Against the Gods - Chapter 1393 - “Mission”

Chapter 1393 - “Mission”

Chapter 1393 - “Mission”

“He Ling,” Yun Che started slowly. His eyes turned deep as his mind turned calm, “If you had had the opportunity to witness my whole life, you would realize that I’m like a walking disaster. No matter where I go, obstacles and disasters always trail my footsteps unendingly.”

He Ling, “Ah?”

“Even after I’d experienced a death and lost all of my powers, disaster still wouldn’t stop knocking on my door.”

“This all began when I first received the Evil G.o.d’s inheritance when I was sixteen,” Yun Che said honestly. “For the past few years, every Divine Spirit that had given me their divine powers has reminded me more than once that the Evil G.o.d’s power wasn’t the only thing I inherited, that I had inherited the ‘mission’ he left behind as well. In other words, I had obtained a power that is unlike anything else in the world, but in exchange I must bear a responsibility that is equal to that power as well.”

“...” He Ling couldn’t understand what he was saying.

“Although I memorized everything they said, I had never really treated them seriously in my subconscious. In fact, I had even thought their comments to be a little ridiculous.”

“Shen Xi asked me a question back when I first arrived at the Forbidden Land of Samsara: if I can fulfill a wish right away, what would that be? At the time, my answer had disappointed her greatly, and she spent the entire year trying to tell me through various way that I, bearer of the one and only Creation G.o.d power in the entire world, must use it to surpa.s.s all other living things.”

“To that end, she had even… erm, stressed Senior Dragon Monarch’s adoration of her and asked me to surpa.s.s him as well.”

“Master… have you understood Master Shen Xi’s words then?” He Ling asked softly.

“No,” Yun Che shook his head in reply, “but I have found my reason, and I have fully figured out everything I wanted to figure out.”

“Power is such an important thing in life,” Yun Che’s eyes turned dark and unreadable, “Without power, I can’t protect myself or anyone around me. Without power, even a couple of worms who weren’t worthy of being my opponents since back then could drive me into a dead end, and even bring harm to Xin’er… Phew.”

He exhaled deeply after saying that.

Yun Che clenched his teeth slightly and frowned a little when he recalled those four profound pract.i.tioners… Now that he had calmed down, he suddenly realized that he had no idea what they were called, where they came from, or how they came to be Blue Pole Star at all!

It was bad enough that he hadn’t searched their souls with the Profound Handle Soul Search, but he hadn’t even checked if a soul crystal was embedded in their minds… Thankfully, he hadn’t detected any unusual soul activity when they died, or the resulting consequences could only be described as severe.

Sigh… as far as he could recall, this was the first time he had lost control of himself so thoroughly.

“The powers I possess are simply too special. Not only do countless people desire them, their very existence is a source of unpredictable tribulations of fate. Therefore, the only way to prevent all this from happening again is to become the one who stands at the top of the world, the one who dictates all of the rules… just like how I stood at the top of this continent back then. The only difference is that this time, I must stand at the top of the G.o.d Realm as well.”

Yun Che smiled when he saw He Ling’s shaking pupils, “This may just be a delusion to another person, but to me… It is something that’s within my reach. And I must reach it. I never want to suffer what I had to suffer today ever again! That alone is all the reason I need!”

“Then… are you going to head back to the G.o.d Realm and cultivate at Master Shen Xi’s place?” He Ling asked. It was because Shen Xi’s place was safe, and she was the fastest way for Yun Che to achieve his goal in her opinion.

“No,” But Yun Che shook her head yet again, “The reason I have to go back… is because I must complete the ‘mission’ that came with my power.”

“Mission? What mission?” He Ling asked.

“Although I only have an inkling about the truth right now, I’m sure someone will tell me about it when I return to the Eastern Divine Region.” The Ice Phoenix girl at the bottom of the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake flashed across Yun Che’s mind before he looked eastward… in the distant east, the red starlight flas.h.i.+ng in the distant sky was more glaring than everything else around it.

Some time ago, it was just a flash that occasionally appeared in the sky. But now, it was a permanent fixture in the sky be it day or night.

“There is one more thing that I must inform you of,” Yun Che continued as his eyes turned a little misty, “Xin’er wasn’t the only one who played a part in restoring my strength. He Lin helped as well.”

“Ah?” He Ling froze, “You mean… Lin’er?”

“The Phoenix Spirit tried to use the Evil G.o.d divine aura residing inside Xin’er’s profound veins to awaken my dead Evil G.o.d Profound Veins, but it had failed despite a successful operation. So the Evil G.o.d divine aura didn’t awaken my profound veins… but it awoke the Royal Wood Spirit Orb that He Lin gave me.”

“...” He Ling’s lips parted as her pupils eyes trembled violently.

“The Wood Spirit Race is the creation of the ancient Creation G.o.ddess of Life Li Suo, and the life energy residing inside a Royal Wood Spirit Orb originated from profound light energy. When its life energy was unleashed, it echoed with my Divine Miracle of Life and caused it to become active. The Divine Miracle of Life is precisely why my profound veins reawakened.”

The Phoenix Spirit once said that the Evil G.o.d's Profound Veins were the profound veins of a Creation G.o.d. It was such a high level existence that the only thing that could awaken them was another power at an equal level… and by that, it was referring to the last Evil G.o.d divine aura in the entire world residing inside Yun Wuxin’s profound veins.

However, the Phoenix Spirit didn’t know that Yun Che possessed another power of the Creation G.o.d, the Divine Miracle of Life.

Light profound energy was something that attached itself to a being’s profound veins and life. The Divine Miracle of Life possessed the same quality. That was why it had healed Yun Che’s injuries and awakened his slumbering profound veins after the Royal Wood Spirit Orb had triggered it to life.

This was a miracle, a miracle that perhaps not even the Creation G.o.ddess of Life herself could explain.

“When I was very young… Father and mother once mentioned… our Wood Spirit Orb was extremely special, it was called a ‘Miracle Seed’. I really hope that one day… It will really… give Big Brother Yun Che a miraculous power…”

Back then, He Lin had said those words in his mind while he was crying and offering his spirit orb… Yun Che’s eyes turned blurry as he whispered, “Thank you for the miracle you brought me… He Lin.”

He Ling bit her lips tightly, and it wasn’t until a long time later that she was finally able to stop her tears from flowing, “Lin’er would be very glad if he were to learn about this.”

“...” Yun Che pressed a hand to his chest, feeling the sensation of the Wood Spirit Orb clearly. It was true that he had suffered plenty of tribulations due to the Evil G.o.d’s divine power, but he had also encountered plenty of benefactors and was rewarded with kindness and affection all the same.

He Ling did her best to clear the tears in her eyes before she turned around and said, “When will you be going back, Master?”

Yun Che answered without hesitation, “A Divine King may be considered powerful in the G.o.d Realm, but the people who have their eyes on me are far stronger than that. That is why this isn’t a good time to return.”

“In that case, are you going to cultivate here until your powers are satisfactory, master?” He Ling asked… but she was aware that this world’s aura was incredibly thin and murky. This wasn’t a good place to cultivate the divine way at all.

“No,” Yun Che denied as expected, “Blue Pole Star’s level is far too low, and my progress would only be stunted if I were to cultivate in such an environment. Moreover, this place is rather close to the Eastern Divine Region, and there are too many people who are familiar with my power and aura there. There is a chance that I may be found out if I were to cultivate here.”

“To tell the truth, I am not the deciding factor of my return. You are,” Yun Che turned to look at He Ling.

“Me?” He Ling was confused at first, but she quickly realized what Yun Che was talking about, “You mean… the Sky Poison?”

“That’s right,” Yun Che nodded, “I must return to the G.o.d Realm, but I have no intentions of hiding and skulking around like a stray dog like when I first came here.”

“We will return when the Sky Poison Pearl has regained enough strength to threaten an entire king realm,” Yun Che said with cold eyes. The Evil G.o.d’s divine power wasn’t his only trump card. From the moment He Ling had become the Sky Poison Pearl's poison spirit, his other trump card had completely reawakened as well.

Although, there was a chance he might be forced to return before his preferred time… Yun Che glanced at the red “star” hanging in the west again.

“Mn, I will do my best,” He Ling nodded seriously before a realization suddenly struck her. She looked at him in surprise and asked, “Wait. Do you mean to… expose the Sky Poison Pearl's existence, Master?”

“Mn!” Yun Che nodded without hesitation, “My mind is pretty fuzzy tonight, but I was still able to figure out a lot of things. During my four years in the G.o.d Realm, I did my best to keep all of my secrets from being exposed. But in the end, Qianye still found out that I had the Evil G.o.d’s divine power, and even that old b.a.s.t.a.r.d Tumi became aware of it because of my relations.h.i.+p with Jasmine… In comparison, the Sky Poison Pearl is actually even more recognizable . When Jasmine and I first met here, she recognized the Sky Poison Pearl immediately. When I saved Frozen Cloud's Asgard Mistress just before I took off to the G.o.d Realm, she had been able to call out its name immediately as well.”

“...”He Ling couldn’t refute his point. The Sky Poison Pearl’s poisoning and cleansing abilities were second to none, which also meant that it was the only thing that could produce or cure some poisons. Thus, it was a pretty easy connection for those in the G.o.d Realm to make.

“The G.o.d Realm is gigantic, and their history and foundation are equally deep. Their knowledge of the ancient secrets must be incomparable compared to those from the lower realms. This means that it is only a matter of time before my secrets become fully unraveled since the moment I’d decided to return to the G.o.d Realm.” Yun Che looked surprisingly calm as he said this, “In that case, I may as well expose them on my own terms. They will only be my shackles if I continue to hide them, shackles that I’d imposed onto myself just like those four years in the G.o.d Realm.”

“It is true that there’s no turning back after this… but I can find a way to turn them into something that instill fears into my enemies.” A cold glint flashed across his eyes as he narrowed them slightly.

For the past year, he had spent every moment of his time leisurely and worry free, mostly indulging himself in worldly pleasures. To another person, it might looked like he was no longer concerned with anything, but in reality he was only doing so to keep those who cared about him from worrying about him.

After all… how could he possibly forget or put down all those unresolved loves, kindnesses, enmities, and grudges so easily?

He had done countless thinking for the past year or so. He had wondered again and again what he should do, and how he should do it, if he could choose again from the start...

“I spent my four years in the G.o.d Realm hurrying almost blindly every step of the way… so I really should plan my steps carefully before I finally make my return,” Yun Che said before closing his eyes. The future wasn’t the only thing he would be thinking about. Every step he had taken, every person he had met, every land he had come across and even every spoken line he had heard during the four years, he would be ruminating over them all.

When he had made up his mind and gone to the G.o.d Realm with Mu Bingyun, his only goal had been to find Jasmine. He had never thought to stay there or make any ties or relations.h.i.+ps with anyone.

But everything was different if his plan was to return to the G.o.d Realm again.

“I have one more question to ask.” Eyes still closed, Yun Che’s voice suddenly grew soft and forced, “Have you seen… Hong’er?”

“...” He Ling’s eyes abruptly turned sad.

The poison spirit didn’t give Yun Che an answer despite him waiting for a moment. In the end, he gave her a forced smile before turning around and walking toward the room where Yun Wuxin was asleep. He didn’t open the door and walk in to see her, however. He simply focused on guarding her for the night and tidying his feelings.