control himself. The two were tormented by this cold poison for an entire five years, it was their most terrifying nightmare, and they knew more than anyone how dreadful this cold poison was, even so much that they had given up long ago about having the extravagant hope of curing this poison. When Hua Minghai brought Yun Che along, he also did not have the excessive hope that a miracle would occur, it was just that he was unwilling to abandon this last strand of hope… He never expected that a miracle would truly and honestly appear before his eyes.

“Xiaoya… Xiaoya…” Hua Minghai clasped Ru Xiaoya’s hand and was so emotional that he spoke incoherently: “Did you hear that… your poison’s gone… completely gone… Xiaoya… did you hear that…”

“Alright, don’t bother her, let’s go outside.” Yun Che said: “Even though the cold poison has been removed, due to the cold poison’s five years of erosion, her profound strength has completely collapsed, her internal organs are severely exhausted. If not for the large amount of Purple Veined Heaven Crystals’ nourishment all these years, she would’ve inevitably died once the cold poison was removed. At present, she has not completely left the dangerous condition. In order to fully recuperate, she needs a really long time to do so. What she needs right now is proper rest.”

Hua Minghai immediately restrained himself from talking as he properly tended to Ru Xiaoya’s bedding and blankets. Then, he followed Yun Che out with light steps.

Yun Che took out a small bottle and gave it to Hua Minghai. Inside the bottle was a small amount of scarlet color liquid: “This is the blood of a fire attribute Emperor Profound True Dragon, it can disperse the cold energy that had filled her body during those years and also restore her vitality. There are a total of ten drops of dragon blood. You must drip one drop into three liters of water, then feed her three drops of that everyday starting tomorrow. Every time a month, you must add in an additional one drop… Remember, you must not add more drops, otherwise, her body would not be able to withstand it.”

Even though it laid inside the jade bottle, with Hua Minghai’s strong awareness, the pure dragon aura was completely perceived. He also knew that for a weak body like Ru Xiaoya’s that was filled with cold energy, a True Dragon’s blood, even a fire attribute Emperor Profound dragon blood, was no different than a heavenly pellet.

Hua Minghai took the dragon blood and was so moved that he couldn’t say a single word out.

“You have looked after her for five years, so you should be very clear on how to gradually cure her internal injuries and restore her vitality. You don’t need me to talk excessively. But I have one thing to remind you about, within a period of three months, you cannot remove her from the Purple Veined Heaven Crystals. Her vitality is at an all time low at the moment so if she were to leave from the Purple Veined Heaven Crystals, any sort of mistake could possibly end her life.” Yun Che said seriously. Saving the dying and healing the injured… was what he always did back then, and he had always been happy about it. But now, he no longer had that kind of mindset anymore, because compared to the number of people he had killed, the amount of people he had saved… was too far removed.

“Thank you… Benefactor!” Hua Minghai choked with emotion, then suddenly kneeled… This kneel, had more force than the previous kneel. The previous kneel was filled with endless unwillingness, but this kneel was filled with willingness: “I, Hua Minghai will remember your great kindness throughout my entire life. May I ask Benefactor for his great name? I, Hua Minghai will definitely use all my power to repay you.”

“No need, I only occasionally do a doctor’s duty." Yun Che said with a little sigh: “As for my name… I’ve already told you this before, my name is Ling Yun.”

Toward this name, Hua Minghai was unmoved. Instead, he asked: “Could Benefactor's true name be... Yun Che?”

“...” Yun Che’s brows violently twitched… s.h.i.+t! What’s this? I’ve only announced my name twice, and I said that it was “Ling Yun” both times, yet the other party all call out my real name… Could it be that my name has already been spread to such an extent that everyone within Divine Phoenix Empire knows me?

Seeing that Yun Che had not said anything for a long time, Hua Minghai knew that his guess was right. He quickly continued: “When I infiltrated Divine Phoenix Sect, I just happened to hear the name ‘Yun Che’, and they mentioned that ‘Yun Che’ was from Blue Wind Nation. He wasn’t a part of Divine Phoenix Sect, yet he possessed the phoenix bloodline. Benefactor is from Blue Wind Nation and can use phoenix flames… so I always thought that Benefactor was this ‘Yun Che’.

So that’s why… Yun Che was finally relieved. It was evident that the name “Yun Che” wasn’t much, but people would pay attention to “someone outside of Divine Phoenix Sect who possesses the phoenix bloodline”.

“Yes, I am the Yun Che you speak of. I came to Divine Phoenix City this time to settle this matter with Divine Phoenix Sect. That is also why I wasn’t willing to give you the Phoenix Helianthus.” Yun Che glanced at the night sky, then helped Hua Minghai up: “Okay, go back to look after your wife. You don’t have to think about thanking me. After she recovers her strength, you should take her away from Divine Phoenix City and go to a safer place.”

Hua Minghai said unhesitatingly: “Even though I am a thief, I will never forget how to repay a debt of grat.i.tude. I’ve said it before, as long as you are able to save my wife, my life is yours. From now on, if Benefactor needs me for anything, don’t hesitate to open your mouth. Even if it is extremely dangerous, I won’t even wrinkle my brows! Especially if Benefactor wants something… Even if it’s in the sacred grounds, I will still be willing to charge in for Benefactor.”

Hua Minghai’s last words stirred Yun Che’s heart. He opened his lips, but before he could speak, he swallowed them back… In Divine Phoenix City, the thing he wanted the most was undoubtedly Divine Phoenix Sect’s 《World Ode of the Phoenix》. If he could obtain the fundamental formula and the first four stages of the 《World Ode of the Phoenix》, he would completely master and comprehend his phoenix profound strength.

But 《World Ode of the Phoenix》 was Divine Phoenix Sect’s core art. It was also 《World Ode of the Phoenix》 that allowed Divine Phoenix Sect to become the number one sect in the Profound Sky. The protection Divine Phoenix Sect would have for 《World Ode of the Phoenix》 would certainly be extremely tight. If Hua Minghai goes in to steal it, it was extremely possible for him to lose his life… That was after all, Divine Phoenix Sect’s 《World Ode of the Phoenix》, normal things absolutely cannot compare to it.

He had just removed the cold poison from Ru Xiaoya. If Hua Minghai actually plants himself within Divine Phoenix Sect because of him, that would be the same as harming the two.

Seeing the distinct flash of hesitation in Yun Che’s face, as well as him withdrawing his words, Hua Minghai quickly said: “Benefactor, is there something you want? Don’t hesitate to ask, I’ll definitely help you get it… If I don’t repay this kindness, I won’t ever be at ease.”

Yun Che pondered for a while, then said: “Can you tell me what movement skill you use?”

Hua Minghai was somewhat stunned, then said after a slight hesitation: “It is my Hua Family’s hereditary movement skill —— ‘Extreme Mirage Lightning’.”