Against the Gods - Chapter 1452 - Arrival of the Devil Emperor (3)

Chapter 1452 - Arrival of the Devil Emperor (3)

Chapter 1452 - Arrival of the Devil Emperor (3)

The Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor’s shout was no different from the sound of celestial music to the ears of everyone present.

The power of the World Piercer had been exhausted but the Wall of Primal Chaos had not completely collapsed. Without the power of the World Piercer affecting it, the Wall of Primal Chaos would swiftly recover. Moreover, who knew how many years it would take before the World Piercer recovered enough power to once again break open the Wall of Primal Chaos.

In fact, it was even possible that the devils outside the Primal Chaos would not be able to last until then.

And this was exactly what the Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor had said before, the best possible result that was nearly impossible to obtain!

After it had reached scores of meters, the speed at which the crimson crack was shrinking was starting to slow down, but it still continued to shrink. Everyone’s eyes were firmly fixed on the crack and the crimson light, that had originally been so dense that it was frightening, swiftly turned dull and muted before their very eyes. It was as if it was a sign that the danger had already pa.s.sed before it had even exploded.

“It looks like the heavens have protected our Eastern Divine Region,” the Brahma Heaven G.o.d Emperor said.

“No, it is that the heavens have protected our very universe,” Qianye Wuai, one of the Three Brahma G.o.ds, said with a sigh.

“What a false alarm this was,” the Qilin Emperor said as he shook his head, a faint smile appearing on his ancient mien.

The spatial storm had come to a halt and the crimson light had faded away. All of this was evidence that this calamity had already pa.s.sed them.

“It looks like that best possible result really did appear,” Mu Xuanyin said as she also let out a heavy sigh of relief.

Everyone’s expressions had grown relaxed, as if an enormously heavy weight had rolled off their backs… The only exception was Yun Che, his knitted brows had not relaxed at all.

“No, I’m afraid it isn’t so simple,” Yun Che said in a low voice. “The Ice Phoenix divine being told me that this was a calamity that would inevitably erupt and she said it more than once. Given the level of existence that she is, I don’t think she would lie about this.”

Mu Xuanyin, “...”

“Moreover…” Yun Che said as he raised a hand and pressed it against his chest, his breathing growing more and more disordered, “My profound veins… are shaking very violently, and the shaking is… getting more and more intense.”

Thirty meters… fifteen meters… nine meters… six meters...

The crimson light continued to contract and the moment it completely disappeared, it might very well be proof that this calamity had been completely extinguished.

Finally, the red light contracted until it was only three meters wide. But after that, it did not continue to shrink, instead, it remained fixed in place.

Following that, the crimson light started to shake. Then, the light began undergoing some obvious and bizarre changes. It slowly turned from dense to sparkling and translucent, and after that, it slowly began to turn more and more clear...

It slowly began to transform from simple light to something with substance.

The excitement on the Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor’s face started to recede as it was replaced by deep doubt and suspicion.

Finally, at some point in time, the crimson light finally stopped its transformation.

The crimson scar of light had vanished and what replaced it was a long and narrow diamond-shaped crimson crystal that was about three meters long. This crystal was embedded in the Wall of Primal Chaos.

Yun Che’s expression changed dramatically… Right now, it was no longer only his profound veins, even his heart was beating at a crazy tempo. In fact, it was beating so fast that he felt like it might jump out of his chest. He opened his mouth and tried to say something, but he suddenly discovered that he actually could not make a sound.

Just what exactly was going… The Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor opened his mouth, but when he opened his mouth, no sound came out either.

The world, from some undetermined point of time, had descended into an incomparably terrifying dead silence.

The spatial storm had disappeared completely.

The profound energy that had been sent forth earlier by the gathered Divine Masters had all disappeared without a trace, as if it had been devoured by the empty void.

The stars stopped spinning and moving...

All sound and all of the elements had gone completely quiet...

Order… law… the heavenly way… All had vanished.



In this world of deathly silence, the pupils of everyone’s eyes had widened to their limit at some point in time. Yet no one made a sound for the longest time, nor was anyone able to even make a sound in the first place. The only thing that they could hear was the incomparably m.u.f.fled and dull sound of their hearts beating.

It was as if the entire world had been completely sealed away.

This dreadful silence continued for a very long time and no one broke it… because they were all unable to break it.

Finally, after an indeterminate period of time had pa.s.sed, the world in everyone’s vision started to change.

A pitch-black silhouette appeared in the crimson crystal that was embedded in the Wall of Primal Chaos.

It was the figure of a person!

The black figure grew nearer and nearer, clearer and clearer from within that crimson crystal… Finally, just as if a dimensional barrier had been broken, that black figure slowly stepped out from inside the crystal.

The sound of beating hearts completely stopped at that time and even though the area was clearly illuminated, everyone felt as if they had been plunged into a boundless black s.p.a.ce… It was a kind of shaking fear and stifling oppressiveness that was impossible to describe.

The figure was not too tall and they were dressed in tattered and frayed black clothes. The part of their face and skin that was exposed was an extremely startling bluish-black color and it was covered with extremely fine scars… It was as if this person was an evil ghost who had been cut thousands upon thousands of times, who had just walked straight out of the nine

From that person’s figure, one could faintly tell that they were probably a woman. The gloomy dark energy rose up from her body and her eyes were even blacker than the deepest night. She held a sharp needle that looked completely ordinary in her hand, the tip of the needle flowing with an exceptionally dull crimson light.

Even though that light was dull, the dot of crimson light that hovered on the tip of the needle was more brilliant than the light of any star.

The snowy hand that held Yun Che’s arm slowly tightened as it faintly trembled… Yun Che’s eyes were wide-open, his teeth tightly clenched. He felt as if his entire body was being firmly sealed into s.p.a.ce. He was unable to make any sounds or any movements.

The Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor’s eyes had shrunk so much it looked like they were about to burst and his entire body was trembling to the point of near-collapse...

They had never felt such horror, such terror or such despair.

Those dark eyes observed the sealed world that had been created because of her arrival, they swept across these living beings that had come to “welcome” her. She slowly raised a hand as she touched this world that she had been separated from for the longest time...

“Old… Villain… Mo… E… I, Jie Yuan… have returned!”

Her voice was even more hoa.r.s.e and terrifying than that of an evil spirit’s and when everyone heard it, they felt as if countless poisoned needles had been stabbed in their souls.

Furthermore, this voice seemed to have awakened the nightmare that had imprisoned the entire Primal Chaos, as the s.p.a.ce which had lain dormant for a long time finally started to shake violently. The distant stars finally resumed their movement but all of them had deviated from their original orbits.

The elements regained their vigor as they sprang back into existence but they had all become extremely frenzied… Even they, who did not possess a will of their own, were actually shaking in fear.

A spatial storm stirred up and it was even more frightening than the s.p.a.cial storm that had occurred just now. The G.o.d emperors who stood at the front and the Divine Masters who stood at the back, all of their divine bodies were violently shaken as they were blown far away. Cracks and splits appeared on the bodies of numerous Divine Masters, dyeing them in blood.

But she… from start to finish, had not even taken a single step. This had all happened merely due to the change in aura that had occurred when she appeared.

The Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor staggered backwards in panic. All of the blood in his body was furiously boiling but all of the blood that was boiling felt incomparably cold. He raised his head to look ahead and his mouth opened and closed several times before he finally spoke in the most terrified and shaky voice he had ever let out in his life, “Heaven Smiting… Devil Emperor!”

Terror… An indescribable terror, just like a newly-roused devil, was crazily growing and swelling in the depths of everyone’s hearts and souls.

It was only less than an hour ago that they had found out about the truth behind the crimson crack and before they even had time to recover from the truth, the “Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor” the Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor had spoken of had actually just… stepped through the dimensions that separated the Primal Chaos from what was beyond it and appeared before their very eyes.

Had appeared in this universe.

What a cruel and absurd nightmare this was!

Those dark eyes fell on the Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor’s body and even though it lasted for only an instant, it made him feel as if his body and soul had been ripped into countless fragments. She said, “The filthy G.o.d race, they merely sent a bunch of lowly mortal creatures like you to welcome this ruler!?”

She, one of the Four Devil Emperors of the ancient devil race, the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor Jie Yuan, had finally returned to the Primal Chaos after spending millions of years banished outside of it!

It was just that the aura of the universe had completely changed. It had become so utterly muddy and turbid.

She had originally thought that the strange movements in the Wall of Primal Chaos over the past few years would ensure that the G.o.d race would make ample preparations to “welcome” her upon her return. But she had never imagined that the ones welcoming her would be a bunch of lowly and pathetic mortal beings!

Shui Qianheng stood in front of his two daughters, his fists clenched tight and his eyes completely bloodshot. He was so terrified that he was practically about to burst.

“Ahhh… Ahhh… Ahhh…”

Trembling groans came from the depths of the throats of all the gathered upper realm kings… This was an indescribable oppressive might, a pressure that very nearly crushed both their bodies and souls. In fact, this was the very first time in their lives that they knew what true terror and despair was.

The Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor… A true primordial devil emperor!

They were considered the strongest existences even in the Primordial Era, the Devil Emperors who were even more exalted than the divine beings spoken of in current myth and legend.

A nightmare… How all of them hoped that this was merely a nightmare.

The Dragon Monarch… the current supreme ruler of the Primal Chaos, his entire body was faintly trembling and every joint of his fingers was bone-white.

True terror was not something that could be resisted by one’s will. The oppressive might that radiated from a devil emperor only required a single instant to utterly crush the will of any mortal being.

The calamity of the devil emperor had finally truly descended. Their excessive hope had not been realized, a miracle had not appeared. Every single part of the Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor’s body, every single hair on his body, was s.h.i.+vering. Even though he had long ago understood what the situation actually was, and he had mentally prepared himself for years before anyone else, now that he truly faced this crisis, he still felt that all of it was simply far too pathetic.

It was not that he was too weak and frail. It was that the returned devil emperor was simply far too dreadful.

It was a dreadfulness that exceeded the limits of what one’s soul could endure.

He bit down hard on the tip of his tongue, the piercing pain and the taste of blood that filled his mouth forcefully restoring some of his clarity. He raised his head and yelled with all of his might, “Lord… Devil Emperor… I beg that you… allow me to say something… We are not… the G.o.d race… The G.o.d race has disappeared… from this universe… a long time ago!”

“No… G.o.d race?” Jie Yuan said as her eyes turned slightly. Those pitch-black eyes looked like a boundless devilish abyss that could devour all life.

The devil emperor had appeared but the circ.u.mstances were different from what the Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor had predicted.

In his and his “ancestor’s” mind, when the devil emperor and devil G.o.ds that bore millions of years of hatred returned, they would definitely unleash their hatred and resentment in a crazy manner. They would vent it on the world, destroying and trampling over all things, living and dead...

How could one expect rationality or restraint when a person had returned filled with enough hatred to fill the universe!?

But the devil emperor had returned and they had yet to see the other devil G.o.ds.

Furthermore, the returned Devil Emperor seemed far more “calm” and “rational” than he had expected. At the very least, she had not directly lashed out and destroyed them the moment she saw them.

So it was as if the Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor had seen a faint glimmer of hope in that abyss of despair. He did his utmost to speak up, “Yes! Lord Devil Emperor has just returned to the Primal Chaos, so you are unaware that both the G.o.d race and the devil race met their ends a million years ago. Only mortal beings… exist in this current universe… Given Lord Devil Emperor’s spiritual perception, you can definitely sense that the current Primal Chaos… is different from the Primal Chaos of that time!”

It had not been a very long string of words but just saying them seemed to exhaust all of the Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor’s strength. His chest heaved violently and his entire body was matted with cold sweat.

“Met their ends…” Jie Yuan slowly muttered as she stared into the distance, “Their… ends…”

This universe had become so very weak and frail. The devastation wrought by the void outside of the Primal Chaos had caused her devil emperor power to be far from what it had been in the past, but her spiritual perception could still stretch even further than the length of the entire universe...

But she could not find the auras of any G.o.d or devil.

The only thing that was left was this turbid and pathetic universe, and these lowly and pathetic creatures.

“Is Mo E… also dead?” She slowly said, her voice sounding like a devilish chant.

“Yes!” the Eternal Heaven G.o.d Emperor anxiously replied, “Mo E… died many years ago. He has long ago become a legend of a begone era… The current Primal Chaos is a world that has moved on to another era.”

The s.p.a.ce around them suddenly descended into an icy-cold stillness once more.

“He… Hehe…” She suddenly started laughing, but her laughter was exceptionally cold and dreadful, “Dead… dead! How could he die… How could he die! This ruler has yet to personally destroy his corpse and shatter his soul, SO HOW COULD HE DIE!!?”

Hatred, resentment, maliciousness, discontent… Black mist rose up from Jie Yuan’s body. Darkness devilish energy was finally being released explosively as her negative emotions erupted, causing the s.p.a.ce around them to wail in despair.

At this moment, Jie Yuan’s gaze abruptly swiveled and stared in a certain direction… That direction pointed towards where the four people from the Brahma Monarch G.o.d Realm were standing.

Qianye Fantian, Qianye Wusheng, Qianye Wubei, and Qianye Wuai!

“Brahma… Heaven… G.o.d… Clan!” She said with a low cry, a bone-cutting and tyrannical hatred leaking out of her black eyes, “The dogs of that old villain Mo E!!”