Against the Gods - Chapter 1453 - Absolute Power

Chapter 1453 - Absolute Power

Chapter 1453 - Absolute Power

Even though it had been millions of years, and even though it was only an extremely thin and shallow aura, Jie Yuan would absolutely never be mistaken about this!

Because this was a G.o.d clan that had served under Heaven Punis.h.i.+ng Divine Emperor Mo E!

Her violence and hatred had found an outlet to vent itself on. The black energy radiating from Jie Yuan’s body violently twisted and flared up. As for the four Qianye brothers… their pupils dilated to their widest in a single instant. It was as if a devil was tightly grabbing their throats and swiftly dragging them into a bottomless abyss of death.

Jie Yuan slowly raised a hand and with this movement that could not be any more simple, it made the Qianye brothers feel as if an enormously heavy weight was pressing down on their bodies. In fact, they felt as if their bodies and internal organs were about to explode from the pressure.

“Lord Devil Emperor…” the Brahma Heaven G.o.d Emperor said with much difficulty, “We… are not…”

Before his voice had even fallen, the aura of death had already come violently cras.h.i.+ng down on them.


With a slight release of her power, the oppressive might she radiated had transformed from terrifying to something that could no longer be described using words. The Three Brahma G.o.ds could not control their trembling as dark light suddenly flashed in their eyes. Their fear turned to malice and they all let out a hoa.r.s.e yell at the same time as they charged the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor together!


This change caused most of the Divine Masters to cry out involuntarily.

The were the Brahma Monarch G.o.d Realm’s Three Brahma G.o.ds, three tenth level Divine Masters, three people who were considered the Divine Masters among Divine Masters by the world. The three of them made their move at the same time. The power that erupted from them in that instant caused the upper realm kings, who were also Divine Masters, to feel as if their bodies were about to be broken down into fragments.

For most of the people present, this was the very first time they had seen the Three Brahma G.o.ds in action. Furthermore, it was also the first time that most of the G.o.d emperors present had seen the Three Brahma G.o.ds attack in unison… That was because in the Eastern Divine Region, there were no other existences besides the G.o.d emperors themselves who would be worthy of the three of them combining their strength.

As she faced the power of the Three Brahma G.o.ds, Jie Yuan did not even make a single movement, nor did her expression change a single iota. The only thing she did was stretch out her hand… and lightly flick a finger.


With an incomparably gentle and faint ring, the Divine Master power that the Three Brahma G.o.ds had sent surging forth suddenly disappeared completely in the blink of an eye.

The highest level of power in this current era, the power of a tenth level Divine Master, and it was three different attacks of that power… All of it had been dispersed in an instant!

It was as if the powers that had shocked and astonished all the upper realm kings previously were no more than soap bubbles that could be popped with a casual wave of a hand.

As for the Three Brahma G.o.ds… Simultaneous, miserable wails ripped out of their throats. A huge spray of b.l.o.o.d.y mist exploded from their bodies as they were flung into the aether behind them.

The Brahma Monarch’s Three Brahma G.o.ds, each of whom could destroy stars with a flick of their fingers… Even when they had combined their powers, they had all been seriously wounded by a flick of the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor’s fingers, and all in a single instant at that.

“You.. still… dare… to… resist…” Jie Yuan said as she slowly spread her fingers wide. Those five cold and detached words rang in the depths of everyone’s souls like the most dreadful curse they had ever heard in their lives.

A cl.u.s.ter of black light flashed out from her palm.

Immediately, a cl.u.s.ter of black lights lit up on the bodies of the Brahma Monarch’s Three Brahma G.o.ds. The black light engulfed their bodies...

As three miserable wails of overwhelming shock and terror rang out, their Divine Master bodies—the strongest, most resilient bodies in the universe, to the point where it would be easier to scale the heavens than to destroy one of these bodies—were ripped into countless black fragments by that black light, ripped apart like the weakest and most fragile cloth.


The black light dissipated and returned to nothingness in the blink of an eye.

Thus, the Brahma Monarch’s Three Brahma G.o.ds completely vanished into the darkness. They had been utterly wiped from the face of this universe, and not a single trace of them remained.

Time continued to coldly flow amidst that dreadful silence, and not a single sound could be heard for a long period of time.

Boundless terror sent a chill down everyone’s spines as they trembled, their nerve completely broken. Everyone’s faces were completely pale and not a single tinge of blood colored them.

Qianye Wusheng, Qianye Wubei, Qianye Wuai...

They were no ordinary people. On the contrary, these were three names that would make the heart of anyone who thought of them tremble.

But they had died… just like that...

It had been as simple as wiping away three spots of dust!

"Shocking" was not a word that could accurately describe this scene. In that instant, their chests exploded with shock and fear, causing these Divine Masters, who lorded over the universe, to suddenly understand what it meant for one’s heart and soul to collapse, for one’s beliefs to crumble and fall apart...

It had also mercilessly destroyed the last bit of hope in their hearts.

What the Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor had previously said about praying for the returning devil emperor’s power to have already completely collapsed while she was outside the Primal Chaos so they could resist her... That hope had been utterly shattered as well.

The Three Brahma G.o.ds… They had basically represented the strongest living beings in the current age, yet they had been obliterated by the returned devil emperor in a single instant!

This was the difference between mortal creatures and the G.o.ds...

To think that they, who were like “divine beings” in this current age, were actually so weak and insignificant, so utterly pathetic, in front of a True G.o.d.

The Three Brahma G.o.ds had died… Qianye Fantian stood there in a complete daze. It was as if he had been completely petrified, and his body only subtly twitched every now and then.

He was, without a doubt, the person in this world who knew best just how powerful the Three Brahma G.o.ds were.

But he was completely unable to comprehend the sort of power that could instantly obliterate the Three Brahma G.o.ds...

Not only were the Three Brahma G.o.ds his blood brothers from the same parents, they were also the three great cornerstones of the Brahma Monarch G.o.d Realm. They were also counted as the three great pillars that supported the king realm that was ranked number one in the Eastern Divine Region. Furthermore, in his own eyes, in the eyes of anyone else, they were three great and st.u.r.dy pillars that absolutely could not be shaken by anything.

But they had died just like that, collapsed just like that...

All of the myths, legends, and ancient records did not even produce a fraction of the shock and awe that this scene had brought about. To kill three tenth level Divine Masters like one was cutting gra.s.s. This time, they had used their very eyes to personally witness just how dreadful the power of an ancient Devil Emperor was. They had personally experienced… that they, people who possessed the power of a Divine Master, were actually as lowly as ants in front of a primordial Devil Emperor!

A ghastly feeling that bored straight into one’s bone marrow and soul hung in this s.p.a.ce as it crazily flowed into every crack of the gathered Divine Masters’ bodies and souls. Jie Yuan slowly turned her hand, her palm facing Qianye Fantian who stood there completely motionless, it was as if his very soul had left his body. After that, she said, “There’s… still… you…”

As he faced Jie Yuan’s open palm and her eyes, which gleamed with the black light of death, Qianye Fantian’s body slowly sank down… He had actually sunk to his knees.

“Lord Devil Emperor, your humble servant… is merely a mortal creature who has inherited a small amount of divine power, I definitely do not belong… to the Brahma Heaven G.o.d Clan… Now that my Lord Devil Emperor has returned to the Primal Chaos in glory, you will definitely have authority over all the realms and everyone under heaven will bow to you. My Qianye clan has some small fame in the Eastern Divine Region… We are willing to serve under my Lord Devil Emperor and we are willing to be at your beck and call… There isn’t a single order from our Lord Devil Emperor that we would not obey… We definitely won’t be disloyal…”

If one had not personally seen what was happening and heard what was being said, no one in the universe would believe that the number one G.o.d emperor in the Eastern Divine Region would a.s.sume such a humble and low stance and speak in such a subservient and humble manner.

However, n.o.body present would despise or ridicule him for doing so.

When someone who could decide your fate with a flick of a finger stood in front of you, this was the most undignified and humiliating choice one could make, but yet at the same time, it was also… the most intelligent and rational choice one could make.

Furthermore, there were not many people in this current era who could even say those words with such clarity when they were under the devilish might of the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor.

Moreover, with Qianye Fantian, the number one G.o.d emperor in Eastern Divine Region, setting a precedent, it seemed to have punctured the last layer of dignity that the gathered Divine Masters had. The legs of more than a few people were trembling, as if they could hardly wait to kneel down on the spot and swear their allegiance to the Devil Emperor.

They did not have any power to restrain or resist her...

The master of this universe was about to completely change.

Between death and submission, the absolute majority of living beings in this universe would choose the latter with no hesitation whatsoever.

It was just that they had never faced such a choice before and had never imagined that they would one day be faced with such a choice in the first place.

However, it was a pity that even if one were to discard their dignity and bend their knee in submission, it did not necessarily mean that they would get to live. Because the power to decide… had belonged to Jie Yuan all this while.

The corner of her mouth slowly tilted up in an incredibly disdainful and mocking arc. Every single person present could clearly feel her disdain and contempt as she said, “So these are the descendants of Mo E’s dogs, the descendants of the G.o.d race who could only spout about righteousness… Hehehe… Hahaha… HAHAHAHAHAHA…”

She suddenly started laughing wildly, her laughter incredibly unbridled and wanton, but… it was also filled with a boundless sorrow and melancholy. As her laughter fell, her hand gesture suddenly changed at that particular moment and a pitch-black oppressive might fiercely pressed down following the flip of her palm.



Stifled groans of terror rang in the air. That dark pressure was not only pressing down on Qianye Fantian, it was also pressing down on the six Star G.o.ds of the Star G.o.d Realm and the… five Moon G.o.ds of Moon G.o.d Realm, and that included Xia Qingyue!

Under the oppressive might of a Devil Emperor, they were instantly forced down to their knees and they were left unable to stand.

“Mo E’s dogs, even if they are only their descendants, all of them deserve to die!!”

The Brahma Heaven G.o.d Clan, the Star G.o.ds, the Moon G.o.ds… During the Ancient Era, all of them had been the subordinates of Heaven Punis.h.i.+ng Divine Emperor Mo E!

Mo E had already died, all the G.o.ds had fallen, so her vengeful hatred and fury would undoubtedly fall on these descendants… No, on these power inheritors who could not even be called proper descendants.

Everyone reeled in great shock as they backpedaled in panic. Mixed in with their shock and fear was several degrees of rejoicing… Just like the Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor, they had also realized that this Devil Emperor who had reappeared in their world was not as irrational or cruel as they had expected. She still possessed reason and her mind was clear. She clearly could have killed all of them, yet she had focused all of her wrath on the ones who had inherited the powers of Mo E’s G.o.d clans.

Perhaps… the others could escape this calamity?

As they retreated in shock and fear, all of them were thinking the same thing.

They had all seen the Three Brahma G.o.ds die in front of them and that all-encompa.s.sing oppressive might had rendered Qianye Fantian and the gathered Star G.o.ds and Moon G.o.ds completely helpless. The only thing they could do was to embrace the despair that was swiftly spreading through every part of their bodies.

“c.r.a.p!” Mu Xuanyin muttered under her breath.

Qianye’s death and the death of the Star G.o.ds had nothing to do with her, but the Moon G.o.ds… Xia Qingyue was counted amongst them!

“Wait… wait a minute!” the Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor yelled in a quavering voice, “Lord Devil Emperor… They… are not of the G.o.d race, they are only… UWAAAH!”

Besides the Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor, no one else stepped forward to stop her or plead on their behalf. As people who sensed that they could perhaps escape this calamity, why would they risk instant destruction just for someone else?

Before the Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor’s voice had even fallen, a beam of black light pressed against his body, as it abruptly suppressed his voice and fiercely pressed down against his body. After that, Jie Yuan’s voice, a voice that was a hundred thousand times more terrifying than a death G.o.d’s, rang out in the depths of everyone’s soul, “It looks like you also really want to die!”

“Xi Ke’s dogs… also deserve to die!!”

“My… my lord!” the gathered Guardians were instantly so shocked and horrified that they wished to die… But, in front of the power of a Devil Emperor, in front of the hatred of a Devil Emperor, who could save him!?

In this current world, G.o.ds were existences that should not appear any longer.

Given the current aura in the Primal Chaos, it was basically impossible to birth any more True G.o.ds. Even some of the True G.o.d artifacts that had been left behind from the Ancient Era had swiftly grown weaker as the aura in the Primal Chaos changed… and this included Heavenly Profound Treasures such as the Eternal Heaven Pearl.

In this current universe, did such a thing as “absolute power” exist?

It did not. Every king realm was extremely strong, but there were other king realms to keep them in check.

Even the supreme ruler of the Primal Chaos, the Dragon Monarch, could not openly do whatever he wanted to.

However, if a True G.o.d were to descend on this world… Then, it meant that an absolute power that should not have appeared had appeared. An absolute existence.

Just like the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor who had returned from beyond the Primal Chaos!

The power that she possessed transcended the boundaries of the current universe, transcended the heavenly laws and principles that bound this current Primal Chaos. She could decide the life and death of any living being with a single whim. She could determine the fate of any single race.

The law and order of the Primal Chaos Realm would be controlled by her alone from today onwards and all living creatures would be her slaves… No one would have any power or any possibility of resisting her. As long as she was willing, she could even annihilate all things in this current world, living and dead just to vent her anger and resentment. Or perhaps she could reset the Primal Chaos and let it develop from there, transforming it into a universe that belonged to her alone.

The future world, the future living beings that existed in the Primal Chaos, all of it would be prostrated at the feet of the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor alone… This was the future that they could all see and it was the best possible future.

From today onwards, the universe would start to change dramatically...

As they thought of this, whether it was their expression or their inner thoughts, all of it was masked by a heaviness and gloom… and for the Brahma Monarch Realm, Star G.o.d Realm, Moon G.o.d Realm, and Eternal Heaven Realm… there was only despair.

However, it was at this time that a surge of violent profound energy suddenly erupted in the face of the devilish pressure that even Divine Masters could not resist. This violent profound energy also started radiating a blood-colored profound light.

Even though this profound energy was strong, who were the people who were gathered here today? Given their level of power, this could only be described as a thread of lowly and pathetic profound energy.

However, it was this thread of profound energy, that was pathetically weak in their eyes, that caused the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor’s eyes to fiercely tremble. All of the malice, hatred, killing intent, and even the released Devil Emperor power froze in place.

Yun Che slowly walked out from behind Mu Xuanyin. The blood-colored profound energy radiating from his body was still dense and glaring even under the oppressive might of the Devil Emperor. He stared straight at the eyes that the Devil Emperor had suddenly directed towards him as he slowly said, “Senior Devil Emperor, will you allow this junior to say something?”